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Posted in: Teacher questioned for failing to stop bullying that resulted in student's suicide See in context

This reminds me of that case in the 80s where a student was being bullied and his class (including his teacher) held a mock funeral for him just before he killed himself. Horrendous.

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers from U.S. over embassy bugging claim See in context

Funny how the US isn't expressing any sign of remorse or shame at the human rights violation they've committed. So arrogant as usual.

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Posted in: SKorean pop star Rain discharged from military See in context

Not a fan, personally, and isn't less than two years not quite the minimum? Maybe it depends on what branch you're in. In any case, while I think he's overrated, he DOES, as ribstick said, have some moves at least and a decent sense of humor. In his case if he's referred to as a 'tarento' at least he has some, unlike most others.

Is this another indirect dig at Japan?

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Posted in: Three Latin American leftist leaders offer asylum to Snowden See in context

YuriOtaniJul. 07, 2013 - 01:16PM JST

The USA has no respect for other countries.

So true. They think they can do anything they want. It's disgusting.

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Posted in: Lopez unaware of rights issues before Turkmenistan visit: publicist See in context

Return the money if you're really so sincere about your mistake, Lopez.

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Posted in: TLC and Namie Amuro’s new version of 'Waterfalls' irks Lopes family See in context

I don't know what the big deal is. The original 1995 recording hasn't been destroyed, this is simply a re-recording for the Japanese market to help TLC (has beens). Namie is the one who did them a favour. She's still massive in Japan, whereas TLC haven't been relevant in over a decade. This has got them more publicity than they've had in years.

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Posted in: Woman forced to wear bunny ears as penalty for missing sales targets See in context

What disgusting, demeaning thing to do to a 61 year old woman.

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Posted in: Poor English saved Japanese bankers during 2008 crisis: Aso See in context

I still say the 2008 financial crisis was the fault of gaikoku

Yeah, you're right, the US definitely had a big hand in it.

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Posted in: Back in Nepal, Govinda Mainali adjusts to life on the outside See in context

I think those who haven't done any of the three would pass a character test based on the above.

Exactly, tmarie. He's not a saint, no matter how the non-Japanese media try and portray him. That's not to say he doesn't deserve his apology and compensation, but it's important to be balanced and not get carried away with painting him in the most positive light possible. To me, I don't find him that likeable, he cheated on his wife, he knew the prostitute who was found murdered because he'd paid for her services before, and he just strikes me overall as quite a callous, unsavoury figure to be honest. Using the high standing he has in the Hindu caste system by his defence lawyer also shows he buys into that discriminatory mindset. Hope his book does well but I won't be buying it.

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Posted in: Back in Nepal, Govinda Mainali adjusts to life on the outside See in context

He's not necessarily a good man just because he was the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice, he solicited prostitutes and cheated on his wife back home, I agree he deserves an apology, but let's not make him into some sort of sainted martyr figure please.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda sizzles on cover of new CD See in context

Hmmmmmmmmm, "can you feel this love, can you feel this love, can you feel this love, can you feel this love, can you feel this love" - How many times can you repeat the same line within 3 seconds? If that's Pop, I don't wan to meet Mum!

Namie's amazing, good vocalist, great performer, can sing and dance at the same time, and her music is better than Gaga. She's the only J-Pop star that has true international appeal, Hikaru Utada is too boring to be the big push J-Pop needs in the West if it's to make it.

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Britney Spears - people don't even treat her like a human being, she's the ultimate in celebrity objectification and commodification.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda sizzles on cover of new CD See in context

I'm more excited about Namie Amuro's new album out next month. She's J-Pop's true star.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

If you are referring to Iraq, we had every right to go in, I'm not even going to do this and leave it at that. I was there, I was reporting at the time working for NBC. You are 100% wrong.

You had no right to go in and invade a sovereign nation. The US does not have some divine right to go invade any country it wants. This is the arrogance I'm speaking about.

I do and Yes, Europe, always has this, we are the epitome of the world, so we know what's right and how everyone thinks. We are the nations of entitlements, so the US has to follow lock step and be like us, even though we technically dependent on the US.

If Europe has this 'we're the epitome of the world' then it would have invaded the US by now, just like your country does in the belief that the American way is the only way. The 'nations of 'entitlements', entitlements aren't what led the EU into the mess its in now, the countries that continue to have the strongest economies also have the most robust social safety nets, it was reckless lending from the banks that caused the chaos.

For liberals and progressives, I think you are totally right.

So 'progressives' is negative word in your dictionary? Says everything.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

Many countries in the world don't like the US because of their own inadequacies, and shortcomings whether its socially or financially, it's always the US fault. When I hear people say that, show me a country that is a utopia and blemish free of any wrong doing and that is perfect and the answer is none. Has nothing to do with Palin.

Other countries don't like the US because of its war-mongering foreign policy and its distasteful habit of invading sovereign nations and creating wars. Has nothing to do with these other countries own 'shortcomings'. Please try and keep up. Palin epitomises this ugly, dangerous aspect of US thinking, the idea that the rest of the world is fair game for America's bombs and armies to take over. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Is Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on vast surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency that trawl through telephone and Internet records a hero or traitor? See in context

Traitor. I hope he likes living in China. That's the only place he will be able to live without having to constantly look over his shoulder wondering why the hammer will come down on him.

A traitor for exposing how the US government willfully disregards and violates the basic human rights of its citizens? You're right, maybe he'll find the freedom in China that clearly doesn't exist in America despite all their talk about 'the land of the free'.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

People like Sarah Palin are the reason why the rest of the world dislikes the US so much.

