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Well I agree with the person from St. Petersburg, Russia, why must I or anyone pay for extra luggage weight, when somebody twice or even 3 times my/our weight, doesn't pay for that excess weight. I weigh 160lbs, people are so damn politically correct these days it is disgusting, just like the enormous beasts that wander the earth in herds these days. How is that fair? Seriously, nobody in their right mind can call it fair, nobody forced fat fatty to keep eating to the point they are the size that they are. Airlines should invoke a 350lb weight limit per person to include luggage...I think I am being a bit giving with that much weight in all honesty. If you go above that weight you pay a penalty. If some fat lard wants to bitch and moan about having to get on a scale and making a ridicule of themself, well guess what...LOSE WEIGHT, if you are afraid of being made fun of or whatever, do something about it or don't fly. People these days are so scared to call out what they see in front of them, ohhhh I can't offend him/her or them. What the hell happened to society when one can't actually speak their mind for fear of being sued or whatever else. Thankfully I myself am not a sheep and I will call things how I see them, if it offends you, well guess what the shoe fits, or in this case maybe it doesn't because you ate too damn much and lack self respect.

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