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Posted in: Coca-Cola Japan to reduce vending machine power consumption by 15% during summer See in context

Notice how they phrase this: " that can supply beverages at a suitable temperature at all times"** Pray tell just what is their definition of 'suitable temperature' ???? Bottom line for customer: Hot Summer = Warm Coke Bottom line: Don't buy Coke out of a vending machine this summer, just slide on over to your local 7/11 where you know it will be cold!

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Posted in: Metal detectors installed as AKB48 theater reopens See in context

We have both Anime Expo (largest Anime convention in USA) in Los Angeles July 4th weekend then Comic Con (largest Comic Book convention in the world) in San Diego last week of July - I just hope we don't have any copy cat slashers this year. Amazingly very light security at both events. Last year they started checking backpacks coming in the front doors at Anime Expo but if you parked in the underground parking below the L.A. Convention Center (which is where they hold Anime Expo) and came up the stairs there was NO backpack checking (pretty half ass if you ask me). Comic Con only checks your backpack if you check it in for them to hold while you're inside the convention (but you can walk right into the convention center with it on your back with no security check - go figure! We just have to cross our fingers that nothing happens this year!

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Posted in: Over 10,000 dementia sufferers went missing in 2013 See in context

With a large aging population (both Japan and USA face the same problem) the situation will only be getting worst. My suggestion is to attach tracking devices to them so you can get a GPS location on them when needed. We do this to criminals in the USA so the technology is there!

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Posted in: More than 10,000 asparagus spears stolen from Niigata farm See in context

If someone were to get about 1,000 feet above this farm they will probably see that the missing crop is in the shape of a circle - Yes that's right folks, another Alien Asparagus Crop Circle!! Either way that poor farmer has lost out!

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Posted in: Tottori fireman held for killing grandmother with 'kotatsu' top See in context

Does this add a new character to the board game CLUE. The Fireman did it with the Kotatsu, in the living room.

We definitely need more detail here, why would someone just take out their own grandmother? Was he drunk or was she drunk? Did she have a big insurance policy? Please someone make sense of this!!!

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Posted in: Mother killed, 5 hurt in gunbattle at California mall See in context

This is just a typical day in California when two different gangs run into each other at the barbershop, it just takes one of them to flash a gang sign or just look the wrong way at each other to start this shot out. Everyday California gets closer and closer to becoming a Third World Country.

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler arrested for attempted robbery in Fukuoka See in context

A new low for the Sumo Wrestling Federation - what next?

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Posted in: Mexico sending more troops to zone next to Texas to quell drug violence See in context

Why do people that by making drugs legal the problem will go away. The drug cartels will just try to undercut (sell for less) the legal stuff that has been taxed.

The same thing has been going on with alcohol for the last 60 years, its called White Lighting and people buy it because it is cheaper than the govt taxed stuff.

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Posted in: 74-year-old Kanagawa woman killed in hit-and-run See in context

74 years old riding her bike at night - did she have a light on her bike? Was she wearing dark clothing? This news post leaves us with so little info.

Regardless, RIP Ms. Watanabe - I hope they catch this spineless jerk who hits people and continues driving.

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Posted in: Japan eyes doubling ground troops on islands close to China, Taiwan See in context

Now here's a statement for you: -The Defense Ministry has already revised downward its planned GSDF personnel by more than 10,000 from 168,000 in the face of criticism that there is no reason for an expansion when other countries are unlikely to invade Japan-

Did any one tell them that it only takes ONE(1)country to invade you?

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Posted in: Kanagawa policeman arrested for drunken driving See in context

-Other police officers rushed to his aid and placed him under arrest after noticing the smell of alcohol on his breath -

Doesn't sound like he was very popular among his fellow J-Cops since they didn't cover for him (throw him in back of patrol car and take him home before the reporters get there).

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Posted in: Obama says 'midcourse corrections' to come at home See in context

-even with the American dollar closely following the Zimbabwe dollar -$200M a day is hard to spend. Michael Jackson, Elton John, Yoko Ono and Cher combined would have a hard time spending $200M a day. says Badsey.

Hey Badsey, neither Michael Jackson, Elton John, Yoko Ono or Cher are government employees - 200M a day is a drop in the bucket when its not your own money you are spending!

