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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

This has nothing to do at all with Abe. The two were captured, tortured and possibly even killed before Abe said or did a thing.

It has absolutely something to do with Abe. The two were captured long before Abe middle east trip. Terrorists have low priority over Japanese hostages. In the Video of Ransom demand, they were looking like normal average healthy person. Abe trip and participation of active force means death sentence for them.

Abe said that he will send peace keeping force to middle east. He promoted more assertive foreign policy. It may be promotion of getting more friends there, it has sent the clear invitation for terrorists attack on Japanese people and Japanese home soil.

That tragedy is not the natural cause like natural disasters. It is purely made by Mr Shinzo Abe.

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Posted in: Families plead for lives of IS hostages as swap hopes fade See in context

most of us on JT despise abe

Most of JT posters were not born in 1960s and 70s. During 1970s, Arab nations used oil embargo against US allies for supporting Israel. Japan was smart enough for not following with US. They assumed that Japan was not their enemy because It did not involve and standing as non alliance for Arab Israel war. The reward was oil embargo was lifted against Japan. Japan has no enemy in Middle East. Even Communist China and South Korea were sweet as honey to Japan under Prime Mister Tanaka.

but you're on a tangent for trying to blame him for the current hostage situation.

Of course! Abe poked the Bee Nest. Abe went to visit the middle east and provoke IS for providing fund for nations waging wars with IS. He promised peace keeping force. However it is hard to believe they will be in middle east for natural disaster relief. Abe has licked the boots of Obama for risking own citizens lives.

sorry, but chaos theory does not fit here.

Japan is not middle east which has Chaos and Blood Shed. Abe's promotion of active member for Middle East affair is the root cause of Japanese citizens becoming the target of terrorists. In Philippines, many Japanese business men have been murdered before. It were not caused by Japanese government They risked their lives for having financial and romantic interest there. No Japanese blame Abe for businessmen deaths in oversea. Middle East is none of Japan business or Geo political interest. Abe has blood in his hands for promoting Japanese citizens becoming silence of the lambs.

The chaos that caused by theory does fit here.

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Posted in: Japanese rice: the new, safe luxury food in China See in context

but it is looking to boost shipments to Asian countries as part of a wider push to export more agricultural products.

Chinese consumers are crazy and desperate about giving extraordinary price for Japanese rice. For making Sushi, no rice beat the Japanese rice. Japanese rice is sweet, sticky and soft however it will promote more sugar level in the blood stream. In the long run, consumers will get Diabetes.

If there is rice competition event, Burmese or Myanmar rice known as Paw San Myay will get the gold medal. Indian Bastmatic rice is better for lowering blood sugar level. China is closer to both Myanmar(Burma) and India comparing with Japan. It should import more rice from them instead of high GI and more expensive rice from Japan.

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Posted in: Australians reject siding with Japan against China in island dispute: survey See in context

I'm 100% sure Australia would be compelled to provide significant assistance to the US if something like this occurred

Diplomatically Aussie stand for Japan. Not militarily. US will demand from Aussie to assist for every single conflict in every part of the world. However this one is not their national interest. China is their bread and butter. US is not.

Back in 1965, Indonesia bullied Malaysia with deliberate attack. When Aussie requested US for help, US showed cold shoulder to Aussie with polite words as that conflict was not covered with ANZUS treaty.

Due to Indonesia's troop build-up in Borneo, Australia and New Zealand agreed to begin deploying combat forces to Borneo in 1965 without any assistance from US.

If there will be the conflict between Japan and PRC, Aussie and NZ are fair enough to ignore US request as payback time.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context


I do not buy the theory of Okinawa will be attacked by PRC, NK and Muslim. They are all propaganda machine for robbing Okinawa land, water and air by puppet from Tokyo. NK has already flied rocket over Okinawa before. They do not need to come with ships or planes. There is no goat or sheep in Okinawa. There is no oil in Okinawa. There is no minerals in Okinawa. There is no rubber and teak in Okinawa. At least Philippines which has rubber is more attractive than Okinawa.

