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“Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.” - Joe Biden

Yeah, you are right! Only +150,000 people died under trump's watch.

trump has been president during the US failing response to the pandemic not Biden.

Oh, my....................

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The funniest thing I saw this week was the bumbling idiot in the WH fail miserably to defend the same non sense about the US response to the coronavirus that @Blacklabel also can not defend!

Watch the highlights from Trump's disastrous interview with Axios

It is a prime example of why people should read more. The poor president didn't even know what he was reading or what it means. It was liking watching an elderly person confused and lost in a store.

A paraphrase from trump:

"This paper shows that we are at the bottom which means we are #1" LOL!

We are continuing to be the laughing stock of the free world thanks to this guy and his supporters!

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Posted in: Sony reports first-quarter net profit rise of 53.3% See in context

Titles like the foreign-made video games like "Ghost of Tsushima", the Sony Xperia II helped their sales and also their movies section with everyone on lockdown!

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Posted in: Singer Makihara given suspended sentence for possessing drugs See in context

I could easily tell that he was still using drugs all this time.

Look at how jacked up his teeth are. It usually a clear sign of usage of certain kinds of drugs.

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Posted in: Seven & i to acquire U.S. convenience store Speedway for $21 billion See in context

I suggest anyone this article to google Bucky's and Texas.

Most people on this site have no idea about Bucky's in Texas.

Imagine a gas station with a convenience store and Walmart had a baby!

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Posted in: Microsoft nears big bet on TikTok after risky LinkedIn deal shows promise See in context

China will not like it, but this is what they do to foreign companies operating in China.

China will either threaten the family of the Chinese owners of TikTok or threaten to shutdown the company's sister app to TikTok that is only allowed for Chinese citizens.

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

Has anyone noticed that Abe and Aso have been hiding from the public?

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Posted in: Venture through real-life locations from 'Ghost of Tsushima' with this handy tourism website See in context

One of the best video games this year based on Japan and Japanese culture that was created and produced by foreigners.

Even Japanese competitors are like "d&&n this is good!"

"Foreigners who tickle the fancy of Japanese people more than Japanese people are…rather amazing, no? There's like a notion that Westerners don't understand things (about Japan), but that hypothesis itself is mistaken."

Ghost Of Tsushima Receives High Praise From Yakuza's Toshihiro Nagoshi

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Posted in: 'Model' customers keep Tokyo diners at social distance See in context

Well in Japan, restaurants and stores that look crowded attract more people to check it out, so in theory it may work on Japanese customers. Half empty places are not considered desirable.

However, it is easier and cheaper to remove the chairs for every other table to enforce social distancing. That is what some of the places in my area are doing who want families to eat there.

The small private owned eateries that are popular with young adults and middle age salary workers have not done much in my area to make it safe.

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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

What people are not talking about in the last bill that past is that the Republicans put $650,000,000 in the bill for fighter jets that we don't need.

However, there is no money for the employed and uninsured.

How do trump supporters feel about all that socialism and mismanagement of funds?

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Posted in: U.S. forces begin virus testing on all personnel arriving in Japan See in context

The protocol for since early this year was basically self-imposed 2 weeks quarantine. However, personnel were still able to interact with other military personnel and SOFA members were not really monitored especially if the family lived off base. So, they could go out anytime like when they needed to buy food and stuff.

Not only that but also infected Japanese workers were bringing it on base. It is still hard to get tested in regular hospitals across Japan, but it was really hard at the beginning. If you are full-time Japanese employ, you have access to the military hospitals. Some of the first confirmed infections were both American and Japanese patients at the military hospital in Kanto. I am not going to say which one, but before the lockdown, my Japanese friend was informed to keep the announcement of the first infected patients on base quiet.

Only hospital employees knew, but of course they told friends and family!

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Posted in: Compact thermographic scanner now on sale to general public See in context

Interesting, but it maybe more important for business to resume operations.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context


My repeating comments here - We were very much disappointed, when Obama was the president, U.S. Forces on Okinawa did nothing to help Japan while we were bullied and humiliated by China. I am glad it finally reached to their ears. I wish Republican government continues another four years and deter expansionism of China in the theater.

Basically, you wanted America to protect you from the country that you attacked and occupied like a child. Then you got upset because Pres. Obama, a far superior leader to anyone in Japan, wanted Japan to work it out with China like adults.

Too much muzukashii for you?


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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

How can he scorn help for cities who need COVID-19 relief, yet insist on providing federal military to cities with peaceful protestors,

The people need a cure for the pandemic, not more hurt, sick people.

Because one of those decisions is a politicized stunt that is actually causing more violence to divide the country.

The other one is his vindictive childish behavior coming out because he is angry that people do not like or respect him, and he blame all the Democrats for his poor polling numbers.

The other day, trump finally spoke the truth for once:

trump said, "Nobody likes me! Maybe, it is my personality."

You think?

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That you have to explain to me, because I don't get your criteria for evaluating a media. You have not seen it and therefore you can't really properly review it, but the quality doesn't matter to you anyway, because you sympathize with its political and social views and therefore it has to win regardless of its quality?! What kind of statement is that?

Basically, @proxy is saying that since it stars a Black female lead character and shows examples of the real horrors of White racism in US history, it probably is not very good, but it will win because of "Affirmative Action" not because of good acting and a compelling story.

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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

LOL! As trump's approval rating decreases, the more extreme his actions will be to get people to like him, and the darker his spray tan will get.

He is becoming that dump boyfriend who doesn't get that his partner is no longer interested, so he keeps trying to be extra nice and becomes angry when his efforts are no longer reciprocated.

