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Posted in: Twitter stakeholder Elon Musk tweets 'Is Twitter dying?' See in context

Musk might be rich but he's a dork!

Unfortunately for the US, Musk is a smarter version of the criminal trump. We will see how many politicians he begins to openly purchase in the next few years.

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Posted in: Don't help Russia's invasion, Biden tells China's Xi in video call See in context

@Mathew Hopkins

Being English rather than British my view on the US and its late arrival to WWII was that it was actually planned jointly with the UK and US governments.

It was better for them to invest time and money into creating the nuclear bomb because it was felt that was the only way to finish the war and the Germans were also trying to make one.

What happend after is where my dislike of the US Gov. comes. Firstly the US government ignored the calls from the UK to safeguard against Russia. Secondly they backed down on the agreement to hand over the plans on how to build a bomb. Thirdly they financed the rebuild in Europe but expected the UK to re-build itself and when eventually they understood the danger and handed us some money we had to pay it back. That loan lasted until 2007. For a so-called friend you do seem to treat the UK with a lot of contempt. Biden for example was backing Ireland and the EU over England because he somehow thinks he is Irish.

Why should they? The British did try to subjugate the US. Remember, another battle you lost call the Revolutionary War. Were you not taught that in your "English History" lessons?

Another reason why the Brit deniers cannot reconcile the fact the US save them from a German defeat.

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Posted in: Japan to slap new sanctions on Russia defense officials See in context

Not just the officials, but their family members abroad. Personal sanctions have very little affect if they never leave Russia. They only feel the sanctions when they attempt to interact with the outside world. The family members abroad would most certainly feel it.

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Posted in: Don't help Russia's invasion, Biden tells China's Xi in video call See in context

I mentioned about China's recent attacks on two dissidents in the US. I wondered if Biden mentioned the 5 individuals (Chinese) arrested by the government for harassing or attempting harass dissidents.

U.S. charges 5 people with spying, harassing dissidents on behalf of China

China is too scared to openly threaten Western countries and China's neighbors, right now. They are seeing what is happening to Russia with sanctions. They do not want to get slapped with their own. They are using this time to deal with their enemies in other ways while the world is distracted with Ukraine.

I also suspect China is responsible for some of ecological issues in the US like introduction of various invasive species indigenous to Asia being found. Why? To destroy the US's ability to produce food (attacking food security). Basically

We all know China as a country is petty and corrupt. They have no problem cheating to get ahead. From the telling of various myths and fables in Chinese culture, cheating and out smarting your enemy by lying has always been seen as a sign of greatness or intelligence in Chinese culture.

Sanction China and Ukraine is conflict will end! Besides they has still not paid for this pandemic that we all have been dealing with for the last 2+ years!

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the head of the Wagner group, who is a close friend of Putin, has a gestapo ‘SS’ tattoo.

Yes, he does! The name of the group has ties to a well-known member of Hitler's circle. How is Putin saving Ukraine from the Nazis, again? Another lie goes out the window.

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Posted in: Nissan seeks ¥1.4 bil damages from ex-exec Kelly over Ghosn pay See in context

LOL! More signs that Nissan and the J-gov are corrupt shameless criminals. If I was Kelly, I would counter sue in the US. Where is the lawsuit against Saikawa and his Japanese co-conspirators?

Nissan and J-gov want to continue the propaganda campaign that the foreigners are the bad ones and not all the Japanese executives. The investors all blame the Japanese executives for causing them to lose money.

The J-gov and Nissan wants to continue the harassment because Ghosn is free, Kelly did not crack (no deep bows and apologies), the investors are still angry, and Nissan and the J-gov are embarrassed globally.

Now the world knows of the corruption at Nissan and J-gov. On top of that, a foreign company/country still owns Nissan.

I bet the J-gov regrets letting all those J-executives slide now! Nationalism got them embarrassed!

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison for killing 7-year-old girl has appeal turned down See in context

A life sentence is better than death. Let him suffer and think about why he is there until he dies.

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Posted in: SDF launches new cyber-defense unit See in context

Dear God,

I pray that you make Japan's faxes and Windows 95 strong so the old men in the J-gov can protect Japan from the evils of cyberspace.

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context


In Japan there are many schools in the first place which don't even have school uniform.

Yeah, kindergarten, elementary school, alternative/vocational schools and universities. Oh......DoD schools.

Please move on!

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Posted in: U.S. Olympian Alysa Liu, father targeted in Chinese spy case See in context

It is not the only dirty tricks China has been plotting. I recently posted about Chinese dissident was assassinated by recent Chinese immigrant.

China also sent a newly arrived 25 year old female assassin from California all the way to New York to stab to death a Chinese dissident. She came on F-1 visa to go to school in California. Never went to class then travelled all the way to New York to see this famous Tiananmen protester turned US lawyer. Then she killed him.

Prominent Tiananmen Square protester turned immigration lawyer stabbed to death in Queens office

Another Chinese operative has also been arrested this week. They were trying to stop a Chinese dissident for running for government office in the US.

