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Posted in: Woman throws newborn baby out of toilet window See in context

The reporting here about how the boyfriend became aware of the situation is a joke, I mean, what are you going to say to her when she comes back in the lounge looking half the size? Good poo love?

Still, living in Kumagaya and this being literally down the road makes me sick.

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Posted in: 9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) See in context

His hair has that just woke up look, and he makes it look cool (says a woman in her 20s)

I'm in my late 20's and totally bald, and my students call me ikeman. Even their cute pictures of me that they draw show me with hair (lol) so this is bs

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This group is dedicated to protecting the freedom of expression in Japan. The recent dance regulations are an insidious a threat to Japanese Democracy and is a very serious issue. Rainbows in almost every culture are symbols of peace and diversity. Ninja's are tactical powerhouses. Let's defeat this ban together!

It's a closed group but I can add people that want to be part of the movement!

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Posted in: M4.8 quake jolts Ibaraki, Tochigi, Saitama, Gunma See in context

totally woke me up too in Saitama, Kumagaya

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context

So guys, the days of high schools in skirts may be coming to an end.

lol doubt it

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context

seconded Shiningfinger. They really all think it's just normal, it's a pity. For the rest of the world, Japanese High School girls is a category of porn.

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context

well considering what I just saw last class when a HS girl lifted up her leg and put it on a chair, and now reading this article...

It was the last class for the year and she knew exactly what she was doing. I didn't want to look but it did catch my eye.

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Posted in: Emperor enters hospital to prepare for heart bypass surgery See in context

what's up with all the "thumbs downs"?? The Emperor needs our support

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Posted in: What do foreigners find strange about Japan? NTV finds out See in context

On a similar note, I feel bad for many foreigners here who always are assumed to be American (there are other foreign countries?!)

So true. I'm from New Zealand and not that I expect everybody to know where it is, at least understand that there are more countries out there in the world then good ol' America.

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