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Oda Hiroshi comments

Posted in: Support for Abe sags even further in more polls See in context

i guess this exactly is what US wants. just like middle east, far east will suffer. Japan should not be a puppet state of US (like Turkey)

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Posted in: Abe pledges $200 mil aid to countries fighting Islamic State See in context

Your ally USA and Russia are selling weapons to Middle East countries so there always be terrorism Shinzo-kun. I live in Turkey and I will give you guys a tip: the cost of killing just one terrorist is $10,000. Dakara Shinzo-kun just help Japanese people. You are wasting your time and money.

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Posted in: Japan to donate $10 mil to Philippines; 106 Japanese unaccounted for See in context

in Turkey, there is no media talking about this disaster. they just write/talk about pm erdogan.. my poor-minded country.. i hope our brothers and sisters will be ok soon. we pray for you..

and minna, this is not a donation contest. it's just donation. a peny is important for people over there. discussion on money is unnecessery..

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Posted in: Police fire tear gas at Istanbul's Taksim Square protesters See in context

we don't care about Olympics, dude. we are fighting for freedom.

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Posted in: Geeks seek love at masked match-making event See in context

I'd like to attend that event if I knew. Probably it was cool :D

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