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Posted in: Japan trade a problem for Trump, but not as bad as China See in context

US cars, no thanks.

Has he even looked while he's in the US? Sure cars totally unsuited to Japan roads SUVs. Trucks etc are US made but the smaller sedan and hatchbacks are European, Japanese or Korean..

Why should Japan have to take something most US people don't even want themselves.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea, Australia hold first naval drills in western Pacific See in context

Have to feel for South Korea though.. not easy position, they literally are the line between dictators and democracy.

South Korea and Japan could be great and close allies and economically successful if there could be some understanding on both sides. I think a lot of the friction is looked on with great pleasure by China.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea, Australia hold first naval drills in western Pacific See in context

All your posts seem to be anti-us on a quick search. are you part of a propaganda program?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea, Australia hold first naval drills in western Pacific See in context

Yup remember well, New Zealand has a firm policy on nuclear weapons and power.. pretty cool a small nation can remain strong even when its not in-line with the biggest military in the world eh bro!

None of these things you mention true or not have anything to do with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and other countries further afield like Australia and New Zealand needing to balance against the growing Chinese military presence and territorial claims.

In New Zealand there have been economic and political actions from China to stifle free speech and academdic study and investigation.

Im no US fan as such but there is an easy better of two evils in this case.

I work with China a lot and have visited many times, what China wants to do in China (though the pollution is a real problem spreads far past their shores) is well mostly up to them, but do have genuine and I don't think unfounded fears about that unduly influencing the region, be it economically, politically or (lets hope not) militarily.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea, Australia hold first naval drills in western Pacific See in context

No... a group is needed to counter China's aggressive claims. Thats all.

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Posted in: Brexit crisis: Minister quits, piling pressure on May See in context

I would hardly call 51.9% most. Terrible waste of time and money.

Let the people vote again.

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

Its terrible you hear bullying defended or not actively stopped when its amongst students but this from the institution itself just outrageous.

I believe I read somewhere that in the major cities as high as 1 in 5 kids are of some mixed background.

This kind of thinking just won't stand in the Japan that Japan is becoming.

A school or any institution thinking the answer is to ask people to change their natural appearance is simply bizarre.

Im a few years away myself from the issue but one of the first conversations, though very friendly, I will be having with any school my kids go to will be, bullying for any reason, but specifically around heritage, and mention of forced hair dying I will be having a not so friendly conversation with any teacher or students, and parents of students with or without the support of the school. Rather than having to fix this "uncomfortable" situation ensures it doesn't happen.

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Posted in: No gender bias in pass rate for Tokyo Medical University exam after scandal See in context

Did anyone got arrested or stood trial for this ?

Of course not, thats only for non-japanese CEOs.

Faked car data, faked building data, man made nuclear disasters... long bows in front of lots of people with cameras, few months without a pay check, stay quiet a few years and eventually amakudari into some sweet gig.

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Posted in: Australia's conservative coalition secures parliamentary majority See in context

"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" ― Isaac Asimov" This this this...

The anti-intellectualism and knee-jerk fear based politics has sadly begun to win, we as a species historically only fairly recently pulled ourselves out of squalor and ignorance, yet we seem to be well on the path to quickly erode the progress of the last few centuries towards better education, understanding and equality.

How you feel about something doesn't always result in a correct, good or fair outcome.

How quickly we forget

Slavery ended in the US just around 5 generations ago

Workers rights began to be established

A century ago we had a life expectancy of just over 50, now in or heading the 80s in most places

Women were only just getting the vote in most places 100 years ago.

In the 50s we nearly eradicated a terrible potentially debilitating disease using vaccines.

All of these things weren't possibly without forward looking ideas, science, education and fighting for those less fortunate. Governments, scientists, modern medicine, unions...

We face the onslaught of theocratization of relatively secular and free countries.

All evidence points to the risks to the very sustainability of our planet, and even if not we can see, feel and breath our use and abuse of the planet , what would be the worst result of trying harder.. a nicer place?

We are seeing the very basis of the scientific method that has given us this life people so desperately don't want to give up or change being challenged.

The right when it was about fiscal responsibility and some degree of conservative input to balance other potentially too fast moving progressive changes I could respect to a degree.. but not now, we have descended into madness.

