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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

The radiation and the high yen will keep me a way for a while. No free trips will drag me back there.

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Posted in: George W Bush still supports troops See in context

Troops wouldn't be troops if they don't fight wars unless they don't want to do their job.

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Posted in: Protests against Wall Street spread across U.S. See in context

Washington, the Feds, Wall Street: zere's evil zere that does not sleep. It's not like there's a way to get out of this scamming system. We're in too deep.

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Posted in: Japan steps into South China Sea territorial feud See in context

China won't back out from their claim of the entire South China Sea (especially they know they have weight now). Yeah just continuing sitting there discussing while China takes claim.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 2 missing, over 1 million urged to evacuate as typhoon nears See in context

I wonder why people want disaster to come to them so bad that they're disappointed when disaster doesn't come.

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Posted in: Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack; China denies responsibility See in context

That's what the Chinese govt. trained their hackers for. Soon for every attack China willl start denying responsibility even before people blaming them. The guilty is quick at denying.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at IHOP restaurant in Nevada See in context

People should not have the right to bear arms. They only end up killing others and themselves.

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Posted in: Gemba: China should play fair under world rules See in context

China boosts GDP by cheating but that's how it does business. Why should China play fair when it doesn't have to? Blame the fools that allowed China to grow and spread their wings. Now see if you can contain this monster.

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Posted in: Ten years on, do you believe al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11? See in context

I saw a documentary on whyy on how the towers fell. It was informative stuff. I didn't doubt the gov on 9/11 but I have doubts about the death of Bin Laden.

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Posted in: Cheney: U.S. would have been different if Hillary Clinton were president See in context

Absolute, the US would probably end up listening to less bs and lies. Obama is such an elite liar that no candidate or former president can beat him in this craft.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

I should take pictures of food more often. I love looking at pictures of food.

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Posted in: Korean TV drama DVD rentals exceed Hollywood, Japanese films See in context

I see, people still rent DVD. Kdramas nowadays aren't any good. But if there's a Park Yong Woo drama, I'll watch. I did just re-watch Hur Jun a few ago. It seems to be not as good the 2nd time around. So I'm done with Kdrama for now. Just started to re-watch Hotaru no Hikaru then I went back watching some Tony Leung Chiu Wai old dramas. It's really hard to find quality stuff nowadays.

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Posted in: Chinese news agency urges Noda not to make relations worse See in context

China has been preparing and waiting, waiting for the day when they can throw their weight around. Now the world will never hear the end of them. It's unfortunate but big brother US' current leader is licking China's feet now. Oh well. (Thanks Bill Clinton for starting it all.)

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Posted in: Hurricane Irene shuts down New York See in context

I'm glad the storm weakened. Hopefully things will go well until the end of the storm.

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Posted in: Kan resigns; says he did all he could, given difficulties he faced See in context

Kan is alright. I feel he has heart and sincerity.

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Posted in: Parody of Girls Generation song proves big hit on YouTube See in context

Heard of GG's "Gee" but never actually saw it. Now that I see it I can't believe this shtuff got popular. Sad. (I'm not talking about the parody.)

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Posted in: Anti-Korean Wave in Japan turns political See in context

Beneath the superficial shell, they probably don't like each other very much. I remember some Korean idol refused to wear a kimino in a fashion show in Japan (even though they went over there because they wanted Japan's business.)

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Posted in: U.S. credit rating cut for first time ever See in context

I thought the rating would be cut further considering how clueless they are at managing their spending. Liars and crooks don't know how to run the system or rather they don't care. They aren't the ones who will be shouldering the burden of the growing deficit.

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Posted in: Buckingham Palace goes all-out for Obama state dinner See in context

It's kind of funny to witness all this. There's a saying "When you hate somebody, even something that is perfectly round look distorted and out of shape. When you love somebody, even the things that are distorted and out of shape look perfectly round." The Bush hating and the Obama's boots licking is a perfect example.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

Japan has always been my favorite vacation spot. It's fairly easy to get around and it's safe. However for now the strong yen and radiation issue will keep me a way for a few years. The airfare is also getting expensive.

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Posted in: Bin Laden's sons say U.S. broke international law by killing their father See in context

Obama was so desperate to polish his hero image for the election campaign so he jumped the gun and used gangsta style. Imagine if a group of army from another country secretly enters the US to kill some guy. That wouldn't be too nice. I don't even know if they had any concrete evidence that Bin Laden had anything to do with the the attack. There are too many stories floating around. But whatever, the whole thing was just like a badly written Hollywood script.

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Posted in: Facebook-Google rivalry intensifies with PR fiasco See in context

I don't care if FB crashes and burns since I never got into it. I kind of wish it will end up like myspace. As for google, I use their search engine on a regular basis.

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Whether he's dead or alive nothing changes. I'm more interested in gas prices going down instead.

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Posted in: Celebrations See in context

I don't share this joyful sentiment. I just thought this whole thing feels like a Hollywood movie. The plot is not so bad.

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Posted in: Obama calls for $4 trillion deficit reduction See in context

Obama, your knight in shining armor will leave the country in debt 4x higher than Bush at least. They've all done it before. Reagan: 1.6 trillion in 8 years, Bush Sr: 1.4 in 4 years, Bill: 1.6 in 8 years, Bush Jr: 4.4 in 8 years, and Obama: 4.2 in 2 years. The government's business is to keep spending people's money and the fed's business is to print money out of thin air. They have to keep the national debt alive and growing "for the great cause". Sure average tax payers like me is a slave to this system but that's my problem, not theirs. I wasn't born to be up there in the clouds taking money. I was meant to be slaving and giving away my money. It's funny to see people in the Obama fandom smitten over him and stuff but to me he's just another liar like others. No actually he's a better liar, very gifted and natural at his lying craft.

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Posted in: Obama announces re-election bid in email to 13 mil supporters See in context

It's unfortunate but from the pattern it does seem Obama will win. People are too blind to see that democrats=republican and Obama<=Bush. I'm not a fan of those parties nor do I care for recent candidates. Reason why I never voted. It's like choosing a lousy one over another. I couldn't tell who would do less damage to the country. Then there's this Obama fandom cult thing that's kind of creepy. I mean he just lies through his teeth like the others. The only difference is he lies more than the others while looking down to people (like he's above everyone). It all started with this fad on trashing Bush (because he's the easy blaming target. It was if people felt intelligent to say that Bush is stupid and it spread and spread like cancer.) The extreme negative bias toward Bush becomes the extreme positive bias for Obama. I would give Obama some points if he actually stops saying that he inherits the mess from the predecessor. He knew too damn well what he was getting into. And if Bush/Republicans weren't hated so much he wouldn't be where he is now. I think Obama should thank Bush for the presidency. Having said all that, I have to admit he did good on giving people the illusion that he "fixed" the economy. Obama sure "fixed" the economy, by pressing the button to print $14 trillion. I didn't think of that.

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Posted in: Obama announces re-election bid in email to 13 mil supporters See in context

I think this time will be my first time voting and it'll be voting him out. The problem isn't that he's incompetent. The problem is that he doesn't even know he's incompetent. Now that I think about it, I really miss the exchange rate (dollar to yen) during the Bush era.

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