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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan over its trade spat with Seoul See in context

Should we care what the dictator of a nation with basically no human rights gulags and so on thinks..

.. very clearly trying to manipulate every situation to hold on to power..


South Korea, I like it, I like the people... and almost all the actual people I have met like or love Japan, however their government is going to see them side with the future war causing nations in the world, and right now even though they are allied with the US as is Japan they are getting closer to two nations with life long dictators.

I have said it a million times, do I wish Japan was a little more openly and easily seen to be sorry about the past sure.. but it has apologized and paid and apologized and paid.

Apologies don't mean much if the other side had no interest in forgiveness.

I don't wish, and I don't think that citizens in Japan, or anyone wants it but this and the ongoing nonsense is going to push and give credit to some politicians plans to remove pacifist clauses in the Japanese constitution... and unfortunately if South Korea continues in the direction its going and become closer to China and North Korea that is what is going to happen, they are playing precisely into the hands of tyrants and dictators.

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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

dango bong

"Documents at banks and post offices are mostly in Japanese, which makes things challenging."

What language did you think they would be in when you decided to move to Japan?

I agree to a certain extent, but in NZ even when I left over a decade ago, a country of less than 5 million people government services, banks and hospitals provide information, and many even have forms translated, in multiple languages. Its not just a case of "ignorant gaijin" many do want to learn and assimilate to varying degrees but its difficult if you aren't embraced by the country you now live in.

I want Japan to be successful, and part of that is inevitably going to be immigration as the local population decreases but instead of just saying "learn the language" we, the country, Japanese citizens support these people. Even if only selfishly, groups of people supported and eased into Japan are far more likely to be better residents and work more cohesively with everyone else.

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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

Yes in reading again the resident part is a big deal.

Foreign residents must adapt to the general goings on if they want to live outside a bubble but they can't be expected to know how to assimlate "by magic" if they aren't receiving any support, if they are tax paying residents some consideration of how to assist these residents is the job of the local and regional government.

Japan has a vested interest in interacting with and educating likely long term residents, if not, and it won't take long, you will see pockets of particular ethnicities in certain areas. Being who you are and interacting with people from where you come from is entirely natural but I believe if it turns into separate groups that rarely interact its bad for all and will only increase distrust and other issues.

For those of us who have been here for a while these articles remind me to continue being part of my community, allow my fellow Japanese residents to see that there can be a lot of good in diversity.

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Posted in: Saudi Olympic official reportedly hugged female hotel worker in Tokyo See in context

and rightly so.. sadly some people don't respect others space.

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Posted in: Saudi Olympic official reportedly hugged female hotel worker in Tokyo See in context


Touching/hugging a worker in a hotel so much so that the person said something about it, yes its serious.

In this case #metoo all the way.

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Posted in: Japanese people least likely to talk to strangers or offer help on airplanes, survey finds See in context

I fly a lot, International from and back to Japan nearly every month sometimes twice..

This is about planes but plenty of reasons and I think some some characterizations of Japanese people in this thread are a little unfair.

Some of it It is probably an extension of domestic travel in Japan, get in, get in place and be quiet, and that when you travel daily in very busy trains I prefer this over a lot of chatter phones and other noise.

Some is cultural for sure, don't get in other peoples business.. again I don't think thats a bad thing.. I have had some very annoying neighbours in plane that won't leave me alone..

Helping with bag, depending on the Japanese person, depending on their hight they may not be able to help that much, and again, likely there is two things at play, don't touch others belongings and coming from a service culture on a plane which requires pretty significant safety control, that job is best left to cabin attendants if someone is struggling, I would probably help but understand why someone else would not.

But in reality the no talking, don't know about that... I have found the Japanese people sitting next to me have almost always tried to assist with any announcement that is in Japanese first in English to me and almost every time I have spoken Japanese back to them or to the attendant that has resulted in a 10-15min conversation, after which we go back to our movie, work or book.

The main issue I have with Japanese neighbors on a plane is the older guys who have tried to smoke a pack of cigarettes just before getting on the flight, that isn't so nice.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

I find it very hypocritical how people get on here talking about the freedom of the press in Japan while being quite derogetory about Japan and its leaders in complete safety and confidence knowing full well in some of the countries they suggest are so peaceful and great if they did the same thing they might disappear to a work camp... Japan has its issues no doubt and as I have said repeatedly I wish it was a little more contrite about the past however don't be fooled it is at least quite free in comparison with other countries near by.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

No.. Akie, China maybe have renounced Reparations but has happily accepted 30 billion in development funds from Japan instead. It can not claim those reparations it renounced.

