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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

The session comes on the heels of a mob riot targeting Chinese at a Taiwanese steel mill in Vietnam and anti-China protests over Beijing’s deployment of a deep sea oil rig about 150 miles (240 kilometers) off Vietnam’s coast.

Scapegoat of Vietnamese mobs anger directed to ethnic Vietnamese Chinese and Taiwanese business. Mobs should realized that business provide the jobs for poor Vietnamese, pay Tax to Vietnam authority and contributed local economy. Ethnically, Taiwan may be Chinese descendants. However they are different political entities. The victims of riots are nothing relate with PRC government.

Stupid uncivilized local mobs for killing the Goose which is supplying a gold egg for their rice bowls. Even in WWII, Japanese soldiers did not torch and burn Japanese born Chinese of Yokohama and Nagasaki. The same thing is US citizens did not go and kill Chinese residents from San Francisco during Korean war. Vietnam has showed true uncivilized color to major investor Taiwan.

Nationalist mobs on the road grow up and join the army instead of committing unspoken crime.

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Posted in: Loyal to zip-up Godzilla, Japan wary of U.S. remake See in context

LFRAgain May. 14, 2014 - 05:02PM JST

They weren't made by Italy. They were made in Italy. Because of low production costs. It's an important distinction.

That popular spaghetti western film was made by Italian talents. Clint Eastwood was nobody before that movie was released. Thanks to Italian spaghetti western , he became the international stardom. The plot wasJapanese again which was based on Yojimbo by Director Akira Kurosawa. Magnificent seven of American western movie was also remade the Japanese movie seven Samurais directed by Akira Kurosawa.**

I am not a Japanese. However I was a fan of old classic Japanese movies. Except Magnificent Seven, most of the J movies made by US were not become good spaghetti movies as 1960s. Although I have not watched the new Godzilla, old Godzilla movie made by US was a total disappointment.

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Posted in: Abe praises French efforts for economic 'rebirth' See in context

goodchoice May. 06, 2014 - 09:35AM JST

All a government can do is let the economy do its thing, or apply some drag

Economy is a cycle. Boom and Burst are inevitable. However spend and borrow government will make economy as total failure. During financial Crisis of 2008, US, Australia and PRC governments panicked. They borrowed heavily and spent more for boosting the growth. Now all of them are heavily indebted.

The drag could be a good thing as it can stabilize the economy and lengthen boom periods.

Commies of PRC want their economy is more sustainable with lower growth. The meaning is they will spend less. However they have high saving for rainy days. US, Australia, EU and Japan will keep borrowing for social stability. Low growth with low debt is better than high growth with out of control debt.

I would sooner trust a pair of dice to tell me where the economy is going to go than a politician.

Singapore and HK economies are controlled by politicians. Their financial markets are regulated with rules unlike hopeless lazzie fare Reganomics. Market will be wild as beast if there are no regulation. Singapore has public housing and medicare like commies. However they have sustained their growth, competitiveness and trading hub for many decades. In the small city states, government can intervene the destiny of economy.

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Posted in: China pushes for rival trans-Pacific trade deal as TPP talks remain stuck See in context


It is much more preferable to have a nation with explosive growth, promising market and ever rising demand for food and commodities. According New Zealand experience, NZ GDP has risen.Unemployment has fallen. Export has sky rocketed after signing TPP with PRC a few years ago.

Due to the enormous demand from PRC new born babies, NZ dairy industry has roared like wild beast and it has become the envy of Market hungry South Pacific nations. On the contrast, Japanese new born babies are so low for generating the meaningful trade and business for South Pacific. Australia is also enjoying the commodities export to PRC and hopeful for following NZ success.

China is the irresistible market, land of opportunity and engine of the growth for Asia. Japan is no longer in good old days of 1970s and 1980s.It is less important for trade concession, market and tourism with aging society on the contrast with hey days.

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Posted in: Chinese ships return to disputed waters after Obama Tokyo visit See in context

I think they should open a military base there and then lease it to the US for 99 years.

Is this a joke for asking US which has 30% of adult surviving with food coupons, struggling Unemployed army and never ending raising debt ceiling limit in Congress for leasing Senkaku from Japan?

The biggest mistake of US was giving administration rights to Japan. It should be given to Russia as trustee instead of Japan.

