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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

Liberal, legitimate, democracies need to stick together - if that's called NATO or some other permutation - so be it - we have seen (as one poster put it - Putin being in power for almost as long as his son has been alive - tell me that's not about corruption?...and look at the performance on the battle-field?...tell me those funds didn't get misappropriated?...and currently - it seems the professional Russian army is being augmented by convicts serving as very much to be proud of Putin and CONTRAST - in liberal democracies - where we like our own fair and honest versions of democracy - we like NATO - so it's no surprise Japan would be motivated to be closer to NATO - indeed wouldn't any liberal democracy?...

For a definition of democracy - likely depending upon where you are - you cannot find a legitimate definition -

Churchill once said, "the worst for of government is democracy - Except for all the rest"

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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

well said Peter14...

A French man says, "when I go to work, I take public transportation, when I travel arouund Europe, I drive my Peugot"

A Russian replies, "when I go to work, I too take public transportation, when I go to Europe, I drive a tank"

Russian tanks rolled through eastern Europe...Prague, Budapest...none of this history is lost on Europeans...

NATO is s defensive organization that does not control the political workings of democracy in member states - look at the democracy that is Sweden and contrast that with what Turkey's definition of democracy...

Compare that with Russia...they control every aspect of a country they control...

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I agree with banning the Russians from all international sporting events - they created this war by invading the Ukraine - completely unprovoked - they should likewise be kicked off the UNSC - likewise I think Turkey should be booted from NATO.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan unveil plans to strengthen their alliance See in context

"Xi Xinping owns the starting pistol for the next stage of WWIII."

Let's home he uses it effectively on himself

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails through sensitive Taiwan Strait; China angered See in context

Almost all of Europe used to be provinces of the Roman Empire - what status there was on a calender n-many years ago is not necessarily relevant today - Prussia is now Poland.

I do know understand how - or why - communist China can claim Taiwan (I am not qualified in this area - but I certainly don't want a rant from a China troll on the matter) - China had a civil war - chiang kai shek's forces retreated to Formosa -

They are a democratic society now - meaning that civilians in that country get to choose by popular vote the governance they want.

Completely unlike China or what they promised but did not fulfill - as is their consistency - to Hong-Kong - but of course could not fulfill what they "promised" to do (as if there really was any doubt they'd fulfill their promises - who are they after all?"

What pride of dignity do people have in China?...lying consistently - bullying their neighbours?...

What is it you people feel proud of???

Make no mistake - you have 1 air-craft carrier from Russia - a country getting it's ass kicked - there is more US sea power based in Japan than in the rest of the world...

Wave your flag bravely - but we've seen what brazen military stupidity has done recently - The US loves this...

No Americans getting killed - testing weapons systems against adversaries...

It only makes the US Military Industrial complex's wet dream come true if China attempts to invade Taiwan...

I double dare you

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Posted in: 'Romeo and Juliet' child actors sue over 1968 nude scene See in context

And did we tell you the name of the game boy?

We call it riding the gravy train

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Posted in: 'Romeo and Juliet' child actors sue over 1968 nude scene See in context

Saw that movie when I was a kid (younger than either R&J)... I have a DVD of it all these years later...not at all for those's a classic brilliant rendition - the drama - the music is a bit corny...

If they were ggonna bring this law-suit is it simply some contractual agreement expired?

"people got a 2 sec flash of my boobs for 50 years...but now it's innapropriate"

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Posted in: Japan joins U.N. Security Council as new nonpermanent member See in context

What's the point?

You've got two terrorist rogue states as perm members of the UNSC - both of whole are

willfully violating article 2 (sovereignty and territorial integrty) - 

On being Russa - who launched a war of aggression against the Ukraine - I guess their insane

rationalization being that the Ukraine is not a distinct country - a perspective

the democractic Ukraine does not ascribe to

You have their partners in crime on the other end of the world - China - rationalizing

that Taiwan is indeed not a distinct country - a perspective the democract Taiwan was not ascribe


Indeed the latter country (China) does not have a border they do not have a dispute with

Indeed the Philippines asked the UN to arbitrate a territorial dispute - the UN itself

stating that China had no legitimate claim - and this perm member of the UNSC ignores

the findings of a body they sit on the UNSC of.

So what is the point of being on the UNSC when it's flawed in an un-preparable way in the current

structure of the UN...

I think like minded democracies should create a "league of democratic nations" and just abandon the UN

the bikering blinded terrorist rogue states and just move on - perhaps Japan would be welcome as a perm member

of a "league of democractic nations" governing body - they've been a responsible world citizen since the end of

the War - have not invaded Hungary of Czechoslovakia? built militarized outposts in international waters...made 

non-legtimate territorial claims...

