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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

There are pick points for deliveries in case one predicts he is not home, why anyone would let a delivery on the door steps? This was an oportunitie thief, maybe she is the only unemployed who robbs other peoples stuff. Dahh

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Posted in: Clouds gather over Osaka World Expo See in context

All good and nice for all it seems but i guess it will not be a surprise when after the event takes place this journal will sell nice front pages with the cases of corrupt officials and suppliers being in trouble with the law. just guessing...

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Posted in: Japan strongly condemns Iranian attack on Israel See in context

I believe Israel has the right take action to eliminate its enemies, other way if not they will never be able to live in peace. Another point is for sure the dollar reference as world currency in oil deals, USA needs to stop its enemies from change to gold standard reference, so Israel is sure of its power to defend and attack with the best war equipment.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 18-year-old son See in context

I believe its really a miracle he survived her attack, she is a criminal and her place is in prison or a mental treatment facility.

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Posted in: Freddie Mercury's home on the market for first time since 1980 minus his 'exquisite clutter' See in context

This guy was gay and hab a girlfriend? He was truly a head full of illigal drugs, once i read thaf he gave parties with carnival costumes and platrs of cocaine rotating. Taxes is probably the reason for thr sale , his girlfriend is doing another downgrade in lifestyle. Its overpriced and heavely taxed house, next wirdo welcome.

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Posted in: Police superintendent goes on trial over non-consensual sex with woman See in context

He will spend a long time in prision away from society if there is any justice.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

If your university degree is of real relevance in the economy, you should act like overconfident about your job of choice, my favorite is entrepreneur role because i get to be free to let go what doesn't fit my expectations, calling someone boss? Are you nuts?

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Posted in: U.S. consumers keep spending despite high prices and their own gloomy outlook See in context

I think true too as comments above say is that consumer products producers are using tactics in strategies to make people repeatedly buy from them, every piece of clothes or shoes just miss true quality to last, photos shines but on hand they lack, 2 weeks of use and they look trash, there are few responsible companies that keep durable quality product lines. I highlight the white sneakers and puff jackets, all in constant short life cycle and repeatedly purchase.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

I think it is always a better choice to avoid transactions online, all my purschases are done preferably in direct interaction in the shops, it's much better in terms of control. I lately noticed a growing decrease in peoples confidence to do business and to close deals and that i assume it's for the reason that the market is loaded with mischaracters doing all kind of frauds, including the above mentioned dark patterns. Shame is that it's getting a scale that is already harming honest businessman.

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Posted in: Mori Building to open new development project in Tokyo as part of push to revitalize city See in context

All think is in his profits, the best for the citu is middle class apartments with comunity spaces to share gardening growing bio food, vegetabes, may do that intercalated in betwwen every 10 floors of the 60plus floors hig rise building he s planing

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Posted in: Ex-energy firm chief says lawmaker was bribed for Diet interventions See in context

The only way politics feel they have business skills is to interfere and make themselfes as business partners with a right for a share of the money, as if they don't assume to be just employees of the government in a salary pay role, that and fine meals, looks like extortion.

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Posted in: Beijing seafood dealers shocked by total Japan import ban See in context

As if China was an example of good politics to protect their citizens and Japan was not it. I see it more like a flex of power wich looks like have not any more way to than to break international business trust and confidence. Now they can all eat their own terrible taste food.

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Posted in: Court finds consultant guilty of taking bribes over Tokyo Olympics See in context

This suspended prison sentences look like atributed to family members, like as saying next time do it but without being noticed, meanwhile judges send to prison people fron disfuntional backgrounds for minor crimes, probably also send to prision entrepeneurs who miss to pay vat. This news is warning people that power holds only other power people, judges aren't shame of it .

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Posted in: Kishida orders ¥3.5 trillion to be set aside for child care See in context

That is good news, future parents can now preview the finanxial help to face expenses with their kids. I don't agree with government ruling tax payers money like this, they should create a better economy for people to develop their akills to earn money, like improving the quality of education from earlu age.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 68-year-old father See in context

It's a terrible crime article, the dead men could afford a 3 levels single family house but wasn't able to supervise a decent education to the son who at 40 as likely as at 26 never had any education or skills to afford to pay for his own car and apartment, i think it's really low class where this crimes are committed .

