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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

Military cooperation excecises are important...you don't wanna be fighting a war and then realize a gap

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Posted in: Comedian Dave Chappelle calls Israel-Hamas war a 'genocide,' urges Americans to fight antisemitism See in context

love his comedy...he's funny...and a breath of fresh-air we have not seen in a while...

dunno about entertainers mouthing off about politics...

but I agree with him

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Posted in: Trump campaign calls Cannes film 'The Apprentice' blatantly false; vows legal action See in context

wow...I wonder what the definition of blatantly false is for Trump's campaingn

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Posted in: Yellen to push G7 on bond for Ukraine backed by frozen Russian asset profits See in context

why should there be an issue with frunding the Ukraine is interest from Russian assets?

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Posted in: Term limits aren’t the answer to dysfunction in U.S. Congress See in context

Why not try term limits - say for a decade - see what happens - I think it would be great - it's supposed to be a government for the people and by the people...involve more of the people...I think term limits are a great idea

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Posted in: Celebrities face digital backlash over Gaza silence See in context

most of these celebs are managed by folks who pretty much view them as a producr...sanitized for mass consumption...Susan Sarandon is a rare exception...she has bigger cajones than Harvey Weinstein

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Posted in: Netanyahu on U.S. threat to withhold arms: Israel will fight with its 'fingernails' if needed See in context

The US sat in Judgement at both

Nuremburg and Tokyo war crimes trials...yet up to this point have enabled Israel's war crimes...it's about time they stop being a prty to these crimes

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Posted in: AI can now generate entire songs on demand. What does this mean for music as we know it? See in context

There's an AI lady who's sure

All that glitters is silicon...

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Posted in: Chinese media call Japan 'two-faced' for seeking closer ties while warning of China threat See in context

if anyone knows being two faced...

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Posted in: Israel dismisses 2 officers over deadly drone strikes on aid workers in Gaza See in context

the two dismessed fell on their swords for the administration

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Posted in: Rakuten to reorganize financial units amid mounting mobile losses See in context

who would buy R mobile? it doesn't offer any coverage that the other operators don't have...and their investment in O-RAN will not be worth anything as O-RAN is still 5 years away

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Posted in: Brazil calls for U.N. overhaul at meeting of G20 ministers in Rio See in context

Call it like it is Brazil!!!

Israel if you know your history at all was born of a terrorist action...

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Posted in: Meta reviewing use of word 'Zionist' amid Israel-Hamas war See in context

with negative connotations you may say:





Israeli is a nationality

Jew is an enthnism

Zionism is a poltical attitude and can be googled having a long history even engaging with the nazis - that long.

Lord Balfour wanted to create an Israeli state in what was called the British Palestine Mandate (inherited by the British empire at the fall of the Ottoman empire) ...The British courted Zionist groups as they viewed the promise of an "Israel" could make international Zionists as allies to the British empire...

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Posted in: Finnair asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before boarding flights See in context

they wight your luggage right?

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Posted in: Finnair asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before boarding flights See in context

can you imagine that in N. America?

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Posted in: Don't spread out See in context

it's just as bad on the Green Car...one guy I say next to the orher day was offended because I asked him to move his PC bag from the aisle seat so that I could sit down...he then promptly told me I needed to "suica" in...I don't have a suica...so I waited for the conductor...he fumed the whole time...

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Posted in: Rifts within Israel resurface as war in Gaza drags on See in context

bang on the money Desert. Also - oddly - a tiny fraction of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who live in Israel proper (not the Palestinian areas...) have a legal right to vote in Israel's elections. I know people who worked for Dr.'s without borders in the Palestinian territories...they tell of horrid and brutal treatment by the Israelis...a Jew in an illegal settlement in the OPT territories - gets 2 years (maybe) for killing a Palestinian - some 12 year old Palestinian kid can get 20 years for throwing a stone at an IDF bastard. would you throw a stone? I would too

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Posted in: Women and children are main victims of Gaza war, with 16,000 killed, U.N. says See in context

why does Hamas exist?...it was actually supported by Israel as a) it provided a counter weight to the PLO/PA - an Israeli divide and conquor scheme.

I was George Bush who demanded Hamas be on the Ballot...thinking that it would be a repudiation. (Fatah won more votes, but fielded too many cadidates...so the Hamas candidates won without high vote counts)

Additionally...Israel was "happy" with a terrorist org running Gaza...as it meant Israel would never have to seriously engage in conversations involving a Palestinian State...Zionism 101 as one poster called it.

Hamas are terrorists...but I'd say the Israelis who run a state where a tiny fraction of Palestinians living within that state who do have Israeli citizenship have the legal right to vote - that is called Appartheid...whereas Jews living in illegal sttlements in the OPT can legally vote.

