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Posted in: Russian missiles kill at least 21 in Ukraine's Odesa region See in context

Another day, another shelling of residential areas, another day of atrocities.

This is what a "normal day" looks like for Ukrainians.

More war crimes committed by the Russian invaders / occupiers adding up to the already long list.

Worries that Lysychansk will become an Azovstal Ver2.1 with Russians attempting another encirclement.

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Posted in: Russian forces leave Snake Island; keep up eastern assault See in context

Fully agree! This was a victory for Ukraine.

Russians couldn't hold their positions!

And definitely not a "gesture of goodwill"!

Just another word game by Russia, like that 2-day limited operation, which hast lasted for more than 100 days so far.

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Posted in: Russia steps up attacks in Ukraine after landmark NATO summit See in context

Trying to intimidate others by using excessive force (shelling, destroying, raping, looting, deporting, and so on).

That's what Putin and his marauders are so good at.

But it has been decided, Finland and Sweden - welcome to NATO!

Putin is such a genius. Trying all he can to divide the world, but really he helps to unite - against Russia.

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Posted in: Ukrainians search for 20 missing after Russia strikes mall See in context


right, negotiations concerning Kaliningrad should be abandoned, now and for good.

Putin will use this as yet "another victory" to promote his agenda, the agenda of a mad-man.

Concerning the ongoing shelling - Russia terrorizing civilians .... the way they did before.

Shame on them, killing innocent people (NO, that's not collateral damage!) and then providing some obscure, constructed, fake explanations.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,514 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,386 See in context

Anon, wrong.

It has been around 100 and even below that a couple of times,

It's again another hefty increase.

Yesterday +100

14/6: + 170

23/6: +170

10/6: +50

And so on. Better stick with the facts!

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Posted in: Russian missile strike hits crowded shopping mall in Ukraine See in context


no, it wasn't aimed at a military target. It was intended to hit the shopping maul and cause as much destruction and casualties as possible. Another war crime, adding up to those already committed!


where did you get all that (fantastic) information? Maybe you can reveal your sources to us. I mean, we don't want to spread fake news, now, do we?


sometimes people don't use their cars for their daily errands. Just trying to get what you need and getting back to a safe place, ya know!

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Posted in: Russia steps up missile strikes on Ukraine as G7 leaders meet See in context


besides a couple of other points, this one is also worth being acknowledged:

".....  on 22 February 2022, Russian president Vladimir Putin declared that the Minsk agreements "no longer existed"....".

I, however, can agree that all sides, Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk and Russia can be blamed for not complying with the agreements made.

To read the complete story and the facts more to read here:


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Posted in: Russia steps up missile strikes on Ukraine as G7 leaders meet See in context


yes, I want to see peace prevail, no doubt.

But not peace dictated by Putin, demanding only.

To achieve peace (lasting?) would require Russia to withdraw from the occupied areas, return the abductees as well as POWs, pay reparations for all the damage they caused, and accept Ukraine as a sovereign state.

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Posted in: Russia steps up missile strikes on Ukraine as G7 leaders meet See in context

"In all of Ukraine, the water is running, toilets are flushing and the power is on."

Bronco, I guess you haven't seen the pictures from Mariupol (ya know, that "liberated place") and other areas, where people have to get their water from puddles, somewhere on the road. Just because those Russian decided and still decide to destroy as much (infrastructure and "others") as possible.

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

When money comes first.

What a shame!

Japan is actually supporting Russia, despite what is being said.

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Posted in: Sievierodonetsk falls to Russia after one of war's bloodiest fights See in context

Mr Kipling,

most of the defenders (Ukrainian, of course), probably all made it out of Sievierodonetsk.

Retreating to better defense positions with possible counter attacks in the (near) future.

Russia, on the other hand, keeps on shelling Ukraine even from Belarus.

Destroying infrastructure, killing civilians, well, as always.

I hope and wish this insane war will end soon, with a victory for Ukraine.

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Posted in: Ukrainian forces ordered to withdraw from key battleground city See in context

Tactical retreat, I'd say.

They'll be back with sabotage acts, guerilla style warfare, more heavy artillery, thus forcing those Russians to abandon the area(s) they're occupying now.

Oh, and besides, Bronco, it's not less than 100.000 Russian troops, but actually more than 150.000, at least 1/6th of them sent back in body bags already. (Ukrainian count 33.000+, other counts 20.000+, so using the average).

In addition, how come so many are fleeing the occupied areas direction free Ukraine? You say they're Russian speakers with with cultural ties. Guess, the Ukrainian ties must be stronger.

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Points - like I can get some useless stuff for them?

Or can I exchange those points to reduce my electricity bill?

If so, it would help, if not ... put those points where the moon don't shine!

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion See in context

"Back to the past!" This is unreal.

My body - my choice. How can a handful of people (SCOTUS) make a decision for thousands of women?

Get out'a here! Is there anything else they will change to make life more difficult?

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Posted in: Ukraine becomes EU membership candidate as Donbas battles reach 'fearsome climax' See in context


If the EU makes "Ukraine a debt slave state while destroying its culture.", what will Russia do.

Anything different from what they're doing already now? Destroying and looting Ukraine's culture.

Deporting Ukrainians to far away places in Russia. Abducting Ukrainian children.

Now that's what I call a state which represents and stands for slavery.