China plotted to use sex worker, porn, violence to end defector's run for Congress, prosecutors say

Another example of Chinese spies, and their attempt to interfere with US elections just like Russia in 2016 and 2020.

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

Making students dye their natural hair color is simply wrong. They are basically telling some children that your identity is bad, so you should hide it. Think about that mental issues that come with that message. With that logic, would that make students wear colored contact lenses, too?

I do understand the rules about the colored underwear. Both sides have valid points about that topic. Kids are raging with hormones. They are easily distracted by the opposite sex, same sex or both. If your uniform requires your to wear thin white shirts or pants(I am not sure why about the pants) then colored bras for the girls and colored shirts for the boys will draw more attention to their bodies. I don't want some hormone raging boy/girl undressing my daughter with their eyes. The same for my son to some degree.

Even adults men and women typically try make their underwear blend-in. That is why thongs and girdles were invented.

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Posted in: As crisis in Ukraine grows, aid agencies rush in supplies See in context

This whole situation is Putin lashing out at his own people. It has nothing to do with Ukraine. I think more and more Russians are having less faith in him. Putin wants to be seen as a tough guy to his people. He has been leader for a long time. He will not give up power until he dies. The longer his reign lasts, the more critical the people are becoming. He might be losing power with more people willing to protest and more opposition leaders coming out of the woodworks. He can only arrest so many people until he becomes a laughing stock and less respected in the country. The people are expecting change for the better, but they are getting more of the same.

For Putin, more of the same means he maintains his grip on power; and at the moment, he is pretty much safe. As long as he satisfies his inner circle — the folks that are directly supporting him — he doesn't have much to fear. Ukraine is suppose to be his show of strength to his people.

However, if more Russian soldiers keep dying for war that no one wanted. He'll have an Afghanistan on his hands. If the oligarchs and the other supporters are squeezed hard enough then there might be a coup.

I think China would step in right before that happens. They are not buddy-buddy with Russia, but it would be bad optics for the CCP if the quasi-communist country fell again. They are not pro-Russia but anti-US. They do not want the US to win at any cost. Remember, Russia, China and NK would prefer trump was president. That right there should tell us all that we need to know.

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Posted in: U.S. Olympian Alysa Liu, father targeted in Chinese spy case See in context

I am not surprised that China was trying to rig the Olympics. Their anti US plan was to seem superior in front of their people.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency to completely end on Monday: Kishida See in context

This is simple because Cherry Blossom season is coming!

Didn't you guys know? Japan is special because it has 4 seasons!

Everything must begin in the Spring in Japan.

He needs some popularity points. The poll numbers are decreasing!

Abe creeping around ready to poke his head out when someone says "New PM?"

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Posted in: 2 dead, over 160 injured after M7.4 quake hits northeastern Japan See in context

Slept through the first and felt the second one about 2 minutes later.

Love and support for Japan from Taiwan!

Thank you! We appreciate the support from the recognized independent nation of Taiwan!


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Posted in: Smart devices spy on you: How the Internet of Things can violate your privacy See in context

Most of these bluetooth devices that are cheap coming from China require for you to connect to their app or server behind China's "Great Wall." That means all of your video, audio, personnel info and GPS data is sent to the CCP first then to your screen. The other way is Chinese apps use your cellular service to send cellphone data without your knowing (It connects to the servers on its own).

That means TikiTok, Zoom, those mini security cameras that you can view on your phone app, and DRONES (DJI)! It all goes to China. The US government stopped allowing DJI drones to be purchased and used at US facilities or for government business because they discovered it will be sent to the CCP via updates or the use of their bluetooth/ Wi-Fi.

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Posted in: China tries to calm markets by pledging support for economy See in context

They are trying to be nice in the press because the world is eyeing sanctions on them for their support of Russia in Ukraine. Have anyone noticed China has not been sabre rattling or threatening any nations since Russia was hit with sanctions?

More proof of a wannabe bully with all bark and no bite!

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Posted in: Sapporo eyes 2030 Winter Olympics See in context

Japan is desperate for money and some kind international praise. It is almost like another of Japan's addictions, for example, UNESCO World Heritage designations!

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Posted in: An MBA graduate shares her experience studying at Doshisha University in Kyoto See in context

Most business programs English or not will not get foreigners hired in Japanese or foreign firms in Japan. Being top ranked in Japan means nothing globally considering Japan is considered a "first-world" country. Like her, you pretty much have to start your own business in Japan. The only thing good is maybe the networking. As you can see, an advanced degree from an Japanese university does not help foreigners in most situations. The only exception may be STEM majors because very few Japanese people want to study in those fields. She is still hustling like an Australian backpacker teaching English at multiple gigs in Japan on a one-year holiday visa. She is

The IT bootcamp is probably LeWagon. Kyoto is suppose to be the next IT/software/gaming hub in Japan. LeWagon also fall short on what they are suppose to provide to their participants. Teachers are not really good at teaching coding, and they only teach you the bare minimal. It is like a intro to coding. What LeWagon does not tell you is that most of their "wagoneers" actually gets hired because of their previous work experience not because of their programming skills taught at LeWagon.

