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Posted in: Garth Brooks joins lineup of entertainers at Biden inaugural See in context

If he feathered it tight he may be able to unite the left and right.

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

Clusters are not coming from restaurants that serve lunch. Good for him to speak up. Let's support and protect all small businesses too. Most Japanese restaurants are doing a responsible job of serving the public. I feel very safe in the restaurants I frequent.

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

60000 yen a day support to eateries is much better than what was proposed before. Larger subsidies in other industries would definitely help since they can't order closures.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 481 new coronavirus cases; nationwide cases 2,382 See in context

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 81, down one from Sunday

Watch THIS number and react accordingly. The number of cases can look scary but the history of severe symptoms and deaths is not surging in Japan. That is a fact.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 949 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,881 See in context

Same as in April.

I could do the same in April as I do now. Some shops and malls chose (on their own accord) to close down temporarily in April but it didn't force me to keep away from crowds. Most people choose to limit their public outings without the government even suggesting it. The Japanese are not stupid.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 949 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,881 See in context

Fighto!Today  03:44 pm JST

Very troubling figures, 10% positive is still far too high. The Tokyo and National governments need to look into declaring an emergency. 

Curious...How would that "Emergency" look to you? Remember that no rules here in Japan can be forced upon the public.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 949 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,881 See in context

Severe symptoms unchanged. That is the best news from this.

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Posted in: Japan 'extremely behind' in promoting gender equality, gov't admits See in context

Promoting gender equality is definitely encouraged. Pay should be equal to both genders for the same job.

The question is, do the majority of women in Japan want the same jobs we see the men dominating in?

It comes down to interests and it is obvious that some fields garnish more from males and others from females.

Creating a forced outcome for job positions based on gender shouldn't be encouraged.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 888 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,737 See in context

A better stat to look at is... 4 more serious cases over an increase of 140 new cases.

This ratio doesn't exactly tell us Tokyo hospitals are going to be overrun.

If you live in Japan you know the situation is not as dire as this comment section claims it is.

We have been living quite normal lives since March with no mandatory shutdowns.

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Posted in: Four perish in two residential fires in Tokyo See in context

Meanwhile,stores like the above mentioned don't adhere to any logical fire codes.

I thought that after the fatal 2004 arson fire in Don Quijote they were forced to redesign their stores to meet code.

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Posted in: Gov't considers compulsory private health insurance for int'l Olympic visitors See in context

Don't most reasonable people purchase private travel health insurance before going on a trip abroad?

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Posted in: Japanese spacecraft carrying asteroid soil samples nears home See in context

Quite a complicated mission. Hoping for a safe landing and that it gets the press it deserves.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 401 new coronavirus cases See in context

27.5% of those that got tested ended up testing positive. As you read this, if you are in a very public, crowded place in Tokyo, the odds that someone within spitting distance has this virus is 1 in 4.

Only those with symptoms are tested so your theory is incorrect.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s purse at pachinko parlor See in context

It is refreshing too see that this type of crime still makes national headlines. The Japanese let their children know early that things like graffiti, illicit drug use, and petty theft are not a "rite of passage" as in other countries. Once a country stops paying attention to "minor" transgressions it is a slippery slope from there.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

i@nToday  08:06 pm JST

First thing that needs to be done is to get a clear idea of the spread. They can do that by doing a regular periodic randomized testing. They did it once before, don't know if there's a follow-up or a plan to

Second could be to establish false positive rate of pcr test if they haven't already and considering those data reformulate the guidelines for diagnostic testing

Sincerely, thank you for your thoughtful suggestions as they are rare to find on this board.

Can random testing be mandated in Japan?

I am beginning to think the Japanese government is very limited in their choices. They can't lockdown anything except public buildings. Many people don't realize that Japan cannot be "locked-down"

If people start dying at a rate higher than the annual influenza, I think the public will act more prudent on their own.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

I get the down-votes! I totally do.

But no answers??

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

Honestly, what significant concrete steps (besides the Go To campaign) can the Japanese government take to improve the situation WITHOUT infringing on the current laws that protect our personal freedoms?

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Posted in: Gov't to give financial support for shorter hours as virus surges See in context

Government proposed support to late-night shops... 6500 yen ($60 US) per day for one month.

Since nothing can be mandated, most business owners will quickly rebuff this ridiculous offer.

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Posted in: Sapporo residents asked to refrain from non-essential outings See in context

Why is it Hokkaido is referred to as an island here, and all the rest not?

Probably because it is a prefecture on its own like Okinawa (which they refer to as an island)

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Posted in: Don't move See in context

They have had this in Sapporo for 2 years. Few pay attention to it though.

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Posted in: Passenger injured by pepper spray in Tokyo subway following argument over face mask See in context

Can we all just get along?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 122 new coronavirus cases See in context

Perhaps there were so few tests because so few had symptoms. It is possible.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 209 new coronavirus cases nationwide tally 864 See in context

We need to be rational and realize Japan is not suffering the carnage of other countries with regard to Covid.

Following mainstream news and social media causes stress in so many people.

It is always the invisible things that cause panic: Covid, Radiation, CO2, GMOs...

There is more room to manipulate facts on these issues to cause desired reactions.

The public just needs to be prudent and cautious. 8 months in and Japan is doing fine.

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Posted in: Suicide leading cause of death among young people in Japan, statistics show See in context

You would have thought it was Covid based on the lack of press suicide gets. Priorities!

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Posted in: Tokyo to boost capacity of COVID-19 testing to over 60,000 per day See in context

Only symptomatic people are tested so the increased capacity may never be reached. To many foreigners, this seems to be unacceptable method. But we can't ignore the fact that the number of dead and seriously ill is outrageously low for the size of the population.

I give Japan the benefit of the doubt in their approach since society and the economy are running quite smoothly, all things considered.

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Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

The economy is a big part of public health. Many countries are ignoring this. Japan has successfully balanced our freedoms vs our risks. As individuals we can gather our own facts and decide how serious the threat is.

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

I get both sides of the issue but as it relates to Japan...

What benefit would society get from introducing another drug? I mean there is no big demand for it. Alcohol is already the legal drug of choice here. I have not met one Japanese person who laments not being allowed to use pot in Japan. Taxing it would bring in peanuts so there is no financial motive. Smoking in Japan is down and frowned upon in public. Organized crime would not be snuffed out by legalizing it.

Medicinal legalization may make sense since there are situations where it helps patience deal with pain.

I think respecting and following the strict rules put in place in school, work, and society help keep Japan a civil country.

What am I missing?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases See in context

*bokuda: Give me a reason to think that Japan is doing any better than France.*

Well one obvious reason is deaths...

France - 31727

Japan - 1545

There is no country in the world that I would rather be living in right now. There is so much freedom here in Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't urges people struggling to cope to seek help after death of actress See in context

1900 unnecessary deaths in August that could have been prevented, and without a vaccine! Society needs to get their priorities in order.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 218 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 601 See in context

Ashley ShibaToday  08:50 pm JST

There was one death today, 5 yesterday and overall the death rate these last few months is up about by 500 that is a lot. This long holiday is going to really spread this crap, great.

Ashley, if one checks your post history you have been wrong for months in your predictions. There has been no huge spike in the number of deaths and seriously ill here, despite most people getting on with their lives. Look around you...everyone is wearing masks and the majority of Japanese are careful. They fortunately are not virtuous and they make the best of it. They realize some people will die but that percentage is so low. Why don't you compare the Covid death rate in Japan to other communicable diseases? You will be less stressed if you do. The best way to combat this is to stay fit and healthy.

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