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Posted in: China says it will maintain patrols near Japan's new island base See in context

And what does Taiwan say? Yonaguni is Japanese territory. That's indisputible. It is also quite close to Taiwan.

It is true that media and posters have been highlighting tensions between PRC and Japan only. There are no single piece of news about Japanese fishing authority has diluted treaty of Taiwan fishing rights. Taiwan may be not recognized as souvenir state. However Taiwan went further than PRC or Japan for sending heavily armed Navy and fighter jets inside the Philippines maritime zone for displeasure of their fisherman death.

Obama has treaty obligation for defending Japan for PRC if there is conflict. If Taiwan and Phillipines or Japan and ROK settle with force, he should stay out of other ally business. More likely US ally want to settle with each other instead of big fish PRC. Besides that PRC has never stolen Taiwan or ROK air and sea boundary like Japan. Japan ADIZ is five times larger than the whole Japan.

According Mr Putin, Obama can not cross the red line as Assad of Syria. Obama can talks touch. however he has no substance and decisiveness like Mr Bush who was powerlessly to intervene Georgia as ethnic cleansing of Serbia. Both are loose cannons lack the real actions with bigger opponent of Russia or PRC.

If he has real commitment, he has blocked PRC ship or plane for long time ago. PRC patrol ships have come and go for many decades now. Obama is fair weather friend who will change his tone for pleasing the different host. He is unreliable and unpredictable. If Obama will keep his sugar coated words, Angles will fly over South China Sea.

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Posted in: China frees ship after Mitsui O.S.K. pays $28 mil See in context

Mitsui leased two ships from Dah Loh in 1936. However it has avoided contractual obligation for paying outstanding lease. That two ships were never have been returned due to using sinking cargo ships during the war.

If my grandpa leased two ships from some one grandpa and failed to return according the contract, as an inheritance of the same business, I am still liable to pay the outstanding debt even original creditor is no longer alive. If that two ships were stolen, I still owe to pay the replacement value.

That contractual obligation was according British commercial law. However the law suit was filed in 1988. It has been taken incredibly long for settlement between two commercial entities. Timing of settlement is politically motivated. However plaintiffs were civilians. That judgement is too little and too late for prosecutors. In the west, it is simply the commercial dispute of last 80 years.

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Posted in: Anti-Korean stickers posted at several points along Shikoku pilgrimage route See in context

McGiganteApr. 12, 2014 - 12:38PM JST


I agree with you. 100%. I was just trying to show the

Bias? In fact Korean tourists are contributing the ailing Japanese economy. There is nothing wrong about displaying their written stickers for their tour. After all bucks stop there. Japanese should welcome them instead of threating them as inferior race. No Korean including my friends have never complained about Japanese stickers. Japanese even have no own characters and adopted Kanji from Chinese.

My current Japanese girlfriend loves Korean dramas. She and her friends are going to Pusan, soon, and they're super excited. I haven't met many Japanese people who hate Korea, nor have I met many Koreans who hate Japan during my time over there.

Good on you for having Korean tolerarant J girl friend. You are more fortunate than me. Recently I was in soccer match and I saw many soccer fans displaying Japanese only English sign. Their target was Japanese citizen Korean player in their national team. I have met many Japanese who thinks they are superior race over Korean or other Asians. Some people protested too much K dramas are showing prime time Japanese TVs. Some people protested K pops is poisoning the youth.

Economically Korean economy are roaring. Recent my visit to Yangon (known as Rangoon), Japanese firms are struggling to get the small slice of market for newly opened nation. K dramas and K pops are capturing the fans there. Samsung and LG have transformed highly competitive brands instead of Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba. Korean wave Hallyu is making the hit there. There are some jealousy of Japanese exporters and J ultra nationalists for Korean wave.

Japanese should tolerate and friendly with neighbors. Threating tourists with disrespect manner will make Japan as unfit nation for hosting the warm and friendly Olympic. Japan is becoming the land of setting Sun.

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Posted in: Anti-Korean stickers posted at several points along Shikoku pilgrimage route See in context

sfjp330 Apr. 12, 2014 - 07:03AM JST

Korean racism is based on feelings of humiliation over the Japanese colonization; the racists don't hate everything Japanese (well, some undoubtedly do)

At least. racist Koreans tolerate the Japanese characters whether they like it not. I have had Japanese girlfriend which smashed my kimchi Jar due to displaying Korean characters on the label. She told me she hates Korean more than snakes and cobra.

