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Posted in: Japan urged to sign accord against parental abductions See in context

I was divorced, still live in Japan, and my ex does not let me see my daughter. She made me sign the divorce papers that gave her full custody, that was written in KANJI, my not knowing how to reay Kanji, signed it under the pretext of it was a insurance application for us and BAM!!! Divorced and no right to my daughter whatsoever. And the legal aspects will ALWAYS side with the JAPANESE NATIONAL. I have no grounds to stand on being an American living in Japan. Now, all I have to hang on to is the simple fact that my daughter will eventually know she is not full Japanese and want to know where her father really is... that is why I do everything I can to stay close, so when she does, she can find me. I DO HOPE THEY PASS THIS SO I CAN FINALLY SEE HER! Its been 5 years!

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Posted in: Construction worker hurt in explosion of possible dud shell in Okinawa See in context

Wow... and nobody died? That is unreal. Glad to hear everyone is OK. Good karma for all involved.

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Posted in: Gang leader arrested for letting driver who caused fatal car accident in Saitama drink and drive See in context

The new Drinking and Driving Law in Japan make this a legal binding arrest. Its the same when they arrest the passengers and the owner of the establishment who serves the alcohol. I don't agree to it, but I think its a fair trade when it comes to all the knuckleheads drinking and driving like its cool!

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Posted in: Policeman run over, robbed while on blind date in Fukuoka See in context

He was probably thinking of using that money for some "extra curricular" activities with his blind date. BUSTED!

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