China has no "good will" as such it is no different to any other country, it will do whatever it needs to be successful, so far that other that some territorial posturing has been mostly peaceful but Im not confident that will continue.

South Korea is being played and as I said needs to forget enemies of the past to work worth its closest most similar democratic country Japan better, else its citizens will end up under the control of an authoritarian government that promises independence like in the case of Hong Kong but very quickly shows it can't resist being authoritarian.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

Akie, how can you uncouple trade from politics.. its simply not possible.

Politics or the political structure of a county, democratic, communist, dictatorships and if goods are fairly distributed, or fund or assist unfriendly nations, weapons, if that trade severely effects the origin countries own export economy... its all intertwined deeply.

South Korea, as does China, politically loves to play the Japan Victim card when it suits it, but of course its all politics, there is very little done to help those who may have suffered historical misdeeds.

South Korea has now reneged on several agreements with Japan.. you can see how this doesn't encourage more discussions and agreements.

There is another factor.. when/if these private companies are forced to pay and then are bailed out by the government who pays, the tax payer, very few if any tax payer in Japan had anything to do with Japan's actions during that time, I certainly did not.

Japan paid reparations as did Germany after the war and has done again since with South Korea, yes Japan could be a little more contrite about it all but move on South Korea, start co-operating with the other US ally democracy in the region before that opportunity goes away, and possibly not by choice.

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Posted in: Japan's Hayabusa2 probe makes 'perfect' touchdown on asteroid See in context

Japan has been going good work in space probes and no lots of other countries haven't done all this years ago.. some of the work they have been doing is quite pioneering.

To explore and understand is at the very fabric of being human, why walk over the horizon, why swim or sail to that next island...I would prefer a world where we explore share and celebrate scientific triumphs, especially peaceful ones like this.. not only this but as we deplete easy to access resources on earth astroid collection or mining may be important to humankind future.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks US help in bitter trade spat with Japan See in context

These spats between Japan and South Korea play right into Chinas hands.

Its a little sad Japan isn't more contrite over the past and its sad that South Korea refuses to move on, both could do better.. however the day is coming sooner rather than later when Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and South East Asian Countries will need to band together if they want to balance a growing china. That growing China is going through growing pains, and that is when things get dangerous.

Lamilly, no thanks. China can keep to China thanks very much.

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Posted in: 630 cases of violence against train station employees reported in fiscal 2018 See in context

Japan's makeup culture and past are changing, not because of foreigners as I suspect in this case the offenders are middle aged Japanese men, simply "not being done" is clearly not enough anymore.

The police have to start actually policing, "I don't remember" "I was drunk" are not good enough ever.. same on roads, red lights, pedestrian crossings, people smoking where they shouldn't.. there is a group of self entitled middle age and older men making Japan less of a nice place to be.

We had one show up at our company without an appointment to yell at support staff yesterday.. he just wanted to be the loud guy in the room, he knew there was nothing to be done, just built up his rage and it split over and for some reason think that gives him permission to act terribly.

I felt sorry for my Japanese co-workers as they felt they needed to placate this man-child..

This isn't everyone of course.. and there are young people and older people, women too.. but there is a theme unfortunately.

Assault train staff or passengers on public transport detain until police arrive every time!

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Posted in: Japanese entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa dies at age 87 See in context

My hope is as the "old guard" of these mostly manufactured "talent" and "music" agencies being to check out that we see a move to more reasonable contracts, working hours and conditions for the people who sign away their lives.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for diplomatic solution to trade spat See in context

Wars are terrible and people and countries do terrible things, while I wish Japan would be a little more contrite on occasion there have been multiple apologies and reparations, it seems while the memory is short for those its long when trying to look for a villain.

Japan isn't that Japan, not even close, and all of this squabbling amongst countries that should be cooperating plays into the hands of the non-democracies that are now more and more likely to shift the direction of Asia in the wrong direction... if you care about peace, freedom and prosperity.

All these old guys needs their heads banged together, swallow their pride, stop simply protecting their political seat by playing up to other old people and try to build a future, stop looking to a glorious or victimized past.

The individuals that survived the earlier part of last century through occupation and war have sadly been treated terribly by their own governments and now are being used as political playing cards.. its pretty disgusting really.

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Posted in: What's behind Japan's support of whaling? See in context


I disagree, culture or tradition aren't good enough reasons if something is harmful.

If its really a traditional reason, then a small group of completely self funded people with minimal modern machinery in the Japan EEZ.. I don't think you would hear much complaint to be honest.

