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Posted in: Trump sweeps into Washington with a wave and a salute See in context

This is a gorgeous room. A total genius must have built this place.” Reporters covering Trump’s remark were removed from the room before the president-elect finished speaking.

Self compliment for self centered promoting business from censorship loving President. Conflict of interest has started before Inguration day. Is there second amendment of constitution for President can advertise and promote the business while he is free loading and enjoying Tax payers funded public event?

According common law, elected head of states should transfer his business management under independent blind trust for integrity and transparency. If the public official has refused and keep conflicting his official duties with private business affair, he or she will be impeached sooner than later.

Hopefully, it was the first and last time for promoting his hotel near White House. If not he will follow the cruel fate of President Park of SK.

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Posted in: Trump praises Putin for not expelling U.S. diplomats See in context

Trump is licking and kissing Putin boots even before his inauguration. If US President is so soft on Russia as jelly, there will be more Crimeas will come. After WWII, Soviet has same old habit for land grabbing for expansion of empire. Only US of A can block Russia unbridled expansion on that earth.

Late Ronald Regan called Soviet as evil empire. Successive incoming US presidents showed respect for outgoing Presidents. Trump has show middle finger to not only Obama but also Late Regan and GOP. It is the great embrassment for GOP elders who elected someone who has been fondly admiring Putin.

If Ronald Regan is still alive, he will call Trump as traitor. Hilary said Trump is the puppet of Putin during second debate. It has become the reality now. Trump is the dangerous president with some secrets.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

ZERO idea of what SOFA status means.

They have many feee hand outs and discounts like politicians. Some went to holdidays for many weeks or months. They even did not bother to turn off Air Conditioner before they left from accommodation. When they come back, energy bills have been sky rocketed.They do not care or blink about the bills because they do not have to pay. Life is so rosy for those free loaders.

Immunity was the cause of the problem for large scale riot back in late 1960s. Service man was not charged despite he hit and killed,Okinawa woman. Injustice for traffic accident victim!

Immunity added with privileges have been inflaming local resentments.

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Posted in: British singer George Michael dies at 53 See in context

George Michale was belong to wham band in early 1980s. In US, there was another band known as Wham has already been established. UK Wham was more successful after realeasing hit song Carless Whisper.

He might have to release his album for US market as Wham Band UK. Wham can be called as second Beatles because it has been successful in Asia and North America too. Not sure about Europe and Africa!

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Posted in: Trump aides ask of Russian meddling: Does it matter? See in context

Trump said he is one of the smartest person! Therefore he does not need to listen intelligence briefing for another 8 years ( perhaps 4 years or 2 years) during his TV interview. He is so busy with transition and he has no time to talk with CIA. However he has plenty of time for tweeting and twisting. He also has some short memory for he has never said that Japan and South Korea should arm with nuclear arsenal for themselves for their security. It was said during his primaries. If POTUS is demented and losing memory, it will be waste of time for CIA for briefing.

CIA should be better unemployed rather than being said by own President as fabricated WMD organization.

Trump used to call Hilary as Crooked Hilary. He also said she is the most corrupted person of earth. In fact Hilary has Mother Theresa heart and Saintly forgiving manner. Trump said, he will lock her up when he win. If he will. she will not blink and she will accept her destiny with pride. If Trump will send her to electric chair, she will be martyr as Jone of Arc of USA. She will not beg for sparing her life. Crooked Donald should realize that he is not Roman Emperor who can determine the rival fate. He is the most corrupted president for building his hotel near white house. All foreign guests will stay at his hotel for pleasing him no matter there are better hotels near by. It is the conflict of interest for promoting business with political power.

Trump Inc will prosper with new swamp From Russia with Love. New Secretary of States appointed by Trump is Putin Close friend. He will be controlled by Putin. Not Trump who is fraudulent history. The fate of USA has been already sealed with unpresidented and unpredictable swamp in next month.

