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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers tout U.S.-Japan-S Korea alliance as Seoul, Tokyo feud See in context

While its a shame there can't be a balanced situation with total independence, I have to agree, the only way to keep the sovereign nations of South Korea and Japan, and further a field into south east asia, safe, free and prosperous from increasing aggression and influnece from China and Russia is deep co-orperation, and given the military status or size regardless of constitution size that means working with the US.

I truly hope Japan and South Korea can put their past behind them and work together, there is much more in common than not.

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Posted in: Japan eyes informal multiparty talks over Sea of Japan name dispute See in context

Some things Japan could do better but this is just stupid.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi board considers new allegations of unreported payments to Ghosn See in context

Being kept in isolation with limited access to legal representation, and having freedom taken away in a guilty till proven guilty type scenario for a non-violent crime accusation, Japanese or not seems just plain wrong to me.

Why it all seems so particularly odd, is the large corporate issues/scandals, Olympus, Tepco, Takata, Nissan, Subaru, Toray, Toshiba, Kobe Steel to name just a few usually result in a bunch of old guys bowing and saying sorry taking a wee pay cut and thats that.. (and some of those far more reaching, dangerous and terrible than someone in a CEO position probably being guided to call some financial arrangement the wrong thing..)

IF there was wrong doing there is no way he did it alone, thats not how corporations work, he wouldn't have direct access to accounts, there would be numerous finance workers involved, memos and agreements to sign , it stinks of a hit job from a bunch of probably equally "guilty" cowards who couldn't remove him in a more normal manner.

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador warns Canada to stop rallying allies See in context

Ah ha ha ha, yes dictatorship please try and tell free nations what to do.. it won't end well.

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Posted in: Trump stops Pelosi from using military plane for overseas trip in shutdown fight See in context

Oh america, the country that would currently struggle to "organize a piss up in a brewery" as the saying goes.

The world goes on despite the US's current domestic nonsense, so cancelling international diplomatic meetings doesn't really make a lot of sense.

Its like a bunch of petulant school children arguing about who's Dad would win in a fight.

Although they would never say publicly, surely the Trump diehard supporters must be having some doubts now. One example of many examples of someone who isn't the right person.

Wall is key word to remember to talk about immigration.

Wall turns into actual wall, which unbelievably Trump claims another country is going to pay for.

GOP has majority in Senate and House, no wall.

Trump starts to realize the claim another country would pay for a wall is nonsense, starts saying well they will "pay" through renegotiated trade terms.

Dems have good mid-term

Suddenly wall is a must do immediate critical crisis.

"Ok maybe not wall, fence, and just some parts etc etc.."

" but Illegals, Drugs etc etc" all easily debunked.

Its comical. and sad.

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Posted in: Trump's attorney general nominee vows to shield Russia probe from politics See in context

It may be that some democrats have done some things that could or should be investigated, and I think any honest person would want someone who has acted inappropriately with good hard evidence to be dealt with to the full extent of the law, however if that hasn't happened for whatever reason.. and remember the GOP was the majority in government for some time, I expect the reason is, not that the idea of "going after" -name politician here- wasn't explored it was that there wasn't enough to make things stick.

But even if there was that doesn't excuse any wrong doing by anyone else!

Thats a mad as saying, there are murders so it must be ok to kill people now..

There are facts at hand;

Trump and his "charitable organization" was shut down.

Trump is under investigation.

People around Trump have been charged for serious issues.


"Work for" is just obfuscation, I don't think anyone is saying he rings up his buddies in Russia to get instructions of whats next, just that he, may be unduly influenced because of his relationships there, possibly has passed on classified information, and Russia unduly having influence on the election in his favor.

Walls, shutdowns, underground pizza pedophile rings blah blah blah so much noise to keep us from the plain truth that this man is not qualified, isn't the amazing negotiator or businessman he claims and should have never been allowed to run. The way he has involved his family, fires anyone that doesn't pretend to adore his is just more evidence of that.

