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Posted in: IOC apparently knew how to pick Tokyo Games operators before bidding began See in context

This case is only about 100 million dollars in contracts under investigation of corruption, nothing too serious if seen from a peculiar perspective, see this, a recent building was constructed in Dallas, Texas, all glass etc, cost of construcrion , 100 million, now, how many buildings like that are in Tokyo, don't worry counting ...

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Posted in: Japan ex-assemblyman's life term in drug case finalized in China See in context

I know that if you have a car and go have a night out with some friends and one of them have drugs but doesn't tell you, in case of a police stop and search you will see your car arrested. One my also use you for a drug deliver without you knowing and a bust get you in jail for long. 79 years old was toasted by some pick up artist. Bad luck he was in China.

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Posted in: French man desperate to find clues on missing sister in Japan See in context

Photo of her please, not of her brother. Thanks JT.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

The money from the bribes will be probably used to buy real estate so the law enforcers will want some public recongnition but will acommodate since its kind of good for the economy, construction workers, agents, etc.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting 7-year-old girl, keeping her in his car See in context

Even last weekend o was pulling off my surf wetsuit near my car and i saw passing next to me a little girl with big eyes open, i had to ask her what does a little gitl like her is doing in the street all alone, she said her ount was a few meters behind and start runnig back. Children are suppose to be supervised all the time, outside even more. That criminal should be arrested for a long time.

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Posted in: Ronaldo to leave Manchester United 'with immediate effect' See in context

If the rules of contract are to not take non authorized interviews why did he made the precedent? After all he is some son of a municipal garden worker and an manchester united employee, with 37 years old he is seeking attention , his atributes are very few for the next chapter of his life, model perhaps.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

I have had stones throwed to my shop window, had several times found dog pu in the front door step. There are cameras around but i have never complaint to the police. Now, i think that is a gender hate case for sure. Just clean the dirt and move on, leave the comments right for others, you just interacted with the guy like 1 minute. What a no matter news.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders 2 to pay ¥500 mil over 'fast movie' uploads See in context

How can so many commentators havea point of view where their opinion is against the legitimate owners of the movies? Its obvious that the judge did the right thing and in the end they still didn't payed the real amount of damage. Can't pay for a dvd or a cinema ticket? Go work!

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Posted in: Prosecutors to extend accused Abe assassin's psychiatric evaluation: report See in context

I think all the criminals are mentally hill in some way to disregard the rule of law even more in assasinations. If its determinant to make him tottally crazy with medication altough he signs aome normality its a good thing to make him suffer.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over stabbing incident on street in Aichi Prefecture See in context

Police says maybe it was her aince she had a kinfe in her hand when we arrives.

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Posted in: As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones See in context

I had all the apple gadgets until they force me to buy another due to ending the upgrade and making impossible to keep the same iphone. I just stop buying apple products. Changed to Samsung and i am very happy with it. The only new phone i want is the flip z4 but at 2k usd i just have to earn more. I hate buying second hand anything.

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Posted in: Sagawa Express employee arrested for stalking by using info from customer list See in context

He is in prision with killers, with that kind of crime he will be the last respected criminal, maybe he will be the comedian at the prision.

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Posted in: Japan aims to revive inbound tourism to pre-pandemic levels by 2025 See in context

Japan is probably on number of my list of destiny to travel to visit on a vacation , but i will only take action when i figure out to cover the travelling expenses plus like 15k usd to spend like in 3 weeks. Other than that i will just pass.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested over death of upstairs neighbor after noise dispute See in context

My neighbours are tenants and i am owner, i have had several of them living upstair in a empty apartment, having sex loud, dogs running, barking and pissing in the stairs, and kids shouting early in the morning at weekends. I only told him i had 3 couples like them living here previously and that they will go too, rents here are too much expensive for this kind of people to support, they are helped by their parents but with inflation rising they will move to poor neighbours soon.

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Posted in: What are the 500 best albums? Rolling Stone has an answer See in context

Anyway the ranks of that magazine order are, i myself would rank number one of my preference the album Tattoo You of Rolling Stones.

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Posted in: What are the 500 best albums? Rolling Stone has an answer See in context

Moonmaker, i think number one album is Paul McCartney solo , he was from the Beatles group. I mean this just because he is number one by wealth measures too.

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Posted in: No. of bankruptcies in Japan up in April-Sept for 1st rise in 3 years See in context

The owners of this companies probably found it was a good time to close their business instead of adjusting to a different model , mostly the ones that already had used the money to buy real estate for rent instead of paying to the suppliers, increasing the salaries or investing for competitiveness.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assisting junior high school girl to commit suicide See in context

This people is completely out of reason , the man should be accused of homicide. And the website mentioned should be fined and closed.

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Posted in: Man arrested for destroying table in izakaya See in context

Probably not the most beautiful handcraft dove tail joints table.

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Posted in: Kishida asks firms to match pay hikes to inflation See in context

Easier said than done, only if the companies hire less workers and increase their clients demand will have margin to keep their profit level and still raise the workers salaries.

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Posted in: Business sentiments cool as cheap yen, costs weigh on Japan See in context

The answer to grow the economy is by public investment like in construction of new buildings and roads, Japan used to use blue on traffic lights to signal go, now they just have to match the green to growth and they are onboard with the rest.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for stealing security camera from woman's apartment See in context

She just worries on being atractive and signaling it to men like him, than because he's not rich she doesn't respect him and acts against him at the first misstep he takes. She is not worried about having babies and marrying a healthy man, anyway Japan already have many babies...

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 80-year-old mother at home in Yamaguchi Prefecture See in context

Mental disorder for sure, people like that are just not normal, poor, and looking hopless, now in prison he is in place for sure.

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Posted in: Man stands trial for rape in Australian Parliament House See in context

Its so recurrent on this professional carreer woman to play their games, look at the news about the lawyer of Johny depp leaving her husband and the 2 sons, the acuser probably had lots of sex affairs and she is probably not a victim and it wasn t a rape but instead rwo adults excited.

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Posted in: Kyrgios focused on Japan Open on eve of court case See in context

His lawyers lost the count of their fees, keep playing kid, you will need money.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for threatening to kill ‘noisy’ tenant living above him See in context

I already can ear my neighbour's dog scretching his ears at a fast pace, i m sure its one of his dogs. When tgey first moved in i heard his wife screaming while doing sex. How better neighbours one would wish for? Hopefully they will move away like the 3 previous couples before them, low eraners trying to fit in good neighborood...

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife after she asked for divorce See in context

I heard my mom yelling to my father - " I will keep the house for me! " , they didn't divorce but sold the house and downgrade , nowadays they are functional wine drinkers with mood changes, i ll get them a nice funeral like of a dog. At leasr they don't fight , just yell a lot, two parasites like many around us.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to raise prices on 60% of menu items See in context

Income problem its what it is, i see the uglies and their kids eating that bad nutrients meals while they scratch their fortune tickets. Can't complaint about so many unfortunates and dumbs, less competitors.

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Posted in: Apple to raise app prices in Japan, eurozone, other markets See in context

Who cannot imagine all the apple executives wirh their beautiful modern house in the hills and their porsches all payed by the clients? I will never ever buy apple products again. Asian products are much better and of good quality.

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Posted in: Japanese, Australian firms collaborate on world's tallest timber tower See in context

What if some crazy puts fire to the building? I think i would feel safer in a concrete one with all the crazy ones.

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