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He needs to get that cow out of the truck and up on the HQ doorstep where it can really make a point......... or at least a pattie.

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I hate these stories regardless of where they happen. I doubt he'll get more than a few years though. But I'd love to have him for a few minutes in a small room.

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If shown their photos, I wouldn't even know their names. And four hours?!?! Agree with mrdog and shogun. Hell, I'd rather watch reruns of Gilligans island.

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“I can buy lingerie cheaper than chocolates.”

When this girl speaks its like music to my ears; I could wile away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers, consultin' with the rain. And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin' if I only....

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This should be the zenith of her notoriety.

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Looks like a scene from Godzilla just before the star arrives.

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Jail yes, but he won't swing.

@Apsara. Thats what I'll put large sums of money on.

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So very sad. However, showing these storys to my wife always quells her desire to move back to Japan.

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KeyKeeper asks; Where was the father?

-Perhaps cashing the check.

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Trick or treat.

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Japan is still a relatively safe country. -As long as they continue to keep it in the family.

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She's ssssssssmokin hot,


and she can sing.

Wrong. With todays digital equipment anyone can sing via layering tracks, tons of processing effects, and auto-tuning. Put her on a dry mic and I bet every dog in ear shot would be howling for her to stop.

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This is about the right level for young Japanese women...

@imacat You're my new best friend.

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-Don't left things off easily either.

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Child abuse case in Japan is probably far less prominent than a lot of western countries.


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I love the posts by those of you feigning surprise at how this could happen in "safety" Japan.

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-Flying to venus, eating the sun. Damb! Bartender, I'll have what she's having!

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Trick or treat?

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Posted in: Kindergarten president arrested for hit-and-run which killed 2-year-old girl See in context

Giving credit where credit is due, nice work by the cops for checking the local security camera and tracking this ojisan down. When this incident was first reported, it reeked of neglect on the drivers part as well as the mothers.

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I am not a parent/blah blah blah/we would be doing much better job raising our children.

You're not really speaking from a particularly applicable position are you? Doesn't seem children are a valid concern of yours.

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@beavis; This is the line that made me laugh;

The statistics in Japan on sex-related crime speak volumes.

Tx Cobbler

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There are two things I never miss on 4th of July; The fireworks, and the hotdog eating contest. I'm not particularly a fan of hotdogs knowing what parts of the beast go into the grinder, but watching these fools is simply hilarious.

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Assuming he liked his job, at least he passed while doing what he enjoyed. I'd hate to kick off at my office.

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Me, too. What's your point?

Whatever you can best make of it.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl gets finger severed by escalator in Hokkaido store See in context

Christ, its the same rehash of posts every time something like this happens. It just isn't that complicated. Watch your kids or they might get into trouble.

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Interesting perspective. I'll take my chances of being run over by a fleeing criminal any day as opposed to being hit by a drunk driver running a red light. At least I might be able to hear the pursuit approaching.

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Thank you! Best post of the year!

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@Den Den

Poor guy must have been tormented?

Albury said he felt no remorse, since the attacks prevented what was certain to be a devastating loss of life in a U.S. invasion of Japan.

Doesn't really seem so.

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These circumstances definitely raise a bit of suspicion. However, as a husband, I don't think I could leave my wife swinging from the rafter while waiting for the authorities to come over and have a look.

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This article seems like a rehash from some months ago and I disagree with it. As a traveling musician who has played in Tokyo several times, we have most always been impressed with the musicianship and creativity of groups we perform with. FatFrenchFool is dead on. If you make a little effort to seek out the right places you can find some really great music. Of course "great music" is hugely subjective to the listeners likes and interests. 90 per cent of the bands in local American bars are completely crap. Just posers with no musical talent who thought it would be cool to form a band.

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