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Posted in: Ukraine becomes EU membership candidate as Donbas battles reach 'fearsome climax' See in context


agree with you, except for that one point: negotiating table.

Well, if Putin agreed to move away from his long distance table, if he agreed to pull back his troops, if he agreed to pay reparations, if he agreed to never give it a try again, if he agreed ........

At the same time, if Selenskyj agreed to protect minorities, if he agreed to fight corruption, if he agreed to fulfill all demands to become a full EU member, if, if, if ......

So many "ifs" which will most definitely not be accepted by him (Putin).

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Posted in: Ukraine becomes EU membership candidate as Donbas battles reach 'fearsome climax' See in context


once again getting the (proven) facts completely wrong:

".... most corrupt(ed) country in world ....".

Don't think so. There maybe and probably is corruption, but the most corrupt in the world?

Guess you know very little (to nothing) about world affairs.

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Posted in: Ukraine becomes EU membership candidate as Donbas battles reach 'fearsome climax' See in context

Rodney and Mr. Kipling,

Rodney, using the wrong country's name again. Get the facts right, what you described was and is happening in Russia! Except for the fact that Russia supporting parties have been banned, as needed, agreed!

Mr. Kippling, Ukrainians had and still have the choice to speak either language, Russia wants to erase everything that's connected to Ukraine, culture, school curriculum, language, you name it.

Those are the facts that can easily be found on the net and listening to people!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,413 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 16,676 See in context

Alex, not done yet.

Looks like some minor increases again.

Hope we won't experience another wave in summer.

Wanna go places, if possible.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskiy looks to EU offer as Russian missiles rain down See in context

The country where opposition is suppressed, where critiques are imprisoned is Russia.

So, guess you got the spelling wrong! No free press, opposing this insane war, trying to protest, all this will give you first a "ruble fine", repeating those actions lands you in prison (in Russia, let me remind you).

Talking about corruption, maybe you want to talk to people who live in Russia, in Siberia and hear what they have to say. The ones who got it made are those who are buddy-buddy with Putin, those who work for the state and those who are paying bribes. Maybe not that much different from some other countries, but not to that extreme!

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context


doesn't happen too often, but I agree with you concerning most points.

One thing only: this has nothing to do with Lithuania being at war with Russia or vice versa.

Lithuania follows the rule book concerning imports and exports to and from Russia, i.e. embargoes.

So, they have all the rights to abandon rail-transports thru their territory.

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context


so far the only embargo (if you want to call it this way) for Kaliningrad goes for just a few "items", like construction material, coal, metals, and advanced technology.

Really nothing that would make life difficult or unacceptable for those living there.

Contrary to what was and still is happening in occupied Mariupol and other places under Russia's occupation, where people don't even have access to drinking water, necessary medical supplies and so on.

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context


"deal to be made?"

Well, at least you said perhaps.

I'd say no deal with Ukraine losing some of their territories!

And "Uncle Vladi" most definitely would not agree with that.

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context


it seems as if you have some secret sources to make your predictions.

Any close connections to Russia? Any insider knowledge.

Because I don't think what you said will happen, not in the near, not in the far future.

Actually, maybe even the opposite will occur. Lithuania, a NATO member surrendering to Belarus or Russia? Now that's pretty off the wall. Moldovia becoming part of Russia? Don't think so. Poland absorbing parts of West Ukraine? After all they've done for Ukraine and also being a NATO member? C'mon, even you should be able to see the facts instead of the fakes.

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context


if I understand your post correctly (maybe I don't), but ....

"....NATO in cooperating on East Germany....", There was no cooperating concerning East Germany.

East Germans made their decision to get rid of the former GDR, and Russia's "boss" at that time agreed.

Not too much he could've done to prevent that move.

Anyways, back to topic: Putin must be completely deranged (I guess he is) if he wants to mess around with Lithuania, a NATO member. Maybe he didn't read or doesn't know what this would lead to! But more threats from him and his buddies will follow, most of which are just off the wall!

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Posted in: Kishida plans reward points system to ease electricity bills See in context

Again, election promises which will not be kept.

Or if kept, expect taxes and so on to be increased.

Kishida has to offer the plebs something so he will win the election!

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Posted in: Russia intensifies attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine See in context

More destruction, more scorched earth, more atrocities, more erasing of Ukraine.

All because Putin wants to be the coming Czar of a Great Russian Empire.

This has nothing at all to do with liberation, this is plain genocide!

And now they even start threatening other states (Lithuania, f.ex.).

The man is completely bunkers (eh, bonkers, of course), off the wall.

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Posted in: Russian journalist's Nobel Peace Prize fetches record $103.5 million at auction to aid Ukraine children See in context

Just this: Mr. Dmitry Muratov, ATTABOY!!

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Posted in: After EU blessing, Ukraine vows to prevail as it battles Russian assaults See in context

Oh, and yes, France and Italy (maybe Germany, too) favor a peace deal and negotiations.

But without giving up Ukrainian land! That's the main point people tend to disregard.

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Posted in: After EU blessing, Ukraine vows to prevail as it battles Russian assaults See in context


so the same question as always: someone comes to your place, "cleaning up", and demanding you turn over all your property after that. Would you do it? Yes, I agree there are far right elements in Ukraine, as there are in Russia, Germany, Poland, the US, hell, you give me one country where you can't find those deranged ones. The point is, Ukraine, the same as you, should never agree to give up on their / your land. Can't be that difficult to understand.

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