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He actually opened the passenger door and tried to jump out at 40mph/hr Ya sure it wasnt your driving?

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Looks more like a SPAZ fest to me!

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed mother, child while he was a minor See in context

Kochikami: You deserve to be condemed as well!!! Who do you think you are to pass judgement on the victims family. Having kids a year apart is no big deal (am one myself) but the way you present your point.... The only STUPID one is you for your comments!!! Spare us, PLEASE!!

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Been bitting my tongue till its bleeding....

So the PUBLIC is paying for her to attend a TOP 14 law school with an average starting salary of $160,000 (STARTING) and she cant pay for her sexual activities, we have to? Seems like the TAXPAYERS are the one getting screwed here. And if someone is paying for her sexual exploits then she is, as Rush said, a person of the oldest profession (debateable between prostitute or lawyer but in this case both apply and are equally distainful!!).

And BTW, she claims her BC pill are $3,000 for 3 years and yet you can buy the same less thn two blocks from Georgetown at the local pharmacy for $9 a month or $360 for 3 years. Whos fooling who?

Those that get on the Liberal bandwagon saying its an attack on women and INSANE!

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Posted in: 8 Osaka teachers to be punished for refusal to sing national anthem See in context

Agaain my question; if you feel an ordinance is wrong you have the "right" to ignore it and suffer no ill consequence?

Dont like it change it legally or get out of the fire.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens 'sacred war' over U.S.-South military exercises See in context

"Fat Man in a little suit"!

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Posted in: 8 Osaka teachers to be punished for refusal to sing national anthem See in context


Really.... since you asked!

Kill a certain race; Not morally sustainable but if you dont you may be dead right (Nazi?). Dont support this in any way and would hope that someone (probably that big bad America everybody seems to be fond of hating). This is going on RIGHT NOW in Syria, you cna see it on the news. BUT, a bit ridicuolous to compare these!!

Sing a song, shave head, wear pink; I left racist off because it is not not (in word) racist. But if you work for me (I own the company) and in my companies corporate rules it says you will sing a song adn wave your arms everymorning (OH wait, Raidio Taiso), have a shaved head and wear pink you damn well better. You have the option and are not "forced" to do anything you dont want to, just quit or be fired. Nothing personal, just the rules that ALL must abide by. You dont have the right, legal or otherwise, to pick and chose at your discrssion. I on the otherhand DO as the employeer. Now, there are steps I must follow to amend the rules once filed at the labor office to ensure compliance with the national and prefecture laws regarding employment but that is it. If the rules are in there you have NO CHOICE!

This IS a rule that has been upheld by the courts so DONT say it is not. Second, in a civil society there are process to follow to challenge the legality of a rule or law. OH, they failed so the point is mute.

If it infringes on their MORAL beliefs so much they should quit. Its like saying that an Athiest has the RIGHT to work at a Catholic Church, hand out condoms and wear upside down crucifix because his employeers rules (beliefs) infringe on his beliefs. Just as stupid!!

And as for just changed; rules change ALL the time. Doesnt mean you have the right to chose to comply or not. Try driving at the old speed limit when it is reduced and see how far your "just changed" defense lasts.

Again, its real simple. If they are so offended (which I personally fee is BS) then they cna quit. Simple and finished.

Oh, try going to a function on a Military base or most respectable venues in the US that play the National Anthem and try not standing. Most likely to go home with a shinner. Standing does not indicate support or belief, merely respect for the country. So show some respect at least for those that do have pride in their country.

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Only ONE side is BLATENTY violating INTERNATIONAL LAW, the SS with their terrorist activities. The fact that many people/countries dont LIKE what Japan is doing it is NOT against the law due to the loophole.

Simply put, these damn countries should enforce the laws being violated and then work on a solution. And the wacko EU cant try to force Japan to stop when they have much more whaling activity in their backyard. Clean the dog poo out of your yard before looking over my fence to see what I am doing.

And good ole OZ claiming the Souther Sea and Antartica as "theirs" is just classic. Guess the have a little Great Briton class envy going? ;) They will have a real big problem WHEN (not if) something serious happens and life is lost. And if it is Japanese they will be hell to pay since the OZ team with the declared (self imposed or not) right and responsibility to monitor adn control the area has NOT been enforcing maritime laws that go back CENTURIES!

