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Posted in: Tech firms struggle as Israel-Gaza falsehoods explode See in context

"an ad revenue sharing program with content creators that researchers say incentivizes engagement instead of accuracy"

Follow the Fox News business model.

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Posted in: Israel vows 'mighty vengeance' after surprise attack by Hamas kills hundreds See in context

let's say you believe in God...let's say you believe the Jews are God's chosen people. what kind of God would have crafted the disaster of the Holocaust...the disaster that is Israel...Palestine...

What kind of God would put Netenyahu in a position of power in such a world...

an eye for an eye

a tooth for a tooth...

there are no innocent eyes or teeth in the eyes of monsters...Hamas & Netwnyahu both...this will be a sad day forever

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Married men' See in context

the reason to sleep with married people is BECAUSE they're married...sex is sex...zero politics...you don't get in trouble because you forgot her mother's birthday...nice day...glass of chilled wine...an afternoon in the sack....sure...you may fall in love...but don't be stupid...there are other married folks out there...

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

I have 2 passports...Canada & the UK...I have a PR in Japan...my kiddo has a Japanese passport and a Canadian passport...if he has to give up his Canadian passport...so be it...I have never found anything in Japan to be problematic...I have never been ill-treated - even when quite evidently intoxicated - the police were very nice, cordial, and professional...Japan is a sovereign country - entitled to make up whatever rules they wish...we (gaijin) are guests in Japan...behave like a guest...

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Posted in: Philippines, Japan, allies kick off naval drills amid Asia-Pacific tension See in context

When I was a kid...I got beaten up alot...I was not a big kid...but I did have a big mouth...hence the frequency of being beaten up...my dad got tired of it and enrolled me in boxing lessons...some time later - I got into a fight with a much bigger guy...and he did kick my ass...but he sure as hell didn't have a good time doing it...loads of people saw the fight...no one ever messed with me again...

There's only one way to stop a bully...and that's to stand up to them...

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Posted in: 80 women arrested Jan-Sept in Tokyo's Kabukicho for alleged prostitution See in context

in Kabukichou? really? I asked a cop for directions to the red light district...

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Posted in: Documentary 'Carlos' is a loving, respectful portrait of guitar god Santana See in context

Evidently, Newton said, "if I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"

"guitar god" is just a colloquialism...but many great "guitar gods" employ a lot of techniques from classical masters - primary & secondary function substitutions, chord inversions...they didn't invent this stuff...they stood on the shoulders of giants...

Santana is - as someone said - instantly recognizable - as is - David Gilmour springs to mind - Eddie Van Halen, etc.

I have seen Carlos twice - once in concert - once on a Viking Line cruise out of Stockholm...we talked for a moment...he was dressed very sharply...I was there with a couple of friends...he took a photo of us...woulda been early 90's...I do not have a photo of him...odd that...

He corrected me on the titles of some of his songs...he said guitarists need to breath...(it was Stockholm...think Yngve)...

He was nice...no super-star attitude at all...

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Posted in: Okinawa rejects central gov't demand over U.S. base landfill See in context

Relocate the base to the Senkakus...who's gonna object?...China?...fill in atolls China on atolls that are not yours...have a nice day...sorted...I'll expect my Nobel prize in the morning...

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Posted in: Surge in Japanese online dialogue propagating 'good Nazi' myth See in context


the Soviets did not liberate the Poles from the nazies

the soviets collaborated with the Polish resitance claiming they would help...but what they did was never liberate anyone...but betrayed the Polish resitance and let them get eliminated my the nazis...

I have relatives who were in the Polish resistance...take it up with them...

russians haven't changed from

the soviets...still a bunch of betraying bastards

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Posted in: Man arrested for voyeurism after putting miniature camera in school toilet See in context

junior high-school girls?...really?...how can you perv on junior high-school girls?

