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Posted in: How do you feel about the call by some World War II POWs for Prime Minister Taro Aso to apologize and offer reparation over their wartime forced labor at a coalmine owned by his father? See in context

totally ridiculous. Japan as a nation apologized for their part in the war. No further apologies are neccesary, especially from an individual who was not involved.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

"Molenir - And the number of those Americans are a very small minority"

I think you are confusing the words minority and majority. You see a minority is a group comprised of less than %50 like, oh let's say, the Repulican party. This is an extreme example as the pubs are way way less than %50. A majority consists of more than %50 and in this case way more than %50 of Americans want affordable health care.

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Posted in: Koakuma Ageha model Sumire dead at 21 See in context

" bdiego at 02:52 AM JST - 18th June

Just FYI this can only happen - random or not - to someone who's suffered repeated blunt trauma to the head"

Sorry but that's not even remotely true "fyi."

"People who work under pressure, those who have a family history of Brain Hemorrhage or weak blood vessels, people with mutation in Cystetic genes, those who have high blood pressure and people who often drink or smoke come under the group of those who can get a Brain Hemorrhage"

I took this info from http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/1-2-2005-63664.asp these are just a few of the reasons you can find with a quick search, as well as many alternate treatment methods such as Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Microsurgical Techniques which involve removing the spilt blood and stitching up the ruptured artery. There was no mention of drilling holes in the head. I believe that was a surgical technique used to let the demons out of someone a few centuries ago.

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Posted in: Japanese hiker died of blunt force injuries after copter crash in New Mexico See in context

"What was she doing there?"


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Posted in: Sarah Palin accepts David Letterman's apology See in context

" teleprompter at 10:33 AM JST - 17th June- As for her views on evolution - she is the daughter of a science teacher who, by all reports I read, was quite a good teacher"

You read multiple reports on Palin's science teaching mother???? wow, talk about a fan-boy....LOL

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Posted in: Letterman apologizes again for 'bad' Palin joke See in context

when i heard the joke i assumed Letterman was talking about the unwed teen who has already been knocked up at least once, as i am sure most rational and lucid viewers did. i thought it was a fine joke. this whole situation has been contrived by Palin to try to get back at Dave after he pwn'ed her yet again. Palin dived on the fact that she took her 14 year old to the game, but Dave never said it happened at the game. Bristol was probably close by, possibly hosting a victory party Alaskan tramp style. Palin is so deranged. She was almost considered a serious national figure yet she allowed herself to be baited into a petty squabble by a late-night comedian..too funny. More funny is the few (very few) loons trying to defend her. She should have just stayed home and watched the game. If she can see Russia from her house, Yankee stadium should be no problem. We have people starving in the state of Africa, yet this is news....

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Posted in: 2 German nurses, S Korean teacher killed in Yemen See in context

nandakandamanda, yes we read it but it is pure speculation, so again we ask...where is the proof? bears the hallmarks? lol

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for pushing man onto train tracks at Ogikubo station See in context

Northlondon "So that justifies you throwing a man under a train ? It should be attempted manslaughter" "the 18 year old who likes pushing people under trains is the real aggressor here" "Where is the evidence that he grabbed the girl ? None of us were there. The only witness to that is an 18 year old madman who pushes people under trains"

Did I miss the part of the story where someone was actually pushed under a moving train? You chide us for commenting on the alleged assault on the female that was reported in the story, yet you write your own story about someone being "thrown under trains." Calm down man. The story says nothing about anyone being thrown under a train, it merely reports an alleged assault on a female and an alleged assault in response. It sounds to me like all the drunkard needed to do was pick his butt up off the ground within a few minutes time. From what I read nobody was "thrown under a train" or for that matter narrowly escaped being run down by said vehicle...simple assault not attempted manslaughter..case closed. I wasn't there so I don't know if the drunk actually touched the girl, but if he did, he got off rather lightly.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy drowns on fishing trip with father in Chiba See in context

ah I see the Super parents are out in force again today, or the would be Super parents if they even had a kid since they know everything that could be known about proper parenting. They always seem to try to qualify or legitimize their opinions with...."ah sad story but..." then say something to the effect of how they would never take their eyes away for one second and how this is a problem unique to Japan, as if their country has 100% survival rate for minors. I wish just once you superior beings would just say "ah sad story" and leave it at that without all the 20/20 hindsight and quips about the "flaws of Japanese society and culture" as you percieve it with your oh so perfect eyes.

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Posted in: Suspect in Kansas abortion doctor's death warns of more violence See in context

"hakujinsensei at 10:23 AM JST - 8th June

murder is murder. the only difference between tiller and his murderer is that tiller got paid for it"

Oh, and one other distinction. Abortion is legal, while shooting someone to death is illegal. Just thought I would help bring this issue into focus for you hakujin. I know the resolution on those zealot goggles you are wearing isn't to clear. Glad I could help you out...cheers

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Posted in: U.S. liberals ask how they lost gun rights, Guantanamo votes See in context

Wolfpack at 09:39 AM JST - 25th May

As with so many issues, Democrat's have that pesky Constitution getting in the way

Yea good old GWB never let that pesky thing bother him. He used it for toilet paper and called it a "Patriot Act"...what a guy

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Posted in: Iran's Ahmadinejad wants to debate Obama at U.N. See in context

smith: So if Obama doesn't accept you're saying that he's a chicken?

Of course he will say that, and if Obama accepts he will become another Palin parrot and say he is "legitimizing a terrorist regime" Don't expect anything from right wing whackos except a lot of shrill whistling.

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