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Looks to me like they were paid, rather than 'paid' to protest ...

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why would Abe attend an anti-Japan commemoration? China keeps doing its own propaganda, and no effort to go further in keeping peace. Bashing Japan over its surrender to the USA -and not China- isnt going to improve the situation. No country in Europe celebrates victory over Nazi Germany with anti-German military parades. Chinese government is narrow minded, populist. Abe shouldnt be there for sure.

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why the photo of Roger Waters? he left the band in 1985. update your archives people!!

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lortrune2, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about! if you mean that videogame market is not held by Japanese companies like in the old days with Sega and Nintendo, yes. but you say that Japan only represents "10% of the global gaming market" - you are totally mistaken. Japan, on its own sells more videogames than the entire EU zone and is very close in numbers to sales made in north America at population ratio. No wonder WHY Microsoft is still keep trying to have its XBoxes in Japanese stores shelves. As for "Foreign game companies already realize not to expect anything from Japan." - here again, you are mistaken. Just ask Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Bulgari, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc. (I could keep going for several pages ... and not only mentioning luxury brands/makers) - Japan IS a major and important market for any respectable world wide company eager for success. Not just the "cherry on top of..." whatever. But its a very diffucult market - probably the most diffucult one (with the US) - as Japanese customers are very demanding and dont forget/forgive mistakes very often. Thats why Microsoft is having a hard time with their xboxes, as they always manage to screw customers by not selling a finished product according to the higher expectations of Japanese customers.

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Is this supposed to be a great thing? Honestly, Ill always be amazed by Japanese media, so proud to show and sell crap to their audience. Keep going then. Another quality show!

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Posted in: Japan to conduct island defense drill amid tension with China See in context

Apparently, "tiny" seems to matter for China... Its only normal that Japan practices to defend a "tiny" peace of its sovereign territory

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