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Posted in: Japan beats Cuba 5-0 to reach WBC semifinals See in context

happy to see japan and korea play...yet again. the format of this tournament really needs to be changed to single elimination. i wonder if one of the japanese players will plant a japanese flag on the mound if japan wins. wouldn't THAT cause quite a stir. from here on out, no matter the sport, the winning team should plant their country's flag in the middle of the field. (snark)

btw, someone on this site said earlier that ichiro used a korean flag to wipe his nose. did this really happen?

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Posted in: WBC means a lot to some, and little to others See in context

For the sake of American's chances in the WBC, I'm ironically hoping they get bounced from the tournament yet again. Maybe then the players and managers will understand that they can't win the thing on image or reputation alone. That's what happened to the USA Olympic basketball team. They had a "dreamteam" of superstars in 2004, yet only managed a bronze medal. In 2008, the players and coaches had a much better attitude and commitment to winning the gold...and they dominated. I am really impressed with the Japanese baseball team. They have solid defense and pitching. Now they just need consistent offense and they will win the tournament...again.

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Posted in: Japanese learn English using Obama speeches See in context

Obama hasn't done anything yet but he's treated as a God

Uh, it's been two days and he has already signed the orders to close Guantanamo (within a year) and withdraw combat troops from Iraq (in 16 months). That's something!

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Posted in: Obama, McCain prepare for final debate See in context

Read 'em and weep... Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama is likely to pick up 364 Electoral College votes, far surpassing the 270 needed to claim the presidency, . . . ”

Meanwhile, the National Journal says: “Barack Obama now leads the Hotline’s Electoral College projection with 361 EVs to John McCain’s 177 EVs. On Fri., Obama led 349 EVs to 180 EVs, while 9 EVs were toss-up.

Even more striking than Obama’s 184 EV overall lead is his total among solid states. The Dem nominee holds a 297-143 EV edge in states where a candidate has a statistically significant advantage. Obama crosses the 270 EV threshold necessary for election without even accounting for states he leads within the margin of error.”

The National Journal, by the way, is “the leading source of nonpartisan reporting on the current political environment and emerging policy trends”

Stick a fork in it, it's over baby!

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