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Posted in: China calls Japan-U.S. island drill off California provocative See in context

It seems that anything Japan & the US do militarily is considered aggression by either China or North Korea. But yet, both these countries can enter other countries territorial space and it's not a sign of aggression.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon hits Okinawa See in context

I have been living in Okinawa for over 10 years and this is one of the biggest typhoons that I have experienced but the Okinawan buildings are built to withstand these types of storms. Now were are just getting the extra needed rain from the backside of the storm then things will be back to normal. Some people have lost power but nothing near what it could have been. Thanks to Okiden for keeping the power flowing.

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Posted in: New resident's cards run into technical glitch on first day See in context

I have been living in Japan (mainland & Okinawa) for over 30 years and believe me, what they are doing with the immigration system is good IF they ever get the kinks worked out of it. Before, it always seems like a ploy to get more money, charging for the visa every 3 years, exit/re-entry stamp, etc...but now, as long as you are here legally, its gonna be a whole lot easier on us. The people that are not here legally are the one's that are gonna have problems. Immigrating to another country is great, just do it the right way. When you try to beat the system, sooner or later, the system will catch up with you and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for assaulting woman last December See in context

It is really amazing about some of the comments...yes, the guy is 100% at fault for entering that young ladys apartment and assaulting her the way she did BUT she does bear some of the blame for not locking her door. That is what those locks are for, to keep unwanted people out of your house. If they were not needed, then we could all just put curtains where our door is. There are some dishonest, perverted people in society and we, as members of this society must do our very best to keep these people out of our lives. I feel very sorry for this young lady, as something like this should NEVER happen to anyone, male or female but leaving your door unlocked, at anytime is not the smartest thing to do. I enter my apartment, lock the door, remove my shoes, then proceed in...same with my wife & kids. Locking the door is the #1 priority when entering my house...no excuses!

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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

This is happening way too much now. Japan needs to enact new laws/procedures for driving in school zones, especially with the amount of children walking to school over here. It would be GREAT if like OkinawaMike said, they post bright flashing lights, posted speed limit for school zones (lower than speed limit on regular streets) and actually had police enforce these laws. The way some people drive through school zones over here is crazy. Down here in Okinawa, when driving through the school zones (on base of course), you can see many brake lights on because the speed is drastically reduced to ensure you can make "stop on a dime" if needed. Another child taken way before her time. RIP little girl.

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Posted in: Police say killer of 23-year-old nurse may have held a grudge See in context

Seamed clear to me theturnkey....his apt, in her bed. who knows, they probably lived together when they were dating and that WAS her bed. that little detail of who's bed it was is not important anyway...the important thing is finding out who killed this woman.

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Posted in: Newborn baby's body found in bag near pond See in context

This is definitely a sad thing for any "mother" to do to her child, stillborn or not. This person definitely is in need of a mental evaluation and lets just hope whoever she is, she is not out there trying to have anymore kids. RIP lil one..sorry you did not get the chance to live a enjoyable & productive life.

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Posted in: 2-month-old baby boy drowns in Nagano river See in context

@J-Boh...thanks for clearing that up. So many ppl are talking about the child playing when in the article it says the mother was holding the child and the child slipped from her grasp. I got from the article exactly what you got from the article... I wonder if everyone is reading the whole thing or just the first 2 paragraphs. RIP Zen Okada...gone too soon!

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Posted in: Woodford demands to know why he was fired as Olympus CEO See in context

Mr Woodford was probably fired because he (and he alone) made a whole lot of japanese businessmen in the Olympus company look very bad for disclosing the fact that they had been cheating the stockholders and many other people out of alot of money. Japanese businessmen dont like to be made to look bad in public and the hit them where it hurt them. I am glad he did what he did....who knows how long this would have been going on if he had not.

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Posted in: Igawa home after disastrous Yankee years See in context

@JohnBecker - Igawa's contract was not laden with performance bonuses...he was guarenteed that 46 million (before taxes in NY) over that 5 year period. He did have a few performance bonuses (innings pitched, make allstar team, # of strikeouts) that could have increased it but like you say...he didnt hit any of em.

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Posted in: Sushi chain gives staff crime-prevention training following string of robberies See in context

I would hope that they are just training their employees on how to describe the perp and securing the area after the perp leaves. Dont wanna have some part time worker trying to go after a robber or trying to prevent a robbery of a restaurant and gets himself hurt or killed. Getting good information on the robber is vital in the police investigation and the longer the robber is standing there, the more evidence can be accumalated. Those CCVT camera's would be an excellent idea for starters...markings on the door frame showing height would be good also. Securing the crime scene is most important....no one comes in/out till the police get there. Nobody touches anything the robber touched until the police get there.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth held for purse-snatching See in context

We have had a few of these knuckleheads down here in Okinawa doing the same thing. Thats why I have told my wife to be sure when she is walking on any street, be aware of your surrondings and walk with your purse between her and the buildings, not between her and the street. Gotta be careful these days, especially the elderly who these guys look at as easy targets.

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Posted in: Charges filed against Konishiki for alleged assault over dog poo See in context

That dude is just trying to get his 5 min of fame. He was probably embarrased that he got shoved, then they walked away from him. Konishiki coulda done a whole lot worse to him so i think he should count his blessings. If someone is being disrespectful or aggressive towards my wife, I would probably react the same way....or worse.

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Posted in: Beef containing radioactive cesium served to elementary school children in Kanagawa See in context

I like the way they say SHOULD cause no effect on health...gives them the out they will need when it does. I will never understand why the govt took so long to try and do anything concerning foods coming from that area on March 12th. I guess it is safe to say that NO plan was ever developed in case there was ever a massive radiation leak (which is always possible around a nuclear plant). I really feel sorry for the families of these children because they will have to always live in fear anytime their child gets ill. The entire govt bureacracy along with the TEPCO officials need to move to the abandoned houses of Fukushima and stay until this situation is 100% contained & over.

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Posted in: Missing 4-year-old girl turns up safe; 21-year-old hostess arrested See in context

Only good thing outta this story is the little girl is OK. So many mistakes made by all parties involved. Lets just hope that the mother has taken a valuable lesson outta this....and the hostess that took the girl also. Hope she was only trying to provide protection for the girl, not actually kidnap her.

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Posted in: S Korean PM criticizes Japanese gov't for boycotting Korean Air See in context

Japanese government took quick action on this incident. Wish they can show this sense of urgency for many of the domestic incidents goin on.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after stuffing bread in 2-year-old son's mouth See in context

Hard to believe that a mother can do this to her child. There are many women that are tryin to have babies, that would make wonderful mothers, and they cant and a woman who lacks all mothering skills has a child...smh

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