On the other side the far left more are as likely to be into woo woo superfoods, magic massages and other nonsense, which I would just as readily call out, as they are any other cause..

We need education and facts more than ever.

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Posted in: Man stopped over erratic driving hasn’t had license for 40 years See in context

No issue here for drink driving check points and license spot checks if there is cause to think they aren't licensed, driving is a privilege not a right. (even though it means I personally would more likely be asked for more information...)

40 years without a valid license.. though how is that even possible?

I thought you had to show one when you buy a car or get a registered parking spot.

40 years without once renting a car?

What does he do for ID? Probably doesn't have a "my number" card either.

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Posted in: A new movement: Opting for no children as climate fears grow See in context

Idiocracy was suppose to be a comedy not a documentary..

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Clearly Concerned Citizen you didn’t read a word I wrote and are misrepresenting what I contributed.

Am I suggesting somewhere that we should force people to abort or to do something they don’t want in their private lives? Of course not, I wouldn’t dare it’s not my place, if someone wants to have a kid whatever the circumstances or risks then good for them.

I advocate choice, I advocate open discussion, I advocate freedom of expression, as I said besides not following any religion or holding a belief in a god, I would defend your right to do so, and you practically to have as much freedom as YOU can in YOUR personal life provided it doesn’t interfere with the freedoms of others. Simple right if we all played along like that it would be much more simple.

Why do you want to take those freedoms and rights away from others on the behalf of your beliefs is the real question? What if their beliefs are different, why do you get to decide for them?

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Not only that goodlucktoyou but communities where women are given control over their reproductive rights are more wealthy and prosperous... its one of the best things you can do for impoverished areas,

If you had extensive sex education, free healthcare and birth control medication or contraception medication for all women everywhere in the world at all times, I might even be slightly on board with some restrictions on very very late term situations... but even then not my body not my choice.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

I know this is a stretch for some people let me paint a few scenarios, and yes they have to be hypothetical because men who seem to make all the laws around this.. can't actually participate other than a DNA donation of sorts..

In terms of responsibility;

Imagine you have a party, you like parties and everyone who comes is invited, but one of them leaves a kid behind. Should you be forced to look after it, what about another step further a criminal breaks in and leaves a baby, is it your responsibility, should you be forced to look after it?

If you choose to great, but should you be forced?

In terms of bodily autonomy;

How about even further, once your child is born should you be able to be forced to donate organs against your choice, how about if its only for 9 months.. but comes reason more than marginal chance of fatality?

Again if you choose to great... but forced?

If you have cancer, should someone else choose how and if you treat it?

As for the obvious thing, as pointed out, religion shouldn't ever be the basis for policy.

This is what this is, there is no biological reason, there is no medical, scientific reason, or even statistical reason to try and ban this procedure.. it is a personal belief issue and they belong in private lives.

Its an emotional topic, but could you stand in front of a 12, 13 year old girl and say, as well as being violated (at that age no matter the circumstance it is non-consentual) you now must go through carrying a baby at extremely high risk? Outrageous!

As a non-believer Im actually a better friend than you would think, while I don't want to be told, or my family to be told how to go about our private lives based on others beliefs, I would defend the religious's right to practice as they please in their private lives, provided it doesn't directly negatively effect others. Have your babies, go to your church, sing your songs, think what you want to think, but don't tell others what to do.

For the same reasons people get all silly scared about islamic influence in politics they should be staunch supporters of separation of religion and government. It might seem great while your "team" has the power but what if that changes to a more extreme version of your religion or even another one?

and all the while people not seeing the irony as US looks in horror at the middle east theocracies while quickly trying becoming one themselves...

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context


No it isn't, its a bunch of splitting cells....

Take a biology class

and I'll ask you the same questions as I did to burning bush.....

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Don't want to be "forced" to make a cake for a gay person in their public business but want to force women to continue pregnancy even if the result of rape or incest.


Absolute madness going on, I can only hope the supreme court does its job and knocks down these cruel and unnecessary laws quickly and effectively.

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Posted in: Mixing business suits with sports footwear gradually catching on See in context

Always have to keep in mind, at some point, even if the damage is light there might be a long long walk ahead if there is an earthquake.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

Oh man not anti-vaxxers too..

