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Now I am living in the USA, but my heart in Japan.I lived for 16 years in Yokohama.It's a best city to live in the World.Japanese food, medical insurance etc. are very good.NO GUNS, little crimes.Only 1 problem- earthquake.

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Posted in: Japan to hold unprecedented military exercise in U.S. See in context

Hope the Japan will forget to get back Russian Islands.

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Good news.

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No more plants in Japan!

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NO NUC POWER in Japan! It's so stupid, scare for earthquake,tsunami and nucpower.Look at New Zealand-they have not any NUC.

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It's huge disaster!

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What will be next?

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Why they can't finished this problems?Is it Japan or old Russia?

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Japanese can produce high quolity goods such as wash toilet, cleaning robots, high speed train "shinkansen", but they can't close this problem Fkushima plant!!!

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poor woman.

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It's stupid! After 2011 many Japanese companies have loss.

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Job offer for Kamikaze?

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Nonsense! Disney is a family place for normal people!!!

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Posted in: Protesters in Tokyo demand end to nuclear power See in context

No more nuclear!

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jefflee,I have my condo in Yokohama with big windows, garden. I have a small real eastate tax. In NY USA for same condo you have to pay unbelievable real estate taxes!!! I agree, it's a good time to purshase Japanese real estate.

About natural disasters, it can be anywhere. If you watch TV News you should know Hurricane Sandy 2012. In same year it was earthquake in NY.

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