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Everything is "rigged." IOC rigged??? Wow, that's a new one, you fascist Ishihara. Nobody is implying the IOC is totally clean, get real. But for Ishihara to always blame others and the world and other cultures etc etc etc, and never admitting he screwed up in his grand visions and that he hold values that are not compatible with today's globalization is drawing the line. You can see this in people's reactions to all his failures, not the the olympic bid. Would any of you vote for this racist to welcome you and your fellow citizens to his racist vision of the olympics? Don't think so. As for the U.S. - U.S. lost because the "U.S. is seen as always scheming to negotiate everything behind the scenes." But still, as many cannot deny, we lost because the world is sick of us Americans, no matter how good Obama is and no matter what the excuses are. Ishihara is facing the same crowd. And he will face more resistance not just from the world, but from his own local supporters and voters. Besides, I hardly met any Japanese citizen who is that passionate about hosting the Olympics!! (oh, no, more gaijin will pour into our homogenous pure nation and mix with our pure Japanese blood... etc. etc. ) Where on earth did Ishihara get the idea the most Tokyo citizens or Japanese are fervently behind his Olympic bid???????????? Geezus, this guy is sounding like a cult figure. It is one thing to voice your honest opinion. It is another thing to say everything was rigged against your cause etc.

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About time the world finds big kernels of truthful history of the Japanese past, in the face of Japan beseeching the world of how it uniquely suffered the injustices of the atomic bombings while ignoring the worst victims of their own aggression. Hatoyama urges the world Japan knows a thing or two about suffering, while unbelievably uttering not a single word of the pain and horror his own forefathers inflicted on millions of innocent victims from China all the way down to the Pacific and to Australia. Hollywood makes anti-Nazi movies all the time, so it should not be shy and instead be honest about the Japanese too.

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ha ha, Japan and Okada kantoku. he bragged about trying to beat Holland and make very unrealistic predictions about being in the best 4 next year at the WC. not only is Japan's play style too predictable for super opponents, but the japanese media always babysit and say fluff about (and at time overprasising) the Okada's team, never really criticizing and evaluating the team. here's a hint for the local media: beating Kazahstan, Bahrain, Qatar, and even B-side Belgium is far from enough to star overpraising the national team. They forget Japan is also ranked number 40, when Holland is ranked third. Even with Qatar Japan tied the game, while losing to Australia. You can't boast about being in the final four if you can't even beat Australia or Qatar. As I said earlier, Holland showed them what top level soccer is about. The Japanese tried to work some magic trick in the first 20 minutes, but it was like kids trying to find out what the heck is going on. After that, the Japanese sank. No heart, no passion, no brute force, no creativity, no defense, and no energy. The Dutch were patient, and every time they touched the ball forward, boy, it sends every viewer into ecstasy... The jaapense should go back to soccer 101. They cried "foul, ouch, itai!" every time a hard tackle came their way. Bunch of girls, and this annoyed not only me, but a lot of their fans. How can you beat the top 10 teams like this? I gave up the blues a long time ago. I bet Japan won't even make it to the best 16, no matter who's in their group.

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The Dutch are too powerful for Japan. Okada, "best 4" at the world cup? Who is he kidding? Not even the Japanese media and fans believe Japan and beat the top 20 teams ranked above them. The likes of the Dutch, England, France, Italy, Crotia, Czech, Spain, or even Scotland, Ireland and Ivory Coast, Ghana, USA, Mexico, Paraguary, Uruguay are too far apart from Japaense soccer. Tulio is overrated and is getting old. Really old. He gets injured too easily. The defense is in shambles. Playing against the Dutch you need your best defense, and even that the Dutch has a notorious habit of breaking down strong defenses as if they were playing schoolkids... the score will not tell the story of how the different HOlland and Japan are, even if the Dutch beats them like 6-0. Then again, Holland is not taking this friendly that seriously like the Japanese, so...

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Wrong. No matter how we wish China would never overtake Japan, or even the U.S., the sheer economic forces percolating alone will ensure China will make Japan almost irrelevant. Not to mention all the other forces. Even the U.S. senators and think-tankers gave the same opinion. Japan right now is just lost in their own fog. The people alone have no strong identity like the Koreans or Chinese. As much I don't like China, we have to face it, Japan is making itself irrelvant, and it's their own fault. In fact, Japan is now showing to be highly reliant on China for all things. China is a giant dragon, and the soon we realize and stop dreaming that it won't happen, the better we can gauge the signs of what's about to happen. Yes, this whoever Jesse guy is a typical moronic idiot for a "documentary" filmmaker??? But he's got a point about Japan becoming less important.

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now, this is a MOVIE. forget astro boy and rookies and GI Joe and god awful remakes of Asian forgettable films, for your buck, real old fashioned creativity from hollywood saves the day...

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