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Posted in: Couple who put 6-year-old girl in washing machine overnight had history of abuse See in context

If you think this story is sad, wait until you see what the Japanese Judicial Courts do. The courts will just give the parents a slap on the hand and will actually give back the kid to them. I don't know just how many cases of this type it will take until the Judicial System wakes up an starts putting their sicko parents in jail and never let these parents near them again.

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Posted in: Murdered schoolboy's last act was to save female companion See in context

I think when the truth comes out we will find out that it was a drug deal gone bad and as happens this kid paid the price.

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Posted in: Shiga police receive reports of kangaroo on the run See in context

Only a Ninja Kangaroo can catch this one! This could lead to a new Anime TV series.

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Posted in: Canon updates consumer inkjet printer lineup See in context

I have a love/hate relation with Cannon printers - The printer works great but the ink cartridges have the shortest life spam in the industry. Needless to say my next printer will NOT be a Cannon.

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Posted in: Android worker See in context

Hey isn't that the new uniform for Japanese Defense Forces ground troops? - Cool, I like it!

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Posted in: U.S. vet who caught Tojo speaks out See in context

What's with it with people in Japan who try to commit suicide - they can kill everyone else around them - but they can't seem to kill themselves. Here it is from WWII and then we see it every couple of weeks in the daily news!

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Posted in: U.S. implores Americans not to visit North Korea See in context

Why doesn't NK just open itself up to tourism and cash in on it?

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Posted in: U.S. military’s new Okinawa strategy: Manga propaganda See in context

I want a bunny sweatshirt with a big gold star on it too - where can I get one? Who could hate someone who wears that sweatshirt?

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Posted in: N Korea accuses South of faking warship sinking See in context

"It could have even been a rogue NK general." - MistWizard

MistWizard - I think you have been watching too many James Bond movies!

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Posted in: Lee says N Korea must pay for torpedo attack on warship See in context

Oh, this should be interesting. Does anyone yet realize that it is China who is pulling the strings of N. Korea (just like the Russians did during the Korean War) wake up people!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested after killing house owner during getaway in car See in context

goddog "How did the victim get to the hospital?"

After 170 meters he was FLUNG (or fling-ed) off the car and must have landed in front of a hospital.

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Posted in: Iceland's volcanic activity keeps Fuji-watchers on their toes See in context

"People in 1707 did not have to worry about computers, whose power supply and air vents may be especially vulnerable to fine dust particles."

Hey Mr. Scientist - The human lungs don't do so well with those "fine dust particles" either! (just ask someone from Pompeii)

If Mt. Fuji did blow you would have to be more worried about being run over by a news truck trying to get it for a good photo shoot.

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Posted in: Girl found hanged in public toilet in Tokyo See in context

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but of all the places to hang yourself, in a public toilet?

Sad, just so sad - R.I.P.

Does anyone know if she was being bullied at school? the news article gives us no insight into what was going on at school.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for death of elderly woman in hit-and-run See in context

Did anyone else notice that the lady riding the bike was 79 years old? Is it possible she could have been weaving around the road just a little bit which might have help cause the accident?

Then again if I make it to 79 years old I'll be lucky just to be able to walk let alone ride a bike.

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Posted in: Enter the dragon See in context

I thought this was a picture of the Japanese Navy heading out to meet the Chinese threat.

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Posted in: Woman's body discovered inside empty house in Shizuoka See in context

The Butler did it!

Wait a minute JP says: The property was auctioned off and had been purchased by a real estate agent.

So this real estate agent never did a walked thru of the house before bidding on it????? IF he had done a walk thru am sure would have found the body. This story sounds REALLY strange to me.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man held after 5 robberies committed in one hour See in context

Police picked up Nakano because he was seen driving a black car that matched a description of the getaway vehicle.

Well of course we all know that the bad guys drive black cars - this was an easy one the police to solve.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Times Square car bomb attack See in context

This guy has to be one of the original THREE STOOGES of bomb makers (after all that work and the bomb doesn't even go off) and now he doesn't get out of the country fast enough to make his get away - what a looser!

Moderator: Please learn the difference between "looser" and "loser."

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