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I am really getting tired of the "hantai" to everything crowd, especially here on JT. I thought the "Peaceful Love" 60's was long over but now with Occupy, crazy teachers, etc preaching that all can do anything you want we are fast approching ANARCHY!

Civil servents are obliged to comply with the rules just as coporate employess are required to comply with corporate requirements. If they dont like it QUIT, if they dont follow FIRE THEM!!! If one of my employees choses not to comply with the rules they know the results and that is the way it MUST be to maintain order. In a civil society rules are laid out and society has an obligation to comply. If they dont agree they must first comply and then attempt through proper chanels to affect change.

These freakin teachers (LEFTISTS that they are) are ruining the kids (mine included) of today/leaders of tomorrow with this "do as you want" mentality. Most parents dont know/care enough to try and counter ther drivel that they espew and it will be reflected in very short time.

Citizens should have some semblance of national pride, which an anthem is supposed to represent, and helps keep a country together.

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Posted in: 8 men arrested for smuggling gold from S Korea to Japan in rectums See in context

I gotta go in for the ole colonoscopy, hope they find some gold up there caus I sure could use the cash.

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Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

Put em in the freezer! That will cool them off.

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Posted in: Oklahoma woman asks 911 operator for permission to shoot intruder See in context

And perhaps this will make the next derilicts think twice before breaking into a house. Three cheers for her with the wits to maintain control and protect her castle.

Its just too bad that several of you uber libs seem to think she was wrong. It sfolks like you that are the root of the problem, affording more rights adn protections to criminals than to LAW ABIDING citizens. Bottomline, EVERYONE should have the right to defend their home and/or family, regardless of what it takes to do so. And giving a warning is the same as painting a target on your back.

Shoot First and ask questions later!!!

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Posted in: Texas police kill 8th-grader carrying pellet gun See in context

Smith, nice spin on the previous posting. Embellishing has always been suspected as an art so craftly demonstrated by your words, now I know it true. At least I know you pay attention. And since you brought it up, similar applies here. Kids nowadays are either getting dumber, simply dont care or parents are failing. Well adjusted and respectful kids dont violate peoples property nor brandish guns in cops faces (toys or not).

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Posted in: Texas police kill 8th-grader carrying pellet gun See in context

Frungy, RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! :)

Elbuda, they are trained and acted as trained. And your RIP for every stupid death is getting boring. It was his OWN FAULT, not the cops!

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Posted in: Texas police kill 8th-grader carrying pellet gun See in context

Does anybody remember a little incident in Columbine Colorado some years ago. You same people berating the police (FOR DOING THEIR JOB) would have been the first in line to cast stones at them had the kid shot someone adn they "paused" because he was; a kid, maybe not holding a real gun, perhaps could be chatted with, bribbed by an ice cream cone, talked to trading it for some trading cards....... GET FREAKING REAL!!

This kid was either real stupid with a death wish (Death by Cop) or mentally deficient. Sad either way but the safety of ALL of the other kids trumps. The cops showed restraint and did not come in "Guns a Blazing" like so many of you allude. GUARENTEE these two cops feel like "&$%# right now adn have to live with this for the rest of their lives but I bet (AND HOPE) they would do it again if the situation required. In their field HESITATION KILLS!!! PERIOD!

Seems the majority of you (at least the majority of frequent posters) are two ticks off center or something.... berating cops doing their job; SHAME ON YOU! They risk their lives daily to protect the public that in turn wants to castrate them. Sure, there are bad cops just like bad bankers/cooks/bus drivers/teachers etc.... and they should be dealt with. This is not one of those.

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Posted in: Huge waves damage Sea Shepherd boat during chase See in context

Couldnt have heard better news, Terrorists vessel damaged!!! Perhaps an act of god?

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

It really is getting old hearing the "Hague Treaty" violations drum beat, over and over and over and over....... IF this was indeed a Treaty Violation then let those violated take it up with the Hague. They wont because they cant and those of you that play the old Shimoji drum look the fools.

Second, the Newsman's post was the most impationate and thoughtful post I have seen in a long time. THUMBS UP. Too bad it will be lost on the VOCAL MINORITY due to idiologial reasoning (or lack thereof).

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Posted in: Trump fires himself from hosting Republican presidential debate See in context

Watch and learn... Obama has almost made ANY contender distinctly more likely to be elected. The fracus is disturbing but the rally will center around one shortly and then the fun will REALLY begin; exposing Obama for the fraud he is!!