And ironic since vaccination protects new borns and pregnant mothers..

Vaccination is about participating in society the two things don't equate.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

Sorry JenniSchiebel

Blastocysts , embryos, fetuses are not are not classified as human beings with the same rights as an autonomous human that is biology, science and law. You are the one with the misunderstanding, Im afraid.

Its not a "miracle" in the "magic" sense, its simple biology as every living thing on earth displays, and in mammalian biology very similar processes take place, to the point where our shared ancestry becomes quite clear.

Peoples various contradictory and sometimes mutually exclusive "morality" thankfully isn't the basis for law.

We all have control over our bodies, but then saying in the same sentence some people don't in some situations is the problem, one we solved a long time ago.

Please don't misunderstand me, its not an "easy" problem or discussion but it has to be dealt with in these terms to stay objective.

In my person life Im fortunate to be in the position where I have actively sought to have a child and my partner also wants that, I wouldn't choose or ask for this option. (not that its my choice in this case). However if a pregnancy was going to cause my partner to die what other choice is there.

We see articles where children are treated, actual born children that think, have emotions, feel pain, are abused by parents that clearly aren't capable for whatever reason to care for them.. its pretty clear to me what is more humane.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

I can't believe this long put to bed issue has become a hot topic once again.

No matter how you feel about it and what you would do in your personal life why are others so intent on controlling other peoples.

No matter your emotional reaction to it, and in my personal life I might be more conservative on this than some might think, its a simple case of bodily autonomy.

Simply should you be able to tell another person what they must do in a medical situation?

Should you be able to force people to donate organs, money or time or anything really to someone (or in this case something else) else against their will?

Then we have all the other issues, what about cases of forced sex, what about cases of life threatening complications, the simple fact that childbirth is a inherently risky situation around the world 830 women day each day due to complications of childbirth, shouldn't people be able to opt in or out of that?

Then to further complicate we have people in favor of closing institutions that provide birth control to people without the means to get it otherwise. Saying instead well just don't have sex, sorry but all evidence says abstinence just doesn't work, the more conservative the area with more abstinence education the higher the teen pregnancy rate.

After which people potentially given no choice but to bring a pregnancy to term are then given no support, because there is generally an opinion by the same kinds of people that want to restrict medical options for women are also against social welfare, and free education and healthcare.

Despite emotional tactics almost no late term, where the fetus is anywhere near the potential to survive happen, and when they do its because of immediate health risks to the woman.

Please I implore you, think about something in your life that you wouldn't want someone else to make a decision for you and consider the large area of grey that this is, it isn't black and white, good and bad, it is humans in tough human situations.

As for Alyssa, I think I see what she is trying to say, but when you look at the quiver-full types, who tend towards a woman's job is to pump out kids, the closer it pushes us to idiocracy, which wasn't suppose to be a documentary....

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Posted in: Phones could help guard against selfie deaths, medics say See in context

How about a little bit of self responsibility..

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Posted in: Japan enacts legislation making preschool education free See in context

Nothing wrong with social democracies.

Public healthcare, Education for all, etc... geez wow.. how scary..

"I got mine" attitudes are going are to be the downfall of our species and probably ruin the planet in the meantime.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

+1 on making sure you have a dash cam.

I despite being here over a decade, gold license with no infractions, I don't think my chances are good of fairness in a case of an accident caused by some old man speeding around in their little K-Truck ignoring more or less every traffic rule if I didn't have my own evidence.

Currently I only have front facing but need a rear one too, quite often I will have people follow me too closely or start to drive aggressively when Im being especially cautious around pedestrian crossings.

I have heard about this almost never complete 0% or 100% fault assignment in traffic accidents, I wonder if thats cultural?

Surely if you are keeping safe following distance, following speed limits, staying in lane etc and someone hits you out of the blue how is it any of your fault? Simply that you exist?

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Posted in: Car hits group of preschoolers in Shiga Pref; 2 dead See in context

Terrible tragedy. I can't even begin to understand the pain those involved must be feeling.

Sometimes accidents happen but it certainly appears someone made a very costly mistake.

