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Posted in: Japan to set up police unit to help defend disputed islets: NHK See in context


Im a fan of the general status quo as far as territory.

Who gets to decide which time in history we rewind to as far as territory claims, spurious or not, should Rome or England or Japan or Mongolia for that matter be able to claim their preferred time in history.

I have traveled multiple times to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea most of South East Asia my views have formed after conversations and actual interactions with people in these places. The people themselves are generally ok, but the agendas of the governments are clearly different.

Beware people and countries that try and change change the status quo..

I may may not be Japanese by birth but I live here, am a permanent resident, own property, pay taxes and have Japanese family. I will criticize Japanese law and politicians when it seems out of line and try to approach things in a balanced way. If someone cares to look through my comments there is a mix across many topics.

I have never promoted violence or war but those words are thrown around too easily.

However due to the fact there are very likely foreign government propaganda agents who regularly comment only on topics to support their political goals (with mostly outrageous claims) in these forums I have decided I will no longer participate in this site.

I have repeatedly asked the moderators to look into it and don’t think that has been done.

Thank you to the reasonable people and Japan Today I hope you can do a better job in the future.

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Posted in: It will put passengers through another procedure, but I believe a guaranteed storage area will be welcomed by those with large pieces of luggage. See in context

Its a shame, the quick and easy Shinkansen just got less so.

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Posted in: Japan to set up police unit to help defend disputed islets: NHK See in context

Let South Korea have that other island they are already there, don't give China an inch they will then claim they have always had that inch then demand 10 more, Russia... go cautiously.

Japan has to get better at this game.. South Korea stations people on those other islands, China builds islands out of nothing to support its claims.. Japan better start having people permanently there soon.

Norman I see your point perhaps shared management with a (continuing) free and independent Taiwan could be a good move to rebalance the quickly shifting power balance in the region.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

ILoveCoffee.. there are a few outliers Im sure just as there is in any democratic political system but to say a lot of people in the Japanese government want to go to war with their neighbors is the kind of nonsense hyperbole that causes problems in the first place.

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

For some reason this seems to be a thing in Japan, I remember in 2011, huh why are all the politicians wearing overalls and what not.. I guess its suppose to have an 'all together' meaning to it.. but yeah an amusing peculiarity I suppose. Still earthquake drills, serious business for a serious thing.

A good reminder to make sure you have your emergency supplies in order.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

Glad to see he was expelled and only could find a home in a fringe party.

You would have to think if South Koreans are permanently on that island and Japanese people or politicians even for show can't just travel there as if it were domestic travel, hasn't is already more or less been forfeited to or retained by South Korea?

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Posted in: What motivates Japanese to move overseas? See in context

I get people want something different, a different balance.

I wish they felt like they could help change Japan for the better from Japan, or maybe come back with a different outlook after their time away.

Good luck to them.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Japan has to look outwards, and it does have plenty to offer in infrustructure and technology.

I suspect Japan as an investor and partner is a better or at least more neutral option than other countries in the region that are now looking outwards that may expect to effect political change, educational influence in their favor.

Will it benefit Japan, of course else why do it if we are being honest but lets hope it would be done in as fair and environmentally friendly way as possible.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

Tourist related industry, employ people who speak multiple languages or at least translate the most important information for your service.

I think airlines, cruises and immigration could do better in educating on a few things.

Of course its a generalization but you have two kinds of tourists in general though..

Those who have a genuine interest in Japan, do a little language and culture research before they come, have a plan, generally traveling as a couple or family, may have a few little misunderstandings.. but get through just fine.

Then you have the other kind, big tour groups either on a plane or cruise ship, come with empty suitcases, they are here for cosmetics, medicine, Uniqlo and only a passing interest in the country but mostly came because its close.. now its not the people themselves that is the issue but the tour companies that don't give cultural guidance, park tour busses in the wrong places, noisy in hotels (several very annoying experiences on that one...) and don't really do anything to encourage better behavior.

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Posted in: What's your stance on the political tug-of-war going on between the Okinawan government and the central government over the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps air base at Futenma to Henoko? See in context

Japan needs its alliance with the US, like them or not, more than ever.

There are issues no doubt but I hope some fair accommodation can be found...

Its not hard to see the future if it can't be sorted out..

US leaves, Japan is forced to change its constitution, massive build up of military to counter the Chinese expansion and territorial aggression, Japans neighbors under the guise of fear of Japans past start military build ups. Japan looks at compulsory military training and service like South Korea. Someone makes a silly mistake and... who knows whats next.

This is definitely a case of better the devil you know.

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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

South Korea is backing itself into a corner.. a very dangerous one for the future and the safety and freedom of its citizens.