As pointed out and while some small areas did whale it is mostly a hang over from the end of WW2, the people in power now remember it as part of their lives and for some reason rather than embracing where Japan is headed want to confine themselves to a time in history they look back on with rose colored glasses.

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Posted in: If Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III. We will go in and protect them with our lives and with our treasure. But if we're attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us. They can watch it on a Sony television. See in context


Im not saying there isn't value in the relationship, the opposite, I don't want other powers in the region to become any more territorially aggressive than they are, for better or worse I would rather Japan be aligned with the west than some of the other options... but as I said, his statement is a over simplification of complex situation and a disturbing reflection of the poor standard of political discourse.

For example;

Japan is restricted because of the rules the US helped put in place.. to change them is not trivial.

The US is mostly here to keep their presence in the pacific.. if they decide they don't want that, or are prepared to give up the tenuous balance here.. then it is what it is.. but it isn't some one sided Japan thieving from the US's goodwill..

These are two of countless and no doubt many other factors I have no idea about..

You can't base complex international relations and agreements on twitter length statements.

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Posted in: If Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III. We will go in and protect them with our lives and with our treasure. But if we're attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us. They can watch it on a Sony television. See in context

There are no words for the gross misrepresentation and total disregard for the reasons we find ourselves in this current situation... other than sadness that this is what politics has become.

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Posted in: Folau raises over A$650,000 on Christian lobby website See in context

Some religious schools do have restrictions on who can teach and the details of their private lives protected under "religious freedom" rules...

Why is it different because using your job and platform to target specific small groups based on your personal beliefs is just plain wrong.. the public should extend the most freedoms to the most people and protect those who can't protect themselves.

Christian values? the values most of us actually agree with are nearly universal in all cultures, religion smuggles in all of these other things.. want to know how to keep a slave read the bible.. If a few of the commandments was, thou shall stay out of other peoples business and thou shall never own another human being I might respect it a bit more.

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Posted in: Folau raises over A$650,000 on Christian lobby website See in context

People need to understand the idea of freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences of that speech as it applies to employment or other non public situations.

He can say as he likes, he isn't going to jail, his rights to express his opinion aren't being restricted... but yes he lost his job because as a private enterprise his actions were out of line with the conduct for that position, in which his contract most likely included specific wording about social network statements..

Being religious, neat... not for me, but live your personal life as you like, be gay don't be gay.. whatever, but it all looks very petty and sad on his part.

If you choose to follow something that puts you at odds with your employment or other rules about serving the public for example, that is your choice, but you might need to find yourself a new job, thats life, but you don't get to just wave a flag of "personal beliefs" to do whatever you want.

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Posted in: Talent agency suspends 11 comedians for 'underground business' See in context

Seeing how most of this "talent" lives Im not surprised they tried for a little more money. Paraded around on TV for their year or so of fame, if they make it, while living in a 1K and scraping by.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context


I understand wanting to defend Japan, sometimes it is unfairly treated as if it is the Japan of the first half of last century, and it isn't.. but that doesn't mean blindly defending everything, that is nationalism, and nationalism is dangerous. We should always work towards a better world, a better Japan, no-where is perfect. Tradition or a small amount peoples comfort/memory food, if harmful isn't a good enough reason to do something.

Whaling, I don't want my tax funding it, and hope it quickly becomes financially unfeasible and left to become defunct or a very small boutique enterprise of little effect.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

At Bugle Boy, why do you care what other people do so much?

If a consenting adult couple (with all the other prerequisites) want to be in a marriage yeah, so what?

What harm does it do to you?

I can guess I would think many of your beliefs are outdated, ridiculous and plain wrong.. but Im not coming into your life making you change them, yes I can challenge them in this public arena but.. I would defend you to live your life the way you want and be as maximally free as we can be in respect to other peoples rights... why can't you do the same?

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

If two consenting people love each other and all other prerequisites apply, of legal age, of distant enough relation and whatever other apply then lets be honest your objection is more about you than the couple.

As others have said people complain oh I have hear too much about it these "gays" and their "agenda", well stop objecting to them living their lives as they want, it has nothing really to do with you at all..

And... gay people will be gay and straight people will be straight.. because I hear a gay couple can get married does that make me for one second reevaluate my sexuality? Of course not, I didn't decide Im straight I just am.

Perhaps thou doth protest too much? Maybe you aren't quite so sure of your position on the sexuality spectrum yourself.

Oh but the kids, guess what kids don't care.. unless you make it hard its easy.

"Dad why does billy have two moms/dads? Oh well sometimes families are made up in different ways but Im sure they both care for Billy very much. "Hmm ok lets go play lego."