The Republicans were let down by their own party, and anyone but the women and geez lets hope not another black guy, and pandering to evangelicals took over, and were sold a story about shaking up politics and have just ended up with another old white quasi-rich man pretending to talk for them.

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Posted in: Official replaced over physical aggression against NGT48 singer See in context

I hope at some stage these "groups" go out of style, one or two of them might "make it" and end up as "talent" but the vast majority work for nearly nothing in bizarre situations where they aren't allowed normal relationships, barely any holidays and are part of the on going sexualization of young women for men often with not enough social skill to know its all for show.

I don't think you need much imagination to realize the other stuff that must go on, young women isolated from family and friends, not allowed normal relationships with people their own age, on tour with older men in a position of power over them...

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Posted in: Gov't plans to take steps against 'fake news' by June See in context

@Akie in Japan the minister in charge hasn't even used a computer.. but hey at least in Japan you can go to any website you like.. Unlike some other countries in the region..

We have all seen what is happening the states, anything Trump doesn't like instantly declares "fake news" and won't let up even when well debunked.

Then we do have the sponsored attacks on democracy by other nations..

Its a tough problem but it has an easy answer, knowledge, education, getting rid of this anti-intellectual movement, a healthy amount skepticism and the ability to admit you are wrong when there is new evidence.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls for Renault board to review Ghosn findings See in context


I don't think anyone is expecting he would be sitting in his office, but surely people have the right to a fair trial.

Its pretty well known thats not the aim of these long holds without lawyers and family, with non stop interrogation, guilty until proven guilty as they say...

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Posted in: N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue See in context

Pretty interesting to see the main pro-japan and pro-china posters right after each other.

Thats what nationalism does unfortunately.. happy to heap on criticism of everyone else but not accept any themselves.

Most people are in the middle, they recognize Japan doesn't do as well as it could in dealing with that part of history but see that a lot of this is more politically motivated as diversion tactics for other regional issues, and Im pretty sure at the encouragement of China who is now the clear aggressor in the region.

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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown breaks record, with no end in sight See in context


Despite my other wise liberal leanings I actually think strict immigration and boarder security is fairly critical, and requires a separation of emotion to a degree, however that means for the Pro wall people too.

Trumps claims of a specific and recent "crisis" as well as the drugs, terror and even illegals has been pretty well debunked. Drugs come through ports, most illegals get off planes, they just don't leave, for example.

A wall isn't likely to have any impact of the issues you quote, yet once again the same lower-middle class workers are the ones that suffer.

Even recently the GOP had legislative power, it didn't do anything about this crisis then, which makes it pretty clearly a political play, one that isn't working very well for Trump.

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Posted in: N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue See in context

I do agree that Japan could do a better job about being appropriately contrite over its past, however this is not the way to do it, and this demand no surprises after the recent China visit...

China appears trying to do what it can to destabilise Japans relationship with its neighbors because relatively successful democracies ( especially ones that host US forces ) are all that stands in its way of trying what Japan did all that time ago.

Be careful people. There are South Koreans who probably need some recognition for the hardships they faced but not at the cost of committing their country to the eventual quasi rule of China, that will only put future generations on a path to suffering the same.

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Posted in: High schools in 2 prefectures stop asking students to specify their gender on application forms See in context

@Belrick, I don't think this has anything to do with "PC Crap" other than to try and avoid discrimitory acceptance into education, unless you think thats ok which would be a terrible shame.

But hey get all outraged if you like. As Strangerland points out, sex, gender and the like, aren't necessarily simply binary, and may not "fit" into peoples preferred boxes.

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Posted in: Abe, Dutch PM Rutte working to avoid no-deal Brexit See in context

Little off topic, but now with a more informed nation, and the closeness of the first referendum, I think a second one really is the only good and fair option now.

