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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to consider sanctions on Russia if Ukraine invaded See in context

@Desert Tortoise - I guess you are a mikitary consultant or US military?

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to consider sanctions on Russia if Ukraine invaded See in context

@Desert Tortoise...I see your point about if Japan attacks the bilateral agreement doen't hold...fair know more about it than I do...

regarding JSDF capability...I took a boat tour around Kure near Hiroshima a couple years ago...I was blown away...I have photos somewhere...a flat top (guess'n being re-fitted for F-35's...two big ships with massive back doors for launching hover-crafts...couple Aegis cruisers...dunno...8 or so subs...various other types of war-ships...just one port...guess'n an island nation like Japan would prioritize amphibious capability or? I have no military backgound other than historical interest...

But I do get your point & I enjoy your posts...

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to consider sanctions on Russia if Ukraine invaded See in context

The Russian Embassador to Japan said that Japan imposing sanctions would be "counter-productive" - sort of dangling a carrot that the northern island issue may perhaps be resolved in a non-counter-productive environment - forget it - Russia is never gonna give up those islands. How about this? - if Russian invades the Ukraine - Japan take back the islands by force - Russia has concentrated forces on the border of the Ukraine - Russia would not expect it (likely) - Japan has excellent military capabilities and would likely take the islands very quickly - Article 9 would not be an issue - it's Japan. There is no peace treaty between Japan and Russia - It would also send a message about Japanese resolve to the Americans, The Chinese, the bad-hair-cut-guy in N. Korea...could Russia retaliate? - sure...but then the US would be directly involved (and likely NATO) and the Russian forces involved in the invasion of the Ukraine would suddenly have a far bigger problem on their hands - Hitler had a war on 2 fronts - that didn't work out - I would even likely say that Russia's own military might over-throw Putin - I think Russia and China would be taken completely off-guard...

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Posted in: Japan's military, among world's strongest, looks to build See in context

So - what planet do some of you arm-chair generals come from? If history teaches us anything - it has taught us that appeasing an expansionist authoritarian bully - is a disaster - one must be prepared and they must understand that you are prepared - are the Senkakus worth fighting over? - not really - but what happens next? which means yes - they are worth fighting over - Peace in Our Time might have been achieved if the line in the sand was made real with force -

Drilling is important - sure - the targets don't fire back - but experience drilling - discipline - working as a team - being evaluated and improving is what it's about it also show's would be expansionist authoritarian aggressors your capabilities -

I am quite sure that the Japanese military is in consultation with the US and the weapons systems they procure fit in to models of combat capabilities that top analysts are working on -

It is not money badly spent - it is the price of peace - it is the only thing a tyrant bent on acquiring lebensraum at the cost of their neighbor's borders understands

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Posted in: Trump remains dominant force in GOP following acquittal See in context

Desert Tortoise - bang on...

There was a part of a previous article that said that a/the main reason GOP reps are so "loyal" to Trump is because a great deal of the funding that comes is can be directly attributable to Trump - which - as you say - is due to those who believe Trump will help bring them along. I don't know if Trump was always a kook - or became a kook - I think he was a spoiled CEO who was used to running things his way and like alot of ego-maniacs - doesn't deal with dissenting voices - not exactly the kinda guy to run a democracy - Oddly - H. Ross Perot who probably would have been a similar executive - was never embraced - (starting his own party) - Dividing the Republican party - at least could potentially deflate any Trump resurgence -

The Dems screwed up I think - I think they should have impeached Trump on dereliction of duty and/or violation of this oath of office using the storming of the capitol as evidence- and while it seems that 56-58% of Americans polled believe Trump should have been convicted - he got off un-scathed -

but - yes - After LBJ - the center of gravity of both parties was farther left than today - it was the times - since Reagan - the center of gravity of economic wealth has moved up to fewer people having the most wealth - (not an opinion - mathematically provable)

I find it interesting to hear the stories of immigrants to the States - people who were fortunate enough to get to the States from some unfortunate place they came from - they only see being on the ground in the States as a positive thing - and do what they can to make - by their own hard work an initiative - one guy said - "today - there's so much free-ware available - and the internet - google anything" - if you can't make it in today's society - you can't make it anywhere - no sense of entitlement - exactly the fortitude we admire...

The difference is - these folks aren't looking for a political party to help them along - these folks are exactly the kinda folks you want as neighbors...

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Posted in: Chinese vessels enter Japan's waters near Senkakus for 2nd straight day See in context

The main problem is that China has recently escalated their policy with the authority to use live weapons in defence of what they perceive as "their territory" -

I have not read (and hence am not sufficiently qualified to render anything but an opinion) what the CCP's opinion is of "their territory")

I also have not read Mein Kampf

But what I do feel is certain - is that the CCP's China have embarked on a territorial grab which they have "legitimized" rather like the annexation of the Sudatenland - and their pushing it...

Now - Okinawa has more US military than China would be willing to f-with - and it's pointless to keep asking successive US administrations in the Senkakus fall under the joint US/Japan defense alliance -

While it is true - that Japan is the only country in history to suffer an atomic weapons attack - and I don't wish to discuss the legitimacy of those attacks - no on would deny they were devastating. The world watched the devastation that occurred in Japan. That created the cold war - because it no one was willing to suffer what Japan had suffered (though that would be insignificant by today's atomic weapon's capabilities)

What we do know is N. Korea likes rattling their N sabre - and China rattling all their sabres...