American loves Beef. Japanese loves fish. Okinawa loves pork. Muslim loves lamb.Therefore they will never get well with each other.

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Posted in: As midterm elections loom, Obama touts economic gains See in context

JeffLeeOCT. 04, 2014 - 12:26PM JST

Anyway, America's money policy is not to "print money." It's to buy assets from the banks in exchange for dollar credits, which exist as numbers on a spreadsheet until the money is demanded, through loans, etc.

It is called as credit swap. Imagine I ran away with your money. You borrowed that money from bank. As you can not repay to bank, the bank will swap the bad loan with your asset. In the conventional theory, the bank will sell your property and recover 80% of their borrowing. It is no longer true. Bank has to hold the depreciated asset for sometimes for appreciation. If the asset has not appreciated in medium term as hoped for the bank has wasted more money instead of recovering bad loans. At the end, writing off the bad loan and more capital intention is required. In my first post, I mentioned stimulation means, US govt does not want to fail some of the very big banks. However govt can not bail out the banks forever. Banks should be profitable and withstand the financial shock with reserve fund.

In addition, Wall St. created the toxic mortgage instruments behind closed doors.

In some nations, they have prudential regulatory monetary authority. It is controlling the financial market and banks for transparency, accountability and risk management. US lack the prudent discipline of monitoring and control. Something like driving a car without brake. It was the consequence of Reganomics. Market has special magic. Government is the problem of market. Let;s the market wild! prosperity will fall from sky. Thanks to Regan wisdom. US has been raising debt ceiling limit for every year.

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Posted in: As midterm elections loom, Obama touts economic gains See in context

JeffLeeOCT. 04, 2014 - 07:34AM JST

The fiscal stimulus CAN last forever, when you're the one issuing your own money and as long as there is no inflation threat.

Disagree! If you visit to Zimbabwe, you have to pay 300 billions of Zimbabwean dollars for a loaf of bread. In Switzeland and Sweden you can buy a lot with a few bucks of their money. If you print your own money endlessly, your own money value will go down as Zimbabwean dollars. Money is the exchange tender. In fact, it has no direct benefit for consumers as food and goods if it has become highly inflated. Nothing last forever.

Is there any nation on that earth has no inflation threat? May be Japan and USA which have no natural disasters and no bad loans. Bad loans means I borrowed your money and ran away without repayment. You can sue me and chase me. In the reality, that money will never be recovered. If there is many bad loans, the banks need more capital injections.

Not "in fact." the GFC was created by the reckless financial industry, ie the private sector. Gov't policy had nearly nothing to do with it.

Who created the financial industry which made bad loans and NINJA borrowing? NINJA means no income, no job and no assets. If NINJA people can buy the properties, it is obvious that it is the Govt policy and deregulation. No bank in this world is stupid as US Banks for giving money to NINJA people. Canada is the neighbor of US. Their banks are still black during the GFC. It was because Canada did not deregulate recklessly as financial industry as US since Regan era. Government policy is the root cause of GFC.

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Posted in: As midterm elections loom, Obama touts economic gains See in context

Obama also acknowledged the reality that many Americans aren’t experiencing the recovery and argued that more needs to be done.

Obama also need to acknowledge pumping trillions of dollar into economy will not last forever. Current US interest rate is nothing. It means investors will get not return for their deposit. In fact that artificial growth is intervened by stimulation as GFC crisis. Detroitt has become the ghost town. Not all unemployed blue collars will become white collars as Obama fantasy.

George Bush failed. Obama failed again. Whether Obama is black or brown or orange, he is incompetent and not up to the job. He is the illusion for sweet promise, unfulfilled American dream and endless hopes. When I watched his first term inauguration, his slogan was "YES WE CAN". It has been Gone with the wind.