On the contrary, my Korean friend did not break Sake bottle I gave him as gift. He treasured my gift and praised about the taste. He told me Japanese food and wine are something unique.

Many Pro J posters should realize that some new generation of Japanese mentality are not much different from pre war nationalist generation belief of superior, pure and clean Yamato clan. Oversea Japanese born and raised in oversea are more open minded and tolerable. Hawaii born Japanese friend said being Japanese is nothing special. He admitted Japanese ancestors did not come from Sun.

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Posted in: Japan's scrambles against Chinese planes hit record high See in context

Scrambles against Russian planes rose 45% to 359 times during the year, also a record. As a result, Japan’s total scrambles came to 810 to hit a 24-year high.

Reality is Russian and Chinese planes have flown over international water near Japan Air Zone. On the contrary, US planes filed dangerously over Okinawa and caused many accidents. Japan should scramble any planes flying aggressively on the sky whether it is ally or not.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy stabs 22 at Pennsylvania school See in context

Also, a girl with “an amazing amount of composure” applied pressure to a schoolmate’s wounds and probably kept the victim from bleeding to death, said Dr. Mark Rubino at Forbes Regional Medical Center.

She has saved her fellow students lives with first aid. Obama daughters are fortunate enough for having security guards at school. However her daddy is not Obama.

In US, soldier is killing fellow soldiers. Student is killing fellow students. Movie goer is killing fellow movie goers. She is someone special for the land of the mass killing field. She should be honored for her bravery and selflessness.

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Posted in: Japan passes record Y95.88 tril budget See in context

The increase is seen as crucial to bringing down Japan’s national debt, which is proportionately the worst among rich nations.

For bringing down national debt, Japan needs the consistent trade surplus for many years. For getting trade surplus, Japan export needed to be competitive. One encouraging sign of Abenomic is deceasing the value of Yen. However low yen alone will not make the deep impact for bringing down the sky rocketing debt.

Japan is becoming the land of setting Sun unless land and labour are cheaper or producing best selling goods such as Iphone, samsung Galaxy and Ipad.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

Ships from both countries shadow each other around the disputed islets, called the Diaoyu in China and the Senkaku in Japan. Tokyo has scrambled jets numerous times in response to Chinese aircraft, raising fears of a clash.

In fact, PRC and Taiwan ships have come and go as they please since late 1960s. Back then successive J government were not nationalistic and avoided publicity and media exposure. Therefore ships have been confronting each other is not the latest news. The ships have been playing Tom and Jerry game for many decades now.

Whatever JT posters have been bashing about PRC, their ships are getting more frequent visiting the disputed territory. Japan is the landlord in name only who can not get the rent from frequent tenants. Unlikely PRC or Japan will make the first shot as cow boys of old wild- west. Japan desperately wants US to make the first move against PRC for deterrence.

The only solution for that problem is US navy ships have to block the PRC sea lane. If US has concrete commitment for Japan national interest, US should demonstrate with action instead of talks.

If US can successfully block the ships of PRC, it will show Russia, that US can not be underestimated. It is time for US to show as world policeman again. Action speaks louder than talks.

John Kerry made a battle cry of "Bring them on" during the presidential campaign against Bush. Obama should say Beijing as " You have crossed the red line." We will make another orange line for you.

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Posted in: Crimean MPs vote to join Russia; U.S. unveils sanctions See in context

Back in 1999, US has supported ethnic Albanians of Kosovo founded new nationhood. Crimea is a new Kosovo now. If it will be still part of Ukraine, ethnic tension and political division will be uncontrollable.

It is true! West have no moral ground for telling Crimea people decision. Pot called Kettle Black! They have black listed KLA( Kosovo Liberation Army) as terrorist before Kosovo war. When there was clash between Ethnic Albanians and Serbians in former Yugoslavia, NATO suddenly changed color as cobra and made the Air Strike to Serbians Arm Force. Due to their intervention, Yugoslavia has been disintegrated as many nations. During NATO campaign of stopping ethnic clash in Yugoslavia, Russia did not interfere. It is also true for west to behave like Russia back then.

Now west is threatening Russia with economic sanction and trade embargo. EU need Russia gas more than human need oxygen for breathing. They will talk touch! At the end, they will request for more energy supply. Russia is Saudi Arabia for EU. US overall trade with Russia is less than two percent of export of Russia. US sanction will be the drop of bucket into the ocean for Russia.

