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Posted in: Russia to U.S., Trump: Sort out your own pre-election hacking scandal See in context

And here i'm grabbed my popcorn and watching what happens next.Seriously rising tension at sout china sea and U.S. presidential elections.Well i think ww3 much closer than we think

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Posted in: Is pajama fashion the new trend among young Japanese women? See in context

If they wanna sleep or take a nap everytime they want this "fashion trend" will help them.

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

Cheating is inexcusable.There's no excuse i think.Emotional or not cheating is cheating.This is why the society become more cancerous than past.Physical or emotional desires eh?Peoples desire never ends.If you act to fulfill your desires you will be slave of your desires.If there's a problem between your partner talk if it's not work than break up eventually.If you cheated you'd be done the worst against to him or her.Peoples nowadays do not pay any attention to mutual respect.

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Posted in: Are you worried that one day, robots will become so powerful that humans will no longer be able to control them? See in context

Yeah i think so because re-write software ability make it dangerous.It's make robots autonom.Hardware technology also supoort it today peoples talking about DNI (Direct Neural Interface) once it's possible robots software tech will reach furter.Than we can't control them.But every scientist discuss it.I think we must not use re-write software on robots or else our nightmare will be come true.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications See in context

It's simply japanese government can't dealt with inside problems so they're rejecting outside problems.Any question.For example rape and malpractice serious problems in japan.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

That depends on the person. My life keeps getting better every year.

I saif that for world wide.Not for my personal life.I will reading news everyday in scale of world wide some of us very lucky to born under peaceful country but some peoples in this world can't have a chance for it they're trying to survive.I'm always sorry for him.Some peoples only look but some of us seeing the truth and my friend i see their pains at first hand.Biologicaly peoples are animals and their souls filled with animalistic things.It's our dark side which will show up under pressure and facing the death.

I think your sentiments will be shared by many of those participating in today's Coming of Age ceremonies.

With different style.When i was a child i don't know the world pain and inequality.When i was a child i was curious about science i want to understand everything so i'm a scientist now but peoples use science in bad way.Many of my colleague employed by military for what developing weapon or something like that.They said we developing it because we want defend ourselves but we all know defend or attack it doesn't matter it will kill humans.This saddens me.Peoples murdering peoples.This is why i'm so desperate and pessimistic and every world governments ambition kill us too.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

I wanna say something.Why peoples celebrate tehir birthday it isn't logical for me cause it means death come closer and everything in your life turn into memory which will be fade away year by year.When i was a child i don't wanna be an adult cause i was enjoyed life and we all find out the world isn't nice as we tell our children.It isn't get better,world and peoples suffer.

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Posted in: How would a 'President Trump' deal with Japan? See in context

I forgot something.America used nuclear bomb against civilian,in iraq conflict U.S. army murdered dozen of civilians and they still said about civilian killing?They've mastered about that.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet shrinks even as China grows more aggressive See in context

Actually U.S. worrying about WWIII they know if China still act like that it will probably leading to WWIII.U.S. want to avoid this situation so they wanna block China's any act expanding on South China sea.

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Posted in: Abe says summit with Putin needed to resolve territorial row See in context

There's a solution Northern territory population claimed by japanese peoples so russia must not demand any right on northen territory.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sticking chopsticks in daughter’s ear See in context

Violence is a crime and they think violence can discipline anyone,really?

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Posted in: Serial underwear thief re-arrested for assaulting woman See in context

Are you serious?Underwear thieves?Peoples those days probably lose their mind.

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Posted in: H-bomb: More powerful than Hiroshima bomb, fits on missile See in context

I'm a physics engineer.I can say it's a kind of thermonuclear bomb and this is why that bomb powerful than hiroshima bomb.On the other hands this technology very difficult to develop.There must be something else behind this cause N. Korea can't develop this tech easily.When N. Korea testing their missiles they were failed,remember?They can't engineering a missile by themselves and i supposed to believe they were developed h-bomb?

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Posted in: Filipino women raped by Japanese WWII troops demand compensation See in context

There's something we miss always.In WW2 also German women's raped by americans and russians.History written by victors but the truth is if there's a human right it should not depend on victors act.Also war is a hugest criminal act upon human rights...

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Posted in: How would a 'President Trump' deal with Japan? See in context

WW2 over.I think america must close tehir military base on japan.Also Trump is a racist dumb presidential candidate i've ever seen.He's destroying americas cultural values.U.S.A is a united nations not only based on specific nation.He need to learn history.

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