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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

I get both sides of the issue but as it relates to Japan...

What benefit would society get from introducing another drug? I mean there is no big demand for it. Alcohol is already the legal drug of choice here. I have not met one Japanese person who laments not being allowed to use pot in Japan. Taxing it would bring in peanuts so there is no financial motive. Smoking in Japan is down and frowned upon in public. Organized crime would not be snuffed out by legalizing it.

Medicinal legalization may make sense since there are situations where it helps patience deal with pain.

I think respecting and following the strict rules put in place in school, work, and society help keep Japan a civil country.

What am I missing?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases See in context

*bokuda: Give me a reason to think that Japan is doing any better than France.*

Well one obvious reason is deaths...

France - 31727

Japan - 1545

There is no country in the world that I would rather be living in right now. There is so much freedom here in Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't urges people struggling to cope to seek help after death of actress See in context

1900 unnecessary deaths in August that could have been prevented, and without a vaccine! Society needs to get their priorities in order.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 218 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 601 See in context

Ashley ShibaToday  08:50 pm JST

There was one death today, 5 yesterday and overall the death rate these last few months is up about by 500 that is a lot. This long holiday is going to really spread this crap, great.

Ashley, if one checks your post history you have been wrong for months in your predictions. There has been no huge spike in the number of deaths and seriously ill here, despite most people getting on with their lives. Look around you...everyone is wearing masks and the majority of Japanese are careful. They fortunately are not virtuous and they make the best of it. They realize some people will die but that percentage is so low. Why don't you compare the Covid death rate in Japan to other communicable diseases? You will be less stressed if you do. The best way to combat this is to stay fit and healthy.

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Posted in: Print your face on traditional Japanese 'dorayaki' cakes See in context

I just came by to "like" this. That is funny stuff!

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

Don't let words offend you. Stop being a victim. This is not a big issue in Japan.

Of course there are anecdotal cases and they are the ones that get reported on.

For every terrible interaction with a Japanese citizen you can find dozens of wonderful ones.

The problem is that some foreigners walk around with a chip on their shoulder and they assume everyone is xenophobic. They only find what they focus on.

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Posted in: Australian state of Victoria extends Melbourne lockdown despite drop in virus cases See in context

Peter14Today  07:22 pm JST

Happy to be living in Victoria where the government takes well thought out actions to keep its people safe. Look at whats going on in other countries, unbelievable stupidity opening up while cases keep growing. Utter madness.

How many people in Victoria would be an acceptable amount to die from Covid? 1, 10, 100, 1000? Governments have to do risk assessments and allow for casualties in order for society to function. Your premier has just destroyed your state. It sounds like a horrible place to live.

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With so little testing it means the death/serious illness rate is much lower than reported.

So many people must not understand who is actually tested in Japan. It is not like other countries where asymptomatic people randomly get tested.

Japan definitely has a different approach than most western countries and after more than a half-year there have been so few casualties, comparatively. It is encouraging to still see people able to work in all industries here.

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For the severity of the virus, Japan has tip-toed through 7 months relatively unscathed.

Long weekends, travel campaigns, and the opening of spectator sports hasn't significantly raised the curve.

Most of the public is responsible, cautious and does their best to prevent the spread while going on with their lives.

Japan was never known for freedom and liberty but it really shines through now.

I couldn't imagine living anywhere else at this time.

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Posted in: Japanese tennis star Kei Nishikori tests positive for COVID-19 ahead of U.S. Open See in context

Pro athletes can get Covid too. The big difference is that they constantly exercise and have a healthy diet.

We all should be focusing on improving our fitness and keeping off excess weight. This will go a long way to protecting our bodies from the potential devastating symptoms.

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Posted in: YouTuber Paolo documents a typical day of a Japanese office worker and other employees See in context

Paolo is on a different level when it comes to quality Japan YT content. Would also recommend "Life Where I Am From" for similar style videos.

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

As long as Biden doesn't debate she will be the next president within months. Risky pick since he vetted his VP based on gender and color. Other qualified candidates were not allowed to get a sniff.

