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Posted in: 40 police cars, 100 officers, one copter mobilized to chase 2 thieves See in context

Really, don't we think that was just a little too much of resources used. seriously they should use those kinds of resources on the so called biker gangs that drive up and down the streets of Japan. But for 2 thieves, those 100+ officers must have had nothing to do. Really now.

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Posted in: Man held for attempted murder of policeman after detention for confining girl expires See in context

you know if he had done this in the states he would have been locked up already with no bond or very large amount. Probably charged with kidnapping, assault & battery for beating the girl, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder. Oh and not to mention that the cops would more than likely beat his ass after the cops used a police issued x26 taser or even shoot him since there life was as risk. I think something could have been done, ohhhhhhhhhh like charge him now Vs. the near future. so what does that mean, he must comment the same crime again?

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