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ObviousDemon comments

Posted in: Australia to keep Japan as its 'best friend' in Asia See in context

Brought to you by the smiling friendly Liberals who follow directly back to Menzies and the "White Australia Policy". What ethnicity Australians did you think they were appealing to with their 'turn back the boats' mantra?

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Posted in: Don’t forget your towel - experiencing mixed public bathing for first time See in context

A little tip here.......the only thing more awkward than naked communal bathing with your brand new Japanese in-laws......is having your own gaijin parents there too.

After that, simply going to a mixed public onsen with the mrs. and strangers was downright comfy!!!

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Posted in: Man jailed for a year over 10 yen theft at temple See in context

I guess now we know the value of that Japanese diplomat's (in the US) wife's dignity (and teeth)......

Not much parity in sentencing in ANY country these days.....

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Posted in: What single women in their 40s want out of life See in context

Just because these women are "not married" does NOT mean they are 'without a man' or 3 or 7.

I personally can say I did my bit to salute the massively underappreciated non-child females of Japan.

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Posted in: Kobayashi aims for F1 return in 2014 See in context

bicultural.......but how many times did he knock potential championchip hopes like Webber & Button out of the race????

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

Pffffft.......In Australia, the licensed premises that served him alcohol beyond inebbriation would be charged with this crime.

Why is this the TRAIN company's fault?????

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Posted in: Australian media urge end to blame game in nurse tragedy See in context

i'm an Aussie. I understand the Aussie sense of humour.

There was NEVER going to be anything remotely funny about trying to disturb Will and Kate while she was IN HOSPITAL due to suffering.....

.......the fact that this poor nurse took the responsibiltiy of her job this strongly can be ENTIRELY attributed back to these idiots trying to make their living from taking cheap cracks at the actual lives of others, to try to gain fame/notoriety for themselves.

Freedom of the press........and the duty to protect the freedom of HONEST people who have done no wrong.

Claiming the excuse of 'comedy' has NO value........ like racist gags.....it was NEVER going to be funny to anyone.

Very Poor.

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Posted in: For better lifestyles and lower costs, firms locate outside Tokyo See in context

Who's gonna teach your expats Japenese, so that they can 'bridge' with their Chinese desired marketplace???

That even felt stupid as I typed it.....

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Posted in: Vote, vote, vote See in context

Wow - Nuclear Disaster won't get you to vote, 200+% GDP debt won't get you to vote, but 3 girls in school outfits can 'inspire' you to get out there???

If that's the case, Japan is better off without elections.....

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Posted in: Governor promotes Fukushima rice at Tokyo supermarkets See in context

" crops last year failed to meet safety standards, which resulted in them being banned from sale in Japan"

Where did it all go then???

" Sato also said that results of these radiation tests on a variety of produce would be published on a web page."

Not "have been" or "at this address" - but can't seem to regain that trust quickly enough....

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan reprimanded for lax safety checks See in context

Hmmmmm..........Great standards all through the rest of the world, but when they plan expanding into new routes to give price competition to the Japanese people, suddenly we have 'safety concerns'.....

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Posted in: Australia sets new strategy to engage with Asia See in context

Kind of ironic that a country that had the 'white-Australia" policy a generation and a half ago, now has a "white-paper" to engage Asia more strongly...

Not ALL of Australia is anti-asian.......strange that the mining-type areas that benefit most from Asia are the ones most likely to be Xenophobic......

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Posted in: Australian PM's speech against sexism sparks divisive reaction See in context

2 weeks ago, after her father died, Alan Jones (Strong Tony Abbott supporting Talk Radio shock jock) claimed that her father "died of shame" from her behaviour as Prime Minister.

Yesterday, in Parliament, Tony Abbott said her government was "dying of shame", and there are questions about whether this slimeball deserved a spray????

It was the best politics coverage I've seen in years.

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Posted in: Post-Fukushima meeting calls for more work on nuclear safety See in context

The conference was led by Captain Obvious, and his Japanese counterpart, Professor Akira Kana.

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Posted in: Fujifilm acquires outsourcing division of Australia’s largest business service provider See in context

Quote "The BPO business includes printing/delivering important postal matters including electricity/gas/water/communications invoices and bank account statements to end users" Unquote

This translates to 'have progressed from just delivering junk mail, to actually printing and delivering junk mail'.

This business started 2kms from my parents' house....

A business specialising in paper media is a really strong opportunity for growth (sarcasm).....a big step forward for a company that has just been put out of it's core business by the march of technology.

Maybe they can become "Dinosaur Tech"??

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Posted in: 7 things all Japanese just gotta say See in context

You missed "How tall are you?" and "Why are you here?".

Funny......back in my sensei-days, I used to to discuss 'the 5 questions' and why they never make you look better to the foreigner you're trying to impress, when teaching upper level students.

I enjoy my revenge of Demanding to know "Why are you here???" from any Japanese person I meet over here in Gaigoku.....before actually kindly giving them any real help they might need.

Oddly....they give me a look like it's a very strange question to ask......heheheeee.