Going to be another close one in November.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

I see people with unpopular opinions practicing free speech. No laws are being broken here.

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Posted in: Panel discusses virus response guidelines for local gov'ts See in context

The more data made to the public the better. The simple reporting of "new cases" doesn't mean much on its own.

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Posted in: Bed occupancy rates for coronavirus patients rise across Japan See in context

It would be interesting to also know the occupancy rate required to maintain their profits.

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Posted in: Asian shares extend rally after S&P 500 nears record See in context

Dollar was slipping a bit. Glad to see it strengthening again!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 309 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally tops 1,000 See in context

Nick RamsayToday  04:27 pm JST

Trending up. Here are the past six Tuesdays: 31, 54, 106, 143, 237, 266. And today: 309.

Is it? Here are the week-to-week increases based on your numbers...

74% Week 1-2

96% Week 2-3

35% Week 3-4

65% Week 4-5

12% Week 5-6

16% Week 6 - NOW

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 309 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally tops 1,000 See in context

Suggestion to Japan Today...

Maybe a side graph showing the daily Tokyo cases would be better than writing an article about it each day.

The case number alone is only one variable and, although important, one cannot make any conclusions from it.

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Posted in: 2 dogs test positive for coronavirus, marking Japan's 1st reported pet infections See in context

Who is testing their pet for Covid 19? and why?

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Posted in: Museums in Japan collect daily items to log pandemic history See in context

Do Diamond Princess items count? Or is that in the "Asterisk" wing of the museum?

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

This is a HIGH number, comparatively. Is everyone looking at the flat mortality curve at the same time? You can't just look at the infected total and make a conclusion of doom. While the cases are up it seems the treatments must be working better than they did in early spring. A "SOE" statistically wouldn't save lives since so few were lost in the 2 months after the last "SOE." It is all a risk assessment that the government is making. As a society we make these assessments every day as there is potential danger in everything. Just be prudent and live a little more cautiously.

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Posted in: Madonna post blocked by Instagram for false virus video See in context

She is a doctor. It was her opinion. They are acting as publishers not platforms.

We can decide what to believe.

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Posted in: Japan's daily coronavirus cases top 1,000 for 1st time; Iwate reports first cases See in context

They should also report on the flat fatality "curve" since late May.

Let's keep things in perspective and not try to scare everyone.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus infections top 30,000 with 295 new cases in Tokyo See in context

All governments have to make callous risk assessments. How many Covid deaths are acceptable in Japan?

1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000?

If your answer is zero, your argument is a non-starter.

Don't forget that Japan loses 3400 to the flu every year, affecting a wider age range. Also, there is a vaccine for it.


Society accepts this risk.

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Posted in: Japanese student criticized for campaign against excess plastic packaging See in context

Can someone please explain how my candy wrapper plastic is going to end up in the ocean?

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Posted in: Olympic athletes ponder what might've been in Tokyo See in context

Symbol wasn't allowed in my last post

Cutting your losses IS BETTER than losing everything.

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Posted in: Why have no COVID-19 clusters occurred in pachinko parlors? See in context

I always thought onsens would be the first place to see clusters. Lots of hacking and coughing going on there. I went in April during the height of the first "wave" and was surprised the sauna was open too. Beginning to think spread is occurring in more confined spaces where people are together for a relatively long time. Has anyone been to an onsen lately and if so are the saunas rooms open?

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

Why not just report the numbers of those who are seriously ill or dead?

Everyone on here seems to agree that the positive test numbers are not accurate so they shouldn't report them.

But I guess that wouldn't lead to clicks, would it?

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Posted in: Japan’s first 100% non-alcoholic and vegan bar to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi district See in context

A cruel omen. Not the type of shop to flourish during a pandemic.

It probably could have made a splash when millions of tourists once roamed the streets.

I feel bad for small business owners who had 2020 "New Open" plans.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 143 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 2nd day in a row See in context

I miss the "including those on the Diamond Princess" Covid case reports. Those were the days.

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