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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

Whoa, naive people being taken advantage of. And adults at that. Never heard of that before.

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Posted in: When you’re in a romantic relationship, how difficult is it to have close friends of the opposite sex? See in context

As a guy, it's not hard at all.

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Posted in: Japan's cat island finds purr-fect solution to food crisis See in context

Don't feed them. Teach them how to fish.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

"The world is against me, and it wouldn't be fair if it weren't" -Donald Trump

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Posted in: Trump's march stirs growing sense of dread among U.S. Republicans See in context

When just one man causes this much controversy; even within his own party; and has such an enormous following of supporters, he must be doing something right. The anal pains he produces is like nothing ever seen before. I, for one, am grateful to be a part of this glorious age in American history. November can't come soon enough!

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Posted in: Nintendo halves profit forecast on strong yen See in context

I'm sure the new Pokemon games will fix that.

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Posted in: Mexicans back ex-President Fox in vulgar spat with Trump See in context

You know what else isn't right? Letting the cartel defile your country and mercilessly eliminate your people.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for slashing, choking 5-year-old son See in context

In the event you feel you gotta spank your kid, spank him/her the old fashioned way, not try to kill the kid! And you need to explain why what they're doing is wrong or they'll never learn. Christ. (Didn't even he say something like that?)

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Posted in: Man not guilty by reason of insanity for trying to rape woman in toilet on JAL flight See in context

Poor guy. It can't be helped. Mental illness is a disease that causes people to unwillingly do things they normally would not. My prayers go out to this man, hope he gets the help he so sorely needs.

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Posted in: Rubio, Cruz go after Trump in debate See in context

Now THAT was a debate. It was so thrilling, I felt like I was at a boxing match. Even though I'm a Trump supporter, I think Rubio and Cruz did an excellent job hitting him with hard questions and keeping up the pressure. But Trump lashed back by detailing his stance on obamacare and free markets. He showed the toughness and calmness under pressure needed to be the leader of the free world. I'm sure Putin, Kim, Israel, and the weak liberals "got nervous" in his wake. Super Tuesday can't get here soon enough! Make America great again!

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Posted in: Trump notches 3rd straight win in Nevada caucuses See in context

Time to dominate Super Tuesday. History in the making, folks.

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Posted in: Trump notches 3rd straight win in Nevada caucuses See in context

The fact that Hispanics came out and voted for him speaks volumes. See, America needs a leader of the people, for the people, not money. He's already rich. He's **going to build a wall, which will pay for itself once the illegals can't get in/are deported, and will create jobs in and of itself. He's gonna ban all Muslims, which is much needed. Let the Middle East take care of it's own problems, the US isn't the world's police. The majority of Americans want change, and that's exactly what we'll get come November. No liberals whining, no PC bs, and no backing down from those who are a threat to American safety. And if you don't like it, leave, I'm sure Japan could use more English teachers.

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Posted in: Cabin smoke forces JAL plane evacuation in snowstorm in Hokkaido See in context

I saw the video one of the passengers took. It was pitiful. Everyone huddled near the plane, the cameraman; a fully grown man, kept going "やばい! やばい!" instead of helping the women and children away from the plane. What if, God forbid, one of the engines exploded? Is this really the kind of situation to scream your head off and record the scene?! I mean, they landed literally right on the tarmac. Is it that below you to help get everyone somewhere warm and away from danger. Jeez.

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Posted in: Cruz, Rubio face critical test in Nevada as Trump ahead See in context

Fill in the blank: "You can't ____ the Trump!"

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Posted in: Trump takes control of Republican race See in context

No one can Stump the Trump, right Jeb?

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Posted in: Pope vs Trump: 'Not Christian' to only build border walls See in context

Bless you Pope Francis. Indeed, building bridges is a fundamental Christian ideology. For starters, let's build a bridge from the Vatican to the Gaza Strip post-haste so that others can let you know exactly what they think of Christianity! Doing so may even bring you closer to God than ever!