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Posted in: One suspect arrested over jewelry store robbery in Tokyo’s Omotesando district See in context

Taking his own car to cameras apots makes the robber look twice retarded, a scene with that look alike, hammers, knifes, 3 suspects, in my opinion they are drug addicts.

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Posted in: Ex-host club worker allegedly forced customer into prostitution See in context

Shocking to notice she was only 20 and already have been used for sex by a lot of random guys, how worst can it get for a girl?

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan increase in 2022; 1st rise among men in 13 years See in context

Once one gets left behind and alone without money ot healht the mind starts thinking about suicide, by hanging in a toilet room with a warning written on paper at the door and in a hotel to be found in a day. Just don't do it is the best option.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says UK royals got into bed with tabloid press 'devil' See in context

It' s impossible to accept Megan in rhe royal family, Harry should have merried someone much fit for a princess role, and above that he seems very bling for a person everyone thinks would be more worried with helping with good diplomacy and social harmony. The newspapers couldn't aks for a bigger donk.

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

It was a good decision, very patriotic and respectful. Its a shame they were so few like him. Cowards!

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Posted in: Jury finds former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape See in context

For thouse who know rich people it is commun behaviour for them to sexual abuse like predators but it is also commun that rich women have young brazilian male prostitutes to abuse casually and occasionaly just to keep their reptile brain operating on a alpha mode.

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Posted in: IOC apparently knew how to pick Tokyo Games operators before bidding began See in context

This case is only about 100 million dollars in contracts under investigation of corruption, nothing too serious if seen from a peculiar perspective, see this, a recent building was constructed in Dallas, Texas, all glass etc, cost of construcrion , 100 million, now, how many buildings like that are in Tokyo, don't worry counting ...

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Posted in: Japan ex-assemblyman's life term in drug case finalized in China See in context

I know that if you have a car and go have a night out with some friends and one of them have drugs but doesn't tell you, in case of a police stop and search you will see your car arrested. One my also use you for a drug deliver without you knowing and a bust get you in jail for long. 79 years old was toasted by some pick up artist. Bad luck he was in China.

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Posted in: French man desperate to find clues on missing sister in Japan See in context

Photo of her please, not of her brother. Thanks JT.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

The money from the bribes will be probably used to buy real estate so the law enforcers will want some public recongnition but will acommodate since its kind of good for the economy, construction workers, agents, etc.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting 7-year-old girl, keeping her in his car See in context

Even last weekend o was pulling off my surf wetsuit near my car and i saw passing next to me a little girl with big eyes open, i had to ask her what does a little gitl like her is doing in the street all alone, she said her ount was a few meters behind and start runnig back. Children are suppose to be supervised all the time, outside even more. That criminal should be arrested for a long time.

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Posted in: Ronaldo to leave Manchester United 'with immediate effect' See in context

If the rules of contract are to not take non authorized interviews why did he made the precedent? After all he is some son of a municipal garden worker and an manchester united employee, with 37 years old he is seeking attention , his atributes are very few for the next chapter of his life, model perhaps.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

I have had stones throwed to my shop window, had several times found dog pu in the front door step. There are cameras around but i have never complaint to the police. Now, i think that is a gender hate case for sure. Just clean the dirt and move on, leave the comments right for others, you just interacted with the guy like 1 minute. What a no matter news.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders 2 to pay ¥500 mil over 'fast movie' uploads See in context

How can so many commentators havea point of view where their opinion is against the legitimate owners of the movies? Its obvious that the judge did the right thing and in the end they still didn't payed the real amount of damage. Can't pay for a dvd or a cinema ticket? Go work!

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Posted in: Prosecutors to extend accused Abe assassin's psychiatric evaluation: report See in context

I think all the criminals are mentally hill in some way to disregard the rule of law even more in assasinations. If its determinant to make him tottally crazy with medication altough he signs aome normality its a good thing to make him suffer.

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