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Posted in: North Korea's latest missile launch ends in failure See in context

Kim's got his priorities all wrong and he turns out to br a joke. Besides, the 'new sensation' for the rest of the world is Ukraine but it truly should be CoVid because we ain't over it yet.

China just put 17 million on lockdown because of another outbreak.

China also sent a newly arrived 25 year old female assassin from California all the way to New York to stab to death a Chinese dissident.

Prominent Tiananmen Square protester turned immigration lawyer stabbed to death in Queens office

She came on F-1 visa to go to school in California. Never went to class then travelled all the way to New York to see this famous Tiananmen protester turned US lawyer. Then she killed him.

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Posted in: Pressure builds on China to drop its Russian ally See in context

China could easily end this war. Russia’s plan for the war shows their incompetence. They were not prepared for Ukraine’s resistance. Nobody was brave enough to tell Putin the plans sucked. China is probably embarrassed by Russia’s performance. China is supplying Russia with all its MREs. Cut their logics and the war is over. The problem is China is not really pro-Russia but anti-US, so they have not done anything.

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Posted in: Japan freezes assets of 17 more Russian politicians, tycoons and families See in context

The best way to get to the oligarchs is to cancel their yacht insurance and their visas. Make them go home and deal with Putin.

Unfortunately, all these sanctions also mean that average Russians abroad (tourism and less than year) will be stuck because their bank accounts(bank cards) and credit cards will now all be declined.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested after leaving newborn baby in toilet bowl for 9 hours See in context

It seems like she did not expect the child to still be alive when she returned home. Like she was hoping to dispose of the child's remains after returning home while not. She was hoping nature would take care of it, so she could not be labeled a killer because she is a coward. However, the child surprised her because its a fighter.

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Posted in: 34 face charges over ex-minister's vote-buying in Hiroshima See in context

The last time this happened, all of the people mysteriously had their indictments drop because some one was connected to a high ranking member of LDP and threatened to expose someone higher up for another crime.

They pulled the old Abe Trick, “I have a sore tummy”.

Yep, I think doctors diagnosed it as "LDP cowardice syndrome."

Cause: Greed

Symptoms: Forgetfulness, tummy aches, and lots of lies

Treatment: Media blackout, Short term exile from politics or Short term stay in a hospital until the J-public forgets what they originally did or the problem goes away.

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Posted in: War censorship exposes Putin's leaky internet controls See in context

Putin in his "mid-life crises" is trying to fight the whole world before he calls it quits or is removed.

Last week, he made piracy legal.

China is already teetering on a collapse themselves.

Who will be the main manufacturer to Russia with all those pirated products........China!

China needs to be sanctioned the moment they step up to help Russia!

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Posted in: Vietnam bans new Tom Holland film over South China Sea map See in context

Yeah, more countries should boycott these lies, too! I hope the movie tanks!

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Posted in: Russian airstrike escalates offensive in western Ukraine near Poland border See in context

A Russian drone with a bomb attached flew over several Nato countries and landed in an urban area of Croatia. Putin's military is either incompetent, or he desperately trying to threaten other countries to get his way. This dude is looking more a more pathetic.

Official: Drone that crashed in Croatia carried a bomb

Croatia has been a NATO member since 2009. If the bomb exploded then NATO would get involved and Russia would definitely get spanked.

Only mutual destruction would save face for the las Czar of Russia in that situation.

Reports: Russia asks China for military and economic aid to help in Ukraine

Russia is begging China for help while hopes to exploit Russia and play innocent, so they won't feel those sanctions.

China locks down millions of people as COVID cases spike

China is already teetering on a financial collapse themselves. Xi wants to get re-elected. He is using this distraction with war to cover-up his issues with the pandemic. The Chinese population only tolerate the CCP because they were bribed by creating a middle class.

Sanctions would lead to another revolution in China.

This has not been getting much coverage with Putin in news 24hrs/7days/a week.

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Posted in: Rattled by spectator's insult, Osaka loses at Indian Wells See in context

She is quite fragile, but I do not blame her or the Williams sisters if they choose never to play there again.

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Posted in: Ukraine prepares for defense of Kyiv as Russians try to encircle capital See in context

Putin has already ordered the Wagner/Vagner Group (Russian Paramilitary Company like Blackwater) to kill Zelensky. He does not like the Ukraine interest in joining NATO, so he wants him assassinated.

Putin offers battle-hardened fighters from the Middle East up to $3,000 a month to reinforce Russia's invasion of Ukraine, say reports

Like I said in another article, Putin is hiring mercenaries for Ukraine and placing bounties on Americans or bribing other countries like Iran to frustrate the US. He was hoping the American hostage would be leverage. Now he has taken a Ukraine mayor hostage.

He has also started to threaten foreign executives:

Putin's agents reportedly threatened a top Google executive in Moscow with a 24-hour ultimatum – Take down Russia protest vote app or go to prison

Other than high level military officers, the average soldier has no interest attacking and killing women and children.

Captured Russian pilot admits to bombing civilians, urges Russia to stop assault: 'We have already lost this war'

Putin is desperate to end this war because the longer it lasts the worse it looks and gets for him at home.

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