Leaders manufacturing this much "outrage" are usually on their way out or trying to establish themselves as dictators.

Its a very sad day for both Japan and South Korea, the only winner is China as their goals of dominating the region get a step closer. Very sad.

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Posted in: S Korea calls in Japanese diplomat over plans for Fukushima water See in context

Its certainly an issue, one that needs transparency and good management.

Its likely as distasteful as it is there is little choice.. but that it will end up in the ocean sadly.

The timing seems.. well part of the current political situation but I don't think it unreasonable for South Korea to ask.

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

Shoes that fit, 30cm is limited options.

Toothpaste that isn't weird.

Toothbrushes for adult sized mouth.

Some honey if Im traveling to NZ and back.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

I had a few bother me over the years.

Don't speak Japanese.

Im just visiting.

has done it in the past.

I had one really insistent guy, he said you have to you have to, I said as I understand it, if I make a contract I have to pay but if I don't make a contract there is nothing you can do then I said find come back with a police man that says I have to sign the contract I will, until then stay away from my house.. didn't ever come back.

I can't think of the last time I watched anything on it... the only time really is during emergencies, and their very politically influenced coverage of the 3/11 and following nuclear situation put me off for good.

If its a tax put it in the taxes..

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Chip Star, what war like action is Japan currently taking? That is just absurd.

Which well educated populace? Hopefully you aren't talking about areas with dictators and self assigned life long leaders which restrict outside media access...

Japan had significant losses during the war, they lost, they all know that, it is currently the traditional season for remembering those past, should they not?

Who does Japan have one of its closest international relationships, the country that used atomic bombs on it..

Perhaps they want to move on.. for the most part the rest of the world has.. and doesn't it seem oddly timed that when China and South Korea have had large busts of outrage against Japan, despite many years of fairly normal trade and interaction, they are having local political or economic issues...

Could Japan be more contrite, as I have said so many times, yes I think so, but people must its difficult when those around you can't move on and seem determined to bring up the mistakes of 4-5 generations ago?

The right-wing idiots dressed up in clearly upsetting uniforms for some, well yes sad and inappropriate in my opinion, (should you make dressing up illegal... I don't know thats a tough one) sadly we are seeing a rise all around the world, this really isn't representative of the general population at all in my experience.

What people should learn from the war is not that Germany is bad or Japan is bad and thats that.... those people at that time were, terrible inhumane and wrong, we can agree but look at the bigger picture, what circumstances came about to allow that to occur?

Claiming other territories, ideas of racial superiority, military build up, control of media, calling any dissidents terrorists and traitors, unelected or 'lifelong' leaders, normalization of military presence, dehumanization of other cultures and people.. things like these are the warning signs and these aren't coming from Japan right now in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context


Aussie eh.. that explains things, I jest I jest :-)

But like the Aussie POWs that can forgive the horrific treatment they received by Japan during the war and now have very good relations with Japan.. (ANZACs per capita had some of the highest loses of serving aged men during that time) perhaps South Korea that you seem so fond of could do with some of the same thinking.

To answer your question would I dismiss a group of sad nationalistic old men in South Korea as I would similar groups in Japan, yes I think I would, with he caveat that if they were disregarded in all sensible conversation as they are here. ie they have a right to say most things but.. they clearly are a fringe.

A travel caution because of protests I don't think is propaganda, my head office, which in no way has anything to do with the Japanese government regularly has travel warnings on countries where large protests are happening, currently Hong Kong for example, but have received similar in the past with the very demonstrations people have pointed to in South Korea against its own government.

I travelled there in that time and had to plan some meetings and travel arrangements accordingly.

There are no large protests against South Korea or South Korean goods in Japan currently, there are no cases that I know of increased issues for South Koreans in Japan, at this stage that seems to be the case in South Korea for Japanese travelers too and hopefully there won't be but there active and increasing protests and unrest supported and fueled by the government. That is a worrying combination surely you would agree.

A travel caution to a country that is actively protesting your country doesn't seem like propaganda to me sorry.

Mostly Im sure there is mostly just confusion on the part of the average Japanese citizen, whom mostly in my experience are well aware of the past and for the most part have nothing but good will towards and interest in South Korea and given the fairly good relations for the most part struggle to understand where this sudden ill will has come from.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context


Independent people can do as they wish anywhere in my opinion (well peacefully of course), to be clear though those black van people don't like anyone.. its not just a specific South Korea thing, they are sad nationalistic clowns. I hope that they would be met with the same general disregard as they are here, not having groups of children kicking foreign countries flags for a photo op for example..

(I do wish there were noise pollution rules though.. they are annoying as they regularly drive past the American embassy close to where I work)

I have no illusions about Abe and dislike his backwards looking rose coloured glasses he and his cronies tend toward.