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Posted in: Regulator orders Nomura to improve operations after scandal See in context

Sorry guys, but I must lay down this savage punishment......now off to the Caba club????

Luckily, I didn't fine you, so it's your shout!!!!!

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Posted in: Octopus caught off Fukushima back on sale at Tokyo fish market for 1st time since disaster See in context

This incident has changed Japanese culture.......no longer is Fugu the 'risk your life to eat' delicacy to feature in Simpsons episodes....

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Posted in: Japan sends cargo to space station See in context

Well shucks........it's not Rocket Science!!!

OK, maybe it is.....

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Posted in: 1st Japan reactor goes online since nuclear crisis See in context

I'm picturing a poster, with a picture of those people living in cardboard boxes in a school gym hall in donated clothes, with that quote "people’s living standards can’t be maintained without nuclear energy".

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Posted in: 7 killed as bus on way to Tokyo Disneyland crashes in Gunma See in context

"The Happiest Place on Earth"???????

I've been away from Japan for too long......I opened this thread dreading reading about more innocent children being taken far too young.

Is it wrong that I'm relieved that no six year olds were in the death toll?

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Posted in: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto opposes Kansai Electric restarting any nuclear reactors See in context

I lived in Tokyo for 3 years.

I still remember one beautiful Sunday in Yoyogi, and seeing something so beautiful that I was compelled to quickdraw my keitai and take a pic of it.....THE SKY.

Now I do't know if it's smog, or mist from humidity, or Dioxin from BURNING rubbish, but your assertion that Big Nuke allows Tokyoites to enjoy the clear blue sky is not convincing. How many "clear" pics do you all have from the SkyTree etc??

Now My J-Wife & J-kids live in S.E Australia, .....the dirty brown coal capitol of the world...and we enjoy the different (natural) colors of the sunset every night out our kitchen window..........

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Posted in: BHP, Mitsubishi declares force majeure at Australian mines See in context

I didnt hear this in Aussie News today.

Who says the mining companies have to much power?

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Posted in: Record-high 384 child abuse cases reported in 2011 See in context

When I lived in Good 'ol Saiama, on a quiet Monday night after midnight, The apato neighbour decided to beat the bejesus out of the Mrs & very small kids, including the kids flying bodies hitting the wall at head height.

We called the cops.

They turned up an hour later and guess what their reaction was.....

......let's arrest the Gaijin for disturbing the Wa.......without even knocking on the victim/perpetrator's door.

My Japanese wife was in amazement, and it took her Dad getting on the phone at 2 am for ME to escape punishment.

To claim 'their MAY be more cases out there' is dispicable...

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Posted in: Australia marks 70 years since Japan's bombing of Darwin See in context

So Japan was purely justified, and it's "just part of war"?

Then this same logic would make Hiroshima fine & dandy?

Japan attacked Australia (among others), and in return, got bitchslapped.

Today's anniversary did NOT demonise Japan, present or past, in any way shape or form. I think posters here could show similar respect.

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Posted in: Australia marks 70 years since Japan's bombing of Darwin See in context

Please add years and preferably months to any events described - it should add some clarity to arguments.

When was Pearl Harbour? When was Darwin? ( Feb 1942) When did the US start bombing Japanese cities? When was Hiroshima? When did Australia get on with peaceful friendship with Japan? (early 1960s)

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Posted in: Australia marks 70 years since Japan's bombing of Darwin See in context

Japan ATTACKED Australia. Not in defence. Not to Liberate the locals from tyrannous non-democratic government. Not due to an inferred risk from a neighbour.

This much should be blindly obvious from the distances involved.

Any statements made that do not come from this basis have little credibility.

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Posted in: Ishihara says he is ready to help new political party change Japan See in context

Doesn't everything he stands for go AGAINST changing Japan?

As J4p4nFTW clearly reiterates, 'let's take Japan back to the Good old Days of the East Asia Co-Prosperity days!" is the Ishihara way 'forward'.

Bring it ALL back!!! Comfort women and all!! (sarcasm)

79 year old power brokers? Even Rupert Murdoch was wise enough to pass everything on to Juniors, coz he was just too old!

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Posted in: More radioactive water leaks found at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Wow.......I work in (non-nuclear) cooling water systems and the pipes & pumps which transport the water...

Usually pumped at (or above) 400 kPa.....leaks are like water jets.....not dribbles.

Pipes do NOT just magically 'come apart'......bolts do not 'just loosen themselves'.

It is NOT the result of freezing conditions....the 'coolant' water in the pipes is 25 - 85 degrees C and warms the surrounding pipes.....if not, you wouldn't NEED "Cooling" ( = Cold Shutdown??)

I have blamed extremely poor Management and Government oversight until now. I now realise that the 'heroes' working in the plant are peanuts too!

Ofcourse, the outright LYING is possibly the worst crime of all.....

Very Sad Again (Ongoing??)

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Posted in: AKB48 to do PR for 'Vibrant Japan' campaign in China See in context

Vibrant??......like "Glow in the Dark"????

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