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As someone who served in the military myself I couldn't agree with you more. But I am glad that you agree with me that the time for debate is before the war starts. War is different from most things that spring for the political realm. Once you commit, you are committed for good. To go back on your support of the war when the going gets tough is shameful and yes, "unpatriotic".

Nope, not if it was a war founded on falsehoods designed to justify imperialist expansion and the extraction of resources. America's war in Iraq was illegal. Time for the rest of the world to impose sanctions on the USA, the greatest menace to world peace today.

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Bet they wish they were never transferred to the US office! In Japan they would get a suspended sentence at worst, maybe give up half a month's pay, apologize, and all would be forgiven in a day. They'd even get a pay raise or cushy amakudari job somewhere else.

That isn't how amakudari works Smith.

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Absolute wreck of a country. I remember Noliving claiming before that guns were essential in the US, because it's a 'culture of a violence'. If it really is a culture of violence, then isn't having such easy access to these lethal weapons gravely stupid and insane?

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Yep! Just look at CMs on tv well over 90% feature kids or childish stuff no matter what the product or service, or as you said Get Real.

I wonder what age McCarther would use now to describe Japan...................

MacArthur was an out of touch with reality egomaniac who the Japanese manipulated easily because they could see how susceptible the buffoon was to flattery. His remedial anthropological observations are of no substance or worth.

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Intelligent post again from you dog just like the advice you gave a few months ago to invest in the Rupee, which is now at all time lows. Hope that went well for you.lol

Dog is one of those who believes the Anglo-American economic model is the only valid path to take and refuses to acknowledge other economic systems. It's a form of ethnocentrism.

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What is really needed is a new economic model, where Japan, through Information tech, service and a skilled workforce, does things which the semi-literate worker in Vietnam and China will not be doing for next 30 years.

Because the movements towards 'service' and 'finance' worked so well for the US and UK didn't it? Japan doesn't need to let go of its manufacturing economy, or in that case, does Germany need to get rid of theirs too? Japan and Germany have cornered high end manufacturing that is still years away from being achieved by other Asian countries.

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Those little Japanese children who have traveled to the US to get life-saving organ transplants is a case in point. How dare the "putrid" and "disgusting" American healthcare system attempt to save the lives of Japanese children who would have zero hope of survival in their own country.

45,000 Americans die every year because they can't get access to health care. For the US to provide organ transplants to Japanese children, but yet deny health care to its own citizens says everything, doesn't it? Profit, profit, profit, the religion of the USA.

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Disgusting how Americans are now trying to export their putrid health care system. I wouldn't wish the US's health care on my worst enemy.

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We're not celebrating a child's death, we're not even celebrating. Talk about projecting on people... We're just commenting that a lot of us agree the child was a fool and received the ultimate consequences of his actions regardless of his age and law enforcement was in its full rights to do what was needed to protect the people.

What have I projected? Do I have to get the quotes for you?

Little punk got what he deserved. Wanna be G got capped.

He was a little wannabe gangsta with a rap sheet a mile long and had already been charge with one attempted murder. World's better off without him

And then yourself

Well, he was asking for it. One thing to hammer into childrens' heads now is "If your mom and dad don't discipline you, the world will. And the world is not as nice or kind as your parents...

So the child deserved to be shot because his parents didn't warn him how the world is 'not as nice or kind as your parents'? Is this what passes for logic in the US? No wonder your country is in such dire straits.

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Why don't the Japanese film industry make a good movie other than cartoons.

There are plenty of great Japanese live action films out there, it's up to the Anime nerds to seek them out themselves.

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America has destabilized the Middle East. All we need are hordes of brainwashed religious nuts plotting against us.

Pakistan is not in the Middle East. You think Americans would learn some geography of the places they send in drones to kill people with.

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You are incorrigible. So devoted are you to your hilariously pathetic hatred of all things American that, even after multiple people have explained very clearly that what happened was necessary to preserve innocent life, you hold true to your internet-activist statement regurgitation. "BLAHBLAHBLAH TRIGGER HAPPY BLAHBLAH MURDERING A CHILD." The hardware stores in your hometown must be perpetually out of axes and grindstones.

