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Posted in: Russia presses offensive into Ukraine but holds off on taking key city See in context

Putain says - he always says!

Whenever he opens his mouth he spreads b.s.!

Of course he has no plans to occupy Kharkiv - he won't be able to do that!

He won't be able to keep all other illegally occupied areas, including Crimea, either.

Ukraine's time has come to send those Russian marauders back to where they came from.

Either alive or in body bags.

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Russia claims gains in Ukraine's Kharkiv region See in context

Russia claims this, Russia claims that, Russia claims so much!

Fact is: Russia under Putain's dictatorship is a terrorist state!

Killing, raping, deporting, kidnapping, and terrorizing the Ukrainian population.

Another genocide attempt the way it was seen when Stalin was in charge!

Concerning "creating a buffer zone" - that's just more bull from the Russian side.

They wouldn't respect it.. All they want is more time to get more marauders ready for the meatgrinder and continue with their aggression!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia is trying to break through its defenses in northeastern Kharkiv region See in context

Antique ....

any reliable source for your claims?

Or just Putain / Russian propaganda material?

Maybe you should stop listening to TASS and reading Iswestya / RussiaToday!

You are making the same claims like others trying to convince us that President Zelenskyy closed churches and imprisoned priests. Fact: just yesterday he held yet another meeting with those.

So, if yo know more about "withholding passport renewals, millions of fighting aged men have fled, prisoners fighting in Ukrainian units (let me remind you, that is what Russia is doing)" and so on, please tell us!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia is trying to break through its defenses in northeastern Kharkiv region See in context


what a question!

Of course all those who still stand with Ukraine, which is the majority!

Of course all those who oppose a dictatorship the Russian style!

Of course all those who raise (not only) their voices against occupation, deportation, looting, raping, and so on!

Besides, concerning Kharkiv, the minimal gains Russians made does not justify their losses.

Again many Russian marauders were killed, lots of military hardware destroyed!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: House rejects Greene's effort to oust Speaker Johnson, but chaos lingers See in context

Greene, like that other one, what's her face, oh yeah Boobert ....

nothing but d.d.d. - deranged dizzy dames (as my former Commander would've called them).

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Posted in: Berlin senator struck on head as concern grows over attacks on politicians See in context

It's getting worse and worse in my home-country!

Hate, especially from the far-right like the AfD and BSW!

All had xx years ago .... at least some still remember what followed.

Never again!!

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Posted in: Ukraine marks its third Easter at war as it comes under fire from Russian drones and troops See in context

Sometimes you gain some ground - sometimes you lose some!

In the end it all comes to who has more patience, who is more willing to win.

Ukraine will win, also because they know what they're fighting for.

Not like those mercenaries who don't get paid, who are sent back in body bags (if they are lucky).

With more military hardware coming to Ukraine from the free western world expect changes to come along.

Ukraine will be re-united, including Crimea and all other illegally occupied areas!

And always remember: this was supposed to be a 3-day-limited-operation - now lasting 800 days already!

Putain and his marauding hordes won't succeed!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Russia puts Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on its wanted list See in context

More b.s. from Putain's Russia.

What's this supposed to be?

A pay-back for Putain being "wanted" by the ICC?

At least Putain's case is highly justified and based on international rules and laws.

That fake stuff from Russia is nothing but that: FAKE!

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Posted in: Trump lawyer suggests hush money payment was extortion See in context

I stand with Stormy Daniels!

I stand with the prosecutors!

I stand with the judges who go after Trump for his "wrong-doings"!

It's time to end Donald's misery and send him where he belongs - Rikers Island!

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Posted in: Ukraine's army chief reports tactical retreat in the east, and warns of front-line pressure See in context


demanding an answer ("Tell me NOW")?

Easy: Ukraine prevailed for more than 2 years despite having no naval force, despite Russia's higher amounts of ammunition, despite Russia's terror, despite limited military assistance from the West - tell me, what happened with that limited 3 day operation?


yes, agreed! A peace deal under the conditions set by President Zelenskyy! Return of all illegally occupied areas would be one point! But Putain doesn't want to have peace, he wants to erase Ukraine from the map. It won't happen!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: German police arrest Russian man in connection with fatal stabbings of 2 Ukrainian men See in context

According to German news the 2 Ukrainian soldiers were in Germany for rehabilitation, taking care of the wounds they suffered by Russia while defending the freedom of their country.

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Posted in: Ukraine's army chief reports tactical retreat in the east, and warns of front-line pressure See in context


great comment again! Especially mentioning the German's defeat in 1945.

Fact is that Putain's Russia has not been able to achieve what they wanted to achieve during the past 2 years!

Ukraine still stands strong and with (finally!!) more military aid coming to the front lines you'll most definitely see those Russian marauders doing what the Germans did in 1945, retreat, run, or be sent back home in body-bags!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Russian missiles pound power plants in central and western Ukraine See in context

More terror by Russia!

If they can't have it - they destroy it!

Whether it's those power plants, dams, hospitals, apartment buildings, or whatever!

Putain's Russia is a terrorist state - doing the best they can to commit another genocide!

But ......

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: U.S. announces new Patriot missiles for Ukraine as part of new $6 billion aid package See in context

@nik ...

... sure you know what you're talking about?

Just spreading fake Russian propaganda is not what we need.

There more weapons there are in Ukraine, the sooner that Russian aggressor's war will be over.

The more weapons there are in Ukraine the earlier Ukraine will be reunited, incl. Crimea!

The more weapons there are in Ukraine the sooner the deported, abducted Ukrainians will be able to return!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: U.S. announces new Patriot missiles for Ukraine as part of new $6 billion aid package See in context

Good, very good!