Oh its the end of the world and civilization, nope.. there have been gay people around forever, there always will be.

Many years ago, I have to admit I was a little bit ick about gay relationships but was fortunate enough to through work meet and work with several amazing gay people and meet their partners, they were loving partners and realized, not just as a declaration of love but in medical emergencies, taxation reasons, ability to get mortgages, benefits and all the other things married couples are able to get under the law they should be entitled to everything I am in a heterosexual relationship.

Over many discussions and laughs and tears I heard the stories of how they had been tormented by families, by others, by themselves just for being who they are and long journeys to accepting it.

This argument that marriage is owned by any particular belief system is a complete fabrication almost all societies throughout history have some version of marriage or recognition of a bonding of a pair of people.

This debate is really over, most people have accepted that now and instead focus their outrage on an even smaller and more marginalized group of transgender people instead.

Heres an idea how about worrying about what someone else gets up to in their bedroom with another consenting adult we try to work to make this world a bit better for everyone, especially when it does you no harm to you...

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

Reckless.. there is no doubt there is a bunch of sad/grumpy/tired/rude middle age men especially in rush hour, but one doesn't excuse the other. (lets hope the next generation leaves some of that behind but as people get ground into dreamless work machines not sure if I have that much hope of that)

Not sure where you are in Tokyo... but the increase in tourism and some of the behavior mentioned is very clear to me.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

this definitely has two sides.

Are some tourists from some locations difficult and honestly a little unpleasant yes, undoubtedly, my frequent trips around the country for work have seen some massive changes and they aren't great.

However Japan needs to work with tourism companies, and airlines coming into Japan (from especially some locations) to advise some cultural norms in Japan, and when it comes to public behavior because some of them aren't clear to people who live quite differently.

Explain Flush (with paper) Toilet system

(I travel a lot there are still many places in Asia this isn't the case)

Explain Public transport and crowded location behavior

(Keep voices down, yelling into a phone and having the other end on speaker is considered rude, line up politely, be reasonable with shopping and baggage)

Explain the unfathomable lack of rubbish bins

(this one really gets to me... and now a lot of convenience stores are removing outside bins there is even less)

If a really angry NZ2011 tells you to please be quite in the hotel hall ways at 3am for the 3rd time be warned the next request won't be so friendly.

I personally think a multi-language guide as you enter Japan as a tourist that has emergency numbers and instructions as well as some simple cultural guide instructions could go a long way.

As I said I travel a lot, and Japan is significantly more pleasant as a general environment than some of the surrounding areas (other than smoking) I don't want that to change.

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Posted in: Over 60% of women face enforcement of wearing heels at work, study finds See in context

Yes but because it’s “better than before” doesn’t mean we should stop progress.

Japan has a major labor shortage which will only get worse as the population ages. Women returning to the workforce and being supported and comfortable, mentally and physically is crucial to all of us and not just as tea ladies but leaders of business..

If they choose to wear a certain type of shoe cool but government support of forcing people to wear a specific shoe which has many many issues, not just physical but the effect the separation of duties and roles to me is plainly wrong.

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Posted in: Over 60% of women face enforcement of wearing heels at work, study finds See in context

Oh the fake moral outrage “woman aren’t victims” free market blah blah blah.

”he shouts loudly from his privileged almost more certainly more highly paid for same work position”

Not everyone is in a position to start a work revolution... they have to take any job they can get especially when young women especially those who have decided to work as well as be a mother are illegally asked about are you planning to have kids are you going to take more time off.

Ok well give you the job but you have to wear these gender specific shoes.... WTAF!

.... some people live in a dream world so blinkered to their tiny slice of the world..

very sad, I hope you treat your daughters, wives and female employees with much more respect and regard than most are showing here, and in general care and concern over other people’s welfare than the all might dollar or yen in this case.

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

Go to a movie about a well known gay musician but don't want to know anything about them being gay.. because.. the truth hurts you?

People are so precious...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

oh gee oh no terrible pot... wouldn't want the kebab stands to run out.....

but hey if you want to smell gross and get a lung full of bad stuff no worries just go to pretty much any small bar or restaurant, take your fill of it..

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Posted in: Over 60% of women face enforcement of wearing heels at work, study finds See in context

Forcing anything other for example "black tidy shoes" across all staff is just wrong.

As someone else said high heels or not don't effect your ability to do your job, want to wear them, cool if not.. not problem.

Women's value being based on her clothes makeup shoes how many kids she pops out.. why is everyone so keen on controlling women and treating them less than?

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