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

Choiwaruoyaji and SouthSakai, thank you!! Have a -54 on the thread and thats ok by me. At least someone agrees that kids these days are just not being taught to respect.

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SmithinJapan: As usual you take a slanted view. The post you refer to was that there is MORE TO THE STORY that neither you NOR I were privy to (thanks to either poor reporting or sensationalizing).

Was taught RESPECT by my Parents, something perhaps missed on you and most likely your kids (that is if you have any). Cant say what I really want to or yet another post will get deleated!

And just like there will be no follow up report, therw will be no complete report of the events leading up to this. So guess I will call my family in Kagoshima so I can get the true story.

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Posted in: Police oppose proposals to liberalize Japan's gun laws See in context

Godan: Nice to see a fellow Utah native (North or South?, S here). Unfortunately looks like that is where we part on views.

My family was literally on the first wagon train into Utah so our familiy does have a penchance for the use of guns. And I have taken MANY deer, birds, pigs..... and have eaten all but the ones I gave away. Frankly, prefer it to the crap from the supers!!Oh, and 25 kg of venison (deer for you uneducated types) from Hokkaido and LOVIN IT!!!! Now, RESPECT for the law, animals and humans was a core tennant in our home. Only point at what you are ready to kill (animal or human) and never kill an animal for sport only, you can enjoy the hunt but must respect the animal and show respect by not wasting it. Simple!

The point that people kill people, not guns was made but fell on deaf ears (as usual). As a matter of fact, more people are killed while driving to work that were by guns. More die from drinking and falling down than by guns. And lastly, they are talking rifles and not Uzi's or pistols here. Rifles are almost NEVER used in homicides!! All you ANTI GUN nuts are just that.

And to those that say killing is wrong, quite simply YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITES!!!! You eat beef, pork, lamb, fish, poultry. IF you ever went to a "farm" that raises these and saw what goes on......... and then move to the slaughter house OMG. I lived/worked on a farm, have been in several slaughter houses (livestock and poultry) so I know what I speak of. I dont fault their practices (for the most part) because we need meat, and lots of it! But if you you could only truely understand what it is like to really hunt... it gives you a true respect for Mother Nature. Not like the misguided morally inept judgemental drivel spewed thus far, a REAL respect. Granted there are "bad" people that claim to be hunters just like there are "bad" enviro wackos!

Its quite obvious that you dont know what you are talking about so stick to tahat with which you do, Please!

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

And Criky gets the Gold Star becaus there is DEFINETLY MORE to this story! Kids knocking over his bonsai, tramping the garden, teasing the dog... Still doesnt justify but he should not be portrayed by the media liek he just WIGGED OUT for no reason..... unless he did!

JT should take more time to revel more of the facts, but then it would not be as sensational and allow me to garner a nice -20 (thank you all!).

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BlueWitch; It is an honor to share the same air as you thumbs down winners. I am sure it is temporary since every time I rack a few good numbers they all ",mysteriously" change to ZEROS. Also some posts just disappear, and not ones that have curse words either. Me thinks that some "management" is exercised by the management! :)

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

BlueWitch: I figured you would pop out since a kid was involved. It is hard for you to observe when you are not able to witness me in action though I am on Okinawa so let me know if you want to!

You may call my kids respect as scared shitless, perhaps as to justify your lax approch to raising yours. I was raised to respect adn I got my asses whipped many a time but I got the message and remember to this day. I have never whipped my kids but have "got" their attention. And they not only respect me but others as well or they get "adjusted", that is the role of a parent. My boys are in yakyu and every parent asks why are kids are so well mannered so SOMETHING must be right. And all teh kids want to come to our house to play, even with my RULES so I must not be the OGRE you portray.

I dont tolerate disrespectful obnoxious kids, OR THEIR PARENTS, well. And have a history of telling both so. Your kids are your responsibility and should not bother me; in my yard, kick the back of my airplane seat, kicking ans screaming at the super, throwing pet bottles and ice cream wrappers in my yard. If they do I WILL either scare the shit out of them or come to your door to "discuss". You should raise your kids to be respectful contributing members of society otherwise .....

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tells Gemba SOFA revision separate from base issue See in context

Lincolnman, again nice call out.

VOA will continue to employ the "broken record" plan. Like I said in a previous thread, they must be trying to convince themselves through repitition or the "Dorthy; I wish I were home, I wish I were home.... click the red heels and go home!

