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Posted in: 5-year-old boy drowns in same pond where his sister drowned 5 years ago See in context

There is a 1.1-meter-tall fence around the pond; however, in one part, there is a walkway


How is there not a locked gate? What is the point of a fence if you can still enter undeterred?

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Posted in: 'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa reminisces over his grisly crime See in context

Well, ok.

This has a made for TV movie written all over it.

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Posted in: Truck driver held over hit-and-run death of 76-year-old man in Okayama See in context

Why try and run? CCTV is every where.

Jail time if you run, straight out the gate.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

Travel smart! And, don't travel alone

Even that does not always work. The 2012 Delhi gang rape case. Remember the Indian girl was with a guy who was also beaten also before they raped her on the bus. She later died.

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Posted in: Police discuss measures to reduce accidents caused by drivers going wrong way See in context

how about putting those spike in the ground that sink when they are being driven over the correct way but will puncture a tire if being driven over the incorrect way?

Several reasons that's not a good idea.

Maintaining them is hard and expensive.

Small cars and low sitting cars have a hard time with them.

Snow covering them.

Hitting anything that will blow out your tire at a high speed will make you lose control.

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Posted in: Police discuss measures to reduce accidents caused by drivers going wrong way See in context


I think you will find a large percent of the "wrong way drivers" pull out of a rest stop going the wrong way.

Your right, hard to go through the gate from the wrong direction.

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Posted in: Pope heading to Philippines, where adoring crowds await See in context

Pope heading to Philippines, where adoring crowds await

Well not all people.

Street children as young as five are being caged in brutal detention centers alongside adult criminals in a cynical drive to smarten up the Philippines capital ahead of a visit by Pope Francis this week


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Posted in: Gov't cuts budget for Okinawan economic development See in context

But there is widespread local hostility to the military presence, with complaints over noise, the risk of accidents and a perception that the presence of so many young servicemen is a source of crime


Please tell me where I can see this "widespread local hostility".

I've been here 30 years and I've yet to see more than a few dozen signs waving here and there.

Yes, there have been a few big rallies at Futenma and Kadena. But not often and not widespread.

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Posted in: How a Japanese airline would deal with 'nut rage' See in context

"I am pretty sure no Japanese airline staff would physically restrain one of their top executives for throwing a fit on a plane".

My question is, would you do something if some douche canoe on your flight was causing a big problem and the cabin crew could not control him/her at that time?

I like to think I would help restraining someone without trying to be a tuff guy.

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Posted in: Boston Marathon bombing suspect wants trial delayed See in context

Someone help me understand why it takes so long to start a trial?

What is a speedy trial if started years later?

"would begin faster than 99 of the 119 federal capital trials held since 2004".

All the better.

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Posted in: Sony studio, producer apologize for Jolie, Obama remarks See in context

Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement that the apologies were not enough, comparing Pascal to disgraced NBA owner Donald Sterling and demanding that she meet with black leaders immediately.

So I can stay in the news.

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Posted in: Common habits of Japan’s low earners - What this survey tells us, and what it doesn’t See in context

Wait a minute! Do they pee in the bathwater or the shower?

“often look at social networking sites while working” 97%

Such as this site?

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Posted in: Man retracts confession; pleads not guilty to killing ex-girlfriend See in context

but that she was alive when he left


But after 47 years of life, she just up and strangled to death.

Should have used the "I was drinking and don't remember anything" defense. The get out of jail free card of Japan.

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Posted in: Christian Bale pulls out of Steve Jobs biopic See in context

I liked Noah Wyle, from Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs

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Posted in: Akita judge rules man’s drunk driving somewhat justifiable; gives him his job back See in context

Following that he went to sleep in his car, which was parked outside of his house, presumably to avoid stumbling in drunk and getting in dutch with the missus.

And how did this car come to be at his home? Any proof that he did not drive home drunk to begin with?

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Posted in: Halloween revelers turn Shibuya into garbage dump See in context

Strewn in the streets and sidewalks were beer cans and bottles, PET bottles and plastic bags crammed with waste of all sorts.

Brought to you by the same minded kids who eat a bread snacks and larger box drink and think the front of my house is the best place to toss the empty bag.

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Posted in: Tsunami evacuees caught in Y3 tril money trap See in context

“The more money you pump the faster the construction companies will run away. There’s no way we can take on any more work.”

What? Some people will wait ten years for the promised help. Sad.

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Posted in: Do you think teleworking will gain wide acceptance in Japan? See in context

What is "teleworking" and if it's me getting a call at 8pm, then a recorded message comes on, then NO!

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Posted in: Bus driver arrested for attempting to kiss female passenger See in context

it took six months to make this arrest.?

It took six months to report the incident?

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Posted in: United offers up to $100,000 if workers leave See in context

I wish my company would pay me $100,000 to quit.

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Posted in: Australia hails success halting boatpeople See in context

To be fair, Australia did not know it was Australia in 1788. But it does grow some good pot.

The country of Australia did not come into being until all the colonies on the continent of Australia federated in 1901, creating the Commonwealth of Australia.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 1-year-old daughter See in context

Police said the others were upstairs at the time of the incident and did not hear anything.

Kinda hard to hear the little girl when your choking the life out of her!

Humans can not continually take stress day-in day-out without support. PND? No family support? Bullying from the in-laws, no one to turn to... Tragic.

Are you suggesting any of the above is just cause to end a 1 year old life?

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Posted in: Saitama citizen offers Y1 mil reward in guide dog stabbing case See in context

I wish I knew who this air hole was; I'd drop a brick on him for free.

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Posted in: We are making efforts such as being careful to close our windows and curtains. Installing a high soundproof wall around the school doesn't seem like the healthiest move to make. See in context

To be fair, who built this "Pre-school"? It seems like there is very little over site and anyone can turn their home into a Pre-school.

If I was living in my home of many years and the people next door decided to open one of these I would be none to happy about it also.

What if your neighbor open a garage and you had to listen to the sound of air hammers and trucks with no mufflers being repaired all day.

I bet the litigant lives alone and never had children of his own

So what? Someday you might be living alone and maybe from next door, you can enjoy "the sounds of children all day".

What is his side of the story?

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Posted in: 'Legroom war' rages as planes grow more cramped See in context

she said, advising passengers to lean back slowly “so you don’t slam into someone"


This! You should have the right to recline you seat, just don't slam it back into my knees. Ease it back and give me time to sit up straight. Can't we all just git along?

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Posted in: Why your favorite song takes you down memory lane See in context

Van Halen - Runnin with the Devil

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Posted in: Video purports to show beheading of second U.S. journalist See in context

One question should be, why are we there when Iraq has:

Branch: Air force

Size: Approximately 14,000 personnel (2013)]

Equipment: 418 aircraft

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Posted in: U.S. urges Israel to reverse Palestinian land-grab plan See in context

Yes, we should let our people build houses closer to the other people who are shoot rockets at us.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy dies after being thrown against wall by mother See in context

Killed two of her children, long drop with a short rope for her?

Nope, she turned herself in at a police station at around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday and said the body of her son was in her car.

Shows remorse, and she will receive a suspended sentence. Again.

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Posted in: Japan OKs use of smartphones, tablets during plane takeoffs, landings See in context

Better allow an extra 10 minutes to get off from the back of the plane as to 100 people walk through the aisles with their face stuck in their phones.

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