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Posted in: Brian May: Knighthood comes with 'a little bit more clout' See in context

The guy is a guitarist & a scientist...the royal family presents the award...but the award id chosen by the British public...what could possibly be the reason for all this irrelevance & political discourse toward a guy who has lived a brilliant life and being given an award he seemingly appreciates...this is perhaps the oddest post to read some of these peculiar rants

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. arranging summit meeting in Washington on Jan 13: report See in context

Like minded liberal democracies need to stick together - we (the west) mistakenly thought incorporating authoritarian regimes into the fold would liberalize their countries and make them partners - it was a failed experiment - due to the personalities of the dictators those authoritarian countries have and the authoritarian policies they follow - Russia should immediately be removed from the UN security council - and China - stepping on the territorial sovereignty of it's neighbours...a scorpion is a scorpion - we in the west were too optimistic China and Russia would become responsible world citizens - Hitler and Stalin could learn from Putin and Xi (little bad-hair fat boy is just a nuisance)

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

Desert Tortoise - you're always bang on the money - contemplative and knowledgeable - unlike regurgitating trolls

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

The Chinese are actually quite innovative - at intellectual property theft

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Posted in: Japan, Sweden sign defense equipment transfer pact See in context

Yes - the Swedes are very inventive and pragmatic - as opposed to being one or the other - they're very well educated - and have a mind-set born out of the cold war - that close to Russia - even their roads are not built with long sweeping curves - but curves between straight sections so that they can be used as run-ways - as mentioned - they have a long history of designing and building world class fighter planes. Ericsson - the telecom company has a very secretive radar section - they are a very tough and resourceful people (as are the Finns)

Japan has a world class battle tank and other weapons - it's a natural partnership -

If Putin had behaved himself (the scorpion asking the frog to help him cross the river story - but no...he's a scorpion) the world wouldn't need to respond in this way -

The good news is - young people - you know where the funding is going to be going - get the appropriate educations

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Posted in: Musk says he will step down as Twitter CEO once successor found See in context

Wow - a successful business giant tycoon who abides by an election

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Posted in: Even if charged and convicted, Trump can still run in 2024 and serve as president if elected See in context

Even if he is not convicted - he is still at a minimum guilty of dereliction of duty - and perhaps violation of his oath of office - certainly very bad judgement. Here's a guy who had warm relations with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, but frosty relations with Angela Merkel - what does that tell you? Here's a guy who's organization has been found guilty on all counts of criminal tax fraud - what does that tell you? Here's a guy who fought like hell for 6 years to keep his own tax filings secret - what does that tell you?

Maybe he was not a master-mind of the insurrection - maybe he was out-to-lunch when it was happening - maybe he was being given poor advise...

Maybe he didn't get sound legal advise about removing classified documents from the White-House and ignoring a subpoena for a year - maybe he delegated someone else to store the documents in other places

Truman said, "the buck stops here" - meaning he's ultimately responsible

That's Presidential

I had a dear friend who was a southern (Texas) fundamentalist Christian - he told me that faith is believing without proof...

What is it called when you have faith despite proof?

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan's military buildup; vows counteraction See in context

That is the nuttiest thing I think I've ever heard (and I've heard/read alot of nutty things)...

How do such delusional and deranged people remain in power? - never mind

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Posted in: Argentina beats France on penalties to win World Cup See in context

Imagine being a goal keeper and Messi is shooting at you -

Congratulations to Argentina - and mostly to Messi who now as a World Cup trophy to add to is illustrious career

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Posted in: 5 dead, suspect killed in Toronto area condo shooting See in context

Very unfortunate - well...there was a scene in Michael Moore movie where Michael walked into a house with cameras and the door was indeed unlocked - and indeed some of my relatives there never lock their doors

What leftist policies are you referring to? Would you call Doug Ford "leftist"?

The problem is of course - easy access to weapons from south of the border - one can legally certain types of weapons in Canada - but owning them is non-trivial - they must be secured in a locked metal cabinet bolted to the foundation of your house - if weapons are stolen from your home and used in a crime - you have some explaining to do.