Their plan is Hantai Kuchi dake! And they have succesfully stalled any real forward progress on the footprint reduction. They and they alone!!!

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

First, going for a personal best thumbs down; 12 andn counting!!!

Second, ALL of you that thumbed me adn berated me are the cause of the problem, which is that kids these days have NO RESPECT for anything (maybe even more so in Kagoshima). I got here over 25 years ago and there was distinct respect shown towards elders and sempai, most especially expected adn demonstarted by kids to adaults. Today, that is GONE. Kids are hellions these days and care less about anything. They throw candy wrappers on the street, pee in peoples yards, ride bikes through yards and yes, enter peoples fenced yards without asking. Some people get tired of it and when they say something to these animals, they talk back in a very nasty way. You go to teh parents and ask WTF and the parents say "oh their just kids" or some other crap. So I blame the parents!!!!! I have 3 kids, two are boys, and I will tell you that my kids are the best mannered kids around. If they stray out of bounds all I have to do is look at them and they shape up. If they dont they know there are concequences. Kids are like anything else (dogs, cats, rose bushes, ......), they have to be nurtured, adjusted, pruned and sometimes need a serious adjustment (in that order!). If you dont do this you get animals, that is where we are heading in US and now Japan.

And again, I RESTRESS, that a kick to the face is overboard but 100 to 1 this was not the first incident adn that the kid lipped off. Not a justification but it is framework. So if your untrained animals come into my yard without permission they will leave at least a little "different". Notice "untrained" because decent kids that have manners and respect are treated as humans by me.

Thumb Away!!!!!

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

Well.... Now hold on. Read again; boy entered his premisis (assume yard). While I agree that kicking the kid is overboard, 100 to 1 that the kid just entered the guys "premisis" without asking for permission which is TRESSPASS. Where I am from you can get shot LEGALLY for tresspass on private property. I can tell you, more than once I have had kids (my kids friends) and ADULTS just walk into my house, sometimes strangers. Guarentee the kids had to clean their pants and will never enter my house again, the adults; good thing I wasnt home when it happened.

There is NO respect for personal property here, expecially by kids. A broken nose will ensure this kid thinks twice about entering someone elses property uninvited (his friends too). But, it was over the top.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tells Gemba SOFA revision separate from base issue See in context

VOA's "paste" button MUST be worn out by now. He has posted (rather pasted) the same comments so many times it must be in the 1,000's by now on 100's of threads. Soooo old and tired.

The bottom line is that the US is not responsible for ANY of your complaints TODAY!!!! The land that the US uses is afforded by treaty and provided by the Japanese government. PERIOD. You dont like it call your local congressman. Oh, the money that they need to provide your local services (assuming that you REALLY ARE Okinawan) comes DUE TO, in great part, the presence of the US presence.

As to individual owners; asked adn answered MANY times. EVERY SINGLE OWNER is paid more than fair market value for the lease of their land. And YES, they dont have much (if any) say in the matter because it is done by the government in the name of NATIONAL DEFENSE! If anything these people should be hearalded for their "sacrifice" on behalf of all of us that live in Okianwa!!!

I too would like to see a reduced (not eliminated) presence here. But the prople like you are creating an impass the has prohibited ANY movement at all. Some is better than none isnt it?? Like baby steps before running!

BUT, until there is a clear and sustainable method developed to replace the dependancey PRIOR to the COMPLETE reduction nayone that suppoorts it would be a fool. Like I have told my kids; you wnat to be independant then demonstrate you can handle it!!!

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Posted in: Man gets 50-year term for nine rapes See in context

Elbuda, I will second the motion.... ;)

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Posted in: Man gets 50-year term for nine rapes See in context

Travis: Considering that DNA tests have condemned men who later found to be innocent

Ahhhmmm. and how many, in the last 10 years or so. Dont go back 20-25 when the tech was new, but recent. Zero/Zilch/Nada!!! Unless there was tampering, that is. And if we take the 1/1,000,000,000,000 approch then maybe we shouldnt incarcerate them either. What if they are innocent!

Do the best society can adn PROTECT society. In this case, and the one in china a week or two ago, pretty open/shut. Not a lot of question here. Close the chapter and save us that DO pay tax some YEN. And as for callous statements; what will you as a supporter tell the victims (or their families) if/when he does it again because he will be out. All of a sudden your statements become the callous ones!

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