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Posted in: Trump shakes up transition team, elevates Pence's role See in context

In addition, three of Trump’s adult children — Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka — are on the transition executive committee, along with Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband. Kushner played a significant role in Trump’s campaign and was spotted at the White House Thursday meeting with President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough.

Employing family members in public service is the real conflict of interest. Those Trump offsprings have never served in public office. They are inexperienced and unqualified for transition team.

USA has gone backward to medieval era. Conqueror of empire has started venegaful action.

Christie head will be chopped first in medieval era. In mordern days, he will lose his job and framed for crime he did not commit.Those women who ruined Emperor repuation will be servely punished with multi millions law suit without losing heads.Even Cliton will follow the cruel fate with indictment for keeping election promises

GOP contol legislative, executive and judisary branches. President, Congress, Senate, Attenoy General and Supreme Court have no opposition for balancing extreme measures. People Repubic of America has been florished with autocratic rule.

Trump should give up his job for Pence if he is not capable to perform his duties. If Pence is doing his duties and Trump is enjoying President salary and benefits, American people have been cheated like Bond university students.

Trump is self employed and has never worked for someone. He may be very slow learner.

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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

When Trump could not repay debt, he has declared bankcrancy. In US, bankcrancy does not mean borrower is totally penniless. Being bankcraft means did not need to pay tax and debt. It could buy time for restricted ting business,

According Trump strategy, US should default debt owed to foreign souverign funds. He misled bond university students. US should misled creditors too. It may be extremely risky for market and US inflation.

Reality is US foreign debt is clicking time bomb which will explode anyway. There is no magic wand for that.

Therefore Trump will make America grope and broke together.

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Posted in: Philippine president assures Japan his visit to China was all about economics See in context

Phillipines is very close neighbor of Okinawa. On the behalf of long suffering Okinawans, I pay my great respect to,that strong , outspoken and open minded leader of near by neighbor.

If Shinzo Abe has only about half of the spine of Duterte, Japan will becomes the Switzerland of Asia. Swiss population is only fraction of Japan. It does not need to swing the tail and kiss the boot as puppy. Even it does not bother to join UN.

Congratulation for PInoys for electing such a man of steel with wisdom and vision. Okinawans wish next Japanese leader will stand straight with independent foreign policy as Duterte.

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Posted in: Looking past Trump, Clinton aims to help other Democrats See in context

Someone who win more votes in USA will not translate as winner of election. For example, California and New York have huge population. Winning these two can still become loser. Some states have only handful of people. However winning small states can still become winner.

Al Gore won more primary or popular votes after recounting. However George Bush Jnr did not want to keep recounting and requested high court intervention. Judges rewarded George Bush Jnr as winner. Al Gore reluntantly accepted the verdict of Judges as national interest. It was not looking good for powerful elite intervened election outcome.

Both Trump and Bush are committed to win even they lose. Therefore Cliton may become another Al Gore.

Unlike other election, Gentleman Trump reputation has been ruined by countless women. Unlikely Trump will give up the trophy he has been dreaming for a long time.

Loser definition can not be found in the dictionary of Donald J Trump. He was born to be ruling not only this earth but also other planets as well.

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Posted in: 'Snowden' director Stone warns of U.S. bid to 'control the world' See in context

Oliver Stone should make new movie as "Seventy Years in Okinawa." Boring, noisy and polluted bases with no enemy to fight!

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

If I am American voter, I do not concern much about Trump or Bill Cliton womanizing activities. What will they reform the sluggish Economy, sky rocketing foreign debt, high unemployment, inequality, reconciliation between black lives matter and cow boy policemen and excessive gun crimes are real important matters for voters.

Hilary has been senators for three decades. All of the problems are getting worse under her watch. She talks a lot about the solutions however she concerns more about highly paid speech rather than fixing problems. She is not the solution.

Trump may not pay tax for a long time. He might has fresh and new idea for fixing the problems. Let' give him a chance for something new and different way of solutions.

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Posted in: 90 minutes of fire: Trump, Clinton trade charges, insults See in context

I am not American therefore I can not vote. I have no bias against each candidate. In my humble eyes, Trump stand straight and talk bluntly with full eye contact. Cliton sit and smile and tried to hide something. She avoided eye contact.

