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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

MC Hammer on crack-kimchi. lol

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Posted in: Okinawan firefighters strip for charity calendar See in context

One of those guys photo-shopped my body. lol Great job gentlemen! Wish you the best.

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Posted in: Twitter comment starts online debate on working overtime See in context

Some Japanese companies just don't empower workers to make decisions. The long process at banks and other service business are indicative. Decisions seem to travel up the chain and back before your request is attended to, in so many instances. Yes, empower women, subordinates, all those with certifications/qualifications, and things will speed-up a bit.

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Posted in: Cycling chiefs cast out Armstrong as ban confirmed See in context

A long fall for the face of Dopecycle racing. Who I hate most are the other dopers who got off with deals and immunity for information, there is no loyalty among dopers. However, it was good that he voluntarily (??) stepped down from LIVESTRONG. It's a sad thing when you can't take part in bicycle race.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context

Rape and Sexual Harassment are very serious charges and should be prosecuted with the "heavy hand" of the law. I hope this young lady has good counselors who are not politically motivated. She deserves more than rhetoric after such an alleged horrifying experience (one guy confessed, allegedly). All service-persons who deploy to foreign soil are thoroughly briefed and in the case of the U.S.Navy we also hold high the values of Courage-Honesty-Integrity. Unfortunately, we cannot judge character, accountability, and responsibility on our intake forms or recruiting process; not even with a MMPI screening. Okinawa is politically charged with the ongoing base and aircraft discussions. Please keep in mind that the previous alleged rape on Okinawa did not pan out and (that)) these are transients en route to another location. NO EXCUSES! However, as I stated before, "one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch" so separate the apples from oranges. This is the act of two opportunistic, immoral, and possibly ignorant young men. No matter what happened in the dark, it's still a very traumatic experience for this young woman. All support my goes to the young lady and her family.

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Posted in: First arrests made under new Fukuoka drunk driving regulations See in context

Would have liked to see the full penalties of the "new" six year old law: How much ¥ fine? Loss of driving privileged for months, years, etc. Ever quality for a "gold license" again. (insurance discount) How many hours of videos/lessons? Is this the "harsh" part? Are they going to fine every establishment ¥50000? (use phone locations?) Please outline what "harsher penalties" entails.

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Posted in: 226 iPhone 5 handsets stolen in Japan See in context

I'll bet high school and/or college students and (that) they're all "cracked" and currently in use as we speak.

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Posted in: Cheeky new underwear for men hits stores See in context

@Pukey2 that's next year's version: with the faces in the rear...a nasty little secret

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

"On your next day off, you can plan a date in search of the perfect cell phone. You may even be able to get him to buy it for you." Very few guys make that kind of investment and even fewer girls suggest or accept such an expensive gift on a first date. Scenario: First the woman "owns" the phone, then the man "owns" the woman. They exchange emoticons instead of conversation and after an heated argument (it wasn't going to last), he snatches the phone "remember? this is mine" . The following "girlfriend" get a "new" iPhone. Whatever happened to a walk on the beach at night, a blanket, sushi, fruits, wine, shooting stars, the moon, stars, CONVERSATION...

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

Interesting. Smooth move. Whether the young man is gay or not, I hope Toyota steps up for the CAUSE. This is "shock and awe" at its best. The only risk is that the homophobic might abandon Toyota. However, I sure hope it helps the gay/lesbian community of Japan, in some way. There is another video of the "making" of this CM, where the young model introduces himself. I am so happy, (that) I was not fooled by this CM, but a few seconds had "sexy young lady" written all over it.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon lumbers toward Okinawa See in context

The Ryukyu Kingdom and Ryukyuans are antiquated terms. The Ryukyu Islands and Unchinanchu/Okinawans are current terms. Some say "it's a once in 13 years storm, others it's a once in 30 years storm." Might be lost in translation. Anyway, "Batten Down the Hatches" folks. Bolaven seems to be on course to cause more havoc than Bart (1999).

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Posted in: What were they thinking when they named these products? See in context

This article is full of laughs and your posts very informative. Car name that tops the list is Mazda's "La Puta." I'll probably get censored if I translated it.. Unbelievable!

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Posted in: Korean man assaulted by extremists for protesting Japanese war crimes See in context

War is war! Sadly, during war people do a lot of crazy things, i.e. criminal intent, disobedience, nationalism, rape, pillage, patriotism, pride, and the list goes on. It's not right! This is why dialogue should be used to stop bullets. I have seen military men from all ranks and nations showing love and respect at "war commemoration reunions" as they pointed out where they hid or shot at each other during engagements in the Pacific. War makes no darn sense so after the fact, those who feel they need to take action should tweet, blog, Facebook, write an article, or use any of the current media. The grandstanding on islands, shrine grounds, provocations, etc. should stop. Everyone wants to be a martyr or "hero" these days, even the ignorant. Get on a computer (home, library, or cafe) and write and submit something intelligent and hopefully well researched to the debate.

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Posted in: New Hatsune Miku music video leaves world in tears See in context

You guys are so insensitive...poor robot, after overcoming so many obstacles for her. Just when it looked like success...the project came to realization briefly then fell to shambles. So moving ;) boo hoo

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Posted in: The worst financial mistakes made by expats See in context

Mistake 1 - If in doubt, go to the nearest Hotto Motto. Mistake 2 - Real estate agents here are unlike anywhere in the world. Mistake 3 - Don't go to Snacks or "specialty restaurants," Try neighborhood bars and mom&pop shops.

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Posted in: German customs demand $475,000 for Japanese musician's violin See in context

It's best she leaves it an international incident; let the Belgians, Germans, and Japanese handle this one. Maybe she'll get a pardon on condition of no press. Hopefully she does not have an event soon and they handle this instrument with utmost care.