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Posted in: Australian PM denies closer Japan ties hurt China relations See in context

Australia is the sweet16 girl who has to choose one of the boy as her sweetheart. In the perfect world, the girl can cheat all of her boyfriends for getting her way. Uncomfortable truth is there is bread and butter issue will overtake the pride and Anzac sprit. At the end, sweet girl has to choose arrogant and ugly boy for financial security or handsome police man who is dependent on the ugly boy for his mortgage.

Since 2002, Australia has enjoyed the golden age of prosperity driven by China infrastructure boom. It was the act of fine balancing economic interest and security alliance from Mr Howard. However it will not balance forever. Bishop has started showing her crush on corrupted policeman. On the other hand, she will lose major trading partner. She can not date with all forever.

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Posted in: Abe heads to Australia after step back from postwar pacifism See in context

Australia is also considering proposals from Germany and Sweden.

My fishing boat diesel engine Yamane yacht (SG840 style) have to stretch the knot for 38 times for warm up. Imagine I am in the combat zone, my boat has already been under sea and I am flying on the heaven.

Aussie navy authority should not trust the Japanese diesel engines reliability. Germany and Sweden are master of diesel engine designs before the Japanese start making the engines.

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Posted in: Belgium holds on to beat U.S. 2-1 in extra time See in context

USA team has never say die attitude. It is admirable for their commitment, hunger and passion for the game. The loss was the fault of Coach decision for not putting right players in the right place of the die hard tournament. Some players sitting on the bench were fearless warriors before.

Before Germany hired Klinsman for 2006 WC, German national team was a runner up in 2002 WC. Since Germany adopted his style and idea, Germany has never moved beyond from Semi finalists for all major tournaments. If his contract has expired, it is time to move on with better and brighter Coach.

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Posted in: Obama sending 300 more U.S. troops to Iraq See in context

That raises the total U.S. troop presence in Iraq to approximately 750, the Pentagon said.

The more boots means the more road side bombs. Instead of more boots, Obama should use drone strike from distance.

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Posted in: Soccer fans knock back coffee, energy drinks after snore draw See in context

“Talk, talk, talk,” said the 44-year-old, nursing a scotch. “All talk and no end result. My grandmother would have more chance of scoring.”

Well said! I have watched the Japanese national team performance of WC since 2002. Admittedly, Japan was a host nation back in 2002 therefore it was pampered by FIFA officials. Back then Japanese team had more energy, precision, creativity and rhythmic play. 2010 performance was still better than 2014 although it was a lucky draw with penalty shoot outs.

After watching 2014 group match, Japanese team could not beat the 10 men squad of Greece team with pro Japanese referee, how on earth Blue Samurais can keep boosting that they are getting better and sharper. In fact, my grandmother could score the goal for Japan if she has been given the opportunity.

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Posted in: Hillary for president? 3 reasons for and against See in context

I prefer one of the JT poster become the president rather than imperialist, arrogant and crook Junior member of Bush dynasty and incompetent, demented and inconsistent Mrs Clinton. I guess America has no more talent except that two families.

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Posted in: Australia backs Japan's collective defense shift See in context


What are you posting about is obvious that it was without reading wiki link. Collin class sub marines contrat has been a nigh mare for ADF. It has blown the budget and moved beyond the project dead line.

You had a habit for not reading wiki link and misquote other people researched information. If you want to know more about plain English in Collin Class Sub contract, ADF has own information that main stream civilian media.

During the Senate inquiry, they have admitted, they did not do enough feasibility study for whether joint project is worthwhile or not !Submarines are not like civilian cars. It is not convenient for recalling from front line. If there is an tiny error, all lives will be gone unlike surface ships.

If you are 100% confident that Disel powered subs are superior, pls supply the statics about their reliability, speed, quietness and fuel consumption. If you do not, you are rushing to post without any research.

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Posted in: Australia backs Japan's collective defense shift See in context


Japan has one of the most advanced stealth submarines in the world

Japan has never been to war with subs. There is no statics that Japanese submarines are better and more reliable than Russia or US products.