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Posted in: Surge in Japanese online dialogue propagating 'good Nazi' myth See in context

I'm guess'n Sven-san hit the post button before re-reading...we'va all done it..:

in 1923 Hitlerwas arrested for attempting a coup...he was imprisioned with fellow nazi R. Hess...during that time...Hitler dictated his "manifesto" to Hess..."Mein Kampf"...(my battle)

in Mein Kampf, Hitler layed out his views...oddly...they were largely ignored...

in 1938 Hitler was Time Magazine's "Man of the Year". (despite subsequent attempt by Time Magazine to re-fashion that statement)

The odd thing is that the nazis were such en-exceptional people...no towering intellects (possibly Speer)...

none of them had brilliant accademic back-grounds...

it was a time in history for morons...Stalin...Mussolini...morons...

what did exist was a core of clever people who the nazis employed...

innovative generals & scientists...Guderian, Messerschmitt...etc.

the wings of the 1st operational jet fighter (Me 262) van be found on the Mig 15 & F-86

The technical accomplishments achieved during the nazi period had nothing to do with the nazis...they were a means to an end...

the nazis were a bunch of morons...there is nothing to glorify

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Posted in: Bernie Taupin, Elton John's lyricist, would like to have a word See in context

sunfunbun - bang on the money...absolutely 100% agree

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Posted in: Kim vows full support for Russia’s 'sacred fight' to defend its security See in context

Russian air space can be kinda dangerous...just say'n

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Posted in: Kim vows full support for Russia’s 'sacred fight' to defend its security See in context

absolute rock bottom Putin...oh the beaming pride Russians must be feeling today

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Posted in: Medvedev says Japan's 'militarization' complicates Asia-Pacific See in context

Taiwan...while I often agree with you...I don't agree that 23e6 people will become slaves if the ccp invades...they will become freedom fighters who can move easily around main-land china...speak the language...look similar...will be well financed and dedicated...massive US intelligence support...they'll make European underground units fighting the nazis look like boy-scouts...

ccp...invade at your own peril...you can't kill democracy unless you kill the democratic people...how may people would you jave to eliminate to take out the ccp?...

surprised Putin is on this side of the grass

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Posted in: Medvedev says Japan's 'militarization' complicates Asia-Pacific See in context

what a weird perspective...invade a neighboring country and say it is regretable that Japan is beefing up its defenses...

that's bizzare

"are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"...


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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

when living in Europe...I got endless flack about "Imperial" units...one person making fun of me asking "how many unit_x are there in unit_y?, pi? ( pi being an irrational number)...then

one guy asked me how much a gallon of water weighed...I replied that I could work

it out...he replied: you

know how much a liter of water weighs?...a kilogram....that was it for me...metric is way more sensible...

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Posted in: Hungary's Orbán urges U.S. to 'call back Trump' to end Ukraine war in Tucker Carlson interview See in context

Lived with a girl from Budapest...scientist...interesting conversations...She wasn't born

when soviet tanks rolled through Hungary...the education she had...I though

Lennon was John...

She is ashamed of her country now...

This clique of quasi democratic despots...

She was really cute...

we were younger then...the future seemed so much brighter

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Posted in: Japanese baseball star Yamakawa not to face charges over alleged rape See in context

apparently the alledged encounter occurred in a hotel. Then I'm sure there is video of he/her entering and leaving the hotel - and I'm sure that video has been observed by the authorities. Perhaps if you are a celebrity you should video the encounter in the room as well.

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Posted in: 'Golda' director Guy Nattiv seeks to soften, deepen memory of Golda Meir See in context

They (what we now call terrorists). killed British soldiers & called them nazies (i have realatives killed by these terrorist..the British were overwhelmed by the numbers of Jews from Europe...to call the British nazies is extrodinarily offensive to me...they fought the nazies from the get go...they broke enigma...Stalingrad & Kursk would have been completetly different...there would have been way way fewer Jews arriving in Palestine had it not been for the British...and these people treat Palestinians similarly to the way the nazis treated the Jews...unconscientable...

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Posted in: Portrayals of duality: 'Hafu' in the media and popular culture See in context

I'm a gaijin who has lived in Japan 20 years. Of course my kiddo is hafu - it doesn't bother me at all that expression - it's an expression. What did bother me was when he was on a rather advanced soccer team there was a sort of discrimination from other kiddos on the team. He was a striker - fast, pretty damned skillful - you'd have preferred he was treated as a player for his skills.

When I was a kid...owing to my father's job...we moved around alot...we were always foreigners...it never bothered me...when lived in the States, my younger sister mentioned how all her friends were different - black, white, Jewish, non-Jewish...All the other kids were in cliques based mostly on social status.

Kids are like that.

