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Posted in: Tokyo International Film Festival to open with 'A Star Is Born' See in context

I'm quite sure (100%) that Lady Gaga was in the big Terrantino block-buster movie "Machete Kills" in a quite big role.  So, this can't be her screen debut.

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Posted in: Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures See in context

the ones that they rent out on Okinawa/Mihama area do have 5 ft long flags in the rear. They also do not go by MariCart anymore, they are now AkihaCar or something similar.

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Posted in: Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain develops white cola made from rice See in context

In Mexico... we call this drink ORCHATA... original idea my butt!

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Posted in: How the U.S. is training China's military - while inching toward conflict See in context

believe me when I tell you, there are two sides to the US war face. end of discussion.

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Posted in: Probe begins after Asiana jet skids off runway in Hiroshima, injuring 23 See in context

Anybody flown into Hiroshima airport? That is one scary take off/landing. luckily, it did not skid off the cliff.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing bodily fluid on girl's skirt See in context

This "bodily fluid" squirting, (because that's what it really is, squirting "mayonnaise" looking liquids with a bottle) has been going on in Japan for decades. Just do a quick search engine look up for "skarting", or the similar, to see all the hidden camera videos out there. It is sold as pornography. So. There.

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Posted in: 6-month-old girl drowns while in bath with mother See in context

Yeah right, I'll believe the "I was drunk" cop-out when... oh wait...THIS IS JAPAN!!!

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Posted in: More than 50 dead greyhounds dumped in Australia See in context

"Whippet good, (dun, dun, dun, dun, duun)"

All dogs are great pets, THE BEST COMPANIONS A HUMAN CAN HAVE. Most of them are misunderstood/mislabeled based on their breed or color.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy drowns in same pond where his sister drowned 5 years ago See in context

to me... this sounds a little odd

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Posted in: Rinko Kikuchi stars in film about girl who went looking for 'Fargo' buried money See in context

well.... gotta check it out now

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Posted in: Police called after Okayama teens dress differently for graduation See in context

ah, Mr. Wilson, what do American Graduation Traditions have to do with a Fukui JAPAN nuisance?

My hometown school district held a "Project Graduation" party after our city high schools' ceremonies, which were done mostly all on the same day, or a couple of days before. They would rent out an local amusement park, or a waterpark and would shuttle graduates from their school to the locale so they can enjoy the festivities in a controlled environment. This would go on until the early hours of the next day. This would deter your descriptions of American graduating traditions. They would even raffle out a new car to some lucky graduate, but at the end of the event, to keep as many graduates from taking off early and going on a drinking and DUI binge!

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Posted in: Oblivious Chinese tourists wander back into Naha airport’s departure area, causing chaos See in context

Just some info for those still interested...

Sighclops... The old International terminal, the small shack, is closed now. They built a similar-in-size-to-the-domestic international terminal next to it. I have not flown out of there yet, but I hear it is ALOT better than the domestic.

patty cake champion... Japan has Visa fees for Chinese tourists. One of the "perks" Okinawa gets due to hosting US military, is that the Japanese Central Government has waived that visa fee for Chinese and other Asian countries' tourist if they stay on Okinawa for a couple of days. (to promote tourism and reel in that tourist $$$ into the Okinawan economy) ALOT of South Koreans and Chinese take advantage of this "perk" and stay on Okinawa for a couple of days, and then travel to mainland Japan for their actual vacation.

Okinawa does have flights to Honk Kong, Incheon, Taipei, Seoul, but is only like a flight a day. BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS FULL. Like 3 months in advanced in peak season. I now plan my getaways from Japan thru Naha INTL and these connecting flights. Its a lot better for me, than having to fly all the way back to Tokyo/Osaka.

These young girls might not have planned their travels that well.

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Posted in: Oblivious Chinese tourists wander back into Naha airport’s departure area, causing chaos See in context

I live on Okinawa. Naha Airport is not that secured. Airplanes arrive at the same gates as the departure. the arrivals and the departing flyers easily walk thru each other on their way to their gate or to the baggage claim. Now if the girls walked out of the baggage claim, and then back into the departure gates, they had to go thru the metal detectors and boarding pass check. THIS might be where the issue is. The Security guards that allow you to go to the departure gates and check your departure boarding pass might have not been paying attention.

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Posted in: Trial begins for man over poisoning of 40 cats in Tokyo See in context

If the cats are owned by somebody, i.e. pets, they should NOT be roaming the streets. They are pets... like dogs, they are not legally allowed to be roaming the streets without a leash/lead.

there are too many people that think that cats are cute and feed them, not knowing that they might be feral or pets. If you feed my pet, and my pet does not eat my food, you are causing me to waste money and food.