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Posted in: German customs demand $475,000 for Japanese musician's violin See in context

The violin could be worth ten bucks or sound like cats, it's the absurdity of this matter. Frankfurt: remember to forget your laptop, I-phone, jewels, or anything of value without proof of purchase. Not even the U.S. tax-man is this anal. Smells like bullying..

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

It's evident that non-violent marches haven't caught on in China. I recommend they start using "flash mobs" and sing their bitching in Enka. I see the potential for comedy without destroying a restaurant. I have great disdain for groups that destroy property or take lives "for the cause".

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Posted in: Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way See in context

"Who needs a license?" I wonder if you'll need an "operator'" license.

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Posted in: Ainu eye political power See in context

I only hope the Ainu people are conducting awareness classes in the community halls, have school clubs, celebrating with festivals, lectures by Mr. Kayano and other leaders, etc. Don't rush to the Diet without the young in tow. I'm all for supporting the ply of indigenous groups, their customs, traditions, folklore, even tattooed faces, there's beauty in every known culture that it's respective country should embrace. I don't see why an old tribe can't function among the at times very archaic.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy held for allegedly stabbing mother to death See in context

These young children think there is no way out. Teens are committing too many of these horrific acts, it seems without any attempt at seeking psychological/psychiatric help. I can only plead to the youth to seek help when "things" are going wrong. Hopefully, mental health professionals get more proactive instead of self-aggrandizing in front of TV cameras after the fact. The school counselors are mostly unsuccessful. Young kids resorting to murder and/or suicide indicate huge problems. Japan needs a greater push to show that depression and other mental health problems are very common and most are easily treatable. All during my years in the public school system, "the child" had been an outcast subjected to giggles from teachers and vulnerable to bullying or other forms of abuse by peers. I hope that Japan gets beyond calling mental illness "kokoro byoki" real soon.

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Posted in: 63-year-old engineer may be Japan's last ninja See in context

I hope he at least leaves us a demo video, free of camera tricks. That's if he wants do something for those who really believe in his art form.

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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context

Inside that car was a furnace, 50 degrees C or higher. They really need to bring back the "angel program" whereby parents like this could drop off their unwanted children. This "monster" just gave up on that innocent child. I can't say anything else that wouldn't censored.

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Posted in: 19-year-old man held over attack on Otsu education board head See in context

It's a good idea to "knock" some sense into the school board, but dialogue works far better than a hammer. Up goes more cameras, neighborhood watches, PTA guards, and police patrols. However, the bully is never seen or caught.

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Posted in: There’s something about Sawa See in context

I liked her because she has really shown most of Japan's athletes that you can overcome that "shyness" with immersion, discipline, and patience. As difficult as it may have been initially, she seems very comfortable in her skin. She has accomplished more on the world stage than most "talentos" and Japanese athletes have, yet they seem to get more recognition in Japan. I wish this article was more biographical than sexist. I guess someone wanted to give her the Hope Solo treatment. I hope she opens a nice soccer academy for young girls. This is a great opportunity for Japan use her as an ambassador to health, peace, or some other worthy cause. She jumps at the opportunity to interview in English, that's sexy to me. Please don't get lock her into one of those ridiculous "comedy" shows.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy held for beating parents, sister with bat while they sleep See in context

This man could be a step-dad. The family is in stable condition, hopefully the neurological tests to follow are negative for all, but especially the young child. Such a horrible crime. it's hard to speculate on the motive. I can only wish that it wasn't something petty, either way a 14 year old with that kind of rage must have shown some odd behaviors prior to this. Hopefully they'll do a follow up story with more details.

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Posted in: Fukuhara says Japan a long way from catching China in table tennis See in context

Japan creates a state run "ping pong academy" where the kids eat and sleep on tables with big brother forever vigilant. Or better yet, Fukurara trains the next generation of pre-school kids She seems very bright and she has been in table tennis since she could stand as tall as a table. Training in China is a good thing, she'll be a great international "sports spy" which to date China masters. Though, Japan does pretty darn well. Ai is her own enemy at times.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga still finds ways to be 'irresponsible' See in context

on second thought...♪she was born that way♫

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Posted in: Bicultural javelin thrower Genki Dean fielding a media frenzy See in context

Fifteen years or so ago, movie director-producer Reggie Life (U.S.) did a documentary on the interracial children (more focus on AmerAsians) of Japan, titled "DOUBLES" and it became the politically correct term for these products interracial unions. These kids were mocked, teased, spat on, and more in the past (worse after the war). He chronicled their struggles at school and the bitterness and abuse by peers and others. He then highlighted the success of those who had embraced their dual-culture and in spite of adversities, made it to CNN, architectural firms, radio/TV, dance, etc. I love this kid, he truly deserves the name Genki. He seems so full of life, mature, and well brought up and schooled. I meet quite a few of these children and those who have difficulty adjusting or no supportive parents may struggle further. Genki is an inspiration to all, but mostly those few who may have difficulty defining self. I wish this young man much success and I'm sure his brief history will help us all understand more about the ply of some of these kids, no matter the "term" used to refer to them.. It is not easy growing up in any country, looking different, but equal.

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Posted in: Alleged rape incident at Atsugi may grate on nagging defense issues See in context

JT, have no fear. I'm not going to hit this back and forth like Ai in ping pong. But the military is comprised of a whole lot of early teens and twenties. Most importantly, adult leadership, too. @AlternateU appears to be a brilliant man (tongue in cheek), however ignorant to U.S. military matters. @KyleS "Why should Japan be forced to pay for American soldiers on their land". Do you ask such a question because you haven't researched our agreement with this wonderful nation? I'm glad they do, they are one of the very few nations who lays down the mulah. Most of the other countries we support and defend beg for extensions or waivers.

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