Australia knows this and want to have some of it

Many Aussie know that Made in Japan is no longer the slogan for peace of mind. Honda and Toyota have been recalling their defective cars world wide. If Japanese cars have to be recalled, subs can be recalled too. Buying Japanese Submarines is the gambling for ADF.

Too bad for China buying decrepit subs from Russia

Too bad for Aussie bought the defective and over budget Collin Subs from US. The submarines have been the subject of incidents and technical problems since the design phase, including accusations of foul play and bias during the design selection, improper handling of design changes during construction, major capability deficiencies in the first submarines, and ongoing technical problems throughout the early life of the class. Hopefully Japanese diesel powered subs may not repeat the nightmare for Aust Navy again.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand urge Japan to respect anti-whaling ban See in context

@Mike O Brien

The court DID NOT ban whaling in Antarctic waters. If Australian or New Zealand military vessels sank a whaling ship it would be an act of war.

South Pacific is not a South Japan Sea. So far there is no navy ships from Au and Nz have collied with Japanese whaling vessels. However Sea Shepherd have been water cannoned by Japanese whaling ships. They have collied with whaling ships in last year. Military is not civilian! If there is any exchange of fire between vessels, it will be no turning back.

If there will be replacement of human blood required for saving that mother nature gifts spilling blood, there will be volunteer army is waiting for joining. If it can be called as an act of war, let it be. By the way, Aust Navy has purchased the Japanese sub marines technology. It may be used for experimenting with Japanese whaling ships before the confrontation with imaginable enemy.

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Posted in: Japan to ban possession of child porn, but manga, anime exempt See in context

Japan is seen as a major global source of child pornography in photo and video form, after the United States and Russia.

So disgusting and unbelievable. Recently I have realized that there are many incestuous fathers cases have risen in those nations. How could the society tolerate the matured grown up adults become animals? There may be something wrong with law makers and porn addicted lobby groups.

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Posted in: Japan hits back at China for criticizing Abe's remarks See in context

bpsitrep JUN. 03, 2014 - 10:26AM JST

Asia needs to unite against the growing Chinese threat, which is real.

Many Asians do not like China is getting more assertive and confrontational. On the other hands, Asians are addicted to China growth and economic opportunities too. They are more interested in milking the cash cows of Chinese tourists, oversea investment and selling their goods and service to the huge market of China. Asia is not Europe which can found the NATO within overnight.

PLA is itching to go to a limited war with anyone to 'prove' they are the big kid on the block that needs to be respected and listened to

Syria and Iran has demonstrated they did not need to be intimidated with the touch words of " Do not cross the red line". If the global police lost the respect and credibility with WMD fabrication, it will never become the honorable and decent policeman again. Instead of intimidation an touch talks, US should block the PRC ships which are causing the problems. Asian nations want to see the demonstration of US commitment of Asia pivot theory. The first drop of blood should not come from Asian nations. It is the responsibility of the pioneer of Asia NATO.

China see's the 21st Century as theirs and the World to rule under them.

The definition of China means the middle kingdom in English translation. Ancient China had heavy influence over east Asia with calligraphy, art and craft, cuisine, tradition, celebration and custom. Ethnic Chinese populations are dominating the economy of their adopted nations. Unlikely PRC will not become the Mongol empire which can conquer the large segment of the world. Besides that they have no Genghis Khan who was the military genius.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia consider submarine deal that could rattle China See in context

Gordon Swarbrick JUN. 02, 2014 - 10:20AM JST

I am Australian and cant wait for our delivery of giant fighting robots, dont let me down japan!

The nature of Sub is let the ships down under sea unlike surface navy ships. Sub Marines Japan has no track record of delivering the reliable and effective Sub Marines as US of the A. US Collins class subs has caused the nightmare for Australia navy.

Australia defense budget has been blown out and tax payers have been kept under dark for purchasing the modern Sub Marines. The sad truth of Australia is it is over reliant on sugar coated words of foreigners. Because it lacks the indigenous design and technology. It has been cheated before.