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Posted in: Will Trump show up at next week's presidential debate? GOP rivals preparing for it See in context

How on earth can Trump be elected? - he - as then president - swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution - hasn't he been demonstratively proven to have violated his oath of office?...when - in anyone's memory (if some of you have any memory) has any candidate been indicted 4 times?...he treats the law like a real-estate deal - find ways around it - who was the worst president of the US?...ever - and what crimes have they commited?...how can you possibly swear in someone who can't possibly tell the truth?

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Posted in: U.S., Korea, Japan set to launch new steps on defense at Camp David See in context

disregarding the rather odd previous statement - and the fact that western culture seems to be more inclusive (China telling Asian folks that Asians are Asian..not white)...

Perhaps we (in the west) are a little more open-minded -

Also - we like our democracy -

If you threaten me - you threaten us...as some nazi Chinese guy inferred - we're not Asian and should stick together...we're ideologically aligned - neighbors - inter-married - we're family - my kiddo is 1/2 Japanese

If someone threatens Japan - someone threatens me...

We don't stand for that in NATO - try it - you won't win...

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Posted in: China's Ukraine peace talks gambit shows shifts amid hard realities See in context

Odd that China is trying to help a peace initiative on the other side of the planet when it's hassling it's neighbors on every border it has - even invented borders on the sea

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Posted in: Joe Biden, America's oldest sitting president, needs young voters to win again. Will his age matter? See in context

instead of slinging mud towards those on the opposite side of the aisle - why not discuss things in a reasonable fashion?...It is a non-sequitur to compare what J or H Biden may or may not have done and what DJT has been indicted for. If I commit a crime but you did too...doesn't make your crime fine because I committed a crime too...when did we stop having raging civil discourse? I suppose because we don't use our real names on this forum we can rant like savages - but what's the point? I have observed these conversations for perhaps a couple of years - it's always the same players - always the same rants - if you're going to do nothing than rant - why bother?...it's just noise...Dems have traditionally been more on the side of younger folks...Reps have traditionally been about giving the wealthy (generally older) tax breaks...if I am mistaken...have a rant since you seem incapable of discourse...

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Posted in: Hiroshima A-bombing: Its lessons of unnecessary mass destruction could help guide future nuclear arms talks See in context


I wish you had been the emperor of Japan instead of Hirohito - but you were not.

As the allies invaded Germany - Hitler declared "total-war" - every man woman and child were called in to service. With the Ally's experience fighting the Japanese - they knew they be fighting a war where the Japanese - every man, woman, and child would fight to the death - by fighting or by suicide.

While unfortunate - but pragmatic - the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which killed far fewer people than the fire-bombings of Tokyo) was deemed necessary. If pure evil - what was camp 721?

Japan is a modern vibrant democracy - I'm sure if you had been emperor - you would have realized this without the use of atomic weapons.

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Posted in: Japan opening of 'Barbie' marred by controversy ahead of nuclear memorials See in context

Oops...no Oprah...Whoopi Goldberg (sorry Oprah)

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Posted in: Japan opening of 'Barbie' marred by controversy ahead of nuclear memorials See in context

What a bizarre, irresponsible, insensitive, UNPRODUCTIVE comment to make something as serious as Oppenheimer having zero to do with Barbie - zero to do with each other...except their release dates are "similar"...

Sort of like when Oprah said the Holocaust had nothing to do with racism - "it was white people killing white people..." mind bogglingly stupid

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Posted in: U.S. announces Taiwan weapons package worth up to $345 million See in context

The one China policy was stupid to start with. It was foolishly believed that by bringing main-land China into the global family it might "normalize" China...instead we got Frankenstein...with nuclear weapons and a sort of 18th-19th century European Imperialist attitude...

We didn't have a one Germany policy until the Berlin Wall fell...we don't have a one Korea policy...why should we adhere to the illusion of a one China policy?...

Main-land China steps on all their neighboring countries...fabricates ways to Shylock poor countries globally to hand-over their pound of flesh....

Frankenstein indeed.

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Posted in: Japan says North Korea threat more serious than ever See in context

N. Korea is an impoverished country that focuses whatever revenue it does have on it's nuclear weapons/rocket development...if it focused that revenue on helping it's own people rather than saber-rattling - then it might make sense to lift sanction - but if they're going spend all their revenue on weapons what sane argument is there for lifting sanctions and helping them?...that's like the frog being dumb enough to help to scorpion

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