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Posted in: High schools in 2 prefectures stop asking students to specify their gender on application forms See in context

An application number only without test marker knowing any specific information is the only real way to do it, but at least there is some admission to try and account for the terrible and disgusting marking down of applicants simply because they are women.

This isn't some western liberal Japan take over, its to work on a systemic issue in how half the population, even which conservative politicians want to participate in employment more, are treated.

Can you imagine for just a second, you had a daughter who wanted a specific job or career that required specialized training, (which in Japan often means attending the "right" high school) and were not allowed in because they are a woman?

That is just wrong regardless of any political or cultural leaning. Not only that, we might actually have less qualified/able doctors treating us because of policies like this.

There might be more information about how the application or test results are made anonymous but this alone doesn't seem enough.

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Posted in: Abe, Dutch PM Rutte working to avoid no-deal Brexit See in context

@ Samir, The ridiculous goings on in Britain/Europe currently, mostly fueled by xenophobic misinformation effects a massive amount of trade world wide, its everyones business.

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Posted in: Trump walks out of talks on shutdown; calling meeting 'total waste of time' See in context

I wonder how the trump fans respond to the step by step refutations, by multiple new organizations, ex presidents and the like over his fact bending, if not totally non factual, Televised efforts using of the presidents office's power to whip up fear and support for his current pet project?

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Posted in: S Korean court OKs seizing Japan firm's assets over forced labor See in context


Have you ever been to South Korea, Or Taiwan, Or Japan, Or Hong Kong Or some parts of China?

I have all of them multiple times, they are unquesitonably distinct, the people are proud of their nations, most want to work with the global community to have better lives, economies and more freedom, and other than Hong Kong, many of those residents not happy with China, are unquestionably independent, and I hope they remain so.

Even if its true that historically one country had a larger territory or not, so what, you want to rewind to a time where a China (that doesn't exist anymore given the current administrations recent creation) had more to claim, well how about we rewind to when Mongolia ruled most of China, or dare I say more recently to when Japan did... Absurd right. Just as your claim.

Just this week China now with its dictator talking to the dictator from NK, scheming to ruin peace, freedom and prosperity for this region of the world. Be careful people.

South Korea is much more similar to Japan than it is China, and I hope Japan and South Korea can find a way to move their crucial relationship forward, pay respect to the survivors of undoubtedly unpleasant and difficult times, without continuing any Anti-Japan sentiment. Its tough I know, and the current politicians in both places are a little too bull headed to make progress all to the glee of China.

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Posted in: Japanese school bans non-white masks for students See in context

Not a big fan of the masks to be honest, and all the reading I have done seems to indicate they are of limited effectiveness, especially the way most people use them. (for example once you touch them after putting them on with clean washed hands, if people bother to do so, they are no longer effective, and a used one being pulled out of a pocket and put on again obviously even less so)

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Chief Akwame

What insults? not sure what you mean, people have freely expressed their opinions here.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki. The "homos".. come on.

Again and as stated earlier, given it will never happen what is the point of the original statement other than to further ostracize people, and perhaps take attention away from failings of this aging group of self interested politicians.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Shawn, provided the military personal are capable of performing their tasks, does it matter if their downstairs matches the labels you like to use?

I'm not sure how I'm disconnected, I live in the world, I have and do work with people who are LGB.. (T not aware of any as yet to be transparent)

I think the example of racism is fairly accurate.. bible etc etc break down of society etc etc slippery slope etc etc dogs and cats etc etc marry a horse etc etc.. all the same stuff.

Academics.. yeah, terrible why would anyone want to try study and learn, with a goal of actually understanding things, best we just go on with our bias, preconceptions and being scared of the noise in the bushes..

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Shawn by that rational slavery is ok... clearly it is not, society changes, rules change, populations change and our understanding increases.

Try to change any statement to one about racial equality or between the sexes and quickly it looks pretty outdated, and in time it will be the same for this issue, because it isn't one.