There need to be some changes and some bows and sorries aren't going to fix this and there has been just too much in the last few weeks.

The police need to step up a lot!

Fine drivers for not stopping for red lights or stop signs or pedestrian crossings or children without restraints in cars or people on phones or just plainly driving poorly (failing to keep in lanes, no indications, too slow, too fast).

There are other issues which are more transport authority issues, intersections where people are trying to turn right against lines of traffic going straight forces people to move out into the intersection and often turn and drive off well after the lights are orange and often red, but as there are quite rarely turn arrows or turn lanes due to narrowness of many of the streets there is little choice but to adopt this approach, this is even more dangerous as you are often using personal judgment if the pedestrian crossing is clear (even if it has green light) to turn. The pedestrians should have their own phase, not mixed with cars. You should never be able to drive over a pedestrian crossing if anyone is on any part of it.

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

Time to move on I think, are we responsible for our grandfathers, fathers or even our brothers crimes?

There are those who would like to hold Japan down, the economic success and fairly successful integration of western business and aspects of law into an asian country while keeping its identity, culture and language largely intact is the main source of pain for its neighbors I suggest.

We have the usual China apologist in the thread, again South Korea is much more like Japan in many ways than Mainland China, I believe South Korea have to be more forward looking, to keep democratic control of their country being closer to Japan and the US is the better of the admittedly difficult choices.

War is terrible and there is no doubt Japan did awful things but that isn't the Japan of today, much like Germany isn't the Germany of the war either.

I don't doubt, much like we see in the US, much of this discontent is encouraged and pushed by other countries that think they will benefit from a lack of co-operation in the region.

True peace is only possible when we look to the future, look of the actions of countries now, not the past... Japan is not the risk in this region.

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Posted in: 2 Narita airport workers confirmed as having measles See in context

This really affects real things.. my wife currently pregnant can't go near any large groups because her rubella antibody count is low, despite having a top up a few years ago, and you can't have a top up while in the early stages and there have been several outbreaks.

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Posted in: Trump offers 'heartfelt appreciation' to outgoing emperor See in context

Don't know about four more years, but hey written for him or not we don't hear many appropriate presidential sounding things from Trump so not too bad, credit where credit shouldn't be needed. :-)

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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

Seems twofold to me given all the accidents the last few days.

Age is definitely something to consider as we head to an ever aging population, the other is cars while generally not speeding significantly is that they totally ignore pedestrian crossings and other markings.

In New Zealand for example you have to stop at a marked uncontrolled crossing if someone is waiting, even on the other side of the road, and wait till there are no people on the crossing before driving on or instant large fine, which the police actually will actively go after.

Here before I realized that no-one obeys that rule I was nearly run over twice, combine that with maybe inattentive drivers and some with less skill and reaction speed.. sadly when I did my driver test here and asked about it the cop seems to not care or be bothered at all.. "meh shouganai"

Should older people be able to drive, perhaps and in some rural areas it would be difficult not to but seems more rigorous testing and checks are required. I suppose the trouble is as you age even if the tests were every 6 months your abilities could massively change.

Perhaps technology could help.. regular reaction time tests with touch devices and traffic rule tests?

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Posted in: House panel chair accuses Trump of 'massive, unprecedented' obstruction See in context

Indeed many Trump supporters seems to have some serious medical condition where they can't speak more than two sentences without mentioning a Clinton or Obama, very rarely able to hold a conversation on the actual merit of an enquiry or suggestion.

For someone who says they do no wrong, and says they are a person of the people, seems there is a lot Trump isn't happy about the world seeing.

Wonder for everyone who says he shouldn't have to show anything were equally supportive of Obama when claims were made for him to produce evidence of his citizenship... guessing not.

Either side of the political spectrum, open tax records and a move away from PACs, Superpacs, anonymous donations and some genuine inquiry into the use of clandestine foreign advertising and influence groups is looking more and more important for the United States to stay a true democracy.

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Posted in: New Zealand, France announce bid to stop social media being used to organize terrorism See in context

Im not sure NZ would be pushing against freedom of speech or those kinds of discussions but the uninterrupted live streaming of a horrific attack in easily found social network is a bit of a problem I would think.

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