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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after stabbing man at shrine See in context

Good point, a knife at hand was because it was already mind set up to use it. Mental disorder and violence against another person, jail time and comunication to society is a must to all we normal people.

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Posted in: Journalist arrested for shoplifting while in Hokkaido town to report on sunken tour boat See in context

She is the worst type of person there is, i would refuse to be her co worker.

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Posted in: 2 women hit and killed by car on crossing in Ibaraki; driver arrested See in context

I always position myself behind the traffic lights post juat in case some driver lose control. At least that way i feel safer, can' t understand how people stand so near the road to cross, looks like dangerous.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN member gets suspended sentence for stimulants possession See in context

1.30h jumping and singing loud must need some extra energy, 1500mg of vitamine C is already enouf to feel your pain in the chest and do it better than with that discusting low value men substance, his agent is responsible too.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested over alleged sex act with minor See in context

Doctors are not special, they want the money and the status but they aren't profeasional, they harrass the patients and now teenage girls too, he insiated ao much for sex, now i insist so much in his imprisionment.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 61 cases of theft at internet cafes See in context

Let me add a point to the politics taking all the money that coyld be issued to help bad luck in life citizens, they use their status state job credit card to fill all family member cars with fuel, for free. Stealing was made as an anrisocial behave by lack of oportunities, disfunctional people are out there. Stay away from me please.

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Posted in: Man arrested for setting fire to hotel garbage disposal site in Tokyo See in context

Just to add one more reason , maybe he doesn't agree with the deposit of trash that way in that place and made his statement and action to open a precedent, anyway who like trash at his sight while taking a walk? He obviously is a mental and dangerous person, close him in a cell for as long aa possible. And get a better solution for trash deposit.

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Posted in: Japan passes bill to make online insults punishable by jail time See in context

From now on everyone must criticise in a polite manner, must have a degree of intelectual written expression wich only comes with education, wich is to understand as rude and stupid people watch your comments or else you can pay for it.

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Posted in: Man gets 18-year prison term for 2017 expressway road rage deaths See in context

I agree with the outcome but what i don"t understand is why does the justice sistem doesn't act the same way with other cases. Roads in Japan are safer now. That bastard will spend his fertile years single and alone in a prison cell. Taste you own poison devil creature !!

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Posted in: 2 children, mother die in suspected murder-suicide at home See in context

I've been reading in this website a lot of crimes but this one is the most terrible i remember of reading, it takes out my will to eat breakfast.

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Posted in: Man threatens convenience store employee after bungled shoplifting attempt See in context

Obviously one of the two or both reasons are explicit, he did that as a shout out his misfortune or / and because he is a mental hill person. The employee is for sure to congratulate for his efford to try to bring him to reason, he was highly professional , probably is capable of fit in a better job.

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Posted in: Ex-minister convicted for receiving bribe from egg producer See in context

The thing is also the shame everyone from the executive for this minister corruption participation. When they take office they should in the future be asked if its okay to hang a poster in his gabinet front door saying - don't engage in corruption please!

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Posted in: Married couple convicted for forcing single mother into prostitution See in context

Probably her friend is a client of her services. 25 years in prision would leave a better message. That women could always manage an alternative solution, like being a cleaning woman or taking care of elderly ans ask for social care for her child. Must be mental retarded for sure.

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Posted in: Dead man found in ditch had 10 stab wounds, police say See in context

I read here a lot of shark loans related crimes comments, i think they are goid comments, that kind of crime is supported by some rich guy lending money indirectly at a Casino and then they have this criminals to kill the people or make them sign contracts and take their properties, i knew one like that, father of a friend, very rich, disgusting rich.

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Posted in: Intruders assault man with hammer in his apartment See in context

Looks like aomeone hates him or someone from his circle because i only rwad it as a mafia style attack, its kind of a worning, maybe he works licencing projects and its making someone mad about the output. Real estate has a lot of those characters, they have dogs to set free and do this kind of actions.

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Posted in: Woman indicted on cocaine smuggling charge See in context

First , good work from the police , second , that is a very serious crime, she will be taken to the prision and stay therebdor a at least 20 years.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of ex-wife See in context

Its obviously an act of violence from her ex- husband, when he found himself without opportunitie of a favirable solution just went irrational and emotional, now he should be responsible but he isn't he denied, will be served the prision food with no chance of photo and post in social media.