Actually, my original point was that I was disgusted with how Americans were celebrating this child's death. Of course, the 'America is great' brigade can't handle any criticism of their beloved country.

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I know what mental and emotional difficulties he may have had contributed to him attempting murder on multiple people and police officers.

You do?

A police officer wanted to save multiple lives and the only way to do so was to end the one causing it all. You have never had police training. You likely don't even know personally any police officers, let alone inner-city police officers. You are ignorant. In your ignorance, you are naive. In your naivety, you are making poor judgment calls.

Are you a trained police officer? So no one should have an opinion on the killing of a 14 year old child unless they've trained in America's trigger happy police forces?

In countries that don't have near the illegally-owned firearm problem the U.S. has. Like I said, you are naive. Keep grinding those axes.

The whole world knows about America's firearm problem. Legally, or illegally, it doesn't make a difference, American society is awash with guns and images of violence. The illegally-owned gun problem lies in the fact that it's so easy to obtain a gun in the first place, due to the extremely lax gun laws.

Oginomi, have you ever spent time in an American city area where drugs and guns are everywhere? You grow up really fast. It's survival of the fittest, the wild west on crack cocain. Sad, but true.

I'm aware of that, but 'growing up really fast' doesn't mean a 14 year old is no longer a child, no matter how you twist it.

The ones who made the choice not to enter into a life of crime, made it out, went to college, and are successful.

Again, a 14 year old. If he was 25, then you might have an argument, but 14 is still a child. For a 14 year old to be involved in gun and gangs, ultimate responsibility has to lie with his parent (s) or whoever his guardian was supposed to be.

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The child engaging in criminal behaviour doesn't make him somehow any less of a child. 'Numerically' doesn't wash, he was 14, still a child, and you don't know what mental or emotional difficulties may have been rooted in his behavioural problems. A police officer wanted to kill, and he did so. How do you know the tasering might actually have worked? You're fixated on the fact that it was 'unreliable' but there was no way to prove it would have been a total failure. Like I said, many other police forces around the world are unarmed, having a gun shouldn't be some kind of prerequisite.

It's very, very unfortunate that this had to happen

I agree. Tell that to some of your fellow countrymen on this page, who see it as something to celebrate.

However, as a man sows, so shall he reap.

A 14 year old?

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Oh, so now a police officer defending his own life AND the lives of others from a suspect who was presently firing multiple shots, ignoring orders to drop his weapon, and showing clear intent to fire upon more people is trigger happy.

You must have spent a fortune on grinding wheels for all of those axes.

Yes, he was trigger happy. Shooting a child dead shouldn't even be an option, regardless of how erratic said child was behaving. Tasers, tranquilisers, there are other methods that could have been used as other users have said, but the risk of them not being entirely successful wasn't considered worth it, so killing the child ended up being the option that was taken.

Yes, this is but part of the American-on-American violence that is now an endemic part of our very sick society.

It's sad. Celebrating the death of a child is abhorrent.

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Japan if you do something famous, especially if you are praised for it internationally, it needs to be seen/heard from elevator muzak to coffee can poster by the end of the day.

This is hardly unique to Japan. One of the most disgusting things to witness celeb-wise was how voracious and violently the American paparazzi behaved as they harrassed and stalked a mentally ill Britney Spears. The way the media fed of her breakdown was disgusting and I haven't seen anything in Japan that compares.

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So a police officer shooting and killing someone who was in the process of firing at a fleeing individual and THEN turned his gun towards the police officers while ignoring clear commands to drop his firearm is classified as murder, now?

Of course it is. There are other ways to restrain an out of control child with a weapon instead of shooting at him and killing him. Not all police forces around the world are armed you know. The culture of violence in the US and the easy accessibility of guns lies at the root of this issue. There is something wrong in your culture, in no other developed country, would the death of a child at the hands of the police be met with 'Yeah, take that!' or 'POS deserved it'.

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Actually the number has been found to be 40,000 Korean slave laborers dead, much greater than always thought. I am grateful for their sacrifice, but this was something that was needed to be done, otherwise many more Koreans would have been killed.

'Their sacrifice'? Really? You honestly think their families felt the same way about their loved ones being vapourised in a foreign land?