According Bush infamous battle Cry "The course of Crimea is not depending on others" for choosing their destiny. Scotland will make referendum in 2014 too. It is the promising start for Okinawa, Quebec, Florida and people republic of California for following Crimea referendum.

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Posted in: Russia denies controlling pro-Moscow forces in Crimea See in context

pro-Moscow forces that have taken de-facto control of Ukraine’s majority-Russian Crimean Peninsula.

Back in 1999, pro NATO forces called as Kosovo liberation Army campaigned Serbian Law enforcement force. It is identical with pro Russian force of Crimea who are controlling the Peninsula. Kosovo was heavily populated by ethnic Albanians Muslims. NATO mercilessly bombed Serbia for supporting KLA campaign.

KLA was regarded by the United States, the United Kingdom and France as a terrorist group until 1998, when it was de-listed without explanation Yugoslavia has been chopped as many pieces after west intervention. West has double standard and they will use any rebel as fair weather friends for their interest.

Whether West like it or not, Crimea will be disintegrated from Ukraine as Kosovo. Crimea residents will not accept new president of Ukraine. However former president will not be accepted by Ukrainians too. They will never tolerate each other and there will be more bloodshed. If there is no Russia troops, Ukraine will become another chaotic nightmare of Arab Spring.

Instead of hostile ethnic people keep fighting for domination, Crimea partition should be welcomed as old models of Kosovo, Pakistan, Bangladesh which have become the new nationhood.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern over Russia's Ukraine move See in context

The Japanese comments came as leaders of the G7 condemned Russia’s “clear violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Japan is a member of the grouping.

I am not a fan of ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. He is corrupted. However he is democratically elected as Abe San for becoming the leader. The way he was dumped and charged by Mobs was a conspiracy of Uncle Sam. Thailand has similar circumstances as Ukraine for black mailing and harassing current PM.

If every nations follow that medieval ideology of Mobs, there is no point for making democratic elections at all. Japan is no longer in Shogun era for making forceful revolution with swords. Therefore Russia is the savior of the democracy and law and order.

Imagine Abe San was removed and issued the arrest warrant by Yakuza gansters who was paid by Democratic party of Japan. How will Abe react the same scenario? If Tea party stormed White house and kidnapped Obama, how will US high court respond? Can US replace Ron Paul as head of states after sending Obama to the Guantanamo Bay with corruption charge?

If Abe respect the democracy and human rights, Abe should support Russia is protecting and saving Ukraine will not become another chaotic, lawless and bloody middle east.

Mobs on the road of Ukraine or Thai who are die-hard fans of Arab Spring should realize that forcing elected leader out of the office was unlawful and unconstitutional. Arab spring has become never ending nightmare because of the back stabbing of US. It is against the principle of the majesty of democracy and civilized manner.

If Russia is a thug, US is an arsonist of Bush fire. Japan should be independent for foreign affair with free and fair thinking.

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

If Japan can make a Takeshima Day, PRC is fair to make a Diaoyu day.

If Japan can make a Yasukuni Day, PRC is fair to make a Ahn Jung Geun Day.

If Japan can make a Revision day, it is fair for Phillipines, Netherland, Australia, Taiwan and ROK make a sex slaves day.

If Japan can make a Sun Goddess Day, it is fair for ROC and PRC make a Moon Princess Day.

If Japan can make a Hiroshima memorial Day, it is fair for PRC should make a Nanking remembrance Day.

Japan should mind own business. PRC should mind own business. Every new public holiday in PRC will be reward for near by Japan as getting less polluted Air. The more holidays in PRC is good for the planet, climate and inhabitants. All J residents should be grateful for that.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Russia against Ukraine intervention See in context

The United States on Wednesday warned Russia against a military intervention in Ukraine, saying such a move would be a “grave mistake"

UN warned US against a military intervention in Irag, saying such a move would be a "grave mistake". US stubbornly has done not only grave mistake but also countless body bags and never ending blood shed of sectarian violence in Irag.

Both US and Russia are trouble makers. They have never been good for world peace and harmony.

Pot called Kettle black!

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Posted in: Mori slammed for critical remarks about Asada See in context

Asada fall on triple Axel was not only once. For the individual competition, she could take the risk as she wished for. For the team competition, her fall was not only embarrassment for herself but also her team too. She has let her team mates down.

