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OgieDoggie comments

Posted in: Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda See in context

The man did set the standard for Giant Monster Destroys Cities type movies by which all others are judged! I agree with Ranger_Miffy, I must get this book!

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Posted in: Godzilla to get Hollywood makeover in possible 3-D version See in context

Hey telecasterplayer - Why don't we have Steve Martin play the part of Godzilla. They could film it in Iraq this time (oh wait Iraq already looks like Godzilla has been there) - how about Canada, they never get to be in any SciFi movies.

Bottom line - Leave Godzilla to the Japanese film industry where it belongs, this is just one thing that America can't get right in Hollywood.

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Posted in: Toyota disputes critic who blames electronics See in context

This is what happens when have a third party building and also doing your quality assurance, time to bring QA back into Toyota's lap.

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

I don't think that Japan has the monopoly on wives who want their husbands to drop dead this minute! I believe this to be a world wide epidemic. Where's the World Health Org when you need them? Or is this part of Global Warming?????

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Posted in: Speeding into the semifinals See in context

Funny how they dress like invaders from outer space from an old 1960's Japanese Sci-Fic movie.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

There is no mention of how badly the employees of the store were FREAKED-OUT by this, just think of the nightmares the employees have who found these kids! My heart goes out to the the little ones and the store employees.

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Posted in: From 'Kill Bill' to Uniqlo, Chiaki Kuriyama shows her killer style See in context

It doesn't sound like the show Biz has gotten to her head yet - I just hope she can keep it that way. I hope she makes it to Anime Expo in Los Angeles some year.

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

After the reporters dig into this don't surprised if you find out that this was all staged! A great way for the two of them to get their 15 minutes of fame.

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Posted in: Thousands of U.S. Marines, Afghan troops attack Taliban-held town See in context

Just really sad - its Vietnam all over again. To many young Americans dying for what will prove to be for NOTHING in only five more years when they pack up and leave and it goes back to the way it has been for the last 2,000 years.

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Posted in: What part of 'slow it down' doesn't the IOC get? See in context

"and then to have those massive pillars within feet is just a tragedy waiting to happen. The course should have been designed with curbed Plexiglas coming out of all the turns to keep the racers "inside" the course. Sad turn of events- so sad !" - Branded

Branded, you hit the nail on the head! Why would anyone put pillars up knowing that people might just fly off the course. It always takes a major accident (and usually someones life) before these people design it right (although common sense should have dictated here!).

Our hearts go out to this athlete's family and friends who spent the last year cheering him on during his practicing for this event.

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Posted in: Kamogawa Sea World offers sleepovers See in context

I heard you have to watch out for Flipper - he has a cold nose in the morning.

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Posted in: Japan balks at $2 billion bill to host U.S. troops See in context

Let the U.S. pull out of Japan completely and let Japan face China and N. Korea by itself (and see how long it takes before government officials in Japan start crying for the good old days).

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing high school boy at train station See in context

"The boy, who was returning home after sitting for a university entrance exam in Tokyo"

Poor Kid - just starting to unwind from taking exams and gets stabbed in the back by some looney - Tell me this kid isn't going to be checking his back every time he goes to the train station for the next year - crap!!

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Posted in: High school boy arrested for running child porno site See in context

I wonder if this was an EXTRA CREDIT assignment he was working on at school?

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Posted in: Man attacked, robbed in elevator See in context

Las Vegas usually has guards escorting the money vendors in the casinos, maybe this place should take a page from their book on not letting employees carrying large sums of the company's money by themselves.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for staying in hotel 36 nights with parents and not paying See in context

sasukene says: "Take it from an hotel industry insider that these sorts of things can, and do happen in all countries and not just Japan."

Hey sasukene why don't you come to California or Las Vegas Nevada and try it here and just see how long you can stay in a hotel room before they catch on - you might get away with 3 days at the most before security comes knocking on your door.

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Posted in: JR employee caught taking up-skirt photos with mobile phone camera See in context

The simple solution is to have girls wear pants and boys were skirts. If girls wear pants then when they are on the escalator there will be nothing to see. And if boys wear skirts then when they are on the escalator NO one will want to see!!!