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Thank you America, for dropping these bombs, and freeing my people from tyranny.

22,000 Koreans were killed in the atomic bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chucky. You still thankful?

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A 14 year old has been shot dead and some of you are saying the 'little punk got what he deserved'! Have Americans really become this numb and desensitised to violence? Scary country.

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Ah..the old "civilian targets" excuse...sounds good but there is one exception, in a declared war, all out war, the civilians are the enemy as their labor keeps the war effort going. The US sought to end the war as quick as they could and that meant making the bloody leadership of Japan accept total surrender. How many civilian lives did the bombs save when you compare how many could have died in an invasion of the Islands?

Ah, the old 'America was justified' excuse. The atomic bombings were heinous war crimes. Purposefully bombing and killing civilians to break a country into surrendering is repugnant.

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The terrorists are imperialists. They want to create a world where Sharia law is the only law. They are acting militarily to accomplish this. Iin your desire ti criticize US aggressive actions, don't fail to see that.

I don't see any Middle Eastern or South Asian country acting like an empire right now and invading countries half way across the world, do you? The US on the other hand...


U.S. Currently Fighting 74 Different Wars … And Many More Covert Wars

An empire in action.

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Since only Congress can declare war, the last war was WW II

So war is only war if the American government says so? How bizarre.

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think you're fixated on the concept of "American imperialism" and you look to terrorists to justify your emotions.

Fixated because I pointed out the reason why the US is hated and why it's the target of so many terror threats? I don't support the terrorists by the way, but the US itself is far from innocent.

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There is a lot more to terrorism than just the acts that are committed against the US, which constitutes a tiny fraction of terrorist attacks. Don't be so blind.

We're talking specifically about the Al-Qaeda and 'Islamists' (Serrano's word) threats against the US, which are rooted in striking back against American imperialism. Never said that all terrorist attacks in the world are committed or aimed against the US.

Groups like Al Qaeda are very nearly as happy to blow up other Muslims as they are to blow up Western targets. To them, if you aren't Muslim in the way they are Muslim, you are as bad or worse than the "imperialists."

But this article is talking about threats against the US. What Al-Qaeda do to other Muslims doesn't change the fact its campaign against America is because of America's actions. And no need for quotation marks, the US is certainly imperialist.

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What you really mean is, how about the U.S. caves in to the Islamists and refuses to take any military action against them?

How did you come to that conclusion from what I said? Do you still not understand that the reason why the 'Islamists' threaten the US is because of your country's imperialistic actions? Is cause and effect a foreign concept to some people on here? The American education system is even worse than I'd thought.

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US does not invade wherever we want. Afghanistan was invaded to disband Al-Qaida. It worked to a degree. Iraq was a mistake as far as the public knowledge is concerned. And do you recall how thankful the Iraqi's were after the invasion to topple the evil Sadam Hussen?

Oil-grabbing adventures.....Last I read China was benefitting from Iraqi oil. Not USA! Libya was up for grabs, did US benefit? No, a US embassy was destroyed and 4 americans were murdered with no support from Washington on that. And Libyan oil is on the European market.

Afghanistan was a failure. Iraq was a textbook example of America's complete disregard for other countries' sovereignty and using the 'bringing democracy' excuse to cover up the fact that the invasion was all about stealing resources. The consequences of 'China benefiting' doesn't change what the original motive of the war was. The Iraq war was illegal, but the US didn't care since it doesn't think international law applies to it. Afghanistan is a country where empires come to die so it was no surprise that your country's military adventure ultimately failed there.

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As for "war mongering," the vast majority of armed conflicts taking place in the world now involves Muslims. Now wonder: the Koran makes 41 references to "jihad," which involves the violent death to all unbelievers "wherever they may be."

It's very clear where the inspiration for this terror comes from.

That still doesn't give Americans the right to invade wherever they want. You're implying the US isn't 'war-mongering' because the Middle East is already war-torn? That doesn't let America off the hook, sadly. Its greedy oil-grabbing adventures is what it has made it one of the most disliked countries in the world.

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How about removing the threat to these embassies?

How about the US stops being an imperialistic, war mongering nation that encourages the rise of terrorism which threatens these embassies?

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