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Posted in: 2 sisters die after car plunges into sea in Nagasaki See in context

first call to Dad and not 110?" Anyone here remember Father knows best?

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Posted in: Making the punishment fit the (petty) crime See in context

During the Meiji era, a man was fined the equivalent of 5,000 yen for pooping near a temple. He gave the court 10,000 yen and as the court had no change, took the 10,000 yen and permitted the man to poop again at the temple.

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Posted in: Docomo develops eSIM platform for consumer devices See in context

Docomo paid subscribers will be freed from having to insert conventional (other company) paid SIM cards into their (other company) devices, thereby enhancing Docomo user experiences and Docomo pockets.

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Posted in: 'Moonlight' wins best picture at Academy Awards after 'La La Land' erroneously announced See in context

Good luck watching this in Japan if you don`t have WowWow or BS NHK.

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Posted in: If money were no object, would you buy an apartment, existing home, or have one built to order in Japan? See in context

Any one of those choices would be fine as long as no Japanese Real Estate agents were involved. In fact it would be more than fine.

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Posted in: 'La La Land' has Hollywood singing a different tune on musicals See in context

While dancing is the most natural outcome of music, there are other emotions that can result too. Bob Dylan music for example had a whole generation exploding with anger. Did they dance as well to these songs?

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

Chocolate tastes better with nuts in it

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Posted in: Trump invites Abe to White House on Feb 10 See in context

Japan had championed Lol

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

This one case in Japan. The U.S. has over 750,000 similar cases of kids awaiting President Trump`s decision on their legal status extented by President Obama.

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Posted in: Police shoot man after he attacks woman, 5-year-old son with knife See in context

The problem is more fundamental on much of the planet: far too many mentally challenged and/or dangerous people than there are trained to take care of them.

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Posted in: Man suspected of 30 counts of purse-snatching in and around Tokyo See in context

The target is not only women. I had my briefcase snatched from behind by a guy like this and lost everything in the split second it took . It is not a fun experience and glad this guy is off the streets.The cops rarely catch these guys so this is news.

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Posted in: 85 countries vie for foreign language film Oscar See in context

The academy will make a preliminary cut later this year before announcing five finalists in January>.

From this article, looks like the 5 finalists have pretty much already been selected as 85 entries in dozens of different languages would require a huge amount of resources from the already stretched Academy.

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Posted in: Latest weaponry See in context

These missiles look like toys.

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Posted in: Blackout in Tokyo hits 580,000 households, affecting trains, gov't offices See in context

These events are likely to become more common in Japan.

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Posted in: 10 foods not to serve at a Japanese dinner party See in context

So eating preferences are highly personal. Who would have guessed that when inviting Japanese over for dinner.

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Posted in: World finance officials pledge more resources to aid growth See in context

The IMF “No sovereign bond left behind”: albeit its mandate include helping members to negotiate debt restructuring and orderly defaults, under Christine Lagarde the IMF has evolved into a machine whose whole strength seems devoted to avoiding the “dishonor” of a default, no matter the costs. Given central banks such as the Bank of Japan buying up ever sovereign bond that isn’t nailed down and sequestering them in their virtual vaults, this is odd behavior.

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Posted in: New concepts but Paris car show losing va-va-voom See in context

I guess terrorists don't drive Lamborghinis

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Posted in: Station wagon being chased by police hits car, killing one, injuring another See in context

That is what cop cams are for.

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Posted in: We visit Starbucks location in Japan that’s been called the most beautiful in the world See in context

Remarkable location. Unremarkable beverages.

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Posted in: People in their 70s can still work. There are still so many things you can do as long as you are healthy. See in context

Only folks who work in offices can ever hope to still be working in their 70s.

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Posted in: Accounting for future change: Why more Japanese are opting to earn the U.S. CPA license See in context

Good at taking multiple choice questions for various tests like the CPA, SAT, GRE, TOEIC, TOEFL Etc.. Not so good at applying that knowledge in practical or creative ways. Just so long as it helps your career, who cares.

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Posted in: As more elderly people require special treatment due to dementia and other illnesses in Japan, what should the government do to increase the number of nursing care workers and caregivers? For example, See in context

The traditional Japanese family system has been challenged by different lifestyles and values; in addition, the empowerment of women is challenging traditional customs and gender-based division of tasks, particularly related to family burden such as elderly care and childbearing. Despite gender equality is acknowledged by the Constitution and laws, in practice even today gender division in the workplace and in the household find their roots in the ideal of the traditional. Due to the increasing number of working mothers, women not only have to care about childbearing and housework but their work careers as well. If we add that many of them have to look after elderly parents and/or parents-in-law, sometimes living under the same roof, it is understandable why women in Japan seem to view marriage life much less favourably, more frustrated by child rearing and feel much less satisfied from family life in general than their counterparts in Asia, Europe and US.

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Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting See in context

This is not only about assault weapons but allowing individuals to buy massive amounts of ammunition to kill that many people at one time. What sane person or government would allow anyone to purchase hundreds or thousands of rounds of bullets?

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Posted in: Ghibli producer provokes backlash for comment regarding abilities of women to direct anime See in context

Where do women look their best? In the bedroom. The message seems to be that women ought to become a societally accepted notion of "a woman"; otherwise, they're unnatural in some way; men should help them reach that state. Men should be their protectors and the breadwinners, as well as their leaders and teachers. Women in Japan should have as much opportunity and encouragement to work and learn and discover as men do --- I believe there are many intelligent and capable women out there who have unique talents to contribute in ways other than cheerleading or housekeeping or child-rearing --- and that for this to happen on a larger scale, stereotypes must be overcome. Moreover, there needs to be the knowledge in both genders of what is possible, and what the fruits of understanding each other can be.

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Posted in: Delta to offer all inflight entertainment for free See in context

It is only "free" if you don`t have to buy a ticket to enjoy the entertainment.

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Posted in: Michael Moore returns with new film 'Where To Invade Next' See in context

This movie is well worth watching, but if you blink you will miss it in the very few theatre's it is showing in Japan. Already there are no morning or afternoon screenings in the theatre`s it is now showing at.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing, groping woman See in context

Too bad. She should have been wearing sunglasses, than maybe he would sober up.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Materials, Chinese WWII slave workers reach deal See in context

All 3 of those guys left should get the full amount of 100,000 yuan and a full apology with bows as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Sam Mendes: It's time for a new James Bond director See in context

Its not a democracy until viewers vote with their money.

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