I am happy to criticize Japans political and social issues and do regularly, I catch as much dislike from "pro" Japan people as anyone else I suspect.

I have repeatedly said I wish Japan was more contrite in regards to the past but that surely you must admit is difficult if it is constantly used in non-related issues.

However I am more concerned about the bigger picture right now, the security, safety, prosperity and democracy is at risk in the region with South Korea and Japan in this ongoing tit for tat.

Abe like him or not is not speaking in the same way about South Korea as is Moon about Japan.

Perhaps there is a trade deficit but there is a massive population difference and I don't think historical issues and political manipulation of emotion should be used to fix that.

The removal of those very specific items from the whitelist does seem to have some justification based even on South Koreas own statements.

I would like there to be a much better relationship between South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other pacific nations, its going to be very important in the future, but if people refuse to accept that the Japan of the past simply doesn't and cannot exist again under the current situation, and perhaps its time to forgive and move on.. we are going to find ourselves in a similar situation to what Japan tried to do before the war.. but it won't be Japan this time.

I have the fortunate position of having visited most countries in these regions multiple times and feel to the best of my ability I am being balanced.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

@Heckleberry I dismiss the black van cowards because they are stupid the entire time.. and a sad part of Japan but best ignored. (some of the more directed speech has been restricted)

They aren't doing anything different from normal in reaction to this current situation and aren't directly reflecting the government statements..

In SK while now removed I believe, the signs in areas were not by local citizens but made and distributed by the local authority, that isn't private citizens thats government sponsored political action.

People can choose to buy or not buy whatever they want but the nationalistic backward thinking rhetoric and statements by the South Korean leadership makes it difficult for people to come to independent opinions on it you must agree.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context


Point me to the reports of large Anti-South Korean protests in Japan.. factually there just isn't that same kind of activity in Japan as there is in South Korea right now.

I said its probably IS safe but as long as the government there is actively sponsoring and fostering this it could get dangerous and take another step in a more worrying direction quickly. Look at HK for example, mostly non-violent but very quickly has turned to something much more.. (though fight for autonomy HK Peep!)

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Thanks for the correction Hillclimber.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

I said in another post, there is just so much silliness going on, and I feel bad for people who don't get to see that here in Japan (minus the occasional black-van coward) it business as normal and there is none of this retalitory action against goods that have nothing to do with this issue.

Japan didn't stop exports of everything to South Korea, it limited some goods for the manufacture of semi-conductors based on lack of reporting and has since shipped goods and also has stated publicly it has no intention of stopping legitimate trade. Yes its more work for the people involved but if South Korea admitted over a hundred cases of issues with those goods then there does seem to be some justification.

Was Japan's reluctance somewhat related to the other South Korea-Japan issues, I wouldn't be surprised but its hard to work with a partner that doesn't work in good faith with in the treaties between the countries, its difficult to say thats a trusted partner.

Is Japan faultless, no of course not, there is political positioning on all sides but here in Japan I haven't seen one "anti-korean" sign or import protest, in-fact as all this is going on I saw Japanese people lining up to taste and buy Korean food from Koreans. The South Korean pop stars still promoted on TV and so..

The propaganda in South Korea is working though, one of my team members in South Korea was worried about visiting Japan, been here a number of times.. I said.. its exactly the same as it always is, people are busy working and getting on with their lives.

I remember the same kind of nonsense in China a few years ago with property destruction, turning over Japanese vehicles and so on. (sad for that private citizens property...)

This is just sad for the people.. and through all this angst what do we get, another term of divisive politicians and another generation holding on to past, reliving 4 generations ago pain at their own detriment.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Patrick, care to elaborate at all?

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Posted in: Japan says S Korea has failed to justify removing Tokyo's fast-track trade status See in context

Lets hope it doesn't end up in a military conflict. That will cause a power shift in the region that will see South Korea under China control within 20-30years.

This is certainly getting far out of control for sure... very sad. These two countries should put aside their past and look at their similarities to counter the other much scarier present threats in the region.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

I would imagine its most likely safe currently however there are some facts that can't be ignored;

The kinds of discussions we see from Pro South Korean posters on here (I don't really like pro or anti terms.. but not sure what else to call it) they aren't limiting this to Abe/Government dislike, they regularly accuse Japanese people of being complicit with "whitewashing" and being uneducated about the war.

They have a distinct issue with Japan and Japanese people.

This is government initiated and sponsored outcry, with sweeping statements like "we will not be defeated by Japan again" and other inflammatory statements from people that are suppose to be leaders and looking out for the interests of their country not causing unnecessary resurgence of painful history for political needs.