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Posted in: JOS: Japan’s one stop shop for international companies entering the market See in context

At my local chamber of commerce i heard of a company exporting to Japan and about doing it at the 3 attempt and only once due to not delivering at the highest quality expected , it was stone for construction, altought the ceo, a women daughter of the founder, did express a big profit , probably went buying a few apartments, damaged our image too, this kind of company in this news is important to supervise the pick .

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Posted in: Human skull pieces found near campsite where 7-year-old girl disappeared in 2019 See in context

She maybe kidnaped and raped and killed by a sexual criminal or maybe attacked by an animal, i am more inclined to my first guess, This is a very sad news but is important to alarm everyone to watch for spoting criminals suspects.

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Posted in: Man arrested after mother’s body found at home See in context

First he doesn't have any job or professional occupation, than he finds he is a murder and finally without money for fuel and food or a parjing ticket he shows his representation of a miserable human to the passersby, good example ti call the police, if someone looks miserable it is probably a dangerous killer.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after ailing mother found dead at home See in context

Its a big cruelty to neglect taking care of their own old parents, the same to say about the government because Japan is a very rich country that can help carers.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of woman See in context

It seems there are video vigilance recording the man strangling the young women's neck, she probably said him he was too poor to be her boyfriend. Women always offend men by calling them poor...

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Posted in: In preparation for the further spread of electric kick scooters, the central and local governments should promote the development of bicycle lanes where scooters can be used safely. See in context

Thats utopia, bicycles are good to use in the country or in small cities, i mean less traffic roads, comon sense is enouff to evaluate the conditions to use it, i like to walk in the city and bicycle in the tracks of nature, let the unreasonable be killed by cars and than put flowers on the road...

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Posted in: Police officer arrested after stimulants found in his work desk See in context

At some point being a police drives them to act over the rules, keeping drugs is obviously over power to plant them on someone, hopefully not me. Bad apple case, as Donald Trump use to say - You're fired !

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Posted in: Liverpool in sight of semis after putting three past Benfica See in context

Not the worst bet to win, 3-1 seems the probable result before the game, Benfica is a team to filter players in the market and fill the pockets of the agents and the president staff, that is what they manage on a daily base, not the performance of the team. Anyway Liverpool is a well managed team and the results show it, and their club management is probably top notch too. We had our honor goal at least.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing same internet cafe twice See in context

That young adult criminal behaviour is obviously the result of bad parenting and bad teachers mentoring and supervision. With that young age will be raped and beated in prison for sure, and came out more dangerous or PTS and addicted to prescription. As for the cybercafe, the internet service on the smartphone is very expensive so it is a good solution to order 2 or 3 coffees and stay many hours using the interner, owners complain about clients ordering one coffee and staying all afternoon, the new business charge for the hour , its called network office i guess.

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

So the criminals didn't tought there were cameras recording the street? Not had time for a moment of clarity of toughts to help the women after hitting her with their vehicles? And still claim their inocense? Horrible humans! And why are people always head down mattering their toughts and focus on their won business instead of interacting with their surroundings? Crossing car roads is dangerous, women walking alone at night is dangerous, driving at 80 years old os dangerous, is unreasonable to renovate the driving license to an 80 year old, the doctor that signed his test is stupid.

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Posted in: Man whose body found after house fire was beaten to death, police say See in context

The vulnerable are always the perfect victim for the criminals, probably drug addicts with a criminal record or some family member contracted crimiinals to kill the man, since he was poor by his house being old and wood construction, i would point the suspects profile as being young adults delinquents using sportbikes or tuned cars and connected to drug dealers, for sure.

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Posted in: Man sought after slashing woman he persistently asked to be his girlfriend See in context

I think maybe the police asked to keep the criminal identity undisclosed. It is obvious that poor man experience regection from women, and the lack of opportunity raises their antisocial behavior, negative interactions and in extreme criminal actions. Cuts in the women's face its an horrible crime, and not to say the traumatic experience, it can happen to any of our family members, be very careful with poor people. Shaved head and a bycicle while we watch clean suit and new car guys all day.

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Posted in: Forget working from home -- why not live in an old office? See in context

The quality of the materials and equipment, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, paint, doors, etx sounds like it will be the worst because if the investors want a decent ROI and they are proposing low rents or else it must be a government handout for renters or for the investors. I would make a project for the top dollar renters and forget investments with the poor people money in mind.

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