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Posted in: Family of 91-year-old dementia sufferer struck by train ordered to pay JR compensation See in context

It is unfortunate to say this but it will happen if it is not already happening. The modern way of living longer and taking care of ones family is a trait we all share world wide, however there is a japanese tradition (see how one is a trait family bond and so forth and the other is a tradition you can chose to practice at your leisure like Christmas) that if the person is to old and there is no money they should just die they should commit Seppuku or a Doctor should be allowed to commit euthanasia on the family's behalf (whomever is the legal guardian of the sickly person. I believe That you can talk smack about the west America and Europe but I don't see japan lasting into the next century I think they have lost there way both mentally and culturally. They are going to hold onto one tiny part of there history and twist its meaning (just like the Nazis did and the Soviets did) japan will try to become a militaristic nation again and it will fail and they they will slip into obscurity once and for all. That is the path I am seeing Japan heading down

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Posted in: Newborn boy left on pavement in Mie See in context

why is it in japan its tolerate as poor teen who cant handle having a kid. I don't think so in the west old enough for sex old enough for the consequences of what comes next...

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Posted in: Noda to dissolve Diet on Friday, hold election on Dec 16 See in context

Japan is to Japanese they are not looking for fresh new ideas or fresh new blood, and as for the the declining birth rate again Japan is to Japanese and to quick to give in and say that is just how it is or how it always been... hmm really always is a big word when you think about it. If people stop drinking and smoke they will be healthier if people stop working so much and stop interacting in a 2d world and start living in the real world they will be more incline to have kids, to say there is no space in Tokyo who cares the rural area is empty we don't have to live in the city live in the subs. but what do i know i am not Japanese we don't have the share the same DNA or Origin...

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Posted in: BBC inquiry begins as sex abuse scandal grows See in context

very sad very very sad state of affair, when we say and do nothing we are as much at fault.

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Posted in: Head of iPhone software out in Apple shakeup See in context

Who cares about apple we don't work there and they don't make anything that people need. if apple went away tomorrow what would we lose. If Microsoft stop working tomorrow what would happen to the world. you don't have to like m$ but they do make products that people need and use all over the world. Apple sells fantasy for a high price how many people can afford a 600 phone 600 pad and all that attachments that goes with it. really we will buy a phone while people are going hungry in your own street. who cares we have bigger things to worry about and all the storms mud slide and other disasters have been happening has showed us!

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Posted in: Kawasaki fun See in context

Whats wrong with the world celebrating, Japan is not Isolated any longer and a lot of Japanese are increasingly mixed. Good Ideas (festival) can always be added like the wheel who cares who created it its a good idea{.}; and its nothing wrong with Celebrating Thanksgiving a day of giving thanks for having food a job and being safe with your love ones Sounds like a human trait.

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Posted in: Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde See in context

You say there is an shortage of jobs? really how so. We have more outsourcing and we have more unpaid overtime that is being work. all while corps racking in profits and those at the top say there and we say that is just how it is and no one ever does anything about it but talk. now if you stop outsourcing your work more people could work(people would take the work versus no one at all the whole half a loaf is better than none approach) and if you stop killing your works and sapping there home life; we could get more works in the workplace and the people would be able to have sex and make babies(kill two birds with one stone just on that point alone). I think that Japanese as whole are going to have have to embrace western ideas to fix their problem instead of burying head in the sand approach saying Japanese way Japanese way. If not all china has to do is way 50 years and the whole country is theirs houses streets parks all for the taking with ease. (and no that was not sarcasm)

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Whether your like this or not is irrelevant its good or bad it does not matter. We have people all over the world that loves this and that hates it. That is what it means to be global. Now for the Japanese to say they hate this instinctively is to be question, your telling me that the Japanese all hate this video... I know that there are parts of Asia that really needs to grow up where one side instinctively hates the other just be cause, but that is small minded and has not place in a modern global world. Japan music has become very limited but it stems from their culture where most of the music is girls showing off there skin or only cute people are worthy of our time or people that look and act like ourselves is flawed but we say that is okay cause it is the Japanese way. There are very few bands in japan that loves the music and rand make music for the sake and they have fans all over for it cause they are not trying to dress it up to sell it as this is Japanese . Music is music and no one culture controls it; we all share ideas in a instance so for one group of people to say that this solely theirs is not correct any longer. So for the Japanese to say that they hate it is flawed cause i have never met anyone or any group that saw the same thing the exact same way all of the time.

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Posted in: Fake doctor examines 2,300 patients See in context

I bet you his diagnose were all right, school is school you don't have to go to school to be a doctor you just need smarts and training... that's how we did it for years real on the job training. The fact that no other Dr or RN nurse was able to show him up and only thru some random happen chance he was found out. hmm quite interesting don't you think

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Posted in: Man abducts high school girl, demands ransom from mother See in context

ohh sure i was drunk, we stop that being an alibi along time ago no one is buying that store. I think Japan needs to stop drinking or being so repressed that it has to come up after a few drinks. they are like the Vulcans that cant control there emotions. mada mada dane.