Im not from the US, the statement about the foundation of the US as I understand it isn't as simple as that, and its far from perfect else there wouldn't be amendments..

Obama wasn't voted out, he reached the end of his term.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context


Homosexuality occurs in nature outside of the human species, it is "natural", it is nothing new.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@ Matt wasn't calling you old or silly, it was in reference to the original statement of the politician, don't know you, only commenting on your opinion here.

I think you will find the large majority of scientists and mental health professionals don't agree with your position.

The studies about children in same-sex parent homes are inconclusive, but don't appear to show any particular large negative outcome... perhaps the toughest thing is opinions like expressed by some on here effecting their household.

@Shawn, I understand your opinion but the facts aren't consistent with simple binary assignments, both mental and physically. In any case no one is asking you to do anything, (except using preferred pronouns) doesn't really effect you so don't really understand the problem.

@Bugle Boy, has anyone deleted your comment? Free Speech doesn't give you a pass on others commenting on your position... isn't that freedom of speech too or are only views that match yours ok?

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Shawn, why should anyone (or anyone else other someone that does) cares what an old book says?

I get the T is perhaps more difficult to get your head around, but if we forget the stereotype silliness, feeling your entire life that something is wrong about the gender you have been assigned must be tough.

We like to categorize things in specific and unique boxes, numbers and sets but the truth is the human mind, sexuality, attraction, gender (sometimes even biologically) don't always fit neatly, shouldn't the people who feel they don't fit be the ones to work out what works for them.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Matt, then why say it at all. Silly old man gaff perhaps, but it helps persistent hurtful nonsense.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context


Because it will never happen, and even if it did doesn't mean that isn't ways to continue a population, but thats irrelevant because this isn't about population or birthrate its about people having issues with LGBTQ people.

The population problem is an issue of low wages, long hours and a long stagnant economy this is just deflection from the real issues using people's bias's and prejudice.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Yubaru, if not sarcasm, I would say, there are some angry people out there, I have to guess they are not happy in their own lives to be so concerned with other peoples.

When I was much younger I had some homophobic ideas, but through work and some friends, I met several same sex couples who had been in long loving relationships, (a couple of whom I had no idea were gay for years because it didn't come up and wasn't my business) and realized, any ick factor I had was my own issue and that my preconceived ideas about what "lifestyle" was associated with the LGBTQ community was something mostly made up.

People are just people and in this case they happen to be attracted to something different from me, but who cares, rock on and and be happy, in our average 80yrs or so why not look for joy, love, positivity and the most freedom not anger and division.

To those who have a more negative view, I would just say ask yourself, why you are so concerned about what goes on in other peoples private lives, perhaps your attractions fall into the more accepted but if it didn't, or there was a major societal shift would you want a bunch of other people getting into your personal business, calling you disgusting and deviant?

Im not sure about anyone else but I don't really see a problem with openness about it either, I'm personally attracted to the opposite sex and no amount of openness or seeing same sex couples will change that, so once again wonder really what all the complaints are about, says more about the complainers I feel.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

@Ex_Res, sadly never soon enough, the out of touch gaffs, the lack of understanding of the modern world, rose coloured glasses backwards looking, misogynistic , homophobic, xenophobic... but its not just a problem in Japan.. sadly world over.

Wouldn't it be great if the public was more comfortable putting the future in the hands of younger more progressive people that actually have a reason to care about it, rather than a bunch of old guys mistakenly trying to keep things comfortable for them rather than what actually is best for most people.

@Schopenhauer, in an ideal world politicians are suppose to represent all their constituents some of whom are LGBTQ and many of whom probably don't have a problem with recognizing a non-hetero relationship. If a couple no matter their gender/sex is of adult age and already together what business is it of mine or anyone else's how that is recognized by the state.

Yes, I think people should be able to express opinion, but the mistake people seem to be making lately is, that doesn't make you immune to the consequences of stating that opinion and that, just like here, people are free to comment on that opinion with their own...

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