Ironic that Israel was born out of a terrorist entity...displaced some 700,000 Palestinians...murdered and ran-sacked palestinian villiages in 47-48...that Israel is calling foul on Hamas.

Ironic also that it is the ex(reformed) appartheid country S. Africa who brought charges of genocide against Israel at the ICJ.

not a surprise that Israel's arguments were legal technicalities rather than address their war crimes.

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Posted in: Fujitsu apologizes to hundreds affected by UK Post Office scandal See in context

well...the only software that doesn't have a bug in it, is software that han't been written yet.

700 post office managers were convicted of theft or fraud.

let's say you are a really stupid prosecutor. Let's say 10 PO managers are convicted. Would you not suppose some sort of collusion? would you not set up some sort of sting operation by posting a battery, cell-phone with a GPS chip set to track them?

Let's say you are the most stupid person on the planet, and you didn't think there could be collusion when 50 people were convicted.

surely, you would conclude, that there must be a more rational explanation.

so while not a QED kind of proof, the conviction of 700 PO managers shows the sheer incompetence of UK investigaros & presecutors. While of course it was ultimately determined to be a SW fault...wouldn't a single investigaor, prosecutor come to realize it had to be something like that?

unbelievable incompetence.

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Posted in: Japan, Israel leaders agree to closely communicate on Gaza situation See in context

BN won't listen to Biden who bank rolls him...he's not going to listen to Kishida

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Posted in: China calls for independent monitoring of treated Fukushima water See in context

How's about Japan pour all that water around the atolls that China has fortified on areas they have no legal claim to?

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Posted in: Japan asks Google to revert map names of disputed East China Sea islets See in context

"The Chinese and Taiwanese names have since been removed."

as it should be

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Posted in: How 'laws of war' apply to conflict between Israel and Hamas See in context

"In the case of Gaza, this rule requires that before launching an attack, the Israeli military analyze and determine the likely effect on civilians. If it appears that such an attack will cause disproportionate civilian casualties, then it must be suspended or canceled."

Except if the goal of Israel is (as it has consistently been) the elimination of Palestine and the annexation of all Palestinian land.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

Structure is a good thing...

Discipline is a good thing.

I don't thing compulsary military service is a bad thing.

I can go in to down-town Ottawa - there's looser junkie's crafting a career of "spare change?" - in CANADA...I lived in the UK...same...

In Japan...people don't beg for change because charity is not part of their culture...

But if you give it to them...they bow in gratitude...I know...cause I've done it...

Sure...they have problems...

How many would have been better served had they served...

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

I have nothing but admiration for those who serve or have serve in uniform.

Japan has a significant and formidable military.

I think it's a great option for a young person - I wish I was young.

I wish my youngster would choose to do it...

One of my oldest and dearest friends was a US Marine - 23 years.

He has seen combat (ever seen Black-Hawk Down? - he was there)

I truly regret I never served. I was too busy listening to Led-Zeppelin and

majoring in my GF...not much to be proud about all these years later.

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Posted in: Tech firms struggle as Israel-Gaza falsehoods explode See in context

"an ad revenue sharing program with content creators that researchers say incentivizes engagement instead of accuracy"

Follow the Fox News business model.

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Posted in: Israel vows 'mighty vengeance' after surprise attack by Hamas kills hundreds See in context

let's say you believe in God...let's say you believe the Jews are God's chosen people. what kind of God would have crafted the disaster of the Holocaust...the disaster that is Israel...Palestine...

What kind of God would put Netenyahu in a position of power in such a world...

an eye for an eye

a tooth for a tooth...

there are no innocent eyes or teeth in the eyes of monsters...Hamas & Netwnyahu both...this will be a sad day forever

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Married men' See in context

the reason to sleep with married people is BECAUSE they're married...sex is sex...zero politics...you don't get in trouble because you forgot her mother's birthday...nice day...glass of chilled wine...an afternoon in the sack....sure...you may fall in love...but don't be stupid...there are other married folks out there...

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

I have 2 passports...Canada & the UK...I have a PR in Japan...my kiddo has a Japanese passport and a Canadian passport...if he has to give up his Canadian passport...so be it...I have never found anything in Japan to be problematic...I have never been ill-treated - even when quite evidently intoxicated - the police were very nice, cordial, and professional...Japan is a sovereign country - entitled to make up whatever rules they wish...we (gaijin) are guests in Japan...behave like a guest...

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Posted in: Philippines, Japan, allies kick off naval drills amid Asia-Pacific tension See in context

When I was a kid...I got beaten up alot...I was not a big kid...but I did have a big mouth...hence the frequency of being beaten up...my dad got tired of it and enrolled me in boxing lessons...some time later - I got into a fight with a much bigger guy...and he did kick my ass...but he sure as hell didn't have a good time doing it...loads of people saw the fight...no one ever messed with me again...

There's only one way to stop a bully...and that's to stand up to them...

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