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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

How about just doing your job Ko-ike?

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context


The people of the world are si.....oh wait....

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

Like, as a leader, you need to take charge of a situation? Does she know that?

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

How about offering those people social welfare and putting the money you'll give to the mafia to better use?

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer dies after apparently shooting himself See in context

@sir_bentley28, are you sure you're a cop?

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Just walked passed plenty of Izakaya FULL of red faced Ojisan, maybe their just testing young peoples venues, try harder.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context

@therougou, the important word there being had

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Posted in: Koike looks set to be re-elected Tokyo governor even as coronavirus cases rise See in context

Oh little pond, why do you desert us?

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Posted in: 15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan See in context

There was an article on here about how devestating a natural disaster combined with a Pandemic will be.

Here we are.

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Posted in: Virus testing blitz in Melbourne runs into conspiracy resistance See in context

At least they do testing in Melbourne!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Obviously, it's the young peoples fault?

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

Where are the politicians who we the tax payers pay to get a handle on the rising numbers????

Obviously, in the hostess bars?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 67 COVID-19 cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

Everybody’s’ focus has been only on the new cases. No mention at all on the decrease in deaths.

Hopefully there is a decrease, but even a very basic person understands that you'd rarely die within 24 hours.

Sadly first comes the positive test result and depending on how a person reacts, it can take up to three weeks before dying.

So there will be a spike in cases, then deaths to follow after that.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 67 COVID-19 cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

And no word in the fact that the death rate plummeted completely, with a lower death rate than that of march, many days with 0 deaths, the fact that most of the new cases are from asymptomatic people, and the fact that the PCR test methodology changed... No, let's only focus in "big numbers bad"

This is all assuming that, the real number is only 68 and that all the deaths so far are being accurately reported and there isn't a delay on autopsy results, which ofc will take longer than the tests.

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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

Tokyo has "fought" nothing. It's been cooking the books and hiding from the truth since day one.

Anyway, onto the next useless experiment by Koike.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks gain as robust U.S., China data hearten investors See in context


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Posted in: Koike leads in Tokyo governor race: poll See in context

What are the alternatives ?

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 app reaches 4 million downloads in first week See in context

Common Japan, I know there is some good news in there somewhere!!!

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

Open the econmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Why does no one ever listen to me?

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Posted in: Kimono maker creates face mask for hostesses See in context

Looks hot

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Posted in: Abe's support rebounds despite ex-justice minister's arrest: poll See in context

Yeah right

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Posted in: Fujitsu brings hand washing AI to COVID-19 fight See in context

"Fujitsu are masters of wasting time"

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Posted in: Japanese start traveling en masse on 1st advisory-free weekend See in context

Errr, case rates are trending up, in countries operating with a 21st century mindset, you lock down at this stage?

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Posted in: Call to cancel Tokyo Olympics becomes issue in race for Tokyo governor See in context


have a think about it

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Posted in: Japan's farming industry faces falling demand, labor shortage See in context

Is anything in Japan going well?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 27 new daily coronavirus infections See in context

Time to partay, in Kabukicho, with no mask, yew!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 47 new daily coronavirus infections on Sunday See in context

Time to get some competent people running the show.

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Posted in: New research shows why non-smokers get serious lung condition See in context

@erbravia? What are you talking about?

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Posted in: Japan to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week See in context

How would it work when there is almost no test data to compare it with. It's crazy how unconsolidated the views and initiatives of the diet are. First they announce they're doing away with any plans of blanket test programs, then announce a contact tracing app?

It's really quite spectacular.

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Posted in: ¥10 trillion reserve to combat pandemic branded Abe's 'pocket money' See in context

Where's my money bro

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