If you have been in Sub, it is very dark like under ground tunnel. There are also dark side of the story of PM Tony Abbot who said he is confident for everything he has ordered for. Reality is he is the loose cannon who is hopeless for qualifying as smart shopper.

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Posted in: Husband of bludgeoned Pakistani woman strangled first wife See in context

According Islamic religion, Iqbal is entileted for getting four wives. Why did he murder his first wife? No wonder Bin Laden loves to hide in Pakistan. Even Bin Laden was more civilized than those low lives slaughtering women as sacraficing animals!

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Posted in: Okinawans in outlying isles more afraid of Abe than China See in context

m6bob MAY. 28, 2014 - 09:46AM JST

As aviator posted, Okinawa and Japan have been tribunal states of ancient China. Militarily ancient China has never invaded Okinawa. Culturally, Okinawa was influenced by ancient China in many ways. Such as martial arts, cuisine, custom, celebration and tradition.

Okinawa was invaded by Japan in 19th century and still the colony of US of A in 2014. I do not understand the theory of why do China want to invade Okinawa? Okinawa has no natural resources and industrial heart land. It has no single attraction for China except the sweet pork. However I do not think China wants to invade it for eating the sweet pork. They have plenty of pork by themselves. No nations has ever gone to war for eating the pork meat.

Africa is many times more attractive for China rather than Okinawa which air has been polluted and eco system has been badly ruined by the base. Even residents are getting fed up with living as second class citizens in their own land.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context


Guam ( 549 sq km) and America Samoa(199 sq km) plus America Virgin Islands( 346.4 sq Km). They may be too small for being qualified as statehood of US. However they are still larger than the smallest nations on that earth. For example, Palau is one of the smallest nation with 496.24 sq km(191.6 sq miles). Therefore size does not matter as being counted as state.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

And by talks, he means they will hold a staged referendum to annex Hokkaido into Russia.

To be honest, Hokkaido natives are nothing related with Japanese. They are Ainu of Caucasian descendants. If Putin wants to annex Hokkaido, there is no point for him to return neighboring some islands of NT.

BTW, Okinawa has been 53rd states of US for 69 yrs. Whilst Russia is so generous with Japan in the north, US is not willing to move out from south despite the hostile protests.

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Posted in: China warns Japan to stay out of dispute in South China Sea See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday expressed concern about regional tensions that he said were stoked by China’s “unilateral drilling” after China moved a giant oil rig into disputed waters, a moved denounced by the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States.

Interestingly Paracel Island has been under controlled by PRC since 1979. However there were no oil rig before. Just recently Obama toured S E Asian nations and reassured them, US will stand up for them. They had to be more assertive with PRC. If PRC is more provocative, a good guy will give the lesson to the bad guy. I guess PRC is testing the water how far US will go for S E Asia.

When the bad guy got drunk with digging the oil, a good guy did not demonstrate according the Asia pivot theory. I have sympathy for Vietnam and Philippines who has been deceived by Obama sweet talks.

Obama likes unfaithful boyfriend who has given the girl with sweet promise "I will definitely marry you". When naive and honest girl has bought wedding dress, he ran away with other girl. Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan are smart girls enough not to take that seductive boy seriously.

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Posted in: Curfew in Thailand: Should you still go? See in context

Western democracy (a.ka.k "democracy") works fairly well in many countries, including India

Thai is constitutional monarchy. Political system can not based on populist theory (majority rule) according the downfall of populist government. Current General is corrupted. Opposition is corrupted. Former government is corrupted. Almost everyone in Thai politics is corrupted. If we compare Thai and Less democratic HK and Singapore, city states are more successful and less corrupted. Some Thais in poorer region want to choose their destiny as Scotland referendum. In the future, Thai may become North and South as US civil war.

India has many religions and secular society. Being democratic nation is making India is more disorganized and backward. Neighbor Pakistan has been democracy as India too. There were curse of Bhutto family.

Matured democracy is fairer, sustainable and tolerable. It have not still existed in Asia including Thai.

