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A summit sounds good. However, if Xi expects Abe to cave on the Senkaku issue, he's dead wrong (I hope). Abe shouldn't cave in and back away.

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@OGMGS1 - I agree with your comments with one exception, Abe himself. If he would focus the Article 9 efforts on the present and future, I think most would agree with Japan building up its defensive stance. However, the dolt continues to focus on the past, always framing his comments around WWII. Sheesh, why does he continue to do this? It only hurts the very objectives he is trying to achieve!

I don't like his stance on WWII either. I find it disturbing. However, that may just pure politics. He probably won't be able to undo Article 9 without saying that rhetoric. The vote for undoing Article 9 is going to be close!

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Just because Japan wants a decent sized and normal national defense force doesn't mean that Japan is going to invade China, and Korea tomorrow. I don't get why people are so uptight about Article 9 being abolished? Abe is trying to be defensive here. Do people realize that with budget cuts in US, we won't be able to defend Japan forever as much as I would like to. Also, get this through your small minds: China threatens almost every neighbor of theirs. Japan shouldn't only do this for Japan, but for the region as a whole. Philippines agrees with what I'm saying. I'm sure India, Taiwan and Vietnam would too!!

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Here's the deal people! Cry about Japan reverting to the 1930's all you want! The reality is that Japan purely doesn't want to attack anybody and invade a sovereign countrys' land this time. China started all this, and their little tributary Hermit Kingdom puppet isn't helping things either. Neighbors and allies of Japan, which are Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, SK (because of US), India shouldn't be afraid of a strong Japan either. They all face the same threats from China that Japan does. Point is that Japan wants to harm nobody, and should also rearm on behalf of the region and continent.

Also, as an American, I'm a very big proponent of the US-Japan alliance/security treaty. I understand that Japan is one of the few countries that respects my country and our presence in Japan. However, I see the politics and perils of isolationism returning. I increasingly doubt my countrys commitment of defending Japan and the countries I mentioned above. Therefore, Japan is on her own I'm afraid.

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The only contribution the Tea Party has given to US was our downgraded credit.

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Okay then. Maybe it's time for Japan to stop being so passive, and stand up to these bullies? Quit being so passive! Just a thought.

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Too many crimes have been comitted by the US forces in Japan (even one is too many). The Government of Japan should demand that the US government relocate its bases in Japan elsewhere (far away from residential areas as possible), and cede legal jurisdiction to the Japanese Government which= no legal immunity for soldiers who committ crimes. If the US refuses that ultimatum, the US should be kicked out of Japan.

I'm American and I strongly support our rock-solid alliance with Japan, but the safety of the residents of Japan should always come FIRST. America is losing friends in this world, and Japan is the last ally we would want to lose. No country should have to put up with guests mistreating the local population.

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