If your pet cat is roaming the streets, it deserves the same treatment as if your pet dog is roaming the streets without you.

picked up, locked up, and euthanized for having irresponsible owners.

We have a huge problem here, and when we go to the city office to complain about the feral cat problem, they just tell us " dogs carry disease, not cats, cats are not a problem." But then they come back and say that the local bird population is decreasing and they urge all citizens to lock up your pets. they think dogs climb trees like cats.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs revision to My Number bill See in context

yep...sounds like a offshoot of the USA's SSN system.

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Posted in: Montblanc to sell $4,400 pen made of 'miracle pine' See in context

"Miracle tree", so let's kill it and make money off of it... SMH!!!

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Posted in: 7 children injured by dog in Oita See in context

If the dog got out of its "enclosure", Shame on the owner, fine him and make sure he takes the proper steps to prevent this from happening again, or the dog WILL need to get put down. Dog that bites once, WILL bite again....HOWEVER....

If the kids teased the dog, as most kids do, and the dog then got out to "defend" itself, shame of the kids... and hope they learn.

As a dog owner myself, I know that I sometimes have to tell kids not to approach the dog at random and fast. Dogs are not as understanding as humans are, specially with kids that do not know how to approach an animal.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Islamic explorers discovered America 3 centuries before Columbus See in context

Only problem.... Native Americans were there BEFORE any Vikings, Chinese, Italians, Brits, Spaniards, or Muslims... end of discussion!

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

I say...let Japan hunt whales... only not hunt whales in INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED WHALE PRESERVE WATERS.

I doubt ancient Japanese Whalers ventured that far south for a catch.

Let Japan hunt whales that cross into their waters. Eskimos are allowed to hunt whales by using ancient traditional methods, and no other. Japan should follow suit. Culture preservation comment noted, reviewed and acknowledged.

End of story. No one can argue that.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

A bout the "rape" on Okinawa, in a couple of weeks we will all hear the truth.

That she was actually a working girl and went to the hotel with them on the accord that they both were going to solicit her. She backed out and they demanded their cash back. She yelled rape.

It never happened on the alley as first reported and this is why her belongings where at their hotel room, and also why the police found the hotel where they were staying quite easily...because she was there!

Believe me or not right now.... This comes directly from Security Forces directly associated with the case here on Okinawa. just wait for it!

Military leaders have been briefed on this and they are looking at easing the curfew a bit, but these trespassing incidents on Mainland Japan keep happening and they are forced to keep the curfew in effect.

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Posted in: Celebrations See in context

Its not photoshopped, I was watching the US news bradcast as they were waiting for Obama to announce it, and you would literally watch the crowd multiply, it was weird to watch as they were singning the Star-spangled-banner and all, but I guess they thing the wars will be over, like it was all about bin Laden, not the oil!

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Posted in: Kana Kurashina plays against type in a new miniseries See in context

OMG!!! what a photo, what a photo.

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Posted in: Bear facts See in context

...right!!??? I would think they would have a stock of tranq darts somewhere where wild bears roam arround.

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Posted in: Fishy protest See in context

"Fast forward a few years and China will claim the Japanese Archipelago too."

Now while the Marines are here...Oh wait!?!?!?

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Posted in: Victory See in context

I beleive that is his mouthpiece!!!

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Posted in: Model citizen See in context

Although its not a sight most would like to see, I aplaud her for doing it! Happy Be-lated St. Paddy's Day everyone!

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to strangle 1-year-old daughter See in context

Looks like she is suffering from POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. A very well documented and legitimate mental disease that a very surprisingly high number of new mothers suffer from. They need to get her some help before she sees her child unsupervised again.

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Posted in: Collision course See in context

Video of it: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2010/01/06/18634457.php

Check out the text that precedes the video. I looks like to me there is a lot more wake coming out of the Shonan Maru than the Ady Gail. I'm

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Posted in: Collision course See in context

I say if they "collect" about 120 whales each year for "research", they need to make public their "research"! I have not heard of any significant progress in medicine or science from the Japanese "Scientist" that "collect" all these "samples". I mean, last I heard, Whales are HUGE!!! how much "blubber samples" can a "Laboratory" hold!!!

Moderator: Readers, please keep the discussion focused on the collision.

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Posted in: News providers are criticizing the Google News site for linking to their content without sharing advertising revenue. What do you think about the issue? See in context

As long as Google does not quote the entire article, I think they are doing good business, as henro stated, if I wanted to read that article, I would click on the link and go to the news agencies' web page to read and be bothered with their adds!

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