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Posted in: University of Tokyo considering autumn start to academic year See in context

Wow, some forward thinking for a change. Anyway, it would be good move that will allow them to compete properly with other international institutions, hope they get the support to see it through.

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Posted in: Noda appears in eye patch for tax fight See in context

haha, even a patch with a little bit of that tape that you can use that doesn't pull on the skin when removed would have looked better!

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Posted in: Gov't to probe radioactive apartment block See in context

Yet another demonstration of the complete lack of understanding of radiation contamination by the government and ministries involved. If I was one of the twelve families living there I would be looking to get out asap.

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Posted in: TEPCO employee arrested for attacking passerby while drunk See in context

a few months of helping to clean-up the power plant should give him plenty of time to contemplate his actions!

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Posted in: Inmate escapes from Hiroshima prison See in context

and why was a bit of common sense not utilised and some guards posted at the wall where the scaffolding was placed during the times the electricity was turned off? grrr...so ridiculous but typical at the same time!

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Posted in: A taste of New Zealand comes to Tokyo See in context

I have been there twice and while the food is great the service is atrocious, which is really unfortunate. The first time I went was part of a large group so although the food took forever to come we put it down to the size of the party. However, the second (and last) time we went there were only 4 of us and we were made to wait 45 minutes for the first course to show up - and everyone ordered a salad! it was then 60 minutes til the mains arrived and the sides were a good 20 minutes after that after we had finished most of the mains. The wine list is also overpriced for what is on the menu. Better choices in Tokyo to make, but if you aren't too hungry and don't mind the waiting the cuisine is good...

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Posted in: Hashimoto unveils grand vision of Osaka metropolis See in context

And how exactly is this grand vision going to be financed?!

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Posted in: Gov't to set up 7 panels to deal with abduction issue See in context

Brilliant idea - 7 panels each of whom probably won't know what the others doing thereby wasting time and resources further. Obviously it would make too much sense to set-up one panel that has clear objectives...

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Posted in: Radioactive cedar pollen detected in Fukushima See in context

and the never ending nightmare continues...

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki distributes food to homeless in Shinjuku See in context

Great gesture and a lovely story to round out this year. Hope more people follow his example in 2012 by giving a little bit of their time to help others less fortunate in some way!

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Posted in: Airport X-ray suitcase surprise: Poisonous snakes See in context

I hope they throw the book at him and he gets the full 10 years.

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Posted in: City in Fukushima hires lawyer to claim damages from TEPCO See in context

@ mirai hayashi - I completely agree with you re the nationalisation and higher regulation. If you read my comment I clearly stated that:

Which means the tax payers will be left to foot this bill, as we have been doing all along

I was just making the statement (like you) that everyone will need to be prepared to pay higher bills and taxes to pay for these lawsuits.

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Posted in: City in Fukushima hires lawyer to claim damages from TEPCO See in context

As soon as this goes ahead and other cities join in or launch their own suits, tepco will have to be nationalised. Which means the tax payers will be left to foot this bill as we have been doing all along. Do not get me wrong, I for one cannot wait to see the back of tepco, but they do not have endless pockets and that will mean even higher bills for the rest of us as these costs will skyrocket.

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Posted in: Bodies of woman and baby son found in Shiga forest See in context

such a sad story. while the reason will probably never been known it is time for the government and health services to step-up and start expanding mental health services and for society to remove the stigma for people so that they will at least have the option to seek help to hopefully reduce the number of these cases.

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Posted in: Rules considered to cope with increase in Imperial Palace joggers See in context

One of the big problems with this area that on certain parts of the course the pathway/sidewalk is too narrow to accomodate even normal pedestrian traffic, forget about adding joggers/runners to the mix. There are areas where the sidewalk could be widened but no doubt a simple solution like that will take years to come about... Also a lot of running clubs meet up to run at the same time (sometimes groups of 50 or more) this is unrealistic in an area like this, then add to the fact that they are timing themselves trying to be competitive it is a recipe for disaster.

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Posted in: Noda to ask China for disaster zone pandas See in context

this is a disgrace given all the animals that they have abandoned and left to die/fend for themselves in the areas around the fukushima plant

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Posted in: We have the right to live in Okumamachi. The government and Tokyo Electric Power Co should make the town livable through decontamination. See in context

It is so naive to think that these places can be decontaminated to be liveable again.

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