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I don't want this guy here in Japan. His crime or politician opinion has nothing to do with the Japanese culture, he would be the most hated man in Japan if he did that killing spree here instead.

This guy only connects some reference between japanese/korean cultures with his crime in his dark, twisted mind. Among my japanese friends, their also asking themselves why this killer connects himself to their culture and country - no one wants him here.

By simply talking, whatever he says in the media, he's not welcome here. Not by me, or the people of japan.

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There's lots to prior. One major and obviously task is indeed to secure the coastal line, where low land is of higher risk to get devastated by a tsunami.

Searching for victims is one thing that goes off on autopilot as tsunamis hits cities. However, we're just one month from 11th march, and if you think things goes badly slow, you can go to your nearest embassy and ask for a voluntary card and help out for yourself.

Thank you.

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@SmithInJapan: Yeah, i see your point; and im absolutely understand it. However, there's not much we can do abut it anyway; it's up to the gov to make it happen, right? So why not bring some small light into this, instead of darken it yet more? That's what my friends and family up there tells me.

@Japan123: How about if mount Fuji explode? Of course we have to consider everything, i wrote two messages ago that we should worry more about the aftershocks. And the blocking of the crack is INDEED a small step forward in the progress, isn't it? Or should they just leave the crack open? Decide for yourself, but i do agree Japan could ask for more help outside the country, e.g

@Wiskeysour: The 9.5 mag. earthquake you're talking about rocked Chile back in 1965 (or 1964), and was the largest earth quake ever, since the continental fault of Chile is larger than 10000km, and magnitude are independent on the fault's length, it's very unlikely that Japan will suffer a greater earthquake than 9.3.

Thank you for discussion this.

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"But, go ahead and do tell us how the people who sent in workers with inadequate equipment due to cost-cutting are heroes. " What else would they do? Let the reactor shout down by itself? You take what you have. Right?

All im saying is that this kind of critic does not helps at all, it just building up the already depressed feeling among the victims, both in and abroad Japan.

I can sit here on my butt and complain over how unfair the worlds economy is; but what does that helps, unless im taking action in the matter?

And yes, im NOT defending TEPCO, i do have my opinion about their actions; but im pointing the discussion into an another direction, rater than focusing on everything bad; im trying to create some hope instead - that's why the Japanese people are so calm, they don't focusing on the negative all the time, even in crisis like this.

Thank you.

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@BurakuminDes and to you other guys:

I've read and following this disaster from the very start, and yes, you can have your opinions about how TEPCO has handle the crisis; however i think you're absolute not the right guy to judge what's best for the situation - and im also telling you other the same thing.

Not that im defending TEPCO, however, they're risking their lives, and even if the workers not dies immediately, they maybe do after 20 - 50 years - just consider that.

When seeing those "experts" writing in this comment section, and how "they would have done" just makes me more depressed than the article itself.

My heart belongs to Japan, and the people, my family down there and those workers, and i fully understand their situation. I really hope this is a little step forward a final solution to end this crisis - you have to take it step by step. I want to try to see a gleam of hope, and i believe there will be an end sooner or later. You guys should worry more for those powerfully aftershocks that can trigger tsunamis and even destroy the reactor yet more.

Thank you.

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