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Posted in: Avril Lavigne pulls out of Hiroshima A-bomb concert See in context

She's such an uninspiring has-been. In her twenties and still trying to pull the rebellious teenager shtick.

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Posted in: Wada says Mari Yaguchi should apologize over illicit affair See in context

Wada Akiko needs to shut up. She should know herself how rude it is to wade into such a private matter publicly, especially when it has nothing to do with you.

smithinjapanJun. 14, 2013 - 12:48PM JST

I wholeheartedly agree that Yaguchi needs to issue an apology -- TO HER HUSBAND! There's been no word that she has; just the kind of half-hearted apology she murmured to fans. However, I DON'T agree with this 'rules of showbiz' bull. Yaguchi was simply caught red-handed; this kind of thing happens ALL the time.

Why should she have to apologise to anyone, least of all her husband? If she was cheating on him, then obviously the marriage wasn't going that great to begin with. And what the rumours of him being physically abusive? If they're true, then she can cheat on him all day long as far as I'm concerned.

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to sing theme song for Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' See in context

By the way, I love how so many of the Japan bashers on this site love Kyary Pamyu because she's been adopted as the latest ironic icon of cool by Western hipsters. She'd be bashed to high heavens for her infantile voice and weird dressed sense by users on this site if she didn't have that seal of endorsement from the West.

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Posted in: The new consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony See in context

Excited about the PS4. What a surprise, looks like Microsoft is being undone by its own arrogance.

papasmurfinjapanJun. 16, 2013 - 06:34PM JST

I'd rather just read a good book, but to each their own.

You can do both.

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Posted in: Man arrested for running online high school prostitution ring See in context

Articles like this say allot about Japan that the outside world rarely hears about.

Actually the outside world is constantly inundated with stories of 'weird' and 'seedy' Japan so you're wrong. If anything, Japan gets it worse than other countries. You never hear about the dark sides of countries like Germany or South Korea in international media on the same level that you hear about Japan.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Really?? How did you come with that? There are plenty of things that do every day that are perfectly fine in privacy, but surely nobody wants you to display in publc. Sheesh.

Ramzel was specifically talking about homosexual displays. He didn't say anything about being against heterosexual displays. His sentence would read oddly if you were to subsitute the words with each other.

'The critics are not against heterosexuality; they are against displaying heterosexuality to impressionable minds.'

Impressionable young minds being corrupted by displays of heterosexuality? How bizarre. We all know what Ramzel was talking about.

If you're against public displays of affection, that's fine (I'm certainly not touchy feely in public), but make sure you apply it across the board.

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Posted in: Obama emerges as moderate favorite for re-election See in context

Maybe so, but unemployment has increased, and the debt has exploded. Also, under Obama, the U.S. experienced the LONGEST recovery from a recession since WWII. Blaming the previous president only gets you so far.

It will take longer than four years to recover from an economic cataclysm which has its roots set in the insane Reagonomic policies of the 80s - that's nearly thirty years of economic self-destruction by the US. It took Japan a decade to recover from its bubble collapse and it will also take a long time for America to reform and refocus its economy, after the all the profligacy and insanity.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

The critics are not against homosexuality; they are against displaying homosexuality to impressionable minds. AKB48 are idols and young girls see them as role models. They may start copying them, just because they saw it on TV, done by someone they adore. That`s why... In the US if Justin Bieber or some other young singer made out with another man in a TV commercial, they would complain too!

Being 'against displaying homosexuality' is the same as being against homosexuality. Going by what you're saying , then we should stop displaying heterosexuality for the same reason. You're implying that homosexuality is something that needs to be shielded from the young in case they become 'corrupted'. That isn't how it works, sorry. What about young children of gay couples? Should their parents hide who they are because of their children's 'impressionable minds'? Not seeing how your logic works, unfortunately.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

@ Ted Barrero,

I don't see how this is any worse than all the transexuals you see on Japanese TV these days. So hot girls passing sweets seductively is not okay, but a wild pack of flaming homosexual flamingos on practically every Japanese TV show is?? Not cool Japan. Not cool.

'Wild pack of flaming homosexual flamingos'? Not cool Ted. Not cool.

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Posted in: Suggesting single poverty-stricken women should seek job opportunities abroad or try to establish their own businesses sounds fine ... but this is extremely difficult in practice. See in context

Japan became the world's second largest economic power and kept that status for decades, even though one half of the population remained consistently sidelined and not utilised by the country. Imagine how strong Japan's economy could be if women were afforded the same respect and job opportunities as their male counterparts.

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Posted in: Japanese island man lives as naked hermit See in context

I have to say, this guy reminds me of Diogenes of Sinope. A touch of Greek philosophy in the land of the Rising Sun. I would definitely love to meet him.

Did Diogenes get sent money by his family to fund his 'natural' lifestyle?

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Everything I've seen Tanoshingo in, he's minced about, done his little dance, then lay on his back with his legs up and pointed directly at his anus. The viewing public seem to find that acceptable, repulsive as it is. He's done it on shows aimed at kids, and when he crops up on TV in my house the machine goes off. I'm not having that in my house.

Ok, while pointing at the anus is distasteful, what's so 'repulsive' about mincing and dancing, considering it's what AKB48 and countless other idols are always doing on the tube. But yet you'll only turn off the tv in Tanoshingo's case?

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

Please provide facts...... just saying "Japan has a unique culture and it would be drowned out (by Immigration)" by itself is xenophobic if you could back this up by some kind of study done then we could debate this issue.

Tyler, a large part of what makes up Japan's culture is the idea of its uniqueness compared to the rest of the world. I think that's what Yuri meant when she said it would be compromised by mass immigration.

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