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Posted in: 'Torture works,' Trump says as South Carolina primary looms See in context

America needs a strong, fearless, adamant leader. A man who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, instead of lies filled with fluff. A man who'll let the rest of the world deal with its own problems. A man who Israel cannot bribe or coerce. A man who'll shove shove his figurative boot into the rear end of Islam. A man who'll take on not only the opposition, but the puppets in his own party as well. A man who believes that America, and her allies, can indeed be great again. And that man is Donald Trump.

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Posted in: Sakai city launches initiative to cover up adult magazines at convenience stores See in context

There are people who still don't use the internet for porn. C'mon now, it's 2016.

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend force her daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish See in context

@smithinjapan Ever thought about getting a job in the child welfare sector? They desperately need someone like you.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for suffocating 4-month-old daughter with pillow See in context

Taking care of a baby is easy. Just feed it, change its diapers, and buy it a gameboy.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for stabbing 13-year-old in Shizuoka See in context

@khulifi Don't be so quick to judge, he might have been defending himself from a potential murderer

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Posted in: Couple arrested for locking up 6-year-old boy in bathroom See in context

I can understand that there are some people that don't want to deal with the great responsibility of raising or dealing with children because they want to live for themselves, live freely. They simply don't have kids, and I respect that. But if you are an adult that makes the decision to have a child and abuse the child because you want to have fun, you aren't an adult, nor are you a human being. How could you bear a child, and not have any love towards him/her? That is your offspring, your genes, the personification of the love you have/had for your significant other. I just can't wrap my head around how one could be so cruel to their own flesh and blood. If there are people that act like that towards their own children, I shudder to think how they treat friends, family, coworkers, or even complete strangers. Do these people even know what true love is? How disheartening...

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Posted in: Man wanted for murder of ex-mother-in-law captured in Hokkaido See in context

@sensei258 No, no. I say give him a light sentence. Poor kid had a rough upbringing. Give him a chance.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing man robs woman in Gifu; gives back Y4,000 See in context


Everyone knows black tights don't color coordinate properly with brown hair. Why didn't he dye it black or at least give it a silverish hue?! And would it kill him to wear leggings as opposed to tights? Someone please arrest this man.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman torches her son's room for not cleaning up mess See in context

50 years old and still living with mom...I'd have stayed in the fire were I him. Poor mother.

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Posted in: Beyonce takes U.S. by storm with new activist role See in context

That's nice. Still not buying your album or concert tickets though.

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Posted in: Former baseball star Kiyohara arrested over drug possession See in context

People taking drugs and having affairs is what counts as news in Japan? Does its media and citizens have nothing better to do than to gossip about other people's business? Aren't there more important things to worry about, like, I dunno, North Korea, Zika, dirty politicians, China, North Korea, and ISIS? (Did I forget to mention North Korea?) I don't blame this guy one bit for using drugs, I would too if this is how it is there. A society like this breeds unhappiness, and that unhappiness takes its toll on the population every year. Report on that. Not if some girl had sex with a married guy or if some ex athlete took LSD. But I guess that's how it is when everyone works 80 hours a week and don't do the hanky panky in the sack.

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Posted in: 5 vending machines torched in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward See in context

Yes, that's right, burn the machine so you can get the melted, singed money inside. Ingenious!

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Posted in: Baby drowns in bathtub while mother apparently drunk See in context

Does no one know what "Drink responsibly" means? Well, I guess they'd have to know what "responsible" means first...

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Posted in: Confident Trump says he could 'shoot people' and not lose voters See in context

You can't stop Trump. He represents the millions of the scared, gun-loving, arrogant, racist Americans. Sadly, there's really nothing anyone can do to stop him, even those in his own party. I say, let him win. He'll be worse than Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. combined. Hopefully I'll find a new country to reside in before then. Wish me luck.

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