Mori is correct to say that Asada should be excluded as member of team competition. I have been a die hard fan of her for a long time. However I realized that after seeing many errors,she is not the asset for team. She is the liability of Japan national team.

Thanks God she will retire soon.

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Posted in: Foreign direct investment in China rises 16% See in context

For Toyota, Nissan and Honda, China market is the heaven on the earth. It is the car makers paradise.

Without China sales, they will not meet their sales target. It is the most irresistible and promising market on the earth. Every three minutes. Someone from somewhere of PRC is buying a car.

When the PRC implode, Toyota, Honda, Nissan will move their factories on Mars planet instead of unpromising and unprofitable nations.

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Posted in: With Toyota exit, cracks appear over Aussie PM's tough line on corporate handouts See in context

sfjp330 Feb. 15, 2014 - 07:12AM JST

The real problem for Toyota is a lack of private buyers and governments are simply buying fewer cars of any kind. It's a small market.

Toyota Australia major market is not Australia. It is the wealthy middle east nations such as Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Export accounts for 70% of local production. Therefore Toyota is relatively doing well until March 2013.

Toyota Australia was left with no choice but to cut costs.

Toyota Australia have a choice to reducing the $3800 cost per vehicle for staying on the business. Union and Federal court of Australia rejected that choice. That fate has been sealed by union, workers and of course the court.

Toyota warned yesterday that a no vote on a union workplace agreement would send "a very strong message to our parent company that we are not serious about transforming our business".

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

Now I don't know the history of the Ryukyuu Kingdom, but, if you all want to be your own country, then do something

If you read the articles from J media regularly, the residents have been doing non violent movement for something for sometimes. They do not want the violent action at the moment. Provoking them to be violent like Russian Roulette for people with uniforms. According the ancient bible of the Art of War, if the enemy is invisible, it will control the rival fate.

Former President Bush infamous phrase of "Bring them on". After many years, he said he was so regret about making that provocative and inflammable speech because it have increased the volume of road side bombs and body bags.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context


Very Well Said! Thanks for your informative links.

All I ask, is if you ever see me, or the good people of the military, don't associate us with that hate you have toward whatever reason it is you hate the military, I assume it's because of the land issue and some crime issues.

Bertie did not mention anything about crime related issues. The residents are bored and annoyed about the base including noise and Osprey accidents. He has opinion as local resident. It is the debate about the land use, injustice and environmental issues. That land is not belong to US or Japan. It is the ancestor land of native Okinawans. Using the land for construction of base is the same as robbing the land from native Americans. However it is no longer in Uncivilized world of wild west.

If there were an act of aggression against Japan, Okinawa would take the hit. There are many Okinawans alive who remember going through this movie before

Whilst DPRK flied rockets over Okinawa, the base was just rocket fans enjoying the spectacular show. In fact the base is welcome map for flying missiles instead of deterrence. That world is no longer in Saving Private Ryan or A bridge too far movies era. Anti Misslie system like Israel is more useful than current base.

There is some employment opportunities for locals because of base. However environmental issues and land space availability is long term issue. It has outweighted some economic benefits.

If I get to see Mrs Kennedy, I will invite her and show her the beautiful sea, jugons (rare sea animals) and lots of corals. She can perhaps enjoy riding a canoe,” Toguchi said. “And I must tell her not to build the base.”

That 12 yrs old does not want natural heritage of beautiful sea, corals and marine lives will be destroyed by in the name of relocating the base to one place from another. Does she hate the base? The answer is NO. However she does not love the base as mother natural gifts. The base is Man Made and replaceable. Nature is irreplaceable.

Australia is many times larger than Okinawa. However their government and people fiercely protect their natural wonder great barrier reef with any costs. Mining is the backbone of Au economy. It can make many billions for mining exploration and construction projects. However there reef is so precious and major tourist attraction of mother nature gift. Therefore Okinawa should follow the Australia for saving their environment issue too.

In the democracy, majority ruled. If majority of residents do not want, the base should move somewhere else in Japan. If not, natives should have to follow the movement of liberation of Ireland from UK.