If Japan decided for "Self Defense purposes" to deploy N capabilities I'm sure they already have -

Then perhaps the whole "dear Mr. President...will you protect the Senkakus?" and "dear Mr. President ... will you help us against. N. Korea" - would be more like "dear Mr. Japanese PM - would you help us be a credible deterrent against CCP and N. K. aggression - together with the combined US/Japan forces - would tell the CCP and N.K. - this ain't no cry baby no more - this is Japan - a power in the Pacific - behave yourselves

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I don't see why Japan doesn't fortify the Senkakus - tit-for-tat - identical to what the Chinese have unilaterally done in the S. China Sea - EXCEPT - THAT THE SENKAKUS ARE INFACT JAPANESE

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs affirm Senkakus fall under security pact See in context

How many countries have a common border with China that China doesn't have an issue with? The South China Sea is ridiculous - China arbitrarily claiming the 7-dash-line - claiming some ancient claim - I guess it might be possible to date the ink the maps they drew in the past 10 years - same with the Senkaku Islands - there were (no more) Chinese maps showing the Senkakus as Japan - do they have some ancient claim to Tasmania or Baffin Island? - Yes - likely the Senkakus are a worthless lump of rock - but it's symbolic - give an inch and they'll take a mile - recently authorizing use of weapons against opponents of what they "claim" is their territory - I hope before they use weapons they get international agreement of what they claim is their territory - we know what happens when a non-democracies claims lebensraum un-checked.

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Posted in: Republican Party faces rage from both pro- and anti-Trump voters See in context

I recall a bumper sticker - "Tyrants prefer un-armed peasants" - I think more instructional would have been: "Tyrants prefer un-educated peasants" - (unfortunately - it seems uneducated armed peasants are useful to a tyrant) - I think the major failing here - was education - critical thinking - analytical thinking - in a world with where Walter Cronkite isn't telling you the truth every night - and you have endless barrages of rubbish from which to derive your perceptions - critical thinking is required - "does this make sense?" - cause and effect - analytical skills are not only important for a society - they're important for prosperity of that society - the failure - in my view - has been education - people (in the US) are simply not properly educated...I don't recall - when I was young - people being as irrational - just plain stupid - as too many people seem to be being today...

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

in the run up to the 2016 election Trump employed one of these big-data analytics companies to hone his message - it says 2 things - (probably more than 2) - 1) he knows the mind[less) of his base - and therefore he also knew what he was inciting (though that might be giving his unexceptional intellect too much credit) - 2) by Trump's rhetoric - it really says a lot about the intellect of his base that his message resonates with them.

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it seems incongruous to arrest and charge those who physically defiled the Capitol building as a result of the incitement from Trump - and not punish Trump - perhaps Trump should pardon them (their guilt is his guilt) and then resign himself. In one paper - it was called the "beer belly putsch" - priceless

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

I am surprised - didn't think that even the break-in his mob into the capital building - an act of violence he (trump) incited - would silence the monster - but I guess - eventually they'd have to take it the Supreme Court

and then then the burden of proof that the election was stolen would be Trump - which they have not been able to prove...catastrophic...the Reps need a brand new brand...a new and charismatic and untainted torch bearer...what was the hold the D had on folks - he wasn't even clever?

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Congratulations to both newly elected senators - I think if you compare and contrast Warnock and Loeffler - Warnock did not come from a wealthy family whereas Loeffler is minted - was not elected (appointed). Wanock's victory is exactly what the American dream should be - representative of aspirations of the average citizen - I'm sure Warnock would like to have been born with a silver spoon up his nose and have loads of stocks to sell off when it became apparent the market will be affected by Loeffler did - but he rose to this occasion by his own initiative - Good for him

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At issue - or seemingly so - is the legitimacy of the election outcome - there have been counts and re-counts - and (as far as I am aware) no statistically significant variations of the results reported have been found - all of this constitutional nuance is not the point - an election was held in a democracy - the source data is there - the machines have been audited - signatures have been audited - indeed pressure has been brought to bear on people who SIMPLY tabulated data - if there was significant election fraud to have changed the outcome of the election - it would be trivial to prove it - and as yet - has not been proven - this whole thing is sort of like having been transported back to the dark ages when "scientists" discarded observations that didn't fit into their hypothesis - as opposed to letting the data drive the hypothesis -

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Posted in: In recorded call, Trump pressures Georgia official to 'find' votes to overturn election See in context

if someone swears an oath to uphold the constitution and then is recorded pressuring state officials (who've counted the votes 3 times - and had a signature matching audit) to over turn a certified election - are there not legal consequences?

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I think the State officials in Georgia have been exemplary in their diligence - including the recent signature matching audit. I'd like to see an audit of - say Florida or Texas - just from a "vote integrity" perspective - just because some people don't like the outcome of an election - it seems the good folks in Georgia did a damn good job

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I guess one of the reasons the Trump legal team cut ties with Sidney Powell (reported Nov 23rd) is because the Trump re-election fund is still raising money ($170mil reported Dec 1st) is that now that the voting systems companies who where slandered in Powell's findings (made without due-diligence or even a basis in factual reality) - slandered - and who's grievances include not only potentially diminished professional reputation but threats of violence to their employees - is that the courts work both ways - and now that those companies are starting to retaliate - the Trump administration did not want to leave those re-elections funds on the table for plaintiffs...

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