Hoping for more countries (@bundesk Scholz) to do the same!

And not just patriots.

Those ATACMs with extended range will do a very good job!

The Crimean bridge will soon be targeted, besides some other "stuff"!

Time for those Russian marauders to either go home or experience a total disaster!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: U.S. aid could buy Kyiv time, but Ukraine needs many more troops See in context

Finally passing the aid package will not only buy time!

It will be decisive in the fight against those Russian marauders!

It will be decisive for Ukraine to liberate all occupied areas!

It will be decisive to bring back freedom to Ukraine!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Ukrainian, Western leaders laud U.S. aid package while Kremlin warns of further ruin See in context

Let Putin's Ru$$ia warn as much as they want!

With decisive military hardware coming to Ukraine soon, Ukraine will be able to achieve what is necessary.

There are not many options for Ukraine to return to a normal life:

Peace negotiations with Putin enabling him to continue his genocide


Total defeat of the Ru$$ian aggressors, returning all illegally occupied areas (incl. but not limited to Crimea) and more in accordance with President Zelenskyy's peace plan.

As for me, I vote for option #2!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Ukraine, Israel aid advances in rare House vote as Democrats help Republicans push it forward See in context

Abut time!

What convinced that wanna-be-speaker and others?

Now make it happen so Ukraine can finally get the needed military hardware!

No limitations any more! No hesitating! NO appeasing of that Russian dictator!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Ukraine's army chief says eastern front under intense Russian assault See in context

If the West had provided Ukraine with all Ukraine needed from the beginning of this Russian invasion, thousands of lives could've been saved!

The West, including but not limited to the US (lately) and Germany (from the beginning) was too hesitant.

Now they're trying to rush everything, sending Fighter jets, PATRIOTs, ammo and other military hardware to avoid Ukraine losing their fight for freedom.

Do what has to be done - support Ukraine with the utmost!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Russia puts more Kremlin critics on a wanted list as its crackdown on dissent reaches new levels See in context

Going after those who criticize you!

Putting them on a hit list!

Eliminating any and all opposition.

And so on. All had in Germany some 90 years ago.

History does repeat itself!

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Posted in: GOP's Marjorie Taylor Greene delivers fresh threats to oust Speaker Johnson in scathing rebuke See in context

MTG - deranged as always!

She just loves those publicity stunts.

Remember "what" she was compared with?

I only say "excavations near Germany's Duesseldorf" years ago!

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Of course, Russia says!

They just don't get the facts - as always!

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Posted in: Russian missile strikes in Ukraine kill 8 and wound 12 See in context

Again, and again.

Civilian victims due to Russian aggression!

Day by day, week by week.

When will the western world accept and understand that it can't and won't be an escalation providing Ukraine with the necessary military hardware? There's only one language that dictator in the Kremlin understands: the language of military power and superiority!

Patriots, Taurus, ATACMS, the whole flora and fauna, besides some "numbers" - NOW!

No more hesitating, no more considering! Time is precious!

Ukraine prevails!

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Posted in: Judge rejects Trump request to dismiss classified documents prosecution See in context

Another oh so "great" achievement by Trump's highly qualified lawyers!

The man is going down, the sooner and faster, the better!

Remember: even (or especially) Trump is not above the law!

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Posted in: Judge rejects Trump's request to delay hush money trial until Supreme Court rules on immunity See in context

Nobody is above the law, and Trump definitely isn't!

Stop delaying everything!

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Posted in: 3 of 4 suspects charged in Russia concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing See in context


now, how about this:

the vehicle had NO Ukrainian numbers (as previous claimed),

the escape route was not in the direction of Ukraine (as previously claimed),

they are talking about more than just 4 (o 5) terrorists now

Washington is always ahead of other countries when it comes to intelligence and counter intelligence.

And finally: when tortured you will admit to anything just to end the misery and pain!

I guarantee you and others that those Russians are so good at that!

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Posted in: Putin says gunmen who raided Moscow concert hall tried to escape to Ukraine; Kyiv denies involvement See in context

Now isn't that something?

Those terrorists trying to escape in the direction of Ukraine?

Why not in the direction of the "Gremlin" (sorry, Kremlin)?

Why not in the direction of Siberia (where they will end up anyways).

Conspiracy theories en masse!

Like the Ukrainian number plate on that white van - which was fake, too.

And @nik,

when they cut off your ear, when they start torturing you - you would admit anything!

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Posted in: Trump campaign pleads for one million donations as cash crunch looms See in context

Begging his followers to donate their last nickel, dimes, and quarters so he can continue with his spending for parties at Mair-el-largo. And it's 2 days past the deadline, so, finally auction off his properties. Oh, and by the way, how come his family doesn't help him, I mean, Kushner received $2 billion (for selling what), Ivonka some 100 million for doing business in / with China .... Abandoning their great father already? Now, that's what I call family values!

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Posted in: Trump says Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate Israel' and their religion See in context

Trump doing what he is best at:

instigating, dividing, spreading fake stuff!

When will this finally end?

It's about time that he gets sent to where he belongs, that famous R... Island!

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Posted in: Trump unable to post $464 mil bond in New York civil case: lawyers See in context

Maybe or maybe not he will come up with the money.

Options are:

his MAGA followers will donate their last pennies. (didn't work so far)

he will sell the remaining classified documents to the one who offers the most $$.(Anyone up for that?)

his property will be auctioned off on ebay (will it really cover his expenses?)

he's gonna sell out his family and friends (who really wants them)

he will end up in Rikers! (best option!)

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