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Posted in: JR employee caught taking up-skirt photos with mobile phone camera See in context

"According to JR West, Omuro was on his break at the time of the incident"

Oh thank goodness he was on his break and NOT on company time when he did this!

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Posted in: Man eats at Yoshinoya before robbing store with knife See in context

It must have been his first time at a Yoshinoya's and found it was Pretty crappy food so maybe the guy just wanted a refund and they refused to give him one so he got one himself.

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Posted in: Experts predict more earthquakes, floods this year See in context

Living in Southern California its just one of those things you can't run away from - you try and ready yourself for it but its almost impossible to do so because you don't know how powerful it will be. We could see 2012 in 2011 !!!!

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Posted in: Australian WWII hospital ship sunk by Japanese filmed See in context

"Australia said the ship sank after being torpedoed by the Japanese, but Japan says the circumstances surrounding the sinking are unclear."

Apparently another attack by Godzilla that is blamed on Japan.

(I just found out that Godzilla is even in Spell Checker - talk about famous!).

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Posted in: Hotel murder shakes LA's Little Tokyo neighborhood See in context

goddog "I know because I read the crime reports here all the time, and they love to stab in the neck. It is a J thing. Good ole Americans go for the heart"

goddog - I thought you knew - in America they always stab you in the back!

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Posted in: Saitama woman arrested after stabbing lover in Nagano car park See in context

Lowly - "It's hard to shoot an arrow inside a car, knife is easier"

Lowly you have a POINT there!!

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Posted in: Man steals 4 rings from Tiffany store See in context

"Police said the man posed as a customer" So what was the guy suppose to pose as - a robber? That has to be the dumbest statement I've seen from the Police in a long time.

"When she took them out of the showcase, the man put them on his finger and held them up to the light. Then, he ran off." Why would you allow a customer to put 4 (four) rings on the finger at the same time - who trained this employee?

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Posted in: Saitama woman arrested after stabbing lover in Nagano car park See in context

It sounds so romantic - two lovers parked in their car - love is in the air and apparently so is a knife! What ever happened to Cupid shooting you with an arrow????

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Posted in: Patience wearing thin in Ginowan over Futenma base issue See in context

Kapuna - Why would anyone build , or buy a home or business around any airfield

Hey Kapuna, have you ever heard of the El Toro Marine Base (Air Wing)in California - it use to be surrounded by strawberry fields but then they (civilians) started building houses right up to the runway (and of course the amazing thing is that people bought them). I was looking for a Condo near there and one set I was looking at - well when the F-18's came over head they were only 150 feet above us.

Well the same thing that is happening on Okinawa already happened years ago with El Toro - under pressure from the civilians they abandoned El Toro and moved to other existing Marine/Navy air bases.

So what on earth is the big deal here. If Japan doesn't want us there then lets MOVE OUT!

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Posted in: Democrats put U.S. health care bill on brink of passage See in context

You can now mark this in the history books as the start of America turning into a third world country because after they raise taxes to over 55% of your income (and all other things that they can dream up to tax) to pay for this there will be no middle class left - only the rich and the poor. And just think world, we Americans did it to ourselves without any outside help!

By the way - Merry Christmas to everyone at JT

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Posted in: City girls hit rice paddies, in style See in context

Am afraid that the only way these girls are going to get any attention is if they wear nothing as they work in the rice paddies!

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Posted in: Seven dogs bite five students in Mie school grounds See in context

"He told police that he had “set them free to hunt.”

Well it seemed to have worked! Is it possible that these were fighting dogs and this "farmer" was worried about the police catching him with fighting dogs? (are fighting dogs even illegal in Japan?)

By the way TJ your headline "Seven dogs bite five students in Mie school grounds" makes this sound more like a High School Math Question - lets see if I divide 7 dogs by 5 students I get ??? number of students bitten.

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Posted in: 62 knives stolen from supermarkets in Kobe See in context

Apparently they are re-running the first season of "IRON CHEF" and someone wants to play along at home.

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