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First of all, please understand that the remains, as the article states,was found "inside a former housing area at Camp Foster"; the United States and Japan agreed in 1990 that the American military would return about 4 percent of the land from its base installations on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. Since 1990, the base return-and-consolidation plan has been expanded to release 21 percent of the property the U.S. military now uses on Okinawa.

Any land returned by the American military to the Japanese government is no longer American property; it is sovereign territory. The "former housing area at Camp Foster" was vacated in April and Japan Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense, Ryota Takeda, visited the area that was formerly Camp Foster for a ceremony to mark the new boundary between Camp Foster and Ginowan City.

The area the corpse was found is sovereign Japanese territory; therefore, the remains are under Japanese jurisdiction. So say it as much as you want... while the U.S. military is already assisting the Japanese, CURRENTLY this is not a U.S. case. Plain and simple.

As for a military not answering up at roll call, do any of you know or remember "Koza-shi?"

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