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Posted in: Japan's Dietary Transition and Its Impacts See in context

not all Japanese are thin a lot of the are not that's not diet it's genetics, a lot of Japanese that should not be thin are force by social stress to be thin and they count every calorie and are always on a diet. eating health foods and not intake to much food is being embrace by many modern cultures, getting back to how we all use to eat that trait did not being in Japan it is something shared the world over. Meat and fish is needed to do real work but if we eat smaller portions and have more vegetables that are in season, allows us to be a lot healthier again that is not something specifically unique to the Japanese.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

Heroes are just ordinary men that do the right thing.

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Posted in: University student arrested after choking AKB48 fan to steal photos See in context

AKB48 is not about the music its about sex sells we all know that so lets stop talk about how great or not great they are, they stay in the spot like cause they want to be famous they sing for charity cause that is good pr the very next day they are taking photo in the undies. the business is to sell and get our money and the girls know this and exploit themselves for that fame, the fans are show a fantasy that no real girl (whom they could date) could live up to and the girl fans try to be like them dress like them. But its all fake and we as parents allow it, there music has no substance or any resale value so why buy into it.

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Posted in: Swedish translator of Japanese manga appeals child porn fine See in context

We are what we think, in every aspect. We think before we act, so when they are thinking about it then the find some art and videos then they want to do it. That is is how it start with a thought.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting four young girls for 17 hours See in context

It does not matter what country your from; when it comes to dealing with kids and strangers it is the parents responsablity to teach and guide their children. How a child turns out has something to do with their upbringing( not solely but a good basis). For a child to know good judgement they have to see it at home and have been taught and explained it. If the parents dont teach it then who will TV, the Internet or maybe the schools or even better yet Strangers.

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Posted in: English graffiti 'Hack' grounds bullet train See in context

You know that the only real reason they grounded that train was to make people upset, so they can say oh look at how horiable this is... it was so bad we had to even cancel our train and delay millions.. it was not and is not that big deal life goes on.. if something so small bothers you wait till big stuff start happing your really going to lose you heads.

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Posted in: Teacher, 38, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Ibaraki See in context

This Teacher is wrong dead in all areas. The Principle and the rest of the facility of this school are just as bad as in they new or they had enough info to surmise what might be happening and turned a blind eye to it they need to be severely reprimanded so this will never happen again (and telling me I am sorry means nothing so they need to stop and start doing something about the situation before it becomes worse). as for the little girl I know this will draw some anger but it has to be said she does not have a clear grasp on right and wrong (her parents and family has not taught it to her for whatever reason). she got in a car with and older man and went somewhere you are not a child at 11 you are a pre-teen there are things that you should have learned that I don't think a lot of younger children are bean taught because families are a lot more chaotic than they use to be the strong nucleus is no longer there so a lot is been left open. She is the victim as a lot of other children but not just by this predator. which is often time where it ends, but it begins at home and precipitated at school and the community. so we are letting are children down by not given them the tools to live healthy mental lives. They must learn right from wrong and be equipped with the ability to make choices.

If this trend continues our society will only get worse and we will turn a whole generation of reprobated individuals

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Posted in: British employee of Merrill Lynch Japan among 10 busted over cocaine use at nightclubs See in context

It is pretty obvious these Merrill Lynch guys can't behave or show proper respect for Japan. You would think a top notch company such as this would do a heck of better job screening there employees before they came to Japan. I suggest a curfew and a period of reflection for at least ten days for all the rest of those employees they hired and work here but don't do coke so that they show the proper respect that is expected here. Seems fair doesn't it???

no one or thing is perfect, there will be people that were good that have turn bad do to temptation. he and they could have been really good people before they got caught up in the wrong thing.. and as humans when we are not aware of ourselves and where we are going it is quite easy to get caught up in things.. as we sometimes say go with the flow.

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Posted in: Roughed up by the cops in Shinjuku See in context

This is almost laughable to see how these females are condemned to your stupidity. If anyone comes up to me with our proper identification I will not listen to them. Now put yourself in there shoes... IF this was your wife or daughter how would you feel if some strange men came up to them and flash a badge asking for the passport. They did the right thing trying to go over to the counter and get help. I would tell them to make a huge fuss even if they have to call in reinforcements/backup that’s fine. Maybe one of them will speak English and get to the matter of this. Again no undercover office should ever be doing passport check to a foringe national. It has happen in the state with worst affect where a poet from the UK was receiving an award was assaulted by an undercover cop and was hurt. I think that many of this stems not from language barrier but who is being hired to become officers and the training they are getting. Not the brightest or the best become police and the training is a joke. (Side note many of the officers do get off on the power of it all.) I think they have simple forget the first thing about becoming an officer/police there job is to server and protect all.

The is a wrong way and right way force should be a last resort. Matters not if they could not speak there tongue the officers should have either took them to the counter or phone for backup of someone that could speak there tongue. And to anyone that says its not there job, then whose job is it to uphold the moral and high standers if not our officers.

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