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Posted in: Japan overturns midnight dancing ban See in context

noone was bothered by the bad before, noone will be bothered by the light rules eigher, i suspect.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will stick to plan to relocate U.S. base to Henoko See in context

people seem to forget in this discussion, that the current location of that base is just ridiculous. look at pictures of futenma. its in the middle of a city. the priority of all okinawans should be to relocate that base, as soon as possible.

and i totally understand they don't want a new base, or any base at all. but maybe they should fight that battle over another issue, after this base is relocated away from so many civilians

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Posted in: Netherlands beat Costa Rica in penalty shootout See in context

holland didnt score because they missed that bit of luck you need. so many shots on the post... and CR didnt even try to play football, only defend untill a shootout. they did well at that, but i cant say i can admire this kind of game.

and van gaal is a genius.

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Posted in: Abe hails 'lessons of history' during visit to Anne Frank museum See in context

since he is in the netherlands right now, i do think all this is posing at the anne frank house is in bad taste. in WW2, japan had rounded up many dutch people in indonesia (including my uncle, who was just a kid) and put them in camps. dutch women were also used as confort women, and never got any recognition from japan for that. most are dead now.

my gouvernment apperently no longer cares eighter, as we look at this show at the anne frank house. its sad. japan still has trouble living up to its past, which leaves a bitter taste.

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