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Obakemono comments

Posted in: U.S. Marine sentenced to 12 months in prison for assaulting Japanese woman See in context

Well he won"t be lonesome because all of running buddies will be waiting for him at The United States Military Disciplinary Barracks. Not too many people would want any of these Losers near their Teenage Daughters when all 4 get together on a nite out on the town. Hope the their lives will be very difficult when they get released from prison like a place to live and finding enployment because what the did is UNFORGIVABLE! Here"s hoping thay all flunk all background checks in an effort to keep these 4 losers away from Society.

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Posted in: Mother of Filipino allegedly raped by U.S. soldier in Japan appeals for help See in context

All I can say is "Good Luck" in trying to have the US military and the Goverment of Japan reopen this case because this "Bar Girl" knew what she was getting into when she arrived in Okinawa. Now for the GI he will now have to face the Army JAG who will throw the UCMJ at this GI Who will mostly get Kicked out for Conduct Unbecoming, Unlawful Sex With a HOOKER under the new rules that were put in too effect some time this year. Her people should go after the Filipino Goverment and request that these Young ladies should not be granted Entertainment Visas because all those ladies end up working in off base Bars. Maybe she Bled because she is a female with a tiny frame. Maybe the GI is a Real Big Guy.

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Posted in: JSDF private arrested for threatening 12-year-old girl in Gunma See in context

Gee! I wonder how many days of REFLECTION will the Commander of all JSDF will impose and place all JSDF personnel on CURFEW for this incident

OOH! I sorry miltary crimes commited be JSDF is not worthy of any type of action

Days of REFLECTION/CURFEW only applies to US Military Personnel assigned to Japan

I guess this screwup will get promoted to Sergeant or Higher and his way out of this is to plead 10,000 Gomen-nasais

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Posted in: Chief of U.S. forces in Japan promises to get tough on crime See in context

Once again I wish that the Japanese press would get a persons Military rank correct This officer has the rank of Lieutenant General (3 Stars) in the US Air Force

His title is Commander US Forces Japan

I also wonder if there is a screening for people who are assigned to any overseas locations and what would the criteria be besides Mental ?

I hope that Gen. Rice will advise all people assigned to Japan that if they screw up that they will be at the mercy of the UCMJ and that the Japanese will also be after them To me I think that the UCMJ is more harsh than Japanese law (Penalty Wise)

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