She changed uncomfortable topic such as Bangazi and her husband Arabian nights stories. She looks not sincere. Trump is not acting. Cliton is the polished Greek statue.

Trump is real human with rage and temper. Cliton is the Robot without natural instincts.

According their facial expression, Trump is angry and frustrated for injustices. Clinton is smiling secretively. Americans need to choose straight talker and sugar coated lemon.

Trump may be reincarnated by late American cowboy actor John Wayne Who talks touch and full of actions and adventures. Cliton is boring as Current president.

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Posted in: Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill for support in Khan controversy See in context

Trump was an able body adult young man during Vietnam war era. Trump as well as Bush, Cheney, Rush Limburgh, Bill Clinton and Ted Nugent avoided compulsory military service with lies! Cheney was so successful as five times escaping from Packing Bags for Vietnam.They are all draft doggers!

Mr Khan died as warrior in war zone. Unlike Trump, he did not have the obligation for the service. Mr Khan may be Muslim. However Americans do not care which God he prayed. Action speaks louder than words. Trump sacrifice is not declaring Income tax and cheating Bond university students! His creation of jobs are questionable.

Mr Khan will be fondly remembered as hero of the heroes. There are many flowers laying on his grave yard.. Mr Trump will be disgustingly remember as fraud, insulting champion and loose cannon when his time has come! If he is lucky, he will get the single rose from Muslim and Mexican Americans.

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Posted in: Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech See in context

During Vietnam war era, Trump was an able bodied young man. How did Trump likes Bush, Cheney, Clinton and Ted Nugent and others get the special treatment for avoiding draft?

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Posted in: Russia and Turkey refuse to back down in row over jet downing See in context

Turkey is a member of NATO. Russia looks like a wounded tiger who will be unstoppable. Interestingly Russia and Turkey will go further for settlement. What will be response of NATO?

Obama will warn Russia as

"Putin do not cross the red line! We will fly nuke missiles into your office!" Erdogan may be too young to remember how did WWII ended with Russian and German blood? He wants to provoke for WWIII with Russia. He should kiss the dead pilot shoes and bow deeply. He must apologize for his trigger happy and demented ground force.

He needs to swallow his pride and arrogance for preventing further clashes.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Oregon college; at least 9 killed, 7 wounded See in context

Agree with Taramara! Even responsible law abiding gun owner can cause the unintentional accidents. One Gun shooting trainer who was an expert was killed by his 9 year old girl during shooting practice. 3 years old killed 1 year old baby girl with gun from the drawer. One young mother left her gun inside her bag while she was shopping. Her son 5 years old boy open the zipper of bag and shot his own mum to be dead. As Obama said Gun crimes and Gun accidents are daily routine for Wild West America.

No matter how mature or how competent or how responsible the gun owner is, tragedies will still occur as far as the Gun can still buy and sell like a loaf of bread. In Singapore, someone being killed by lightening strike is more possibility rather than being killed by Lunatic Gun man.There will be mad and crazy person in every part of the world not only USA. The difference is those crazy people can not access that extreme harmful physical object as U.S of A.

US gun lovers are still living in the fairy world as every gun owner will be alert, cautious, careful and respectful to their gun. Gun is the poison for law abiding decent American society. Founding fathers of USA will not tolerate any more tragedies caused by pointless cold blood killing.

Abraham Lincoln will wage the another civil war with NRA for liberating US from never ending massacre if he is still alive.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context


Germany and France have already overwhelmed by economic migrants. For example Turkish immigrants are vey high in Germany. Turkey government is intolerant about Syrian asylum seekers. However many Turkish went o live and work in Germany. Anglela Merkel feels guilty about German dark history in WWII. She is rewriting history with new version.. However it is unfair for new generation have to bear the large burden of human wave. Germany has been sandwiched between Greece bailout and Syrian asylum seekers. Germany has become Santa clause of Greece and Syria.

