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Posted in: Divided U.S. House impeaches Trump for abuse of power See in context

I'm getting prepared to hear a lot of disappointed far left folks out there.

I've been following this case closely and it is obvious that the Dem's have a very weak case against the president. Actually, weak is probably not the word to use to describe what is going on here; it's false information being paraded as fact.

Lets be honest with ourselves here; the only reason the dems are pushing this as far as they have is because they don't stand a chance in reelection in 2020 with the way the economy is going, and how support for Trump is increasing because middle-minded voters are not dedicated to hating Trump.

I expect a lot of downvotes because most of JapanToday's posting audience is far left leaning based off the things I've read them say.

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I'm not really sure how Yamada Denki can afford to stay in business. Their products are seriously overpriced and behind technological times. Their electronics are very limited and restrictive. Sort of related, but I bought an $80,000 lexus brand new and it isn't even fully functional with all the great technology out there. It also is not customizable like American cars. Come on Japan.

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I love Trump!!

I've been a solid supporter since 2016. I donated then, and did this year already to his campagne handsomely also. Whatever I can do to push the agenda I will. I am wealthy enough to give part of my finances, even if that equates to only 2 to 3 additional votes via more funding for ads.

I just KNEW he was going to trigger all the highbrow faux intellectuals out there. They control the media narrative, they fill and validate the hive minded pearl clutchers out there.

He's getting my vote in 2020!

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Posted in: 'Torture works,' Trump says as South Carolina primary looms See in context

Who really cares about torture when your enemy doesn't play by the same rules you do? The code about good treatment of prisoners of war was created in an atmosphere where rival nations abided by these agreed terms to a large extent. Certainly not the case with the Middle East.

I can't understand why hippies are so against torture given the circumstances. In the Middle East Those who are captured are not fighting on behalf of a nation but an ideology. Genuin hate and the will to do harm to another group of people based off their religious beliefs is evil.

The "kill em with kindness" strategy has never worked for Islamic extremists. One can only hope a guy like Trump can come in and reverse all the leftist ideological moves made by our lousy president and his concubines.

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