My father had weapons in such a cabinet - would sometimes take a pistol out when we went out back (20 acres of wilderness surrounded by wilderness) - you sometimes saw deer - which means you may see something that eats deer - wolves

I have alot of friends in Texas - who hunt - are responsible gun owners

Of course where there are criminals bent on criminal intent - and weapons are available - the cost in terms of human life becomes terribly unfortunate

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Posted in: Japanese fighter jets land in Philippines for 1st time since WWII See in context

Imperial Japan does not exist anymore - nor does NAZI Germany - we live in a new age where liberal democracies are being infringed upon by nations ruled by tyrants - without limits - without due process of law - and we - in those liberal democracies have to stand shoulder to shoulder against such tyranny - The Philippines won an arbitration suit in the UN (of which China and Russia hold veto seats on the security counsil) that territorial claims made by China have no basis in historical fact - instead of acting as a responsible world citizen - and abiding by the ruling - China - which by rights should be turfed off the security council - as should Russia for it's violating of UN charters for invading another country) China ignored and did not abide by the UN finding - this is the age we live in - this is why Liberal Democracies have to be each other's best friends - stand shoulder to shoulder against the tyrants of this modern world

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Posted in: Croatia reach World Cup quarterfinals with penalty shoot-out victory over Japan See in context

Japan did great - well done - I wished that they had gone further - but what an accomplishment - I think the one thing Japan lacks is the idea/notion of a super-star - it's sort of "un-Japanese" where team is everything and Japan has proven "team" - no doubt - but needs a few "super-stars" - gambatte Japan - hope to see more success in the years to come - Go Blue Samurai!!!

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Posted in: U.S., Australia invite Japan to step up troop rotations See in context

This is a good thing - long over due - Liberal Democracies with similar values need to be united - step up our vigilance - we mistakingly thought that by engaging Russia and China on the world stage - would bring them into the fold...we were wrong - they invested all their wealth into weapons and land-grabs - I think all like minded liberal democracies need to pony up the 2% GDP on military spending - need to increase co-operation and co-ordination - and make tyrants understand it's too expensive continue with their belligerent policies

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Posted in: Carnally inclined cops can't resist cozy koban encounters See in context


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Posted in: 90 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I wonder why people comment here? - I wonder why I am - people have their minds made up - some people post rational, instructive posts - greatly appreciated - I learn from them - some people post loathing rants - nothing to be learned there...

case in point:

Name one thing thats 100% original Japanese ?

Not one - but two massive devastations, human lives destroyed, the only people who have ever been victims of atomic bombs -

I don't cast judgement on it - likely at that time - the powers that were - rationalized that as best they could - and likely saved millions of lives...

I do not know why you hate the Japanese or Japan - perhaps the horrors of the last war -

Cannot the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki assuage your hatred?

Perhaps soon you will have to grieve the injustice of the CCP on the democracy of Taiwan

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Posted in: Brawl involving 100 customers breaks out at Tokyo skyscraper restaurant See in context

sounds like a Quentin Tarantino movie

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Posted in: 10-year anniversary of China-Japan Senkaku dispute comes amid high tensions See in context

Stephen Chin - like wise the respect that China would gain if it gave up it's claims to the Spratly Islands - I have a map from the 50's when Taiwan was called Formosa - and it clearly shows the Senkakus (Japan) on the map.

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It's very common for precision flying teams to fly trainers - they don't need to fly at high speeds - it's an air-show - they are maneuverable - and responsive - that's why they're used as trainers - I think only the US flies F-18's (or used to fly F-18's) - which are carrier based combat planes - but I have seen them do aerobatics - and they are remarkable agile - I would not under-estimate Japan's fighter pilots based upon the fact that their precision flying team flies trainers - would you underestimate the RAF for the same reason?...few have gone up against the RAF without getting a bloody nose

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Posted in: U.S. Naval Forces in Japan remind Twitter fans about 'Top Gun: Maverick' See in context

well...going with the air-force vs. the Navy - I think that is a photo of an F-15 Eagle - which I don't think was used by the navy. However - the movie (both the original and this one) is extremely entertaining - you might also consider watching the Graham Norton Show where Tom Cruise was talking about his 1st Pilot - "Bozo" - funny

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Posted in: New space telescope shows Jupiter's auroras, tiny moons See in context

Brilliant - simply brilliant -

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

I quite like the Japanese approach to rule-following - and indeed mask wearing - way pre pandemic - was in Japan for 8 months recently - Kanto - I do not know anyone who has had COVID - been in Canada for 1.5 months - where folks just don't mask-up - I know 2 people in a rural town who had it. There are more people in Kanto than there are in Canada -

Attitudes are one thing - fact-based decision making is something quite different

I don't think we gaijins should be telling the Japanese what's what

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Posted in: Trump's angry words spur warnings of real violence See in context

dragon - Chris Hedges - Interesting read - thank you for the link[s].

Clayton K. Char

Just so I understand you:

"The understaffed and unprepared Capitol Police allowed the protest to get out of hand. "

These people are responsible for the Capitol Riot - but a president who spread lies about a stolen election and incited the mob - is not responsible -

I'm reading you right?

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