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Posted in: Republican Party faces rage from both pro- and anti-Trump voters See in context

I recall a bumper sticker - "Tyrants prefer un-armed peasants" - I think more instructional would have been: "Tyrants prefer un-educated peasants" - (unfortunately - it seems uneducated armed peasants are useful to a tyrant) - I think the major failing here - was education - critical thinking - analytical thinking - in a world with where Walter Cronkite isn't telling you the truth every night - and you have endless barrages of rubbish from which to derive your perceptions - critical thinking is required - "does this make sense?" - cause and effect - analytical skills are not only important for a society - they're important for prosperity of that society - the failure - in my view - has been education - people (in the US) are simply not properly educated...I don't recall - when I was young - people being as irrational - just plain stupid - as too many people seem to be being today...

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

in the run up to the 2016 election Trump employed one of these big-data analytics companies to hone his message - it says 2 things - (probably more than 2) - 1) he knows the mind[less) of his base - and therefore he also knew what he was inciting (though that might be giving his unexceptional intellect too much credit) - 2) by Trump's rhetoric - it really says a lot about the intellect of his base that his message resonates with them.

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it seems incongruous to arrest and charge those who physically defiled the Capitol building as a result of the incitement from Trump - and not punish Trump - perhaps Trump should pardon them (their guilt is his guilt) and then resign himself. In one paper - it was called the "beer belly putsch" - priceless

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I am surprised - didn't think that even the break-in his mob into the capital building - an act of violence he (trump) incited - would silence the monster - but I guess - eventually they'd have to take it the Supreme Court

and then then the burden of proof that the election was stolen would be Trump - which they have not been able to prove...catastrophic...the Reps need a brand new brand...a new and charismatic and untainted torch bearer...what was the hold the D had on folks - he wasn't even clever?

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Congratulations to both newly elected senators - I think if you compare and contrast Warnock and Loeffler - Warnock did not come from a wealthy family whereas Loeffler is minted - was not elected (appointed). Wanock's victory is exactly what the American dream should be - representative of aspirations of the average citizen - I'm sure Warnock would like to have been born with a silver spoon up his nose and have loads of stocks to sell off when it became apparent the market will be affected by Loeffler did - but he rose to this occasion by his own initiative - Good for him

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At issue - or seemingly so - is the legitimacy of the election outcome - there have been counts and re-counts - and (as far as I am aware) no statistically significant variations of the results reported have been found - all of this constitutional nuance is not the point - an election was held in a democracy - the source data is there - the machines have been audited - signatures have been audited - indeed pressure has been brought to bear on people who SIMPLY tabulated data - if there was significant election fraud to have changed the outcome of the election - it would be trivial to prove it - and as yet - has not been proven - this whole thing is sort of like having been transported back to the dark ages when "scientists" discarded observations that didn't fit into their hypothesis - as opposed to letting the data drive the hypothesis -

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Posted in: In recorded call, Trump pressures Georgia official to 'find' votes to overturn election See in context

if someone swears an oath to uphold the constitution and then is recorded pressuring state officials (who've counted the votes 3 times - and had a signature matching audit) to over turn a certified election - are there not legal consequences?

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I think the State officials in Georgia have been exemplary in their diligence - including the recent signature matching audit. I'd like to see an audit of - say Florida or Texas - just from a "vote integrity" perspective - just because some people don't like the outcome of an election - it seems the good folks in Georgia did a damn good job

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I guess one of the reasons the Trump legal team cut ties with Sidney Powell (reported Nov 23rd) is because the Trump re-election fund is still raising money ($170mil reported Dec 1st) is that now that the voting systems companies who where slandered in Powell's findings (made without due-diligence or even a basis in factual reality) - slandered - and who's grievances include not only potentially diminished professional reputation but threats of violence to their employees - is that the courts work both ways - and now that those companies are starting to retaliate - the Trump administration did not want to leave those re-elections funds on the table for plaintiffs...

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