If some Japanese person is harmed because of this will people be happy then, or does Japan need to volunteer people to work in tough situations?

Its looking pretty sad.. and its pretty clear who looks like the adult in the room right now.

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Posted in: High-yield rice seen as savior to Japan's rising food costs See in context

Do the hustle, so what if it is modified?

The naturalistic fallacies abound as soon we ever get into these types of conversation.

(never mind that we have manipulated most varieties of food almost unrecognizably from their origins already, just using slower methods)

We have many countries where things like golden rice (modified to have higher levels of important vitamins and minerals) could save children's sight and other problems not allowed because objections mostly from the lack of knowledge of people as soon as we get into this area.

Organic doesn't instantly mean good, in-fact organic gardening has less controls and still uses fertilizers and insect repellents, and those chemicals used incorrectly or too much can absolutely be harmful.

The other issue with organic is lower yield, which isn't great as the arable land available to us is mostly already in use, with growing populations, fewer resources, and the climate likely to be less kind year after year we have to consider all options without the baggage.

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Posted in: Airline, luxury brands follow China's lead on Hong Kong See in context

When people start defending and start submitting to the bully we know we are on a bad path..

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Posted in: South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list See in context

Japan reduces the speed, not cancels, of a few products into South Korea. Ones which can be used in the manufacture of weapons..

(If this is or was also partly a reaction to South Koreas lack of good will in its treaties with Japan I don't know.. probably)

South Korea puts on government sponsored protests and now wants to make all trade with one of nearest partners more difficult.

It really makes you wonder if someone is disappointed they aren't receiving nice big envelopes of cash anymore or mad with power or simply using all this to try and stay in government for a little longer..

I feel sad for everyone being manipulated through this and the general negativity its creating in the area.

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Posted in: There were an endless stream of people at the crosswalk. I thought pedestrians would stop for me. See in context

FINALLY, this is probably one of the more scary things in day to day life in Japan, drivers having no regard for pedestrian crossings!

More than a stern warning the cops needs to start issuing fines.

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Posted in: S Korean boycott hitting sales of Uniqlo, company says See in context

I don’t mind opinion and so on but dislike untruth.

Japanese people in my experience do know about the war but of course they just are getting on with their lives Japan is now organized so it can never be that country again.

However do I have to constantly repeat and be sorry for the crimes of my brother or Father let alone 3 or 4 generations before?

There have been apologies and ones that refer to the women that suffered.

Again from the official statement in 2015 on the 70th memorial

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Again I post from his official statement on the 70th anniversary;

Japan took the wrong course and advanced along the road to war.

And, seventy years ago, Japan was defeated.

On the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, I bow my head deeply before the souls of all those who perished both at home and abroad. I express my feelings of profound grief and my eternal, sincere condolences.

 Also in countries that fought against Japan, countless lives were lost among young people with promising futures. In China, Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and elsewhere that became the battlefields, numerous innocent citizens suffered and fell victim to battles as well as hardships such as severe deprivation of food. We must never forget that there were women behind the battlefields whose honour and dignity were severely injured.

 Upon the innocent people did our country inflict immeasurable damage and suffering. History is harsh. What is done cannot be undone. Each and every one of them had his or her life, dream, and beloved family. When I squarely contemplate this obvious fact, even now, I find myself speechless and my heart is rent with the utmost grief.

 The peace we enjoy today exists only upon such precious sacrifices. And therein lies the origin of postwar Japan. 

 We must never again repeat the devastation of war.

 Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war. In order to manifest such feelings through concrete actions, we have engraved in our hearts the histories of suffering of the people in Asia as our neighbours: those in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and China, among others; and we have consistently devoted ourselves to the peace and prosperity of the region since the end of the war.

 Such position articulated by the previous cabinets will remain unshakable into the future.

 How much emotional struggle must have existed and what great efforts must have been necessary for the Chinese people who underwent all the sufferings of the war and for the former POWs who experienced unbearable sufferings caused by the Japanese military in order for them to be so tolerant nevertheless?

 That is what we must turn our thoughts to reflect upon.


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Posted in: Japan, led by less apologetic generation, stays tough in S Korea feud See in context

@ Mitsuo Matsuyama

Be a little careful, I know its easy to feel, and I do agree to some degree, put out and unfairly attacked but there are also Im sure plenty of South Korean people who like the majority of Japanese people just want to get on with their lives and aren't so driven to find fault in what should be a close ally.

Sure there doesn't seem to be the government sponsored signage and somewhat manipulated outrage here in Japan currently but there are still the black-van loudspeaker cowards that drive around saying some pretty terrible things without problem.

In many situations there is no 100% blame or fault or any one "side", there needs to be facts and understanding.

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