Look for more extreme erratic decisions and immoral behavior as we get closer to elections.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

The US is offering a bone to Japan for recent infection problems in Okinawa. I wonder what China will do since they can no longer show their power to distract their populace from the recent spikes in China.

China is losing the backing of the people because of COVID-19. I also predict that the Hong Kong government will try to use the outbreak to stay in power and postpone elections because Lam will definitely be voted out of office.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany but nearly half to stay in Europe See in context

Wow! Which country would be most pleased by this decision? I know....Russia!

trump.......The Manchurian candidate that keeps on giving!

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Posted in: Scientists revive microbes from 100 million years ago See in context

Or the 2017 "Life"?

That movie didn't get all the credit that it deserved. People were also trying to connected it to the Venom series.

Yeah, I am waiting fro someone to revive some ancient deadly virus or some parasitic organism that takes over our minds or alter our DNA into a prehistoric monster lurking in the thawing poles with all that methane.

How about an alien invasion anyone?

I mean it will fit in perfectly with all things happening in 2020!

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Posted in: Trump officials press back-to-school plan See in context


What was also said:

The administration’s decision to potentially put children at risk as part of an apparent effort to allow parents to work is one of a litany of decisions dating back to January in which the White House has ignored expert advice to keep the economy on its legs. Six months later — as the U.S. breaks 60,000 new COVID-19 cases in a single day for the first time — the impulse to overrule public-health officials remains strong.

You have proven time and time again that you don't read very much!

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Posted in: Trump officials press back-to-school plan See in context


its not changing anything, its just "evolving along with the science".

Pence said they changed because trump complained that is not science but politicizing.

Are you saying that Pence is lying on why the CDC changed their protocols?

Just like Fauci did with not need to wear masks, to wearing masks.

Many times and many threads on this website have debunked your claim!

Try again!

The distraction ain't working! The Republican voting teachers do not want to go back to school and die from the coronavirus. The Republican voting seniors and parents do not want their children bringing the coronavirus to make them sick.

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Individually wrapped biscuits last longer and can be stored as emergency food. And most of the plastic packaging ends up in the incinerators, not in the ocean. There’s nothing wrong with young people becoming aware of environmental problems. We just need to get perspective.

So it is OK because the oceans are not being polluted directly that much just the atmosphere. The same air pollution that eventually will become rain and fall not only in the oceans but on the land too!


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Posted in: Japanese student criticized for campaign against excess plastic packaging See in context

More examples of the systemic bullying by a nation of children!

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Posted in: Trump officials press back-to-school plan See in context

In the recent press conference, Trump said that he was confident sending his son back to school. The president already knew that his sons school was teaching online until next year, so he doesn't care about everyone else.

Barron Trump's School Not Resuming Classes Like Normal This Fall Despite Trump's Push to Reopen

Besides, we can trust him! He said the country is safe as long as you don't go West or South!

Trump: U.S. In 'Very Good Shape' On Coronavirus Unless 'You Look South And West'

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Posted in: Trump calls California school closures a 'terrible decision' as deaths rise in 3 southern states See in context


Yes and after all the fun liberals had criticizing Florida the other day we find the numbers were wrong.

96 percent of cases in one facility marked as positive was supposed to be 9.4% and the VA was marked as 76% not 7.6%. No wonder there is an “increase” in number of cases.

The first paragraph of this article makes your whining mute.

Alabama, Florida and North Carolina reported record daily increases in COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, a trio of grim milestones that follows the first nationwide increase in fatalities since mid-April as some U.S. states rushed to reopen.

Florida still makes the list. All those Republican run states that were trying to satisfy the idiot in the WH are now petri dishes which create something far more dangerous than the original strain in other country in the world.

Is this the winning you voted for? How are those stocks, the economy, the unemployment, border wall, and Trumpcare?

Funny enough, they all could have been accomplish if the idiot in the WH would have taken the virus seriously and stopped worrying about his own greatness. He ruined the country like he did his family and his casinos.

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Posted in: U.S. debates school reopening; WHO warns pandemic will intensify See in context

Let's see how the trump supporters feel when he require them to put their children in harms way.

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

We heard this BS before when they claimed the Olympics was about Fukushima! Where is Fukushima in the Olympics equation?

It is about greedy companies like the ultra-conservative APA hotel trying getting some money from all the new hotels that they constructed in Tokyo. Notice how the push for the Olympics and the infection numbers all jumped after the elections.

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Posted in: Tokyo to look into theater infections after 30 cases reported See in context

Will they get ab extra 100,000 yen?

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Posted in: Trump fuels, then downplays, tensions with virus expert Fauci See in context

The effects of the con man's terrible response is starting to bother his supporters with the 135,000 deaths, 11%+ unemployment, and poor economy. He now has to find another person to blame. Reality is setting in for the old folks and racists that once supported him! No one cares about the Redskins or confederate, and he lost against the BLM movement. His base is shrinking. The lies, stupidity and racist behavior was tolerated by conservatives when trump was riding the coat tail of Pres. Obama's stable economy. After ruining everything, he has nothing to brag about. Only thing left is failed response to COVID-19 which continues to control the news cycle.

LOL! trump now wants to attack Dr. Fauci the only person with any real credibility about virus infections because trump refused to listen to Dr. Fauci and did not follow the plan CDC recommended. He will continue to throw anyone and anybody under the bus to save his turkey neck!

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Posted in: Trump administration presses again for full school reopening, despite risks See in context

Infections among children are climbing to as many cases as adults over 80 in some states like Oregon! Over 80 children and staff were infected at a YMCA camp about a week ago.

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