@Ronal Hassem

During Lebanon civil war in 1970s, Australia accepted ten of thousands of Refugee from that war torn nation. Some were illiterate both Arabic and English. Many enjoyed Aussie welfare, subsidized housing and universal health care. Not many are well integrated into Aussie main stream society. There was a Cronulla racial riot back in many years ago. Crime rates and violence among refugees are very high. Aussie tolerated immigrants culture and sensitivity. However it is not the other way around.

As the nation, government has to show compassion for taking more refugees according the Geneva convention. For decent and hard working Australians, they will be burden and potential terrorists for their peaceful nation. Sydney Lindnt cafe Gunman was granted as Iranian refugee. He repaid his gratitude with killing two Aussies. In USA, Boston bombing brothers were refugees before. They bombed and murdered Americans.

If Australia has to accept Asylum seekers from Europe as you posted, there will be more tragedies like Lindt cafe. Australia foreign debt will be sky rocketed due to feeding and housing those people. Australia is not the richest nations like Qartar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. They should take more rather than other nations.

Japan should take less! Not more.

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Posted in: Melbourne rated world's most liveable city; Tokyo ranked 15th See in context

The survey scores cities on five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education and infrastructure.

How on earth, Melbourne has the excellent infrastructure? From Airport to downtown, there were no railway or Ferry link like HK and Singapore. The nearest railway station from Airport is Southern Cross. Have to catch the bus from Airport and needed to wait for sometimes for filling the Bus. Public transport fares are not cheap except for pensioners Trains Trams and Buses are pretty slow and inefficient. In Tokyo, commuters will be crowded like Sardine. At least trains are reliable.

For the education, Aussie kids are many years behind in literacy, Maths and Science comparing with Asian counter parts. From year 1 to year 10 almost every students passed without the stress of failing exams. Overall Aussie education system is more comfortable for kids. However not everything is wine and rose.

Both Sydney and Melbourne, new generations Aussie are struggling to own their houses due to sky rocketing price of property market. Melbourne is good for cashed up wealthy Asian Immigrants. For average wage earners, they will be struggled to make the ends meet. There will be losers in Melbourne although some are doing very well.

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Posted in: Company president arrested for fatal abuse of employee See in context

It is hard for me to accept that 23 years old young man was so passive as punching bag. He may be so gentle and not willing to counter kick to the women who was his Boss. In the conventional theory, the woman could sack him if she was angry with him. She went too far for murdering him.

That young man was not deserve to die like that. Being poor and broke means he was treated worse than animals. She should be hanged for her crime.

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Posted in: Greek PM urges 'No' vote to 'live with dignity in Europe' See in context

@JerryL Jul. 04, 2015 - 08:39AM JST

Perhaps, at this point, it makes sense for Greece to leave the European Union

Before EU and Euro was founded, Greece has defaulted many times in history.

After the formation of the modern Greek state in 1829 the country went on to default on its debts in 1843, 1860 and 1893.

Whether Greece has joined EU or Euro or not, it will be struggled to balance the budgets.


and go back to a weakened drachma to gain this investment

Even Greece weakening drachma, it will still not gain much investment because it is small market. It is lacking competitiveness. Attracting investment not only needed lower currency but also higher productivity, lower salaries and wages, reliable supply chain, strategic location and talented and skilled workforce.

when in economic difficulty is to weaken their currency, as Japan and South Korea did,

Greece lacks the technical prowess unlike Japan and South Korea. Weakening currency alone will not lift the export volume for strengthening economy. Greece should be like China in 1980s for lowering wages of labors and increasing productivity.

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Posted in: Abe heckled at ceremony in Okinawa on 70th anniversary of battle See in context

smithinjapan Jun. 23, 2015 - 04:54PM JST

victims who were forced into harms way by the Imperial troops were well cared for by American soldiers if found alive, unlike the 'rapists and animals' the IAJ lied

Obviously you have never researched with Survivors of Okinawa battle. They have real knowledge and true color about both US and Japanese forces. It is true that US soldiers refrained from mass killing of civilians except bombardment of Air Force over hidden caves.