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Posted in: China, Taiwan to hold first official talks in 65 years See in context


Donation is the humanitarian effort. It has nothing to do with political relation and economic competition. When Myanmar or Burma was hit by Cyclone, Taiwan donated more than PRC. According your logic, More donation to Myanmar means Taiwan loves Myanmar like relative. In fact Myanmar is nothing important for Taiwan as huge market or ancestors both place diplomatic relation.

PRC may be second largest economy. However their Per capita income and Purchasing power is still lower than Taiwan. They have never been a champion of humanitarian business. It is no surprise that their donation will be smaller than Asian tigers of Taiwan and ROK.

Humanitarian is not beauty pageant show for getting attention and image.

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Posted in: China, Taiwan to hold first official talks in 65 years See in context

And of us that do know, we know that the Taiwanese have quite a positive attitude towards Japanese people.

Taiwan is not a fan of both Japan and PRC.

Some oldies like Lee Teng Hui even called himself I am more Japanese. He loves hugging Japanese friends and kissing Tatami mats. There are many old Taiwanese folks who loves Mochi and speak Japanese fluently. However they are no longer influential.

Japan Air force is harassing Taiwan commercial airline in overlapping zone too. On the contrary, PRC planes did not harass Taiwan planes as J Kamikaze pilots.

Taiwanese fishermen have resentment over J fishing authority for flip -flopping fishing authority like Taipei treaty. Overall Japan and Taiwan have rivalry over semi conductors export and fish.

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Posted in: Putin to visit Japan in fall with eye on peace treaty See in context

Japan was a loser of war and surrendered unconditionally. Kurill islands were renounced by Japan due to the demand from US. Not from Russia. San Francisco treaty and Tokyo tribunal renounced Japan contest. Russia did not grab the land as US invading Mexico for getting rewards for Extra land. In fact Russia has no obligation to return any islands. It was a spoil of war.

However Russia has generously offered Japan for two smaller ones in 1955 for reward as strategic reason. Japan rejected that offer. Asking Russia to return two larger ones like asking US to return Taxas and California to Mexico. As an unconditional loser Japan have no rights to demand for returning.

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Posted in: Northern Territories Day See in context

The banner in rear reads “Return the Four Northern Islands.” Immediately after the rally, Abe left for Sochi to attend the opening ceremony

Abe should realized that he is in Sochi for kissing and hugging Putin for not being sidelined with PRC for Senkaku issue. On the other hand, he is demanding Putin for his fantasy for getting all islands back during his term. He has changed his face like Kabuki dancer within a minute. It is unthinkable for nutty as head of state for hitting two birds together at the same time. Besides that Russians are glorifying their big event. It is worse than spitting their face during the ceremony.

Russia will not vote for Japan in the future when Japan needed more votes in UN. It can transform Japan as land of the setting Sun in UN.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

Congratulation to Virginia' house. During civil war, forefathers of US paid their blood, sweat and bones for uniting North and South together. According their wish, United States should become like United States of East Sea for sake of unity. Statue of Liberty will be proud for Virginia education revolution. At least East Sea will be shorter to type rather than Japan Sea.

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

Yeah and I bet most Chinese don't want to have a war, but that doesn't stop you from making generalizations about a whole enemy nation. Or does your logic only go one way? Next you'll be telling me you don't hate the Chinese because you've eaten at a Chinese restaurant.

Very well said Pukey2. If Abe, Ishihara, Michiko Ossan and B Joe don't hate that particular race, Sun Goddess Amaterasu will descend to NHK station and announce Emperor has become a living God again.

Seppuku or ritual suicide has still existed in Japan for death with honour, pride and dignity. In old days, Samurais will ask other to behead their head whilst they were opening their stomach. Due to NHK propaganda, many depressed people have taken their own lives. That station management is parasite for modern society with their medieval ideology.

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Posted in: Thailand set for chaotic election after protest bloodshed See in context

Ultimately, Thailand is still a land of smiles, and now could use our tourist dollars

If Thai is still a land of smiles, it needed be pretended as no blood and bodies on the roads at least. Sadly Thai has become the land of killing field. How on earth tourists want to spend their dollars on the road which have been stained by blood? Tourists want to enjoy with peaceful atmosphere. They do not want to feel sad and angry for loss of lives!

The latest unrest is the worst political bloodshed in the kingdom since 2010 protests by pro-Thaksin Red Shirts that left more than 90 dead and nearly 1,900 injured after clashes and a brutal military crackdown

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