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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

I really can't understand all this weird fetishes from japan. Where they came from anyway? And why?

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki makes rare video appearance to check out Ghibli Museum’s revamped cafe See in context

So entertaining news.

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Posted in: Man gets 14 years for killing student in 2018 See in context

Hirose admitted strangling Kikuchi to death in his car and then buried her body in a field about 12 kilometers from his apartment.

He even moved body and buried? He is plain murderer. And think about it this murderer come out from prison with 51 years old and walk with you in streets. Damn scary!!! What wrong with japan legal system?

I won't even wonder if he was killed someone before and buried and no one knows.

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

I assume increase is from pandemic related financial stress. Not because of fear from pandemic or lockdown or social distancing. Like all other countries there are people losing jobs, closing business, losing customers. And people who live country like japan that have big taxes must have taking extra pressure from it. Can't say government must do something because same thing happening all around world. Just japan had higher suicide rate than other countries with pandemic or without pandemic.

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Posted in: Does Burger King’s Ugly Beef Burger taste as bad as it looks? See in context

If you want people to buy, eat, and like it, why call it "ugly"

It says this burger only available in limited time. So my guess is until halloween ends?

I am sure this is halloween theme!?

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Posted in: Japan’s first alcohol-free and tobacco-free yakiniku restaurant a hit in Osaka See in context

I just don't see the point - obviously tobacco smell is offensive to other people, but someone drinking a beer at another table? No one is making you drink alcohol, however much you hate it.

Yes you have point. But i believe you never understand how it feels for non drinkers. I don't care, i won't hate people who drink few beer beside me, or in other tables. But most of the people drunk too much until become nuts. And when people goes high It feels not comfortable. Not much like smoke smell. But still we want our comfortable place like you guys have. Do anyone have problem with it?

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Posted in: Japan’s first alcohol-free and tobacco-free yakiniku restaurant a hit in Osaka See in context

If you don't like this alcohol free restaurant. Then don't go. There is thousands of place that you can eat meat and drink. So go there. There is still people like me who hate smoke and alcohol. And you all act like japan banned alcohol. It's just one restaurant damn. Honestly comment section looks so idiotic.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea announce cosplay rules, allowed characters for Halloween 2019 See in context

Wow they accepted star wars theme. Then didn't allow helmet, weapon and face make up. Now i am really confused. No fake facial hair, beard, and mustache? Poor chewbacca i am hearing his cry from here.

So disney don't want people cosplay as their character. Disney wants people that exactly looks like their characters. This is real next level cosplaying. Where can i update my DNA?

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Posted in: Nasukawa looks for real fight with Mayweather, not just entertainment See in context

"I sensed no aura about him," he said.

Then he should have born atleast 10 or 20 year earlier. Mayweather is 41 year old. His fighting days over and how he expect real fight between boxer and kickboxer. I respect Nasukawa as fighter. But this just too much

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