However U.S. military personnel raped Okinawan women during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

**Based on several years of research, Okinawan historian Oshiro Masayasu (former director of the Okinawa Prefectural Historical Archives) writes:

Soon after the U.S. Marines landed, all the women of a village on Motobu Peninsula fell into the hands of American soldiers. At the time, there were only women, children, and old people in the village, as all the young men had been mobilized for the war. Soon after landing, the Marines "mopped up" the entire village, but found no signs of Japanese forces. Taking advantage of the situation, they started "hunting for women" in broad daylight, and women who were hiding in the village or nearby air raid shelters were dragged out one after another.

According to interviews carried out by the New York Times and published by them in 2000, multiple elderly people from an Okinawan village confessed that after the United States had won the Battle of Okinawa, three armed marines kept coming to the village every week to force the villagers to gather all the local women, who were then carried off into the hills and raped. The article goes deeper into the matter and claims that the villagers' tale - true or not - is part of a 'dark, long-kept secret' the unraveling of which 'refocused attention on what historians say is one of the most widely ignored crimes of the war': "the widespread rape of Okinawan women by American servicemen."[24] Although Japanese reports of rape were largely ignored at the time, academic estimates have been that as many as 10,000 Okinawan women may have been raped.


Okinawa landing US soldiers were not Saints or Pure and Innocent as Snow White as you exaggerated or whitewashed as Abe editing history text books. There were some atrocities from US soldiers despite civilians have surrendered. They may be not animals as IAJ lied. There were many rapists of Okinawa girls. Overall US force were a bit kinder and gentler during wartime for their spreading propaganda for wining the heart of civilians. However they are out of control during the peace time. When Okinawa has been returned to Japan in 1972, there were many more atrocities committed by US force.

Okinawans have unpleasant memory. They have never appreciated US force presence. US force conquered the Okinawa physically. They will never win the heart and mind of Okinawa. Okinawa has survived before US was founded in 1776.

Go Home Abe and his beloved bases.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan say first test of Raytheon's new SM-3 missile a success See in context

paulinusa JUN. 09, 2015 - 07:53AM JST

I can't find much fault with a defensive missile.

In my living memory, no defensive missile system will be perfect. In the most cases, star war style defensive missile will intercept the incoming missile from orbit. If that missile has been attached with MIRVS (Multiple Independently Re-entry Vehicles), it will not be 100% possible for blocking individual war heads flying multiple directions. Some will re-orbit and re-land on the destination. One or two war heads may be missed in the worst case scenario.

According Late Martial Artist Guru Bruce Lee, his technique of the way of intercepting fist has limitation. It will not be possible for him to block every punches. His idea was the best defense is attack. Attacking missile system is more reliable than defensive missile system.

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Posted in: South Koreans triumph in U.S. robot challenge See in context

South Korean boffins carried home the $2 million top prize Saturday after their robot triumphed in a disaster-response challenge

Back in early 1960s, South Korea was impoverished, sleepy and backward. Per capita income was less than US $ 65 back then. How far South Korea has blossomed as technology giant in my living memory ? In my wildest dream, I have not seen South Korea robots will become the savior of Fukushima Nuclear crisis. No human will be sacrificed for nuclear radiation leakage in the future.

No disrespect to other malfunctioned robots makers. The aim of robot competition is real time response for emergency circumstances. If their robots have delayed a few seconds during the crisis, many lives will be lost. Many farmland will be spoiled by radio activity. A few seconds of delay means that robots are unfit and unreliable for real crisis.

Japanese robot Aiko is cute and polite. However I do not think she can handle the touch, stressful, ultra fast and dangerous situation like Fukushima. Well done and congratulation to Team KAIST of SK.

Hope It will replace the Samsung which has manufactured some defective washing machines. Although I was a fan of Samsung, I will no longer buying Samsung white goods which has burnt my laundry.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

Has anyone calculated the economic cost of all this enmity?

