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Posted in: Japan lifts self-imposed ban on weapons exports See in context

@Thomas - I hardly think 25% of the Japanese are "hardcore right wingers" ...

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Posted in: China denounces Abe for Russia-Crimea analogy See in context

Australianexpatinchina --- LOL! Love the humor, keep it up!

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Posted in: Seoul unmoved as Japan hails bridge-building summit See in context

Mike Will - "Abe at least, made the attempt." Agreed, and I suspect most of the democraticworld will view it this way as well. Abe 1 Park 0 for this round!

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Posted in: Seoul unmoved as Japan hails bridge-building summit See in context

@ some14some - Actually it depends on your point of view and your bias. Personnally, not being from any of the countries represented, it think Park's reaction should be most embarrasing to the South Koreans! But I guess she has to over react to distance herself from her father's past...

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Posted in: Storms ground MH370 search after new debris sighting See in context

... seems baffling to say the least.lol Actually it sounds very "American", don't you think?

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Posted in: Abe open to talks with China but no concessions on Senkakus See in context

When I look in the Chinese media, there's hardly any stories on this, most Chinese simply don't care.

Don't read Chinese news often, now do ya Chucky. But thanks for the laugh anyway!

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Posted in: Bringing HoneyBaked Ham to Japan See in context

Bought a sprial cut, honey glazed, premium ham the other day at Costco. Didn't pay 13,000 yen either!

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Posted in: Russia, Japan begins talks on territorial dispute See in context


It must be great living in such a blissful fog! I'm also Anerican and am most certainly concerned about China's expantionism portraited through it's territorial disputes with almost every nearby country!

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

As usual the politicians in China and Korea are milking this for all it's worth hoping to divert attention from domestic issues. Enough is enough, let's move on people! The war has been over for nearly 70 years!

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

Reading Abe's speech in it's entirety, then reading news "reporting" like that here in JT, and it is painfully clear how news agencies can twist readers impressions and thoughts by selective examples from the speech. Actually, Abe's speech seems quite good and not repeating the same old same old is refreshing. All these countries (meaning China and Korea) should, after 68 years, look for something new to bitch about!

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

I have to agree with hidingout and fds!

Come on China and Korea! Grow up and move on!

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Posted in: Abe may make offering to Yasukuni Shrine through representative, media report See in context


remove all war criminal remains. Until then good riddance!

Sorry smith, no "remains" at Yasakuni, only spirits...

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on Aug 19 See in context


so by that argument ...

Actually, smith, doesn't it mean that the Senkaku Islands, by being considered to be part of Nansei Shoto, were NOT, as you say, "formally renounce any claims to the islands" now doesn't it? You can't have it bith ways!

Also, I notice you conviently ignored Jbird's comment about your post saying that Japan took th Kuril islands in question by force when Japan invaded Siberia. I'd be interest in where you got that idea!

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on Aug 19 See in context

Comparing the Kuril islands to the Senkaku islands is ridiculous and shows either a complete lack of understanding or an overt attempt to misconcieve the truth.

It would be great if a compromise was found for the Kurils but that probably won't happen right away for many reasons. But at least there is dialogue.

And, I've never heard any one say Japan OWNS the Senkakus because they administer them. Many bo believe, probably correctly, that the Senkakus were returned to Japan's administration BECAUSE Japan owns them. Even China insisted on the condition that when Ryukyu was returned to Japan the Senkaku Islands had to be part of that package!

The best would be for Japan and Russia to continue dialog, compromise on the Kurils, and for Japan to reestablish their bonito processing plant on the Senkakus. Both, hopefully, as soon as possible.

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Posted in: U.S. says differences remain after TPP-linked talks with Japan See in context

Actually it sounds more than fair to me!

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over ships near disputed isles See in context

Kristoff, even with his grudges, though later also wrote: "Thus, China agreed with the United States and Japan that, in the event of the Ryukyu Islands’ return to Japanese administration, the United States should also return the Senkaku Islands to Japan."

I think the ICJ would be a good start!

