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The overly idealistic, puppet Obama may eventually bring the collapse of America, with his: fiat money, taking advice from the Federal Reserve (which is a group of private companies not really part of the US government as the name implies, just like Fedex), bailouts of MISMANGED companies, creating extra federal jobs (imagine a mushroom with the top too heavy for the stem, like the US government the mushroom will eventually topple over with the excessive weight). Continuing to fund billions of dollars on US bases worldwide, even if they're not needed or wanted there (the paranoid fear of big brother USA is costing America too many American lives and too much tax payers money), maybe America should just stick to diplomacy and friendly trade (in this way the terroist will have nothing to grip about). Thomas Jefferson said " When government fears the people it is democracy, when people fears the government it is tyranny. Lastly, his disregard of the United States Constitution, which is the foundation of the United States of America is frightening.

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A sign of civilization is non-violence.

When a wife constantly nags, something is probably bothering her about the marriage or herself. Maybe, the husband should ask himself what he might be doing wrong, and also ask the wife what's troubling her. But be sensitive enough to realize that most times the real problem itself is not vocalized at the begining of the conversation. It's always something else.

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It's obvious, Obama doesn't seem very intelligent! After all he is just a puppet for the world financial elites, and has been choosen for his charisma, and groomed from college to be the first black president of the U.S. All the promises he made before the election were just lies to get votes. He renewed the Patriot Act, plan to built missle sites around Russia - provoking the Russians, thinking of bringing back the draft, the stimulus plan is a joke bloating the government and will eventually bring the collapse of the U.S. (he's planning a global currency). Obama ridiculed the Constitution of the United States, think he prefers the Communist Manifesto. Could go on and on, but research the truth yourself. By the way, the Federal Reserve is not a government bank it's a private company just like FEDEX, and they're controlling the sub prime rates.

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Education not legislation! The new generation of children seems more intelligent and tolerant. Educate them that racism is wrong and ugly and will eventually hurt everyone. Don't let government legislate personal rights, that's an easy way for a quick solution, which may in fact backfire.

My twin sister and I, endured racism while growing up in Tokyo and Hawaii, but I guess we were lucky because we had each other to cushion the blows. It really never affected us, or we choose not to let it. A franciscan priest told my sister once that he admired halfs because they received the best of two worlds from their parents, the majority he said also tend to be more understanding, tolerant, and intelligent.

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