I guess you want to analyses for the benefit and losses between actively apology demanding nation vs passively apology ignoring nation of Asia.

When Singapore gained full self-government from the British colonial government in 1959, waves of anti-Japanese sentiments arose within the Chinese community and they demanded reparations and an apology from Japan. The British colonial government had demanded only war reparations for damage caused to British property during the war. The Japanese Foreign Ministry declined Singapore's request for an apology and reparations in 1963, stating that the issue of war reparations with the British had already been settled in the San Francisco Treaty in 1951 and hence with Singapore as well, which was then still a British colony

Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew responded by saying that the British colonial government did not represent the voice of Singaporeans. In September 1963, the Chinese community staged a boycott of Japanese imports (refusing to unload aircraft and ships from Japan), but it lasted only seven days.

With Singapore's full independence from Malaysia on 9 August 1965, the Singapore government made another request to Japan for reparations and an apology. On 25 October 1966, Japan agreed to pay S$50 million in compensation, half of which was a grant and the rest as a loan. Japan did not make an official apology.

As a purchasing power parity of individual, Singapore is third richest nation behind Qartar and Luxemburg. South Korea and China who are major critic of Japan are five star performers of economy in Asia.

As a GDP, China and India may be higher than Singapore. However their average individual citizen quality of life is not good like Singapore.

If Singapore has shut up and never embarrassed Japan about WWII, it will never become the Dynamic successful economy of Asia. Myanmar and Philippines which are friendlier to Japan are not doing well like Singapore, South Korea and China.

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Posted in: Beijing says U.S. South China Sea actions irresponsible, dangerous See in context


i did not post as China or PRC will shoot US plane. You have to know that scrambling Jet or spy plane can cause accident. If you want to know safety record of US planes, ask Okinawans.

US plan in middle east has failed US trained Iragi force ran away. and surrendered.to IS. South China sea will be different from surface ship battles. China has only one air craft career. They will not risk their only one big toy..

Air craft career like elephant which can not run during bush fire. It will be worse than Sitting duck. Duck can swim in the sea quickly. Subs will be more reliable than USS Ronald Regan and USS George Bush.

US should not waste time and money for Spying and drone attack. They should improve on their Air crafts safety and reality.

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Posted in: Beijing says U.S. South China Sea actions irresponsible, dangerous See in context

Colonel Steve Warren said the Poseidon had not gone within 12-mile (19-km) territorial limits that China claims around the artificial islands but said this could happen in the future.

It has happened in the past like Hanan Island incident. The hidden agenda of Colonel Warren is he preferred US plane should be shot down by Chinese navy. He should send his own son and daughter inside plane for the aggressive provocation. It will cause misunderstanding and potential accident between US and China.

If Chinese can steal US satellite and fighter jets design without flying spy aircraft, US which is the birth place of Google, Apple and Microsoft does not need to fly near construction project. It is the misadventure and risky business.

I can Google and supply the information of building sand air craft carrier by China near Paracel Island. It is better, cheaper and stronger than USS Ronald Regan. It is unsinkable unlike USS Coles, USS George Washington too. After construction, it will be named as PRR Obama.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

Unlike Nepal government, Okinawan authority have no control over Osprey s deployment over their land. If the car buyer concern about the safety reason, there will be safety investigation and product recall actions will be followed. For that case, Japanese authority is helpless and sandwiched between local opposition and not offending over seller. In the normal daily trade, buyer is demanding, curious and pushy. However this buyer is under mercy of seller of Ospreys.

It is not fair trading. It is not equal justice and inhumane. Forcing locals to bear the burden of deployment and taking risks for potential accidents is nothing different from Kamikaze mission.

it's a part of the country of Japan

Until 1972, it was part of the country of the US of A. Guam, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands and Okinawa are under US occupation. They have not included in the map. However they are totally under control of US. It is unofficial territory.

population here considers themselves Japanese citizens.

However they are second class Japanese citizens and being oppressed, robbed their land and bullied. For example one patient went to hospital for treatment for sometimes. Sadly when he came back to his house, it was no longer on the ground and being demolished for US base facility. He has been robbed by authority without notice.

