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Posted in: Book details JFK affair with teen White House intern See in context

There might have been a male too. I'm more interested in that.

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Posted in: Romney wins big in Florida; tells Obama to get out of the way See in context

I would vote for Ron Paul if he's nominated but if not I won't even bother voting. These guys are wasting their time. It's apparent to me that Obama will win a 2nd term. I won't vote for him or anything but I do see that he has a pretty big fanbase.

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Posted in: China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed See in context

Christian Bale must have thought that the authority would give him special access because he was in a Chinese movie and "on their side."

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Posted in: Putin mocks Russia protesters See in context

What's up with the protest? It's not like Czar Putin ever left his throne.

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Posted in: China sends patrol ship to disputed waters See in context

Good. Looks like China is ready.

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Posted in: Hundreds occupy U.S. Congressional offices See in context

Oh yes, we have an economic crisis and this very crisis was made possible by the American people including the occupiers themselves.

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Posted in: China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat See in context

Come on China, you might as well go all out now and get it over with. Stop playing silly games now.

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context

They've been watching Initial D.

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Posted in: Amnesty International urges African nations to arrest George Bush See in context

Leave him alone. The poor man had to deal with all this bias BS. It's better if they just say they hate him than covering it up with this excuse.

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

At least they don't put tents up and occupy for no reason.

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Posted in: Calif college suspends police chief in pepper spray row See in context

The students knew what they were getting into. Let them have their sacrifices for their cause.

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Posted in: Failure looms for U.S. debt talks See in context

Figures. Democrats or Republicans, they're just the same sh...sh...shtuff with different labels. They can't even see themselves for what they are and their fans of course also can't even see that. They spend too much time thinking they're better than the others instead of thinking how to improve themselves.

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Posted in: Anti-TPP groups, lawmakers step up pressure on Noda See in context

The Japanese farmers should stop protesting, go sell their land and get richer. Why bother farming? It's too much work.

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Posted in: Big anti-TPP rally held in Tokyo as deadline for decision looms See in context

Where I came from and how I was raised, we respect farmers a lot for the hard work they do and the food they put on our tables.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ties up with Oreo See in context

More sugar on the already heavily sugar-coated fried dough. Yum.

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Posted in: 270 votes to win: The quirky U.S. White House race See in context

It's certainly your right to decide not to participate in elections, but if you do then you also forfeit your right to complain about what the politicians are doing (or not doing). I vote in every election even though I live in one of those states I described above where my vote isn't counted unless I'm voting on the side of the majority. Why? Because then I've EARNED the right to complain when they sit in D.C. and waste time by "reaffirming that the U.S. motto is 'In God We Trust'" instead of working on REAL issues. (True story. They were doing that tomfoolery just the other day.)

The choices are kind of poor. I find it complicated to figure out who will do less damage to the country. But anyways, I'm not an American by birth but after years living here, I realized that whining about anything and everything is what makes an American. I'm just following the flow.

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Posted in: 270 votes to win: The quirky U.S. White House race See in context

I don't waste my time voting. I do get off that day but I'll stay home chilling. My state is Blue. I figure if I want the Blue to win, I don't have to vote. It'll be Blue anyways. If I want the Red to win, there's no point in voting. It'll be Blue anyways. Besides, voting probably makes me feel like I take part in voting but I don't know if it actually counts for anything. The choice of presidency is in the hand of the big boys.

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Posted in: What measures should the Japanese government take to deal with the strong yen? See in context

Catch up with the US in term of printing money.

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Posted in: Virus that hit embassy computers designed to send data to servers in China See in context

Well that's what the Chinese government train their hackers for. The world can't win China. The country was built on sneaky tactics. China is following its "art of war." Know your enemy, know yourself, a hundred battles = a hundred victories.

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market to weaken yen See in context

Japan needs to manipulate its currency. Come on now, I'm waiting for 1 dollar =115 yen so I can buy Ghibli blu-rays again.

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Posted in: If you found a bag with a huge amount of cash, say 10 million yen, would you hand it in to the authorities or keep it? See in context

Don't want to keep it. It's unlucky money. If I take it, I'll lose a whole lot more. Besides, taking what's not mine will give me anxiety that someone is coming for me.

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Posted in: Computers in Diet hit by China-based cyberattack See in context

North Korea is China's minion.

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Posted in: No reports yet of debris from falling satellite See in context

I thought the estimation was somewhere in China.

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Posted in: Hundreds protest Bush visit to western Canada See in context

The Canadians need to get with the program. The anti-Bush fad is so last season. It's anti-Obama now.

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Posted in: Obama blasts Republicans for blocking jobs bill See in context

Obama made himself an enemy to his opponents and expected them to agree to him? He knew this wasn't going to go through so I doubt his purpose was to get this bill passed.

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Posted in: Rioters hijack Rome Occupy Wall Street protest; police fire tear gas See in context

What do these people want to accomplish again?

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Posted in: Clinton: U.S. must demand fairness from China See in context

Look who's talking.

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Posted in: Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George W Bush for authorizing torture See in context

Bush got bullied enough. Stop bothering him just because he's an easy target.

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