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Posted in: Curfew in Thailand: Should you still go? See in context

Zilch I

Western democracy does not work in Thai. As you know Thai has countless military coups and lawless mobs for kicking out the elected leader, there is no points for making elections more.

Northern Thais have brave hearts as Scottish Hero William Wallace. They will follow the way of liberation of Scotland from UK. Nothing is going to stop them for fighting injustice. Hope Wallace will smile from heaven!

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Posted in: Microsoft to press China after Windows 8 ban See in context

Kobuta Chan MAY. 22, 2014 - 04:53AM JST

If you don't bribe and then you’re product will be banned without reason.

You may not have used windows 8 before. If your product is unreliable and not good as old version, Consumer have right to ban your product. No newer versions of Windows have not captured the army of fans like windows XP.

In most of the Australian libraries and government offices are still using Windows XP. In Japan there are many offices including government and private are die hard fans of XP. It is not only about the higher cost of replacement. Reliability, and quality. Japan and Australia have no problem with US politically. However they still do not want to use Windows 8 as China.

Town, city and prefecture governments that are the biggest offenders according to a survey by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry last October. Around 2 million computers are in use at these offices, 722,166 (or 36%) of which are running XP. Governments blame the software used to handle of residential and taxation data, which is incompatible with newer operating systems

If Australia and Japan do not want windows 8, why should PRC have to use?

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Posted in: Japan to establish military outposts on remote islands See in context

BNlightenedMay. 19, 2014 - 06:06PM JST

If Japan does not have forces in forward positions where the question of sovereignty is on its side, China will inevitably rush in to fill the vacuum,

Your post is so late for many decades. Militarily PRC has just active in recent years. However Civilian ships from PRC and Taiwan have been come and go there since 1960s. Back then there were not publicity and media interest. Japan has been sharing fish with PRC and Taiwan although it has been unhappy.

it much more difficult for Vietnam to realize its aims or to thwart China's drilling for oil nearby.

PRC is reclaiming undersea soil for making the shore. In my opinion, it is more difficult for PRC to realize their project will meet the deadline. As long as they have to use water cannon for deterring Vietnamese boats and ships, they can not concentrate on the project.

Similarly, regardless of the fact that China did indeed promise Vietnam on several occasions that

Paracel Islands has been under control by PRC since 1979. Interestingly there has never been oil rig before Obama tour to S E Asian nations recently. Obama lectured Vietnam and Philippines for more assertive with PRC. In the return, Obama will stand up for them if PRC has become aggressive. I guess PRC has broken the promise for testing Obama Asian pivot. Not only PRC, Obama should keep his promise for showing his touch talks has become the reality.

Beijing decide it's high time to do a bit of island grabbing around "their" ocean-wide and unilaterally decided EEZ.

I do not see PRC will be deterred by 350 Japanese soldiers on the new out post. The real deterrence of PRC is US seven fleet. Without US intervention, there will be no more islands left for other nations in South China Sea. As Obama slogan " Yes! We can!, it is the right moment for US to liberate South China Sea from PRC.

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

Kenny76 MAY. 16, 2014 - 12:06PM JST

One more thing! Industrial dispute has nothing to do with burning factories and killing other people. If Formosa business do not pay the fair wages and make decent condition, they should be sent to the court for compensation. Not only Taiwanese business but also Japanese and Korean business have hired Chinese supervisors. They may be from HK, Taiwan, US, Canada and everywhere else in the world. The language of business is productivity.

If local Vietnamese supervisors are less productive, skilled and incompetent, they can not expect to be treated like Japanese, Chinese and Korean skilled foreman or technicians. Training someone take time and higher cost. Business prefer to hire someone who has been trained or experienced.

One more thing is mobs can not distinguish Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese. Mobs has torched and destroyed many Korean and Japanese factories too. Japan and ROK are thinking about their business damage too. Vietnam has lost the reputation as low cost and preferable destination. It will make as less competitive and backward nation. Vietnam should learn from Singapore and PRC how foreign investment can transform the backward nation as modernized nation.

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