Nepal citizens are poor, broke and hungry. However they are not being treated badly like Okinawa residents. Better poor, broke and hungry rather than being slaves under oppression and injustices.

Okinawa has been the chopping board since WWII. It has badly wounded, sacrificed and humiliated. Sadly they have no any control over land and environment issue. It will be better not being part of Japan under US occupation.

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan-S Korea tensions distract from N Korea threat See in context

So what you are saying is that truth, fairness and honesty was employed by American to destroy relations?

If US has truth, fairness and honesty, Japan will never be let down by US Geo politial interest. Cuba has been banned by US for half century. Suddenly it has become the darling of US like South Korea.

US has put her interest for hosting and letting Korean activists for bashing and embarrassing Japan. On the other hands, US bases and military contractors are enjoying the expenses of Japanese tax payers.

US should be less biased and fair for Japan and South Korea relation. South Korea is booming. Japan is dooming. It does not mean Japan should be discriminated.

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Posted in: Japan's shinkansen best in world at safety, punctuality, tech, but not marketing See in context

Too good?

Too good and very safe as I would like to add. When I was young, I have watched actor Kentakakura movie Bullet Train and dreamed about riding it. In the real life, that magic train is better than what I expected.

Is high quality a drawback?

Depending on the necessities of purchasing nation. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation adopted THSR 700T type is based on the 700 Series Shinkansen train used by JR Central and JR West in Japan. Taiwan likes Japan which is prone to natural disasters. They do not mind about paying extra cash if the trains are safe and sound like Japanese standard.

If the nation like Australia want to purchase the bullet trains, they have to concern more about Bush fire proof train instead of Japanese and Taiwanese style natural disasters prone bullet trains.

In France, it says, accidents involving the bullet-like TGV train occur frequently; 40 died in a China bullet train accident in 2011; a derailment in Spain in 2013 killed 79.

Commercially France and China are more successful for bullet trains export. However they have no moral high ground and proud safety record like Japan. Both of their trains have already killed people. Japanese bullet trains have no blood like them. It is pure and innocent as Snow White.

In the 50 years since, not a single passenger has been killed or injured in a shinkansen accident – not even, remarkably, during the monstrously destructive March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Congratulation for the incredible safety and efficient record. As the fan and admirer of Japanese technology, I would like to pay my salute to the designers and manufacturers and seven minutes cleaning staff of Shinkansen trains. On the train, I feel like I am floating somewhere between earth and heaven.

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Posted in: Battle for Okinawa: Islanders face off with Tokyo over bases See in context

Onishi San

but I think Okinawan people could learn a lot from Scotland, where they tried to be an independent country of its own

Scotland has called the referendum for being independent country of its own is more correct. Referendum is collecting the votes of people will for whether it will become independent or still being part of UK.

Okinawan people could also play the China card, bringing Tokyo down to its knees and have them beg the Okinawans to stay part of Japan and not to let China use any part of Okinawa for their military use

In fact China has never used any part of Okinawa. Only US used for bases. Japan in the WWII, used Okinawa as their front battle line as slaughter of the lamb. Keep dreaming Okinawans will beg Tokyo for stay being part of Japan. It may be not in our lifetime, Okinawa will gradully will become like Ireland which separated from UK. Better eating pork rather than begging Tokyo for surviving.

I love Okinawa and I don't want this ever to happen, but the possiblilty isn't zero. Abe, please don't make them any more angry or upset.

I love Okinawa too. I would like to see Okinawa will become another Singapore which divorced with Malaysia and becoming prosperous, orderly and successful nation. Okinawa liberation will become the unstoppable momentum in the future. It will not happen overnight. However it is highly possible. If Singapore could do it, Okinawa will make it too. Japan bullied Okinawa. US ruined and robbed land of Okinawa. Okinawa has nothing to lose for independent movement. Okinawa needs IRA for liberation movement.

The course of Ryuku people are not depending on others.

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