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I was in Rikuzen-takata in May 2006. It was such a beautiful little place. So was Onagawa. Can't stop crying.

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I would pay hard cash for a book that would teach me how to stop longing to return to Japan for the rest of my life.

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It has something to do with the early waking, I think. For years I had to put up with my J-husband bounding out of bed at 6 am insisting that we must get started on the day, but I'm happy to say that now he is getting older he's finally grasped the Western concept of the lie-in. In the old days, he was worn out by mid-afternoon and needed several naps to get through the day. The other point is that the Japanese ability to sleep anywhere can be a real asset. On long-haul flights I've seen entire planefuls of passengers fast asleep for hours with their heads on the fold-down tables in front of them - while I twist and turn, unsuccessfully trying to contort myself into a sleeping position.

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Having lived in California, Chile, Japan and Britain - none of which are doing brilliantly economically - I totally agree with those who have said that quality of life is more important than economic supremacy. Freedom to step down from the economic pissing contest will be a very good thing for the Japanese.

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WHY would you want to take a child on a maid train even at 3000 yen a pop ?

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This, sadly, is how things are done in Japanese business. The surreptitious manoeuvre, the anonymous whistleblower. Sad to hear that it still hasn't changed, this far into the 21st century.

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dontknockit: missing the point re the guys with AK47s - they already have 72 virgins to look forward to, no need to bother with maid cafes.

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Can anybody explain to me why Americans are so obsessed with teeth ?

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