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Posted in: Ghosn's arrest casts doubt on Renault-Nissan alliance future See in context

The word on Wall Street here in the States is that he had unreported income of $44 MILLION DOLLARS and purchased four homes on four different continents with company money.Someone supposedly blew the whistle on him from the inside. Whoever blew the whistle just may regret it. Nissan could be in trouble.Everyone there could end up going down for this.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

P.S. The only thing trump knows how to negotiate is bankruptcies. His supporters have all been conned into believing a TV reality show star's narrative. That's why we have a $1 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT in his FIRST FISCAL YEAR. He's a fiduciary INCOMPETENT.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

I live in America and I don't want the junk that Ford,Chrysler and GM produce.

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If it can shoot a free throw,it can shoot a rifle.

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Posted in: Pence tells Japan U.S. wants results on trade deal See in context

trump and pence are attacking the problem at the wrong end.Deficits exist because other than the Iphone and Heinz ketchup,we don't make anything that someone else makes that's comparable or better. When you add in the complete dislike of the trump administration around the world,the 6.7 BILLION consumers outside the United States don't want any American products.If we spent the same amount on Education and R&D that the Germans,the Japanese,The Chinese and the South Koreans do, we'd be able to compete. I'm an American and I don't want any part of the junk products that are made here. There's a reason German,Japanese and South Korean cars are the choice of the world's consumers.THEY WORK. Our tech superiority is driven by immigration.,other wise we wouldn't have Apple or Intel.The only thing we're good at is making war material.Whining about countries with superior products is not the way to fix the deficit.Education and R&D are.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

trump is a joke.I live in America.We have a trade deficit because no one in the world wants the junk we make.The only products the world's 6.7 BILLION consumers really want from America are Apple Iphones,Microsoft operating systems,Boeing Airliners and Heinz ketchup. There isn't ONE PRODUCT Americans make that someone else doesn't make that isn't comparable or better.You can't win a trade war when you don't make anything the world can't do without. Samsung.LG and Huawei sell more cell phones than Apple.We don't make ANY televisons (we just sold Vizio to the Taiwanese), nor do we make computers inside the borders. The Germans,Japanese and South Koreans make superior automobiles. Try buying clothes made in the United States.The Mexicans are already buying grain from other countries,endangering our farmers.You can't sell products to people when they don't like the buffoon in the White House.America's bottom feeders elected an incompetent,and he's going to cause another epic economic collapse just like Hoover,Reagan,and Bush/Cheney did. It's just a matter of time.

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

Her career was only worth $5400.00?

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