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Posted in: China-Japan views worst in almost a decade: survey See in context


Twice you've written that Taiwan has tried to take the Senkaku issue before the ICJ but that Japan has refused. Dince Taiwan is not party to the ICJ and not a member of the UN they can not take an issue to the ICJ. Perhaps you can enlighten us with a link to something reliable that supports you claim?

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over ships near disputed isles See in context

@smith Actually proactively seeking defense is probably the best deterrent to war... unless you're advocating to roll over and play dead everytime the local bully steals a little bit more of what you have and he wants!

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Posted in: Lawyer: Snowden has a place to live in Russia See in context

I wouldn't want to live there again either BUT it doesn't appear Snowden has our choices. In which case the vodka wouldn't be much different than the tequlia...

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Posted in: Lawyer: Snowden has a place to live in Russia See in context

Ahhh, no tacos &tequila but there is plenty of blini and vodka. To each his own taste...

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Posted in: S Korea protests Japanese opinion poll on disputed islands See in context

I'm not too surprised that only 60% answered that Takeshima is Japanese. Actually, that's probably about the same percentage that a poll in the US asking if Hawaii was US territory. The 40% probably didn't answer that Takeshima WASN'T Japanese they just no idea what the question was about having slept through most of their secondary school geography classes. Not unique to Japan...

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Posted in: A Japanese perspective on traveling in the U.S. See in context

I remember once asking a young, like elementary aged, child about her trip to the US. She responded "It was great! I was surprised they even had a McDonalds there!!!"

At least she was expecting it to be different. (^o^)

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Posted in: Man finds body of murdered wife in locked car in Kyoto See in context

Suicide? I don't think so. It's hard to stangle oneself to death!

Read the article more carefully...

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Posted in: China rules out summit with Japan See in context

Abe is actually being very shrewd with this. True it is political posturing but Abe has certainly won this round! It's alwasy fun to watch China's responses. For example trying to cover their butts domesticaly by lying about their officials meeting Abe's aid or accusing other countries of agression when, in this case, Japan is offering to talk and China is sending their Coast Guard into waters administered by other countries. Try to spin this anyway you want but the point today goes to Japan...

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Posted in: Aso says Japan needs to raise sales tax next year See in context

or some of the whiners could move to LA. California state sales tax (7.5%), city sales tax (9.0%), and California also allows county & district sales tax.

Prices in Japan are high but with an aging population there really is no choice but to raise the sales tax. Like it or not, it's not IF but WHEN... They also need to raise the retirement age!

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Posted in: 17 arrested for electoral fraud See in context


Are you assuming it was LDP supporters that were arrested? Sorry, but the article doesn't tell us anything. Could well have been dejected DPJ candidates that were out tearing up posters...

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context


It's true the Broadcast law stipulates that everyone with a TV is "obligated" to enter into a contract with NHK in regard to receiving the NHK broadcasts. BUT there is no penalty for not paying! I say if someone actually uses the NHK service then they should consider paying, if not then why pay?

Also, did you choose CH3CO as you nick knowing it was the notation for ETHONAL (with an A) OR did you think it was ETHONOL (with an O and also as in what we drink)? Two very different things! ;)

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies aged 116 See in context

he became the oldest man ever varified to have lived

The English in the article could be improved. Or perhaps this is in reference to how he spent his years? Hummm... maybe we should think about this and live more while we're still alive!

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Posted in: Fuji climbing fee likely to be Y7,000 See in context

I've climbed Fujisan numerous times during the past 40 years and, yes, the number of climbers and their trash has increased year by year. BUT the real problem with trash is illegal dumping BELOW the 5th stages. Tires, bikes, old eletrical and electronic items, etc., etc.

Will the money actually go to the maintance of the mountain where the climbers are OR will it fund what the police should already be doing in stopping the individuals, and many companies, from dumping around the lower areas instead of paying recycle fees?

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Posted in: No. of Japanese abducted by N Korea much higher, report says See in context



Where's the proof that they were abducted? They were volunteers who went to North Korea. Give me one single proof.

Thanks for confirming what so many of us have suspected.

Sorry but he confirmed nothing, just asked a question. However, since NK has admitted to abductions the "question" raised is to mislead. Or has chunky been living in a vacuum?

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