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Those countries represent higher risk of infiltration of terrorists into the U.S.

More than the countries like Saudi Arabia where the 9/11 terrorists came from or the country where they trained, and the prince ordered the killing of a journalist?

That makes no sense!

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Posted in: Mosque shooter a white supremacist angry at immigrants See in context

Rubbish. He has been labeled a terrorist by conservative media. He is a terrorist. Exactly the same things are claimed when terrorist attacks in the name of Islam happen.

The conservative networks that I have checked all said, "authorities in New Zealand has called it a terrorist attack." That is not the same.

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Not true in the case of New Zealand, Sweden, Norway...

I see what you are getting at, but this argument doesn’t really deal with the issue of conflicting cultural values and how to deal with this. I think an honest discussion on what can/should and cannot/shouldn’t be accommodated is the way forward. It will offend some, but that’s life.

That isn't true. All three countries sent troops to fight in the Middle East. I have met some Kiwis who did tours in Iraq.

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Posted in: Koike says 2020 Olympics can be springboard to transform Tokyo See in context

Well, it's certainly admirable but why does change have to wait until all the world is watching?

In Japan, social pressure carries a lot of weight. This is a good time address issues that Japanese people often ignore because they are always concerned about the usually superficial omotenashi!

If I was serious activist then I would be making some serious plans because the world will be watching.

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White House Aides 'Hugely Embarrassed' By Trump's Lunch With Kanye: NYT Reporter

This was Dump's answer to Taylor Swift encouraging people to vote.

FOX usually condemns entertainers as not being in-touch when they criticize Trump or support Democrats. What is FOX’s opinion of West?

Dump doesn't much care where the adulation comes from, so long as it keeps coming. Taking advantage of people with mental illness is a low-life behavior.

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Many Asian countries eat rats, and they are from a food market.

As well as many Westerners in Western countries that frequent their establishments whether they know it or not. Mostly, it is not.

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Posted in: Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market prepares to shut See in context

I'd like to see them let loose a few hundred cats into Tsukiji and watch the carnage.

Depending on how hungry and desperate the rats are, those few hundred cats would be a quick meal for tens of thousands of rats.

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Number two could be interpreted as using power to oppress, but neither number one nor three requires power.

Silvafan is right! In fact all three of your definitions fits into his description on racism earlier. You created your own rebuttal.

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I use the shorthand of racism for simplicity, some people call it tribalism, others call it in-group preference.

Sometimes, they can both exist at the same time, for example, Israel. They are tribal against the Palestinians and other Arab nations, but they are racist against Black Jews from East Africa (one of the original 13 tribes). Most Israelis are descended from European converts. In addition to the direct violence against Blacks in Israel, they were caught sterilizing Black mothers. Some government officials have suggested that they must stop them before they change the society. It isn't tribal because they have a culture similar enough to create bonds. That is why they are allowed in the country. There is a strict vetting process to allow foreign Jews to live in Israel. They obviously met the religious requirements to be admitted. For the Blacks in Israel, it is racism by the government and people as a whole. The irony is that the Israeli government are using the same tactics against Blacks and Palestinians used against them by the Germans which they don't want you to ever forget.

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For the students who applied for the first time this year, all the people who actually passed should be allowed entry at the school if they still want to go. Most students have a plan BCD..... It is the normal routine. If they don't want to attend then refund their application fee. For the people who applied several times, refund all the application fees from the time they originally passed and maybe tutoring fees. For the people who actually passed from years ago, if they want to go to school, then make it free or give a really really good discount. It should be like seniority thing. If they don't want to go then refund the application fee.

All parties involved have choices, opportunities and some kind of compensation.

If they never really passed then they should not be refunded.

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Japan is not quite spotless—especially if you know where to look. There are plenty of cigarette butts where smokers hang out, and if you visit beaches during the summer trash cans will be overflowing as Japanese have a habit of picnicking and eating at the beach. By comparison, Hawaii and Seattle beaches are much cleaner.

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There are many local authorities in the countryside who offer huge incentives to move there. Free land, free money to renovate an old house, public housing for nominal rent, jobs in chiiki okoshi kyouryokudan positions where the salary is paid by the national government. They will have hoikuens with openings even for babies, free jukus for schoolkids, and 100% health insurance coverage for kids (the government pays the remaining 30%).

Where can we find out about these offerings online without having to randomly call every single government office in Kanto?

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Posted in: Bag snatcher who dragged elderly woman along during getaway arrested See in context

I really don't understand the rationale in his planning of this crime.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbing season opens See in context

I hope to do it this year!

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Posted in: How your smart fridge might be mining bitcoin for criminals See in context

Some websites have been known to use your computers processing power to mine cryptocurrency whenever you visit their site.

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